I Trapped My Twin Brother in PRISON for 24 Hours!


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    Get lucas back and make him stay in prison for 24 hours with ivanita's ex boyfriend

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    Omg I can’t believe they did that to Marcus

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    Is that your freaking dad???!!

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    When does Lucas dobre go in the challenge with a soulmate

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    I spend 2 days in Jail and finally they said they said to me it isn't me But in the next night they took me and i was watching YT You know why cause the person who have all the CIA was my real dad

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    When Marcus fell it was funny

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    Lucas should go to jail

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    Can't believe by arm wrestling you broke the bed

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    ur videos are really Dumb & I oops you die not in the game in REEL LIFE

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    Man United

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    You can hear Bebbi the goat at 4:42

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    If you listen closely at 4:11 it sounds like as if he fartes

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    Danny (the other guy at the prison) is Alex older brother💕

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    @keepingupwithkatie oh his brother thanx

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    Eliana Lozandier alex hassanx is the best friend of cyrus, lucas, marcus, and darius, he has appear in many of their yt videos

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