I've been thinking of retiring.


  1. Gizmo Feezer

    Gizmo Feezer18 horas atrás

    He uploaded 13 hours ago chill guys

  2. Sweat On YouTube

    Sweat On YouTube19 horas atrás

    You became meme 💀

  3. Forgiven_Light OFFICIAL

    Forgiven_Light OFFICIAL19 horas atrás

    Hey I just watched this man. We all the weird kids man. The hardest part of life is to choose to keep going or leave something the same. I recently started watching your videos after I received a mini itx board from my computer tech teacher. after watching your videos and getting myself a job, I have a water cooled mini itx gaming/upload pc hanging on my wall. I just want you to know through everything u help people with your knowledge of pc and servers, it's still something someone else still doesn't know. Please message back I have questions about compatibility

  4. Forgiven_Light OFFICIAL

    Forgiven_Light OFFICIAL19 horas atrás

    Also if ya don't like waste, send me ya broken stuff, I'm pretty good at making Frankenstein motherboards and power supplys

  5. Lee Moss

    Lee Moss20 horas atrás

    iu u want to leave linus thats fair u deserve it but lt will effectivly be dead if ur no longer in the vids ur staff are cool but only with u at the top theres no linus tech tips without linus

  6. OP Palubhai

    OP Palubhai20 horas atrás

    No i dont want watch austin no plz dont

  7. Jose Doe

    Jose Doe21 hora atrás

    Dont talk about it, be about it.

  8. How To

    How To21 hora atrás

    I hate when BRreporterrs do this, we love you and more people will subscribe every day so you will never ever quit, don't be a drama queen go talk about this with your wife and keep it in the family. Try cocaine, have you tried cocaine yet ?

  9. Bovice

    Bovice22 horas atrás

    BRreporter stream chat is fucking deplorable.

  10. The Good Bean

    The Good Bean22 horas atrás

    Linus, we love your work and we love you. We will support you with whatever decision you’ll make for yourself and your family

  11. Jack C

    Jack C23 horas atrás

    To be fair I probably love u more than ur kids so...never leave!!

  12. YouTech StarEater4Real

    YouTech StarEater4Real23 horas atrás

    I volunteer as not Linus tech tips

  13. Crafty Gaming

    Crafty GamingDia atrás

    What about tech quickie

  14. Zany Boy 8000

    Zany Boy 8000Dia atrás

    We love you Linus you’re like my dad

  15. gamingtruble

    gamingtrubleDia atrás

    I know I'm late, but I hope you're doing what's good for yourself, your social life and your familly.

  16. metol007

    metol007Dia atrás

    we will all miss you. you are who inspired me to buuld my own pc. you are who ive looked to for spects and stats on parts to use and compare. you are who got me into using linux baced systems for my server. i will miss you more than you will ever know.

  17. Mark Jayson Panginoon Makagago

    Mark Jayson Panginoon Makagago22 horas atrás

    fuck u cause..

  18. Firedude 1

    Firedude 1Dia atrás

    I have found the source of the meme

  19. night.

    night.Dia atrás


  20. Huaz

    HuazDia atrás

    you teached me everything about tech..

  21. Oliver Haase

    Oliver HaaseDia atrás

    Plz dont stop

  22. Oliver Haase

    Oliver HaaseDia atrás

    Plz dont

  23. give me your toes

    give me your toesDia atrás

    This is late, but, damn. You've helped millions.

  24. Flapplebees

    FlapplebeesDia atrás

    Legendary thumbnail

  25. Player 1

    Player 1Dia atrás

    this light is so blue that my blue light filter doesn't even block the blue light.

  26. MontanaSnack

    MontanaSnackDia atrás

    You should talk with dr k maybe

  27. Ame

    AmeDia atrás

    You are such a beautiful human being. I agree with everything you said about hating the waste caused by mindless consumerism. I wish we could have a new and better tech company that operated with that philosophy and made products for people to have lasting value, over just making more and more money off of people.

  28. AnotherGamingChannel

    AnotherGamingChannelDia atrás

    Thanks to you I built my first gaming pc. You inspired me to make all of this progress. You will always be my hero.

  29. Benj

    BenjDia atrás

    Hey Linus. If you see this just know that we are all greatful for the help you have given us over the years. You gotta do whats best for you. We will miss your presence, but we would rather you go out out of choice, rather than burn out out of trying to keep something up thats not what you want to do anymore. Thanks for the tips my guy.

  30. Niila Rustua

    Niila RustuaDia atrás

    That man is impressive! I have to go cook some steak and have some mothers milk powder in to my glass with a real milk. I need to have stronger food to feel myself better. Thanks man!

  31. scoopymoo

    scoopymooDia atrás

    no NA no NO NO NO no nooooooooooooooooooooo

  32. bxtchan

    bxtchanDia atrás

    Has anybody seen that honey ad with the guy who just looks like him

  33. Dylan Luigi Canning Garcia

    Dylan Luigi Canning GarciaDia atrás

    One of the best channels on this platform

  34. Water eel

    Water eelDia atrás

    who didnt who out linused the tech tips

  35. Orange Pootis

    Orange PootisDia atrás

    walter tech tips

  36. Xander Demoor

    Xander DemoorDia atrás

    The IT department of youtube can't just stop

  37. Xander Demoor

    Xander DemoorDia atrás

    i've been thinking to be a meme

  38. Fl4wless

    Fl4wlessDia atrás

    I stopped watching this channel for like 8 months and this comes up in my notifications So sad, I thought of this joke so i can cheer you up Childhood: *a'rght ima head out*

  39. I like Battlefront 2

    I like Battlefront 2Dia atrás

    Only came for the meme

  40. AkiAutumns

    AkiAutumnsDia atrás

    Linus, you are an inspiration. Please take a break, if you need some external counselling please do it. You seem to be facing some depression, usually people who have them don't notice. Please take care of yourself. Even if you have to quit eventually we want you to stay healthy!

  41. GSC Network

    GSC NetworkDia atrás

    Linus, go home, be with your kids before they grow up, BRreporter will still be here, you can make a comeback at any time, if is what you love as a hobby. Thanks for all you have contributed, all the people you have inspired and helped, coz you have! By the way, you can make friends easy, you are an ok guy.



    whoooo,.. respect linus!

  43. LTU Armuha

    LTU ArmuhaDia atrás


  44. danbertilsson

    danbertilssonDia atrás

    bad sound and not 8k and you know what linus i sat clued for 29 minuts, this was from the heart!

  45. Kenne_th

    Kenne_thDia atrás

    Nooooo don’t retire

  46. kwod

    kwodDia atrás

    I can relate to Linus's life so much.

  47. Ahmeddinoh

    AhmeddinohDia atrás


  48. skelekons

    skelekonsDia atrás


  49. blakerateliff

    blakerateliffDia atrás

    Good for you man. The kind of hours you guys work must be brutal.

  50. Kevin Conners

    Kevin ConnersDia atrás

    Hey it’s good your talking about this stuff, it seems maybe a good idea to talk about what’s going on with a therapist or a professional as well.


    MEME FACTORYDia atrás

    Your videos are amazing, they have inspired me to love P.Cs and everything about them. You are strong and an idol to many. If you do step down, feel no guilt, we all understand and respect the discussion. There is no rush.

  52. Josh Hanson

    Josh HansonDia atrás

    Didn't like the Walter White comparison... He made money unethically and wasn't in a position to make a positive impact on people...I can see the hobby addiction and time consuming as a correlation, but that's about it. Not everybody has a chance to do their hobby for a living and have a plethora of resources. This is meant to be a motivating comment, so don't overthink how many people follow you. Dictate your own hours, hire someone to manage the little things, and decline those charity events if you feel guilty about being in your position...who cares right? You'll have tech and family, and if the creative stuff isn't as frequent then don't worry about making them. It's not about money anymore, learn from Walter White.



    I don't think the world would be as unaffected as you imply if you just disappeared or died. People don't just watch your channel as a source of information, they subscribe to you and pick you consistently over anyone else because they've all grown a connection to you. They watch the videos as much for you as they do for whatever you're reviewing. You make people's lives better, and you're simply irreplaceable by any other standard tech reviewer for the people that love you and your videos.

  54. MrFlopper1235

    MrFlopper1235Dia atrás

    Should I like or dislike I’ll like because he’s an awsome BRreporterr not because he’s thinking of retirement

  55. William Turner

    William TurnerDia atrás

    Hey Linus, Thanks for teaching me how to build a computer. Hey Linus, Thanks for reviewing basically every single computer part or monitor. Hey Linus, Thanks for inspiring all of us with your Tech Tips. Ps i understand if you don't read this but stay happy!

  56. Soul Younes

    Soul YounesDia atrás

    I hope those who called you faggot are seeing the 10M subscribers and how you made it this far in life and turned out to be a success while they're probably stuck with crappy jobs, loveless marriages and shitty kids.

  57. Tuna King5

    Tuna King52 dias atrás

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  58. Tuna King5

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  59. Dominic Kreiling

    Dominic Kreiling2 dias atrás

    Girls: You aren't crying at the movie because you don't understand true sadness. Boys:

  60. Noah Brown

    Noah Brown2 dias atrás

    Admit it you came here because of the meme

  61. Joie Trivette

    Joie Trivette2 dias atrás

    Hey linus your amazing man I need you to know. I grew up in a backwoods small town where no one was into tech most people were somewhat illiterate. I was never about the product reviews or the PC builds yet I have watched your content since the very beginning. I watched it because you are human and you were always passionate about everything you did no matter how professionally made or how much it has grown. In my life and my place in the world being alone and treated as if being a nerd made me less than human or abnormal or wrong. You were that one person for me who gave me hope and the strength to hold onto the things I love the normal guy who shared my passions and did well. The good guy with a great wife and sweet family who every time you spoke of them the love you have for them showed through even your passion for tech. Even though I don't know you personally it was the amazing person who showed me I deserved to live and be happy. I wish you and your family and the best you guys all saved my life and I have grown to be the man I am today because of each and every one of you. So regardless of what decision you make be happy man and know that so many people like me have hope love and life because of the light that you and your family shine.

  62. Grayson A

    Grayson A2 dias atrás

    this man single handedly switched many people from console to pc