I Made Giant Chicken Nuggets And Fries For A Competitive Eater • Tasty


  1. Yonaton Kadosh

    Yonaton KadoshHora atrás

    Make a giant bagel

  2. SMG_JR 112607

    SMG_JR 112607Hora atrás

    Boneless chicken more like boneless pizza😃😃😀😀😌😌😗😗😒😒😞😞😣😣

  3. Eve Black

    Eve BlackHora atrás

    WOW that was GREAT !!!! I want you to do a giant HOT DOG

  4. Smol Hooligan

    Smol Hooligan2 horas atrás

    5:35 "that's like cheese comin ot"

  5. Autumn Chapman

    Autumn Chapman2 horas atrás

    You should get Matt Stonie

  6. the guy you Loose to in fortnite

    the guy you Loose to in fortnite2 horas atrás

    You stole healthy junk food idea but since their smaller but still big people don’t care

  7. felix2352

    felix23522 horas atrás

    Giant Mac and cheese please

  8. Nelson Pham

    Nelson Pham3 horas atrás

    Prefers the thighs over the breasts *A man of culture I see*

  9. TEK3A AG1L1TY

    TEK3A AG1L1TY3 horas atrás

    Alvin: I like the thighs over breasts Me: ayyyyy

  10. Mind Bender

    Mind Bender5 horas atrás

    They were big but looked yummy!!

  11. akim hakbar

    akim hakbar5 horas atrás

    Miss piggy

  12. Potato Patoto

    Potato Patoto5 horas atrás


  13. SoulVoice

    SoulVoice5 horas atrás

    Damn it she eats a lot, i mean A LOT and still stays skinny, I, on the other hand just sniff little food and i gain few pounds. P.S. pain, is when watching such videos while dieting🤪😂

  14. Hey Ya17

    Hey Ya176 horas atrás

    Wait she gets to keep the food?

  15. Abbgail Moore

    Abbgail Moore6 horas atrás

    “It sounds like a lot, that’s cause it is.”

  16. jace jerome

    jace jerome6 horas atrás

    He could have done that in a bowl then poured not into the pan

  17. Carelle Robinson

    Carelle Robinson7 horas atrás

    competitive eating is wack when you consider how many people are starving . fun video tho . ig

  18. Javier Funes

    Javier Funes7 horas atrás

    I love this😄Great job!!!

  19. Daniel Sohn

    Daniel Sohn7 horas atrás

    I would’ve compared it to alive chicken. 🐓


    SUMITA RANI7 horas atrás

    He's so funny

  21. MehLewH

    MehLewH7 horas atrás

    What i notice is that asian people have an amazing metabolism level

  22. Eaturbooty9000

    Eaturbooty90008 horas atrás

    I think y’all should bring Matt Stonie to eat sum

  23. kataraina morehu

    kataraina morehu9 horas atrás

    Can you make a big hotdog

  24. Rem Villa rosa

    Rem Villa rosa10 horas atrás


  25. Person YT

    Person YT10 horas atrás

    Me - “mom can I get some fried chicken and fries? *why?* Me - *shows vid* *Alright we’re gonna end the career of fries and chicken nuggets daughter* Me - love ya mom

  26. Cristy Duran

    Cristy Duran10 horas atrás

    0:56 WAIT HOLD UP PPLS!!! Me: *barges in* IT ONCE ATE A 2 FOOT LONG PLATE OF RICE AND BEANS, BOI Both: Ó~Ò wut the heck...?

  27. Cody Bailey

    Cody Bailey11 horas atrás

    Have Matt stonie come out

  28. Elly Kaufmann

    Elly Kaufmann12 horas atrás

    A giant cupcake

  29. Nohemi Morales

    Nohemi Morales12 horas atrás

    Alvin:oh shoot Kids watching:oohhh Kids:”cooking with parents”kid says :and in this part oh shooot

  30. Tommy Hitto

    Tommy Hitto12 horas atrás

    Any fries are best fries.... With a coke and sum rock I like (RATM and Delta Parole rn) while I play cod or bf.

  31. L. McCormack

    L. McCormack12 horas atrás

    Anyone else weirdly notice the Godzilla trailer at the end?

  32. nino aucena

    nino aucena12 horas atrás

    Matt Stonie joined the Group

  33. Cute Life

    Cute Life12 horas atrás

    I need this Give meeee😻😻

  34. Abduh Maulana

    Abduh Maulana13 horas atrás

    I like to make giant food Is he tho

  35. •KPOP LOVER•

    •KPOP LOVER•14 horas atrás

    How did she even maintain that body after eating a lot of food tho? 🤔🤔

  36. khetho nhlapo

    khetho nhlapo14 horas atrás

    Make a donut

  37. I’m Dunstan

    I’m Dunstan14 horas atrás

    Do a collab with healthy junk food

  38. Martina Zarb

    Martina Zarb14 horas atrás

    Now cook a meal for Matt Stonie!

  39. moores reptiles

    moores reptiles15 horas atrás

    U should do one for matt stonie

  40. Snezana Stojevic

    Snezana Stojevic15 horas atrás

    Can you make big tacko ?😅😂🌮

  41. Kavi Arasar

    Kavi Arasar15 horas atrás

    This channel likers like her

  42. Pratikshya Acharya

    Pratikshya Acharya15 horas atrás

    Anyone a kid and still watch this

  43. Linhlam Nguyenthi

    Linhlam Nguyenthi15 horas atrás

    Invite me to a video ima just eat for my taste haha

  44. Lord Gaben

    Lord Gaben15 horas atrás

    Alvin:"DONT TRY THIS AT HOME". 5 seconds later tells you the oils temperature and all the ingredients.

  45. Raynald John Ramos

    Raynald John Ramos16 horas atrás


  46. khald is stupid idiot

    khald is stupid idiot16 horas atrás

    Do you have a big potato how to make big fries

  47. hellocandy 1175

    hellocandy 117517 horas atrás

    Try making sushi

  48. LJC

    LJC18 horas atrás

    Heart attack meal

  49. Connie Hughes

    Connie Hughes19 horas atrás

    You should do giant poutine

  50. 坏 BROKEN

    坏 BROKEN19 horas atrás

    U always have to season ur MEAT !


    ISH RIVERA19 horas atrás

    giant sushi roll please... 😍

  52. WolfieGirl Gacha5 and Gacha girl6

    WolfieGirl Gacha5 and Gacha girl620 horas atrás

    TEN YEARS LATER?! XD its already burn if its ten years later XD

  53. James FunTube

    James FunTube20 horas atrás

    He know the 4 chicken nuggets!lol😂


    CARLA MARTIN20 horas atrás

    Could you make giant sushi?!

  55. Xenity Music

    Xenity Music20 horas atrás

    always season your meat😂💀

  56. furz kolio

    furz kolio21 hora atrás

    This is awesome

  57. Ken1093

    Ken109321 hora atrás

    That's big!! :D

  58. furz kolio

    furz kolio21 hora atrás

    Lol 10 yrs later....hehehe

  59. Denny Cahyalie

    Denny Cahyalie21 hora atrás

    I'm makin' this for my friends. Have to think how to transport it though

  60. Daisy Banjo

    Daisy Banjo21 hora atrás

    Giant sushi!!! make giant sushi!!!!!

  61. Ordis

    Ordis23 horas atrás

    Dont they get cold?


    OP GAME APOCALYPSE23 horas atrás

    Make a plate of pasta

  63. Camarra Steele

    Camarra Steele23 horas atrás


  64. Camarra Steele

    Camarra Steele23 horas atrás

    I love both of these people❤❤

  65. Itzhazel Gacha

    Itzhazel Gacha23 horas atrás

    I dont know how but I can seriously smell all the chickens

  66. Pu soy

    Pu soy23 horas atrás

    Please make a giant burrito.

  67. Ashton reed

    Ashton reedDia atrás

    They need mat stonie

  68. ElfiePlayz

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  69. The Person

    The PersonDia atrás

    The fries look like churros...

  70. Nick H

    Nick HDia atrás

    Just deep fry a whole chicken that would make a big chicken nugget

  71. Jack Robinson

    Jack RobinsonDia atrás

    I’m from Idaho and saying ok Idaho for potato’s warmed my heart

  72. kathrina max villaverdd

    kathrina max villaverddDia atrás

    please make something for matt stonie. he does crazg challenges too and he's very awesome! i really hope you'll invite him.

  73. gacha birthney plz aguilar

    gacha birthney plz aguilarDia atrás

    I have no more school tho😢😢😢

  74. Lil Yousefi

    Lil YousefiDia atrás

    How is she soo skinny! I like eat one cookie and gain 15 pounds

  75. Rachelle

    RachelleDia atrás

    Yes, you are a tasty producer, Alvin.

  76. Vietnamie

    VietnamieDia atrás

    50 patties bruh stevewilldoit could crush that any day

  77. kiwigummies

    kiwigummiesDia atrás

    I always like to imagine a horde of ravenous buzzfeed employees swarming over the food after filming these. If you do feed the rest to the employees I'd like to see it.

  78. Crazy flips!!!

    Crazy flips!!!Dia atrás

    Make the biggest steak and everyone turn on post notifications and subscribe to catch all the action and awsome videos love you tasty

  79. Billy Gruff

    Billy GruffDia atrás

    He Didnt name the Nuggets!?!?!

  80. Fay Bernido

    Fay BernidoDia atrás

    2:15 for a few seconds of Alvin cuteness🙈

  81. Forgetful ProGaming

    Forgetful ProGamingDia atrás


  82. ッKensie

    ッKensieDia atrás

    my mom said that i couldn’t eat 100 chicken nuggets in a serving and bet me 50$. i didn’t eat breakfast or lunch so i was hungry. my mom got me 100 chicken nuggets, and watched me eat them. haha i got the 50$! i could probably eat all 4 chicken nuggets they are my life😂🤧

  83. Sydex Xen

    Sydex XenDia atrás

    Oh my god you did make giant fries

  84. ̇cryxbxby ̇

    ̇cryxbxby ̇Dia atrás

    And i 10:17

  85. Veiled Viper

    Veiled ViperDia atrás

    Pimples have joined the chat .............

  86. Impulse Exility

    Impulse ExilityDia atrás

    The Women:Ok well it was good and I’m going to take the rest home Kids:What’s for super The Women:3 left over chicken nuggets and 10 fries Kids:Oh Kids when they see super:OOOOOHHHHHHH!!!

  87. yeah boi

    yeah boiDia atrás

    Make a giant pancake,sausage,egg for Matt stonie

  88. RartiRBLX dff

    RartiRBLX dffDia atrás

    No, make Giant Bloody Diarrhea, it tastes great!

  89. Animation Nation

    Animation NationDia atrás

    Can you make spicy hot wings

  90. CinnaButter

    CinnaButterDia atrás

    Can you make me a giant Taco Salad, please. I would be very happy :)

  91. sammy aasa

    sammy aasaDia atrás


  92. Germain Pinthieve

    Germain PinthieveDia atrás

    Make Mac and cheese nowww

  93. SecondQueenz :

    SecondQueenz :Dia atrás

    “i don’t think i would wear this boot,” “cause it’s chicken” 😂💀💀

  94. Lykan

    LykanDia atrás

    Alvin is such a dork lmao.

  95. True Beleivers

    True BeleiversDia atrás

    And people are starving in Africa...😔

  96. Pauline Zirkle

    Pauline ZirkleDia atrás

    Giant spaghetti please

  97. Cherish Nguyen

    Cherish NguyenDia atrás

    I hope they feed the homeless with the leftovers

  98. - RayPlayz -

    - RayPlayz -Dia atrás

    Chiggien nuggets

  99. Neffs Junt

    Neffs JuntDia atrás

    you NEED to do one for matt stonie

  100. Anime Henti

    Anime HentiDia atrás

    5 minutes 30 seconds 3 sexual jokes