I Surprised My Friend With The World's Largest Pizza • Giant Food Time


  1. Jasmine Pak

    Jasmine Pak4 meses atrás

    Annndddd now I'm craving pizza again. TEAM PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA!!!!

  2. RudeGyal Elise

    RudeGyal EliseDia atrás


  3. Malikhi Arrindell

    Malikhi Arrindell2 dias atrás

    Ethan dolan would love u

  4. fortnite Content

    fortnite Content3 dias atrás

    TheSuperNats same

  5. Armyisbest2 Official

    Armyisbest2 Official7 dias atrás

    Jasmine Pak nah

  6. Jack Coates

    Jack Coates8 dias atrás


  7. Lidy Gacha/animations

    Lidy Gacha/animations20 horas atrás

    Tasty made a 30 pound donut 😯

  8. Sarah Rosloniec

    Sarah RosloniecDia atrás

    I’m a monster

  9. Arwah nizam

    Arwah nizamDia atrás

    He also talks like a girl

  10. Arwah nizam

    Arwah nizamDia atrás

    So he’s gay

  11. KK's anime and stuff YT

    KK's anime and stuff YTDia atrás

    my dad won't any pizza other than pineapple pizza i LOVE all pizzas UwU😋😋😋😍

  12. Rhama Nibret

    Rhama NibretDia atrás

    yes #pizza

  13. Alexander_The_Hybrid

    Alexander_The_Hybrid2 dias atrás

    but someone's likes it on pizza, pizza is like what u have at home left its made of it

  14. Ballora 14

    Ballora 142 dias atrás

    PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA FOREVER!!!!!! I love pizza so much! I have a pizza plushie and pizza socks 😂😂🍕🍕

  15. Ashton Manivanh At gaming

    Ashton Manivanh At gaming2 dias atrás

    This video has been deleted due to inappropriate content or words Jasmine is saying

  16. cobyboi doy

    cobyboi doy2 dias atrás


  17. Miss Juggalette

    Miss Juggalette3 dias atrás

    Because I am from the windy city I love pizza and now live in los angeles now so thanks for telling me about this place

  18. Inaaya Pie

    Inaaya Pie4 dias atrás

    Pineapple is not gross on pizza. Oscar

  19. nitu bose

    nitu bose6 dias atrás

    i want a freind like her 😂

  20. jacob geerlings

    jacob geerlings7 dias atrás

    Definately NOT the world's largest pizza...


    XXX_INTEROGATION_ XXX7 dias atrás

    I hate how some people say pizza it is pronounced pee- t -sah not pee- k- say

  22. Jack Coates

    Jack Coates8 dias atrás

    3:50 me:*triggered* him:i cannot eat pineapple on pizza

  23. keandre Duncan

    keandre Duncan8 dias atrás

    Pepperoni for ever

  24. Antlers gaming

    Antlers gaming8 dias atrás

    His dream sounds like obesedy

  25. Mom La

    Mom La8 dias atrás

    Hey my son name is Oscar Pham

  26. Elenei Adina

    Elenei Adina8 dias atrás

    Is he gay

  27. Galdino Mendoza

    Galdino Mendoza9 dias atrás

    Don't judje people if they are gay it's a decision

  28. Leaton Dyer

    Leaton Dyer9 dias atrás

    Is it just me or does OSCAR sound gay i mean hes talking about hot guys shouldn't he be talking about girls

  29. Tierra Crittenden

    Tierra Crittenden8 dias atrás

    He is gay lol I think

  30. Brianna Jayy

    Brianna Jayy10 dias atrás

    Where’s the RANCHHH 😟

  31. Rayan Ganj Danesh

    Rayan Ganj Danesh11 dias atrás

    “ I am on a beach with a really hot guy” umm ok buddy

  32. What-a-great-life

    What-a-great-life11 dias atrás

    When he said “awww come here give me a hug” I thought he was talking to the pizza

  33. The Zenkas

    The Zenkas11 dias atrás

    Gordon Ramsay should come to that pizza place

  34. Ella Gifted

    Ella Gifted13 dias atrás

    Imma monster now ok


    ΣΩΤΗΡΗΣ ΚΟΥΛΟΥΚΑΚΟΣ13 dias atrás

    This guy talks weird hehe

  36. Sea Side

    Sea Side13 dias atrás

    Oscar: if you puts pineapple on pizza you're a *MONSTER* Me: well then I'm a monster

  37. Spacegirl 123

    Spacegirl 12313 dias atrás

    Well I guess I'm a monster PINAPPLE!! ON PIZZA ROCKS!!!!!!!

  38. Joasha Charlton

    Joasha Charlton14 dias atrás

    I love pizza and fries ❤️

  39. The three Lego creator creater

    The three Lego creator creater15 dias atrás

    tf im hungry

  40. The_last Person

    The_last Person16 dias atrás


  41. PurpleBTS ARMY

    PurpleBTS ARMY16 dias atrás

    I'm on a strict diet but pizza looks so tempting- I think ima die

  42. Diamond Crossley

    Diamond Crossley16 dias atrás

    Girl...let me be your friend

  43. Royal Chukwuka

    Royal Chukwuka16 dias atrás

    Who needs a man when you've got pizza that doesn't talk back and tastes good.

  44. Clara Verastek

    Clara Verastek17 dias atrás

    Who else wants Robby to try that challenge?

  45. Endgamer6000

    Endgamer600017 dias atrás

    Comment Summary: 60% I like pineapple on pizza. Am I a monster? 20% YOU MONSTER 10% That’s a huge pizza. I wonder how it tastes.

  46. Alexandra Medina

    Alexandra Medina17 dias atrás

    She really fell in love while cooking the pizza


    REAL BIOLEGEND17 dias atrás

    Jasmine : I burped... Me : ok???? Jasmine : I burped again... Me : k Jasmine : burped again... Me : THATS IT STOP BURPING!

  48. Emma Olivera

    Emma Olivera17 dias atrás

    Now I want pizza

  49. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana17 dias atrás

    His voice hurts my ears

  50. SuperGeneraL YT

    SuperGeneraL YT18 dias atrás

    she is gay

  51. Mystic EdgeGaming

    Mystic EdgeGaming18 dias atrás

    i can agree with the no pineapple


    CYABOIZ18 dias atrás

    Your friend is gay or Tom boy did you khown that

  53. Tech

    Tech19 dias atrás

    Do you sleep for pineapple pizza Blake for pineapple

  54. Tech

    Tech19 dias atrás

    If you dislike your mean

  55. AT5football

    AT5football19 dias atrás

    IF someone is wondering he is 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👬 but there is nothing wrong with it

  56. David Horovitz

    David Horovitz19 dias atrás

    Is Oscar gay???

  57. Liam Savoir

    Liam Savoir19 dias atrás

    You half to represent the pizzas 🍕