I painted for 24 hours straight


  1. Allyson

    AllysonDia atrás

    @jennamarbles @juliensolomita

  2. Eva Skyes

    Eva SkyesDia atrás

    Whenever I click on your videos your always eating😂

  3. ·Sammy's Studio·

    ·Sammy's Studio·Dia atrás

    Im 10 and ive pulled an all nighter T^T

  4. bwi bts

    bwi btsDia atrás

    Why is the hand big and the arm small

  5. Eliona Pacolli

    Eliona Pacolli2 dias atrás

    It looks like Jules from euphoria sjdjssjs

  6. Raven Ava

    Raven Ava2 dias atrás

    joana: *throws phone* ad : 911, where's the emergency? 😂😂😂

  7. Marita Mariel

    Marita Mariel3 dias atrás

    Your dad casually sitting in the back not even thinking about how you are jumping around as a maniac

  8. May Alhammadi

    May Alhammadi3 dias atrás

    Ur an amazing artist i love the Painting and I love u 💘💘

  9. Lily McManaway

    Lily McManaway3 dias atrás

    'TAKE THAT CLOOD MONETT' -my gravestone

  10. Lily Stewart

    Lily Stewart3 dias atrás

    The longest 12:07 minutes of my life... BUT THE END WAS WORTH IT

  11. Cece Kenefick

    Cece Kenefick4 dias atrás

    did it work NoP did it suck UoP

  12. DanielleTakesPics

    DanielleTakesPics4 dias atrás

    0:00 - 0:04 I've never seen her before but this is all I need to subscribe

  13. Brenda Tecum

    Brenda Tecum4 dias atrás

    She actually painted for 24 hours 😤 unlike other youtubers “stayed at McDonald’s for 24 hours” and just stayed there over night- that ain’t 24 hours 😂🤷‍♀️. Also nice painting I can’t paint for crap XD

  14. Avocado Life

    Avocado Life4 dias atrás

    Joana always is eating a burrito how is she a stick

  15. queenstrings

    queenstrings4 dias atrás

    Watch stephanie soo because she is literally the best mukbanger everrrrr

  16. Kay

    Kay4 dias atrás

    Thank you so much BRreporter recommendations

  17. manda gomes

    manda gomes4 dias atrás

    WHY DONT YOU CRY AND WAVES OF NATURE ARE MY FAVORITES OFF OF THAT WILLOW ALBUM also i screamed when you mentioned dreams also you're extremely talented... can we be best friends


    EVANCOOL4 dias atrás

    Says she needs to be quiet due to parents sleeping...after jumping down from the counter top.

  19. Anna Fishbein

    Anna Fishbein4 dias atrás

    You’re the first person I’ve seen actually complete this challenge. Props to you.

  20. Luis Ry

    Luis Ry4 dias atrás

    U look like James Charles without makeup

  21. xX HalfaHeart Xx

    xX HalfaHeart Xx5 dias atrás

    Tbh if an art teacher can’t appreciate everyone’s technique and style, then they shouldn’t be an art teacher. An art teacher should be someone who helps you enhance your individual technique and style. They should never try and change your art, just give you tips and tricks on how to get you to where you want to be as an individual

  22. Elizabeth Vanderen

    Elizabeth Vanderen5 dias atrás

    No one: Joana: I could be at Coachella right now.... actually I don’t think I’d ever pay to get second hand high in the middle of the desert while half naked *casually goes back to painting* 😂😂😂

  23. Lauren Adcock

    Lauren Adcock5 dias atrás

    still trying to re-find the green noodle video. update: it's NOT THIS ONE

  24. Lauren Adcock

    Lauren Adcock22 horas atrás

    @Haydee Pepe oh bummer! I'm not sure where all they're sold. I just went straight to Amazon and got them there. Hoping they taste good!

  25. Haydee Pepe

    Haydee PepeDia atrás

    @Lauren Adcock ugh i wanna try them!! do they only sell them online? I went to Walmart and they didn't have them so I got these weird garbanzo bean based noodles. They're high protein but taste odd.

  26. Lauren Adcock

    Lauren AdcockDia atrás

    @Haydee Pepe YES! I ended up rewatching nearly half of her videos and finally found it. Ordered them on Amazon and excited to make them. Thank you for responding! I was so sad hahah

  27. Haydee Pepe

    Haydee Pepe2 dias atrás

    Lauren Adcock the one where she makes mac and cheese with mung bean noodles?

  28. Shayla Dinh

    Shayla Dinh5 dias atrás

    *I can’t even do an eye on Minecraft* 😑

  29. yoitsjust

    yoitsjust5 dias atrás

    She’s wearing a white north face jacket while painting................

  30. Onion toaster Sam

    Onion toaster Sam5 dias atrás

    Put clout goggles on her

  31. ggart 1273

    ggart 12735 dias atrás

    For our leavers we had another brick in the wall as a song and when I heard it I though..... “That’s exactly how I feel about school every single day.... I LOVE IT!”

  32. Drawing with Mich

    Drawing with Mich5 dias atrás

    My ADHD would never

  33. John Roy Blancas

    John Roy Blancas5 dias atrás

    Great painting, let's call it "I think I sat on a poo but I hope it's just a candy bar on my pocket"

  34. Tynique King Mason

    Tynique King Mason5 dias atrás

    Um her phone is gone dor life poor her and phone

  35. Mindy K. Rivera

    Mindy K. Rivera5 dias atrás

    I think Bob Ross and you would of been best friends.

  36. Bleach Bath

    Bleach Bath5 dias atrás

    just by that intro I knew that you were a true artist

  37. cami p

    cami p5 dias atrás

    Love how you ended the video and I really loved the painting

  38. Alysha Darden

    Alysha Darden5 dias atrás

    I absolutely LOVE THE EYE OF THE TIGER

  39. Lyn Mc

    Lyn Mc6 dias atrás

    We'Re GoNna EaT sOmE aRtIcHoKeS

  40. General Genesis

    General Genesis6 dias atrás

    8:34 billie eilish?

  41. Mariah Hope

    Mariah Hope6 dias atrás

    You're adorable !

  42. AliceTea

    AliceTea6 dias atrás

    As a fellow artist it would be easier to paint light and than darker to get the tones you want plus it’s easy to layer onto the lighter colors to make your painting come alive while still having that boldness of the color you want using watercolor can help you get a softer look and help with the over all finished painting using both watercolor and just using the paints in the right areas will help your painting a lot better and make it easier to paint on. Hope I could help love your videos ❤️❤️

  43. Audrey

    Audrey6 dias atrás

    You’re so brave painting in a white jacket

  44. Emma Green

    Emma Green6 dias atrás

    this has exact opposite energy to bob ross and its beautiful

  45. Lulu Lala

    Lulu Lala6 dias atrás

    Will smithhh

  46. tronus98

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  47. Nikki Reed

    Nikki Reed6 dias atrás

    Let’s just say she eats healthy because look all of her snacks are squash and vegetables

  48. Faylyn Hillier

    Faylyn Hillier6 dias atrás

    Why are you teeth so perfect? It’s upsetting me.

  49. Alissa Parry

    Alissa Parry6 dias atrás

    Me watching this at almost 1 am

  50. Millie Castell

    Millie Castell6 dias atrás

    Omg 7:22 it’s firebringer you would be such a good zazzilil or emberly

  51. Alexis Velazquez

    Alexis Velazquez6 dias atrás

    This girl is amazing I swear 😂 My new spirit animal

  52. BurntBeanies

    BurntBeanies6 dias atrás

    Sorry but "It was 7:23 am when the sun was awoken by my madness" Is pure poetry.

  53. •cinnabun cakes•

    •cinnabun cakes•2 dias atrás


  54. •cinnabun cakes•

    •cinnabun cakes•2 dias atrás

    Hm, I'm gonna see if anything happens at 7:23. **_clicks the time stamp_**

  55. Evelyn Edward

    Evelyn Edward6 dias atrás

    *Films video and includes food* {Everybody liked that}

  56. SavaBavaGacha

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    You should listen to “She’s A Man Eater”

  57. Jimin You got no jams

    Jimin You got no jams6 dias atrás

    Rip phone

  58. XxX_Cute Newyork_XxX

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    Did u break ur phone!?!😱

  59. Molly DeMayo

    Molly DeMayo6 dias atrás

    I stumbled upon this video during finals week and I could not have been more happier.

  60. Caroline Riney

    Caroline Riney6 dias atrás

    “This is one painting I’m actually proud that I’ve made so far..” Me: wha-wait? Huh?

  61. Xandeath75

    Xandeath756 dias atrás

    How have you never pulled an all nighter NANI


    ITS RASCAL6 dias atrás

    This is nooooothing I gamed for 3 days because i have toooo much fucking energy the 4th day I was like dying though........ shit

  63. simply just dumb

    simply just dumb6 dias atrás

    Isnt dat a burrito

  64. Faith T.

    Faith T.6 dias atrás

    Ah, and here we see the video that brought me to this beautiful channel. I’ve never had a better day than the days I watch videos that Joana makes.

  65. *_No Videos_*

    *_No Videos_*6 dias atrás

    Holy crap holy crap I remember when you had 26k subs WHAT HAPPENED You’re growing fast. I knew it.

  66. Stella Wise

    Stella Wise7 dias atrás

    Look at this. What about her and Emma chamberlain!! ♡

  67. Chicken nugget Mia

    Chicken nugget Mia7 dias atrás

    It’s weird that this video has 2.8 views and joana got 2.8 subscribers... Thursday August 15, 2019

  68. Sana Sakamaki

    Sana Sakamaki7 dias atrás

    The ending was everything

  69. /B ł ø ø m \

    /B ł ø ø m \7 dias atrás

    The ending made me wheeze

  70. Asha Symone

    Asha Symone7 dias atrás

    You need a cartoon on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon.

  71. Darken Rose

    Darken Rose7 dias atrás

    Omg I love her😂😂😂😂I just started watching today

  72. Ellie Marjorie

    Ellie Marjorie7 dias atrás

    Okay this ending is everything 😂😂

  73. Klara Sofia

    Klara Sofia7 dias atrás

    (not hate at all!!) but does anyone know why she's so fixated with everything being low- calorie and healthy?

  74. Alexandria Blue

    Alexandria Blue6 dias atrás

    Klara Sofia she’s an athlete and likes to stay in shape

  75. Ttbby

    Ttbby6 dias atrás

    Probably was raised into a healthy lifestyle or chose a healthy lifestyle and doesn't wanna die early 😂

  76. Katie Elle

    Katie Elle7 dias atrás

    did it work nop was i fed up yop

  77. RRRifile Fox

    RRRifile Fox7 dias atrás

    am i the only one who got butter flys in my stomach when she showed katniss everdeen?

  78. Edith Mondragon

    Edith Mondragon7 dias atrás

    That ending thou. loved it Amazing job on the painting by the way!

  79. Chase

    Chase7 dias atrás

    I slept 22 hours bc I stayed up 3 days straight

  80. luxesurg 05

    luxesurg 057 dias atrás

    When she threw her phone Lol

  81. Tp and Eg

    Tp and Eg7 dias atrás

    Bone app the teeth

  82. Sarah Davis

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  83. TaEhUgS love ya

    TaEhUgS love ya7 dias atrás

    Your battery present gives me anxiety 😂

  84. Zate Faris

    Zate Faris7 dias atrás

    This is me painting

  85. Paradise Gained

    Paradise Gained7 dias atrás

    When you have a mental illnesses you call it pulling an all nighter. Normal people just acuse you of smoking some crack and staying up all night lol.

  86. Maddie

    Maddie7 dias atrás

    I love your art and your face is very trustworthy 😂 your very dedicated

  87. astrid polanco

    astrid polanco7 dias atrás

    In almost all of your videos you have to mention food 😂😂😂

  88. Taylor Blain

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    The 5 stages of grief? Naw. The 5 stages of art