1. Gacha Life_ potato

    Gacha Life_ potato38 minutos atrás

    Andrew-no I got sick off of vodka Shane-pours all in his mouth

  2. Craving the death Since a kid

    Craving the death Since a kid11 horas atrás

    I need a diy tutorial Morgan did

  3. Teena Hendriks

    Teena Hendriks16 horas atrás

    I totally want you to plan my birthday party this October

  4. Diana D

    Diana D17 horas atrás

    Please make a Morgchella 2!

  5. Kyrah Ahenakew

    Kyrah Ahenakew18 horas atrás

    You should do 24 hour's on the couch like if they should do it😀

  6. My cat butters my nuggets

    My cat butters my nuggetsDia atrás

    I love that Andrew is more than the cameraman, he’s like one if them, they even hired a new photographer for this so Andrew could be in it like u love that, I also ship Andrew and Morgan

  7. Hannah Kate

    Hannah KateDia atrás

    why does everyone in the comments want to f*ck andrew lmaooo

  8. aesthetic tryhard

    aesthetic tryhard2 dias atrás

    Shane's half-gayness is thriving when he sees that robe. 🤣

  9. Keirstin Hemphill

    Keirstin Hemphill2 dias atrás

    I love how you guys all interact with each other; you're so uplifting and supportive

  10. Valeria Vega

    Valeria Vega3 dias atrás

    U should call it morchella

  11. Marlene Gonzalez

    Marlene Gonzalez3 dias atrás


  12. Livy G

    Livy G3 dias atrás

    Cheeto is confused

  13. jake P

    jake P3 dias atrás

    oh to be skinny like Ryland

  14. Victoria Desjardins

    Victoria Desjardins3 dias atrás

    So how do i get tickets? Lol im just a single stay at home mom but i promise im super fun once im comfortable with my suroundings lol

  15. lifeshardbutsoareu

    lifeshardbutsoareu4 dias atrás

    Do i see S h o u l d e r s

  16. bet

    bet4 dias atrás

    where’s the O

  17. lily corbin

    lily corbin4 dias atrás

    I think garret should just permanently film

  18. Joy Renee

    Joy Renee4 dias atrás

    Wait who's the other girl there???

  19. maia

    maia4 dias atrás

    if you guys have instagram, i made a shane & friends fan account so if you wanna watch some clips of then being hilarious feel free to check it out😂😂 @shaneshxt

  20. Becky. Taylor.

    Becky. Taylor.4 dias atrás

    Am I the only one who literally would go 😂😂💗💗

  21. memedoq

    memedoq5 dias atrás

    I was feeling so depressed but watching you all have so much fun really helped my mood!!

  22. Drama potato wolf

    Drama potato wolf5 dias atrás

    Can you please design my next birthday its in 7 days

  23. that boi kas

    that boi kas5 dias atrás

    I haven’t watched it but this already looks more we’ll planned than tanacon lol

  24. 25,00 subs with no content challenge !

    25,00 subs with no content challenge !5 dias atrás

    Tana better be at morgchella 2

  25. benitom419

    benitom4196 dias atrás

    I'm watching this video again 4 months after it was posted. Cant wait for next years morganchella!

  26. Janet Hall

    Janet Hall6 dias atrás

    this is how many times they drank < -------

  27. Luīze Līce

    Luīze Līce6 dias atrás

    You shouldn’t of done the balloon letters with helium but instead filled them with air and hung them as a garland across the house

  28. Nedaz Thedestroyer

    Nedaz Thedestroyer7 dias atrás

    Accurate video percentage 1% uno standing in front of the golf cart 5% Morgan saying oh my god 94% Ricky twerking

  29. Beatbeast

    Beatbeast8 dias atrás

    They have the best lives ever

  30. Mary Mitchell

    Mary Mitchell8 dias atrás

    6:46 me on my way to make bad life choices

  31. Heather J

    Heather J8 dias atrás

    Okay I've never listened to ricky Dillon so when SNOOP came on i was like what😂😂😂

  32. meme god

    meme god8 dias atrás

    24:29 lol Morgan it there

  33. Jillian Watts

    Jillian Watts9 dias atrás

    So is no one gonna talk about Morgan popping tatis pills the whole video 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  34. Mario Ramirez

    Mario Ramirez9 dias atrás

    24:30 why morgan

  35. The Mermaid Show

    The Mermaid Show9 dias atrás

    2.98million subs I have beverage seen that before

  36. Jimin's pinky

    Jimin's pinky9 dias atrás

    Ok now make a MORGAN version of morgzfest

  37. Jessica Duran

    Jessica Duran10 dias atrás

    Andrew is litterally everything!!!

  38. TëA

    TëA10 dias atrás

    Forever confused why Garrett and and Andrew are single

  39. callies NURSERY

    callies NURSERY10 dias atrás

    Can you do my 9th year old birthday

  40. Lexi X

    Lexi X10 dias atrás

    Her and Ricky big awwwwwwwweeeeee

  41. Mackinzie Delano

    Mackinzie Delano11 dias atrás

    I dont think ive ever loved a video more than this one

  42. Kyriana McCoy

    Kyriana McCoy11 dias atrás

    Andrews been editing he needs a drink lol

  43. Queen K

    Queen K11 dias atrás

    Morgan: Think of the most narcissistic thing... Shane: *TaNaCoN*

  44. Stephanie Valdez

    Stephanie Valdez11 dias atrás

    i love that Ryland is always just living his best life lol that scene of him just doing his own photoshoot love it 😁

  45. Jenalyn San luis

    Jenalyn San luis11 dias atrás

    so right now im just using my moms account and I soo love shane ryland Andrew garret and morgan so so much and its literally 1am here in the Philippines and I just wanna this is soo great~!! my name is therese you can call me piglet{ shane is triggered haha lol} that's what they call me btw and please give me a shout out in your upcoming vids thank u!!~ love youu all~~!!

  46. •audrey•

    •audrey•12 dias atrás

    This was Ricky Di-culous ... sorry

  47. Isaiah Ponce

    Isaiah Ponce12 dias atrás

    lmao omg i just cant get enough of you guys! i swear i laugh from beginning to the end.. Yal are so Blessed to have each other good friends are hard to come by!

  48. Life of Kirsten

    Life of Kirsten12 dias atrás


  49. Daniel Villanueva

    Daniel Villanueva12 dias atrás

    Morgchella 2020!!!

  50. Brooklyn Knight

    Brooklyn Knight13 dias atrás

    Shane: What do the words spell? Morgan: Think of the most narcissistic thing that someone that’s not- Shane: T A N A C O N 😂 4:42 😂

  51. Wendy Montes

    Wendy Montes13 dias atrás

    Like literally it’s a ranch and u guys would honestly LOVE TO SEE MY MEXICAN PARTY 🎉

  52. Wendy Montes

    Wendy Montes13 dias atrás

    I wanna throw my 18 at their house 🥺😔

  53. Noah Jackson

    Noah Jackson13 dias atrás

    Andrew at 28:44 is a MOOD

  54. Claire Uy

    Claire Uy14 dias atrás

    28:46 drunk Andrew being dragged by Morgan is so cute!!!

  55. Megan King

    Megan King14 dias atrás

    13:24 e-girl Andrew CONFIRMED

  56. Robin Rylance

    Robin Rylance14 dias atrás

    I want to see what happened’s when they get drunk

  57. Twiggy 0816

    Twiggy 081614 dias atrás

    i want her to plan my party

  58. Rohan James Rodriguez

    Rohan James Rodriguez15 dias atrás

    After the video “ok guys it’s time to go home”

  59. Wolf Lover22

    Wolf Lover2215 dias atrás

    “Oh my god oh my god oh my god I’m drunk” *Ricky twerking on the golf cart*

  60. xxloser .cookiexxx

    xxloser .cookiexxx16 dias atrás

    *team 10 is quaking*