I Rented a Dog for 24 Hours


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    Plz like the video and subscribe if I’m the best dog gone dog dad, thanks 😎

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    Rachel Ní Chonchúir fruffy humped Ryan I’m guessing

  3. Anna-Lisa Cohen

    Anna-Lisa Cohen9 horas atrás

    I was watching this with my dog and was looking at these replies then my doggo started licking the replies and scrolling down. LOL P.S I’m a sheep.

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    Ryan Trahan is the best dogo dog gone dad on the plant

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    Ryan Trahan always the same joke


    BTS’ CHAIR13 dias atrás


  7. Finn -Fortnite qualifiers

    Finn -Fortnite qualifiers5 horas atrás

    I raped a dog for 24 hours

  8. Finn -Fortnite qualifiers

    Finn -Fortnite qualifiers5 horas atrás

    I raped a dog for 24 hours

  9. Finn -Fortnite qualifiers

    Finn -Fortnite qualifiers5 horas atrás

    I raped a dog for 24 hours

  10. Anna-Lisa Cohen

    Anna-Lisa Cohen9 horas atrás

    Hugging my doggo while watching this 😚😚😀😀😀🐶🐶

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    I have a dog

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    I have three dogs one blood hound, one germs shepherd mix, and one old English sheep dog.

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    Subscribe to Ryan Trahan and pewdiepie

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    Rip fruffy

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    Plz get a dog!

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    good vid

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    what kind of dog is fruffy

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    Fluffy look so cute I wish I had you

  22. Maddy D

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    Everyone @ Fruffy: OMG HE’S MASSIVE My pet English mastiff: Hold my treat

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    I like your old videos

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    f. I'm paying my respects to Fruffy. I hope he's proud.

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    I have a dog and I’m only 12 and I’m in charge of walking and feeding it everyday before school he is not that much to handle

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    Oh heck yeah imma rent a dog

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    I have 2 pit bulls

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    Fruffy does hate baths just like I hate vegetables

  32. Rita Wollman

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    I had a Boxer terrier but we gave him away cause he was to hiper

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    Take his leash off inside lol

  34. Animal Lover

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    Take the tags off of the toys lol but the dogs so cute

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    Look at Fruffy's eyes, they're so red. Judging by his actions Ryan definstley gave him some weed before the video.

  37. Paul Vatavu

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    7:26 - 7:36 *Dog has a seizure* Him and his girlfriend just stands there laughing at him

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    please get a doggo

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    One like is another F in chat Edit: a jackrussle

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    Ahh Ryan.... Dogs actually cant feel ashamed... its proven that they can. Good job with the dog he is so cute lol!

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    I have a golden Yorkie named Rocco

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    Ummm when a dog humps ur leg it doesn't mean anything inappropriate fyi it actually means that they think they are better than you.

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    How do you rent dogs

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    Ali a the allligator

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    White German Shepard

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    Buy him please i feel bad you only did this for one day

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    i would die for fruffy

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    5:44 i think we all know what went down

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    That’s poor dogs are for life not just a day

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    I have a dog. U need one.

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    You can just see how happy he is from the second the video starts

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    He had the best day!! ❤ You would be great dog parents ❤

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    I see the hidden comment

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    I got a chiwawa

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    I have a cane corso

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    8:50 nice boxing skills

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  66. Hypnotised Chan

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    Bee: *Attacks him* Girls: *Laugh* Him: Whatever!

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    What kind of dog is that

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    Someone get this man a dog

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    Which ones the dog?

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    Ryan treats doog good Brooke houts wants to know your location

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    Had a dog for 5 years. Not that hard. Unless you think filling 2 bowls with food and water, letting them out,and playing with them is hard. But I mean, she's pretty doggone chill.

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    Hi u are cool 😎

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    My dogs breed is Havanese

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    poor doggo

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    Y does the intro look like he raped the dog

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    Did Trudy jump on you

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    3:40 best moment of the video

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    Did anyone else notice that scruffy had his collar on in the house that kinda triggered me 😂

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    r.i.p fruffy 2019-2019 f

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    Puggel and Boston terrier

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    What if when he was chasing the dog they changed the music to be dark and sad. It would look completely different