1. Brad Mondo

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    P.S I was doing a blackpink dance. Name that song...

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    Ddu ddu du!!

  3. Hannah Roeder

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    Brad Mondo does a black pink song whilst wearing Kurt cobain on shirt...

  4. Infaroyya al karimah muhamad

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    And this is how you gather Blinks informally lol 😂

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    Brad Mondo I knew it !!!!!!!! Your the best

  7. Maddie Leann

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    Me: Beauty community: Zoe Lavern and Cody orlove: Brad: *today I’m try a 18th Century tutorial*

  8. _http.baka_

    _http.baka_2 horas atrás

    in history we were forced to read old documents and all of the S's looked like lowercase f's

  9. Cray Ola

    Cray Ola2 horas atrás

    S: **looks like an “f** Brad: am I being *𝒑𝒖𝒏𝒌'𝒅???*

  10. ChexiiBabii88

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    I also would’ve loved to have seen a video of you un-teasing this poor girl’s hair lol

  11. ChexiiBabii88

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    Back then, they also used to use duck fat as their hair grease, thus causing lice and all kinds of critters to crawl throughout their head 😳🤭

  12. Haley J

    Haley J10 horas atrás

    cornstarch can be used as a substitute for flour.

  13. Maya Papaya

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    You said “Flirdy-doo”, and I almost chocked on my rice😂☠️

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    How dare you with me dead !! Xx

  15. Rosie xoxo

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    Joking love you cx

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    Little late to the party but I would love to see him try this again but with a "translated" version to see what difference it would make.

  17. Madison C

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    I though they just put on wigs

  18. Rebekah Dybowski

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    I do have to say, I figured out the extra 'f's were actually supposed to be 's's the first page... Not sure how you didn't lmao

  19. Sophia Silva

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    What mannequin head do you use?

  20. superpal43

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    The end result was lovely, though it bears noting that these crazy instructions were intended for women to follow to do their own hair. I can't imagine how much more difficult it would have been had Brad had done this to a firmly attached long wig on his head!

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    Ahahaa I follow her!!!!!

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    Omg, blackpink ddu-du ddu-du dance move ayye! 0:01

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    lol was taught the hairstyle in my level 2 class 😆

  24. Stephen Lee

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    That thing that looks like a lowercase f is how they made an S back then. It was an S with a line through it.

  25. DJ Lance

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    9:21 Hi, i’m Bella Thorne and i have dyslexia.

  26. Samyi Diotte

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    Fun fact: all those "f"s are just the way they used to write "s"

  27. Sarah Grajales

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    I laughed so hard at you reading almost pissed myself lmfao ! Omg I love you to freaking funny okay okay going to finish watching!

  28. Infaroyya al karimah muhamad

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    I think the hardest part of this video (for Brad) is Reading... I have zero patience. I won't even try 😂😂😂 so kudos to you

  29. Infaroyya al karimah muhamad

    Infaroyya al karimah muhamad22 horas atrás

    @superpal43 reminds me of text books in Schools 😂

  30. superpal43

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    Infaroyya al karimah muhamad The phraseology was practically incomprehensible! The instructions were a dizzying read and I would’ve thrown in the towel FOR SURE!

  31. Infaroyya al karimah muhamad

    Infaroyya al karimah muhamadDia atrás

    @superpal43the wordings gave me anxiety tbh. So old fashioned lol. Idk how can he keep continue XD

  32. superpal43

    superpal43Dia atrás

    Infaroyya al karimah muhamad Listening to him read aloud was pretty difficult too! 😂

  33. YmaKuddmys

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    Hey Brad! You need to try the toiletpaiper-curls!!! instagram.com/p/9ab6ICJU-N/

  34. Emily Davenport

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    Old English's S's look like F's

  35. Indiegirl007

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    That came out really good

  36. Savanna Adair

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    You did good

  37. Torray4321

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    Lol when he reads all the s's as f's. Too funny! Also it looks like it would take all day to do hair back then. 😁😂🤣😅😉🤔

  38. Kara Zwiers

    Kara Zwiers2 dias atrás

    After this did you look back at the reference photos and were able to imagine how you would do them? Were you thinking up your own designs?

  39. kyriaki p

    kyriaki p2 dias atrás

    I am using this technique after shower and i am wearing them all over night ; so the next day the curls are crazy and defined (grandma's advice )

  40. Time flies

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    Not to be rude, I just.... Did he ever have plastic surgery, cuz he looks like a doll... In a way that's a compliment..

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  42. P R I N C E S S C R A I N L Y N

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    What a fresh idea, fresh as Brad 💖✨

  43. Selene Herrera

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    The letter “f” had to be pronounced like an “s”

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    Black pink in your areaaaaa❤️

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    AHAH DDU DDU DDU DDU choreo get ittttttt

  46. Taylor Anderson

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    I think for this look the curls were unnecessary

  47. Camelia Henderson

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    The beginning was blackpink dudududu

  48. April Ball

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    That mannequin looks like my daughter - weird.

  49. Nicole Alynn

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    Should have used Outlander for reference! Lol

  50. mynzora

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    I needed this laugh. Brad thank you for this! I love you! 🤗

  51. RK Malone

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    Some of the Fs are to be read as Ss.

  52. Apple. Sauce

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    Loving that intro brad❤️

  53. Elle Hart

    Elle Hart3 dias atrás

    There are two types of "f" letters. The one that looks like "f" is an F. The one that looks like an elongated f is an "s".

  54. Sophia_Swazey

    Sophia_Swazey3 dias atrás

    Brad: the next detection saysssss 2 seconds older brad: I don’t know what this says I could listen to brad for 24 hours straight “not kidding” and not get bored hahahahahahaha 🤣

  55. Pepe De Frog Idiot

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    I honestly didn’t see the point of the curls 😂😂 sew me

  56. Sophia_Swazey

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    I don’t think the person who wrote this was edgeimacated “ educated” :) 🤣 haha

  57. Sophia_Swazey

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    When brad said “who am I” I was like your the great brad mondo you’ve always been that way but that’s half of why I watch you love ya brad :):):):):):):):):):):)):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  58. cs

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    I kind of just like all the little buns

  59. Inside Sarah's Life

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    It looks like Cinderella's step mom's hair

  60. Amber Davis

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    Omg how fun is this?!

  61. Leah Bourne

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    Why did you have to curl it first? You cant see the curls at the end. 18th century hair seems confusing, and so very extra. Looks good though.

  62. PJ Williams

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    Why does brad have no flour in his house but he has pink tissue paper 😂

  63. Emma Norris

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    That's legit the church hair I grew up with so this is still something people wear for me😂

  64. Lahela Batres

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    "Don't come for me ok bye" lmao *imagines zombie 18th-century hairdresser coming for brad* lmao!

  65. Steffie_Ehm

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    Aww well done!

  66. Jikook Otp

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    I already loved Brad so much but after seeing him dance to kpop I love him even more!😂 Like if you're a Blink:

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    how did i go from watching webkinz videos to this

  68. Luna Niteshade

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    Bradpink in your area ;)

  69. hailey

    hailey5 dias atrás

    ok so I haven't watched the video all the way through, but I just really need you to know (if you don't already) that those "f"'s are actually s's. They just wrote them weird, and threw in a couple of actual s's to fuck with people. lol

  70. hailey

    hailey5 dias atrás

    okay so you kinda figured it out but you actually saying "reafon" and "firft" is fucking with me lmao

  71. SurayaTheUnicorn

    SurayaTheUnicorn5 dias atrás

    I love the 18th century so much because I'm a huge Hamilton fan and it's awesome(and really sad)

  72. SurayaTheUnicorn

    SurayaTheUnicorn3 dias atrás

    Ashley Roble yayyyy HAMILTRASH UNITE

  73. Ashley Roble

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    I've been looking for another hamilfan!!!!!

  74. Kasey Rollins

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    vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/janeausten/images/2/2f/Lady-catherine-de-bourgh.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20111116022829 Lady Catherine - you did it right!!

  75. Addison Diamondhurricane

    Addison Diamondhurricane5 dias atrás

    5:08 "She looks kind of real. Eww." A tell-tale sign that you're gay

  76. Harley Hair

    Harley Hair5 dias atrás

    Aaaaalso.... most 1800's french styles were wigs.

  77. Harley Hair

    Harley Hair5 dias atrás

    Brad i will share every single one of your videos, like, and immediately go buy your entire hair line if you do this video over in 1800 garb WITH the wig.

  78. Alexi B

    Alexi B5 dias atrás

    Excuse me for a sec but I am just in the kitchen to get that flour

  79. Hailey Riley

    Hailey Riley5 dias atrás

    “And that’s my speech for today” Lol 😂I am dying brad

  80. Angie Malone

    Angie Malone5 dias atrás

    It's easier with cloth my great gran used to do that

  81. Sarah Vickroy

    Sarah Vickroy5 dias atrás

    Okay but what was the point of all the curls...

  82. Bri HDTV

    Bri HDTV5 dias atrás

    So basically their F’s are our S’s that’s crazy

  83. Erin Aycock

    Erin Aycock5 dias atrás

    The f looking letter is a long s. They were commonly used in the 18th century when writing.

  84. Tea Marz

    Tea Marz6 dias atrás

    Plus Joan Crawford rocked that look. I wonder if they told her it was 18th century lmao 😂

  85. Callie Kilby

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    Did he slap his butt at the start-

  86. Roselin Andrade-Yanagui

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    Du du du du BLACKPINK!!!!

  87. Kirsten Faith

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    The F s are supposed to be S s. Fuppofed=supposed Beft=best Muft=must And so on.

  88. Teresa Paskell

    Teresa Paskell6 dias atrás

    Totally nailed it

  89. kaitlynn G

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    the intro gave me major zoolander vibes

  90. I Am Groot

    I Am Groot6 dias atrás

    You did someone’s great great great great great great grandpa super proud! ❤️🥰

  91. Rebecca Levy

    Rebecca Levy6 dias atrás

    What he waf trying to fay if that you muft replace each f with an s in order to read it properly.

  92. Rosa Lobo

    Rosa Lobo6 dias atrás

    I watched both videos and here is the entire tutorial in layman's terms 1.) Apply pomade and comb through hair 2.) Apply dry powder shampoo and comb through hair 3. Divide hair into two main sections from the base of your ear until the thumbs meet 4. On the top section: pappolette curls all over 5. Tease the hair in the top middle section until it stands up leaving some hair at the ends exposed and curled 6. On either side tease the hair, and roll into what are essentially sideways victory rolls 7. Pin all of the front section at the crown of your hair into a hair sponge to give volume 8. Braid the bottom section of your hair up and pin the tail of the braid into the sponge 9. Smooth it all over with a comb

  93. Vanessa Rae

    Vanessa Rae7 dias atrás

    those weird letters are "s" hooked to the next letter- they used to have special s's and f's and th's and a couple others. thats actually where this symbol comes from too: &

  94. CKH Leapin' Llamas

    CKH Leapin' Llamas7 dias atrás

    9:13 Me when public speaking 🤣🤣

  95. sandifulification

    sandifulification7 dias atrás

    You should check out Janet Stephens videos. She does historical hairdressing! Janet Stephens - brreporter.com/title-jntvstp

  96. Stephanie Carlisle

    Stephanie Carlisle7 dias atrás

    Where could I get a manikin head with real hair for cheap Brad?!? I want to get better at hair and need a head to practice on. 😭😭

  97. Amanda Klut

    Amanda Klut7 dias atrás

    The f was supposed to be an s in most places

  98. Ellen Whiten

    Ellen Whiten7 dias atrás

    You should have looked at Loepsie's after you were done to see how close you were!

  99. haannishh

    haannishh7 dias atrás

    Omg so gonna try this on a cosplay wig!!!

  100. J C

    J C7 dias atrás

    Thankful for Loepsie that her video led me to you. I CANNOT stop laughing at all your videos I've watched so far!

  101. Shelby Rose

    Shelby Rose7 dias atrás

    She looks like the girl version of Mr Bean. Who agrees?

  102. Gamma's Eulennest

    Gamma's Eulennest7 dias atrás

    this video gave me a good giggle :D oh btw this "f" kinda letter in this old text means "S", we know this here in Germany as the "old german lettering". It's very common in old books like the bible from my grandma

  103. Vic’s Vlogs

    Vic’s Vlogs7 dias atrás

    See looks luke MR BEAN but the female version.

  104. Rose Granbacka

    Rose Granbacka8 dias atrás

    Also, those are S’es. You’re doing great!

  105. Rose Granbacka

    Rose Granbacka8 dias atrás

    No way would a woman in the 18th Century have washed her hair very often. The “shampoo” was very harsh. If it needed to be fully washed, it would have been treated very gently.

  106. chocmilkshake24

    chocmilkshake248 dias atrás

    DAMN, son! You are a friggin PROFESSIONAL!!!! I love the results!

  107. Twentynine

    Twentynine8 dias atrás

    the incorrect pronunciation is annoying me so much honestly, if you didn’t already know about the long s, you could literally just google it it’s not like forbidden knowledge

  108. 육군꿈

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    I didn't even notice the Blackpink dance lmao

  109. Jewelygrrl

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    You did an amazing job! That looks awesome!

  110. Mr.Bunny _Bear

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    The doll Looks like hanna Montana and the girl sounds like a robot

  111. FireNinjaGaming-FNG

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    Brad: Did people talk like this? Me: Some still do...

  112. Paola Violet

    Paola Violet8 dias atrás

    It looks awesome !! I want to try it but I don’t have a lot of hair since I have a bob haircut

  113. Ema Ioana

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