1. MeatballMan68 !

    MeatballMan68 !Hora atrás

    You have to be sv2

  2. Edward Altamirano

    Edward Altamirano13 horas atrás

    if I ever visit my old high school (college freshman) ima just be like “why the fuck did I think this was a good idea

  3. Donovon Mattocks

    Donovon Mattocks14 horas atrás


  4. Donovon Mattocks

    Donovon Mattocks14 horas atrás

    Do you 🚬🚬 but I no you get the bag

  5. Clayton Byers

    Clayton Byers18 horas atrás

    Put on some weight lol

  6. xTRiPLExViSiONx

    xTRiPLExViSiONxDia atrás

    "Playing gym" tf

  7. mrpigclimber

    mrpigclimberDia atrás

    why is ur school so big

  8. Crazy Caiden

    Crazy Caiden2 dias atrás

    11:10 to 11: 15 did he teleport

  9. Antonio Trujillo

    Antonio Trujillo2 dias atrás

    Whats the name of the song when he was walking out of the school?

  10. Yaboi Jojo

    Yaboi Jojo3 dias atrás

    I go to psl

  11. Kyler Cote

    Kyler Cote4 dias atrás

    Aye, you're from Port Saint Lucie? I got mad family down there... But unfortunately I was born in maine and have lived here since

  12. Loppoptoppop K

    Loppoptoppop K4 dias atrás

    I got that same locker

  13. Domination

    Domination4 dias atrás

    using the first pencil i ever broke (EMOTIONAL) not hating im just making a joke... :)

  14. brayola

    brayola4 dias atrás

    Psl wya

  15. Junior Pressley

    Junior Pressley4 dias atrás

    You inspired me to be a killer for pewie now I can kick 50 yards and punt 56 yards

  16. OHLWRD

    OHLWRD5 dias atrás

    PSL on the MAP!!! I hope I get to hear my name out there as much as I hear yours 💯

  17. Boss Man

    Boss Man6 dias atrás

    We just lost to Port Saint Lucie. I’m a freshman at west boca

  18. Ariana Arrington

    Ariana Arrington8 dias atrás

    Finally seen a youtuber who is from a small city like port st lucie and Fort pierce representation them 772 💕🙃

  19. Mapes

    Mapes9 dias atrás

    Why is almost all schools in Florida jaguars

  20. Hunter Wilkinson

    Hunter Wilkinson10 dias atrás

    Can you please come to strawberry crest. Coach prior is over here now

  21. Pulse

    Pulse11 dias atrás

    That transition at 11:11

  22. kid_ savage_360

    kid_ savage_36013 dias atrás

    See if i got up to try i wouldent be able t ok watch you

  23. Matthew Lambert

    Matthew Lambert13 dias atrás

    I know someone who walks like that

  24. Ryan Thomason

    Ryan Thomason14 dias atrás

    She got better foot work than me

  25. Stash PHL

    Stash PHL14 dias atrás

    He’ll nah you wore the ski mask and put it back smh. You sweating and shit. That’s like trying on underwear.

  26. Boss Lax316

    Boss Lax31615 dias atrás

    Does anyone else have a school that big, because I sure don't

  27. G2Godly

    G2Godly15 dias atrás

    I hate those shorts

  28. Keegan Diaz

    Keegan Diaz16 dias atrás

    funny thing is ur art teacher went to college to be an art teacher u went to college to play D1 football lmfaoooo

  29. Ryan chute

    Ryan chute16 dias atrás

    you know how he always says never flex and the mothertrucker is deivin a lexus

  30. YBK Ninja

    YBK Ninja16 dias atrás

    Dang that high schools nice af

  31. Gabriel Gary

    Gabriel Gary16 dias atrás

    Bro pull up again I go to PSL on god

  32. Tekka 69

    Tekka 6916 dias atrás

    finds his old juul

  33. Carlos Alomar

    Carlos Alomar17 dias atrás

    Was thst you thst returned

  34. Roger Ostrander

    Roger Ostrander17 dias atrás

    Dude u have to cut the ball cradler out of the shorts

  35. Anther site

    Anther site17 dias atrás

    Who dat teacher

  36. Cliquid Splitz

    Cliquid Splitz18 dias atrás

    Port St. Lucie high still ain good they accepting bench warmers on varsity

  37. Cliquid Splitz

    Cliquid Splitz18 dias atrás


  38. Reginny Livaie

    Reginny Livaie18 dias atrás

    Bronu should practice wit the team there when the field dries

  39. Nolan Jacobs

    Nolan Jacobs18 dias atrás

    I think my team play you

  40. Nolan Jacobs

    Nolan Jacobs18 dias atrás


  41. Nolan Jacobs

    Nolan Jacobs18 dias atrás

    I live close to that

  42. Jason Owens

    Jason Owens18 dias atrás

    This high school player can mutt yu lol

  43. covaxs TV

    covaxs TV19 dias atrás

    Come to jones vs edge water most anticipated game of the year is going to be very packed orlando fl

  44. C Smith

    C Smith19 dias atrás

    Why would your art teacher say that? Did he not like for a certain reason or he just negative

  45. Palomera studios

    Palomera studios20 dias atrás

    That’s the Same school faze adapt went too if you go to the reacting to giant pillow fight you will see it

  46. Darvin fowler

    Darvin fowler20 dias atrás

    U should come to a Arkansas game since ur always down south

  47. KYTB 772

    KYTB 77220 dias atrás

    Love the vid💯 SUPPORT A FELLOW PORT SAINT LUCIE , FLORIDA BRreporterR. SUB TO ME😂💯❤️ plez and thank you

  48. Curtis Jackson

    Curtis Jackson20 dias atrás

    Why do you talk like you from the streets when you not

  49. Josh Leftnut

    Josh Leftnut20 dias atrás

    If u got those shorts just cut those out I did that and now I love them

  50. Słøppÿ Çłïp

    Słøppÿ Çłïp21 dia atrás

    His girlfriend look like a middle aged gym teacher a MF English teacher she look like she donate all the money she finesse from him to Catholic Churches

  51. Christian and Preston

    Christian and Preston21 dia atrás

    What is the ending song called or did he already release it?

  52. afnf gabe

    afnf gabe21 dia atrás

    Bruh where was i want u came to pslh

  53. Loubens Baptiste

    Loubens Baptiste21 dia atrás

    Wassup deestroying i know that school treasure coast highschool i can't believe you went there

  54. Yarion

    Yarion22 dias atrás

    Ayyeeer psl where im at broo whattttt

  55. Mister_otter

    Mister_otter22 dias atrás

    9:28 the bleachers don’t match up with the field

  56. Logan Vlogs

    Logan Vlogs22 dias atrás

    This mans is so inspirational

  57. Infected fnm

    Infected fnm22 dias atrás

    I go thereeeeee

  58. Puke Marshmallow

    Puke Marshmallow22 dias atrás

    No one: Literally No one: Dee: The bathrooms, yu feel me

  59. by Johnnyy

    by Johnnyy22 dias atrás

    Crazy I live in PSL

  60. Things with tay

    Things with tay22 dias atrás

    Next come to Oxford ms same high school do metcalf went to