I Want To Be A Toothbrush For Halloween


  1. Lemon Zest

    Lemon Zest6 horas atrás

    Now you can't use that brush on marbles cuz he's toothless

  2. Sofia Rye

    Sofia Rye8 horas atrás

    Jenna is the toothbrish and julien is the Aries toothpaste.👄

  3. Kristina Gonzales

    Kristina GonzalesDia atrás

    This is where her desire to be tall must have started.

  4. Dark Lord 999

    Dark Lord 999Dia atrás

    Be a vacuum nexttttttttt plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Ness F

    Ness F2 dias atrás

    I was aquafresh toothpaste for halloween once

  6. Making_a_change Changing_for_me_and_my-life

    Making_a_change Changing_for_me_and_my-life2 dias atrás

    It consumed her

  7. Emma is Weird

    Emma is Weird2 dias atrás


  8. Andrew Doan

    Andrew Doan2 dias atrás

    Next year we about to be a hair brush

  9. bobby joe

    bobby joe2 dias atrás

    Get yourself a toothbrush that can floss while you brush your teeth

  10. Courtney White

    Courtney White3 dias atrás


  11. Emma Tunnah

    Emma Tunnah3 dias atrás

    “Life is short, but also terribly and insufferable long.” -Jenna 2018

  12. Christine .Habibeh

    Christine .Habibeh5 dias atrás

    More like toilet brush

  13. Mollie Saunders

    Mollie Saunders5 dias atrás

    Being from Maine I appreciate it Jenna thank you😂

  14. Steph

    Steph5 dias atrás

    When Jenna gets all excited and Julien encourages her to do whatever makes her happy and is so endlessly supportive, that's fuckin love right there man. It's so adorable and just so right

  15. Natalie Jaime

    Natalie Jaime5 dias atrás

    I swear at 6:38 Jenna looks like Amy Schumer or maybe I'm crazy

  16. Katie Albon

    Katie Albon6 dias atrás

    I’ve lived in Southern Illinois my entire life and I’ve never seen such a legit So IL t-shirt 😱❤️

  17. Ken Renzo

    Ken Renzo6 dias atrás

    *in a sad tone of voice* i wanba be a toobth bwush 'fo halloween.....

  18. Anna Chris

    Anna Chris7 dias atrás

    This is such top quality content

  19. Maddy Grâce

    Maddy Grâce7 dias atrás

    Behold beech

  20. sara havidich

    sara havidich7 dias atrás

    When julien said"who ypu fitten" jenna should of said "cavitys beach"

  21. Izzy Jordan

    Izzy Jordan7 dias atrás

    Julian should be tooth paste

  22. Izzy Jordan

    Izzy Jordan7 dias atrás

    U gave me an idea: unikitty tooth brush

  23. Lilly Newsome

    Lilly Newsome7 dias atrás

    But Jenna what about your basketball game tomorrow

  24. Pishy T

    Pishy T7 dias atrás

    GImME THaT mOuth

  25. Our life as Us

    Our life as Us8 dias atrás

    Are you dating him or are you married

  26. I D

    I D8 dias atrás

    О Боже, я тебя просто обожаю. Ты невероятно креативный человек! :D

  27. Natalie Moenning

    Natalie Moenning8 dias atrás

    This is Jennamarbles, the lady with more imagination as an adult than every kid normally.

  28. M C

    M C9 dias atrás

    It must be scary being chased by a giant toothbrush😜😂😂😂

  29. Sissy Sissy

    Sissy Sissy9 dias atrás

    it looks like a spatula

  30. talynstarship

    talynstarship9 dias atrás

    Why is she so cute wtf

  31. Cherrychain [] gacha

    Cherrychain [] gacha9 dias atrás

    Dryness 3000

  32. Mog-Gyver O'Neill

    Mog-Gyver O'Neill9 dias atrás

    ..when Jenna cut herself.. a brush with death..

  33. Yazzee

    Yazzee9 dias atrás

    Donna noble has left the library. Donna noble has been saved.

  34. Yazzee

    Yazzee9 dias atrás

    Donna noble has left the library. Donna noble has been saved.

  35. Caroline G

    Caroline G9 dias atrás

    I love the evolution of Jenna 😭 I was watching her old ones and she’s calmed down and she’s a different kind of funny 😭💕. First she was a blunt funny and now she’s a pure wholesome funny gal💁🏻‍♀️😭💕

  36. Mari Valle

    Mari Valle9 dias atrás

    8:36 “who wants to brush they fuckin teef” IM DEAD💀

  37. Amber Hope Music

    Amber Hope Music9 dias atrás

    im dead. the multiple times I’ve seen this video I thought Jenna was pretending to type *aggressively* on the keyboard in the intro bUT ITS JUST PEACH’S TOENAILS

  38. edge lord

    edge lord7 dias atrás

    LMFOAOA same i just noticed thisnsknsknskjn

  39. Issie M-DUB

    Issie M-DUB9 dias atrás

    I got a toothbrush ad for this video 😂🤣

  40. Taryn Foster

    Taryn Foster10 dias atrás

    Does anyone know what kind of foam this is?

  41. edge lord

    edge lord10 dias atrás

    "gimmie that... jULIEN"

  42. edge lord

    edge lord10 dias atrás

    "w h o w a n t s t o b r u s h t h e y f u c k i n t e e t h"

  43. Jess Shoe

    Jess Shoe10 dias atrás


  44. Brittany Long

    Brittany Long11 dias atrás

    “Wait are you passing out???”

  45. Fox sniffing flower

    Fox sniffing flower11 dias atrás

    I hope Im like Jenna when I hit 32

  46. CRONIX _z293

    CRONIX _z29312 dias atrás

    this makes me bored but in a good way

  47. Melon E

    Melon E12 dias atrás

    Just imagine her running to your 7-year-old self being like the last 16 seconds of the video. That’s one scary costume 15/10

  48. Jenni FooFoo

    Jenni FooFoo12 dias atrás

    "Who you fightin?" Jenna: "Cavities and plaque, beesh."

  49. Abbi Klepatz

    Abbi Klepatz12 dias atrás

    Happy little toothbrushes. . .

  50. Lucy Benson

    Lucy Benson13 dias atrás

    hold the fuck up im a virgo too

  51. Numbingly

    Numbingly13 dias atrás

    rip turtles

  52. Casio's Eclectics

    Casio's Eclectics13 dias atrás

    I love how happy she is to be a toothbrush. Good for you, Jenna

  53. Caitlin Wilmshurst

    Caitlin Wilmshurst13 dias atrás

    omg! jennas face when they cut the face hole. i was dead lol.my mum was so worried.She said she thought i was choking on my pop tart... lollllllllllllllllllllllll ps i am a virgo and i have got an aries girlfriend.i can relate to your struggle boo...

  54. Coolpawz 96

    Coolpawz 9614 dias atrás

    Huh, I just learned that Jenna is 10 years older than me, who knew?? Lols

  55. Kamogelomaile

    Kamogelomaile14 dias atrás

    9:24 my trypophobia is triggered

  56. Art Lady

    Art Lady14 dias atrás

    Just why ? And how many subs! Sad this world is sad f this was so epic and iconic you made this rich ! Why is she talking like a black girl? Clearly she’s putting that on ? What no ones appropriated?

  57. edge lord

    edge lord9 dias atrás


  58. Classy Eggroll

    Classy Eggroll14 dias atrás

    Anyone know what foam she used?

  59. chibiwho

    chibiwho14 dias atrás

    There is chaotic energy here.

  60. Lol Zarina

    Lol Zarina14 dias atrás

    I am pretty sure I just saw Jenna when she’s old... like 90 years old ...

  61. juan

    juan14 dias atrás

    wonder if ur dogs know by when the camera comes out that ur gonna do some stupid a** sh**

  62. Yusuke Kitagawa

    Yusuke Kitagawa14 dias atrás


  63. passerbye

    passerbye14 dias atrás

    Omg i remembered bout "HE FuCkED Me WItH A TOoThBRusH" jskakakskdksksllaldkd

  64. Tara Das-Gupta

    Tara Das-Gupta14 dias atrás

    now this. THIS. is the quality content i signed up for.

  65. Katy Neve

    Katy Neve15 dias atrás

    4:10 Toothbrush by junna

  66. Xsenia Wish

    Xsenia Wish15 dias atrás

    Русские есть?

  67. majorxdf

    majorxdf15 dias atrás

    I was waiting this entire time to see her go trick or treating in this video.

  68. ぎりおに

    ぎりおに15 dias atrás

    Ohhh no all these Turtles 🐢 😭😭😭

  69. Anime’s 434

    Anime’s 43415 dias atrás

    8:36 is the best part of this video 😂idk why it was so funny to me

  70. Salty Art

    Salty Art15 dias atrás

    He banged me with a Jenna

  71. Phan_Trash

    Phan_Trash16 dias atrás

    2011: No one's hating on you for being a toothbrush 2018: I want to be a toothbrush!

  72. An Art Prodigy By Digital Art

    An Art Prodigy By Digital Art16 dias atrás

    I didnt eat anything for lunch today.

  73. Zor Berg Totally Not an Alien

    Zor Berg Totally Not an Alien16 dias atrás


  74. Jessica Stein

    Jessica Stein16 dias atrás

    Jenna bending down to “brush” her dogs in her toothbrush costume was actually terrifying, 10/10 costume

  75. Marah Morris

    Marah Morris16 dias atrás

    One day she will have a child and when that child grows up and they’re in their teenage years they will find these videos and think “my mom is a LEGEND BEECH”

  76. g van de riet

    g van de riet16 dias atrás

    “Who you fighting” “Cavities”

  77. Anjas wonderland

    Anjas wonderland16 dias atrás

    This looks like a hairbrusch more then a tuthbruch. Still looks funny😁

  78. Charlotte Coleman

    Charlotte Coleman17 dias atrás

    Jenna Marbles is a furry. Her fursona is a toothbrush.

  79. Sasha

    Sasha17 dias atrás


  80. vicki garcia

    vicki garcia17 dias atrás

    she is drunk she was fuck by her boy friend chrust me

  81. perpetually sad gal

    perpetually sad gal18 dias atrás

    "i have flawless logic as a virgo"

  82. Izzy Pineda

    Izzy Pineda18 dias atrás

    “who wants to brush they fuckin teeth”

  83. Haley Lubas

    Haley Lubas19 dias atrás

    make 52 bean soup

  84. IRelicanthStay

    IRelicanthStay19 dias atrás

    who else is here after the video about mr. marbles being toothless

  85. Beetch -Chan

    Beetch -Chan20 dias atrás

    I honestly no joke want to be a toothbrush so bad now i wanna be a fukin toothbrush

  86. Copy Kat

    Copy Kat20 dias atrás

    He fucked me... with a toothbrush!!!

  87. skapotz

    skapotz20 dias atrás


  88. Victoria Lopez

    Victoria Lopez20 dias atrás

    Can you please make a complication of you screaming “JULIAN” “JUULLIIAANN STOPPP” it will really be everything

  89. sugafree mints

    sugafree mints21 dia atrás

    10:39 IM DED 😂

  90. Ickle Bear

    Ickle Bear18 dias atrás

    The video ends at 10:36...?

  91. Random xAmbix

    Random xAmbix22 dias atrás

    Umm why is this video in ihascupquakes app games list??? XD

  92. Glitter biznatch

    Glitter biznatch22 dias atrás

    E P I C W I N

  93. Grayfortress

    Grayfortress22 dias atrás

    I love how cute and happy she is at the end of the video :)

  94. lauren law

    lauren law22 dias atrás

    I was really hoping Julien would be a dentist

  95. Coryl Reef

    Coryl Reef22 dias atrás

    I don't think your Too Much Gene got involved with this project.

  96. ShootMe :)

    ShootMe :)23 dias atrás

    Tana is shook :vvvv

  97. Ay'ana Gaddies

    Ay'ana Gaddies23 dias atrás

    Why are you so adorablleee 😭

  98. Megan Drew

    Megan Drew23 dias atrás

    3:44 it looks like a paint brush

  99. Angela B.

    Angela B.23 dias atrás

    “I’m a toothbrush cowboy!!” 😂😂😂

  100. chick2random

    chick2random23 dias atrás

    I know Halloween has already passed but I would also like to be a toothbrush. And I'll make my dog be the toothpaste

  101. Carolis

    Carolis23 dias atrás

    Mr marbles: I lost my teeth because of this Cermit: **not emotionally ok** Peach: I hate this family

  102. Ayoola Alabi

    Ayoola Alabi23 dias atrás

    when she showed us did anyone else get trypophobia

  103. Luna Ray Arclight

    Luna Ray Arclight24 dias atrás

    3:15 couldn’t you have used a big arse knife instead of scissors? But it might’ve(I dunno) gotten flagged by BRreporter for potentially violent content