1. Yo eli

    Yo eli11 horas atrás

    YO I actually can't believe u went to garbage ass west wood central for life

  2. Ethan Elbert

    Ethan ElbertDia atrás

    What’s the end song in the outro

  3. HYP BMK

    HYP BMK4 dias atrás

    I used to live in PSL but I moved recently

  4. Da Babies That Do Stuff

    Da Babies That Do Stuff5 dias atrás

    you shoulda pulled up to the art teacher ans said "look at me now bro"

  5. Gaming World

    Gaming World6 dias atrás

    You inspired me to work hard and chase me dreams

  6. Landon Mangels

    Landon Mangels7 dias atrás

    I play tackle football every morning at school with no pads

  7. Razer Tator06

    Razer Tator069 dias atrás

    My cousin lives in port saint Lucy

  8. Coby Lamon

    Coby Lamon11 dias atrás

    Nobody gonna talk bout how big the school is

  9. Aka GRILLO

    Aka GRILLO16 dias atrás

    That beat was so off

  10. Damaya Baldwin

    Damaya Baldwin18 dias atrás

    My luh brotha got so many shorts/hobbies in shritss

  11. 5603 Odell Beckham

    5603 Odell Beckham19 dias atrás

    do you like the bears

  12. Luca Dalla Lana

    Luca Dalla Lana20 dias atrás

    Snot to flex or anything but I’m from Toronto

  13. Benjamin Koss

    Benjamin Koss21 dia atrás

    You faster on the ladder than me Arco light 0.5 seconds on the letter

  14. goatC

    goatCMês atrás

    my coaches make us run 12 minutes on the track weekly it sucks

  15. a_asbridge15

    a_asbridge15Mês atrás

    What the song at 15:32?

  16. Justin Cipriani

    Justin CiprianiMês atrás

    My nephew is a huge fan of yours and he walks the same way you were mocking in this video. Think before you go and make fun of something like that.

  17. The UNSC Ace

    The UNSC AceMês atrás

    I play basketball there too

  18. The UNSC Ace

    The UNSC AceMês atrás

    Yessiiir, I go to Psl, that’s fuckin lit

  19. john garcia

    john garciaMês atrás

    "The shorts that have the lil undies in em. The ones that squez your nuts." I thought I was the only one that knew abt them and didnt wear them

  20. MaK g

    MaK gMês atrás

    I live in newberry

  21. Rob Harper

    Rob HarperMês atrás

    How did he get here 11:10 too over here 11:14?

  22. Jalen Price

    Jalen PriceMês atrás

    Y’all t

  23. Elisha Junkar

    Elisha JunkarMês atrás

    what song are u playing at the end of this video cause its fire

  24. Comfortably_Numb

    Comfortably_NumbMês atrás

    how tall are you

  25. 76 Square

    76 SquareMês atrás

    its Isis there'r back

  26. Robbie girzadas

    Robbie girzadasMês atrás


  27. Carmen Williams

    Carmen WilliamsMês atrás

    You would be a great football coach + you would be deestroying other teams

  28. Zander Sischo

    Zander Sischo2 meses atrás

    andn i play football

  29. Zander Sischo

    Zander Sischo2 meses atrás

    i live in port st lucie

  30. Xan Perdue

    Xan Perdue2 meses atrás


  31. The Stars Aligned

    The Stars Aligned2 meses atrás

    You're awesome, Desstroying! :)

  32. Regonzied

    Regonzied2 meses atrás

    bruh i swear every successful youtuber says that a teacher told them they aint gonna be nothin lowkey annoying nothing against u dee.

  33. Dominik Munoz

    Dominik Munoz2 meses atrás

    I played.a youth football game. At that field

  34. Amir Abdul-Rauf

    Amir Abdul-Rauf2 meses atrás

    give den folks a new locker

  35. Tanner Phillips

    Tanner Phillips2 meses atrás

    I would work harder then people but I got injured during football

  36. Tarsha Lamarre

    Tarsha Lamarre2 meses atrás

    10:10 "walk light so u dont piss the ground off" I'm fucking dead😂😂😂😂



    Always an arts teacehr telling kids they cant be shit. Same thing happened to joe rogan.

  38. Sports talk

    Sports talk2 meses atrás

    He says it was back in the day it was probably like 11 12 years ago not 30 years ago

  39. FrazicHD

    FrazicHD2 meses atrás

    Oh shit I’ve watched you for a while now I never knew you were from psl Florida I’m from there to bro 🥺

  40. Kailon Young

    Kailon Young3 meses atrás

    you need to come to a seminole high school game they eating rn

  41. Aden wizard

    Aden wizard3 meses atrás

    Brooooo I love in Port St. Lucie, I go to central

  42. Richard Bailey

    Richard Bailey3 meses atrás

    U should put the song names that u play at the end of your videos

  43. Yaseen Ali

    Yaseen Ali3 meses atrás

    can someone tell me where i can listen to the song that was in the outtro

  44. Flimer of Music videos

    Flimer of Music videos3 meses atrás

    Try to unlock your locker

  45. DeShonda Washington

    DeShonda Washington3 meses atrás

    Hope you get to do the remodel of the locker room that would be lit!

  46. Prismic FN

    Prismic FN3 meses atrás

    Give them a new locker room

  47. Sebastian Meraz

    Sebastian Meraz3 meses atrás

    Why do his gf run like that😭😭

  48. MaliciousBass Tv

    MaliciousBass Tv3 meses atrás

    You won’t believe me but I literally grew up in Vero beach and my grandma lived in Port St. Lucie

  49. 40Cal Reef

    40Cal Reef3 meses atrás

    Port Lucce, lol, my cousin is a county commissioner for that county.

  50. Aamir Evans

    Aamir Evans3 meses atrás

    We hope you win

  51. Vince Harrington

    Vince Harrington3 meses atrás

    Amazing at 15:54

  52. Diego Beast21

    Diego Beast213 meses atrás

    1:31 looking like Cam Newton

  53. Adsi

    Adsi3 meses atrás

    This that school that mac and devin go to high school was filmed at!!

  54. Alejandro Alonso

    Alejandro Alonso3 meses atrás

    i would go work out but i’m 🤒 sick 🤕

  55. Matthew Gagnon

    Matthew Gagnon3 meses atrás

    Yo I live 5 minutes from there I’ve met you like 4 times😂

  56. Julian Landes

    Julian Landes3 meses atrás

    5 ads like I mean cmon

  57. Kaleb Bradley

    Kaleb Bradley3 meses atrás

    You had your head down on the ladders keep your head up

  58. Kelven Ruiz

    Kelven Ruiz3 meses atrás

    PSLLLLLLLL, Centenial, treasure coast, you name it bruh I remember them

  59. marcos dominguez

    marcos dominguez3 meses atrás

    I will know with the hot merch

  60. T20cool4u

    T20cool4u3 meses atrás