I was arrested when I was 13 years old *STORYTIME*


  1. And i oop

    And i oop4 horas atrás

    “ eyebrows on Fleeeek the f*+

  2. Sylvia Cortez

    Sylvia Cortez7 horas atrás

    I would have ran period

  3. Nalysa Lim

    Nalysa Lim9 horas atrás

    omggg..... your nails outgrew tooo mucchhh...oop

  4. Deana Uchiha

    Deana UchihaDia atrás

    Why can’t you have a normal BRreporter video???? 😤😫😩😩😩😩

  5. Marisol Luis

    Marisol LuisDia atrás

    Tell me why her eyeshadow makes her took like she’s looking the opposite way💀

  6. Leslie Felix

    Leslie FelixDia atrás

    wait... tj-maxx?

  7. Olivia Lindberg

    Olivia LindbergDia atrás

    19:12 she literally sounded like james charles lmfao

  8. Rachel Martin

    Rachel MartinDia atrás

    bruh i stole $3,000 worth of makeupp from ulta and didnt get caught.......til 3 months later ahhahahahaahaahhaahahahahahahah i got a letter summoning me to court hehehehxd They found me on facebook Lol

  9. Spencer Mendez

    Spencer Mendez2 dias atrás

    I'm too high for this

  10. Sandra Kabarian

    Sandra Kabarian2 dias atrás

    👩🏾‍🦱 👚 👖 idk

  11. Jada Harris

    Jada Harris2 dias atrás

    I stole a family sized reese cup thingy and got away with it I was 5

  12. Deja Milan

    Deja Milan3 dias atrás

    lmaoo im crying he's funny as hell SUBSCRIBED

  13. Soo yeon & Ae young

    Soo yeon & Ae young4 dias atrás

    I want that hoodie so bad.. but I’m poor..

  14. Brilee Rae

    Brilee Rae5 dias atrás

    tell me why she’s so beautiful 😔🤚 i kinda wanna die

  15. Amelia Torres

    Amelia Torres5 dias atrás

    13:27 I walk on an escalator...

  16. Magzilla 2008

    Magzilla 20086 dias atrás


  17. Makaela Mahoney

    Makaela Mahoney7 dias atrás

    "I'm not saying you should steal but I DID get a lot of free things from stealing" Took. Me. Out.

  18. keep calm and panic at the disco

    keep calm and panic at the disco7 dias atrás

    No one: Antonio: *i thinK IM BOUTTA STEAL-*

  19. mmks

    mmks8 dias atrás

    When storytime starts 4:15

  20. Sara J

    Sara J9 dias atrás

    the guy how stole 2 shirts is Austin Macbroom from the ace family

  21. ღ Cutie ღ

    ღ Cutie ღ9 dias atrás

    It’s 4 AM for me :3

  22. Krista clark

    Krista clark10 dias atrás

    that five-finger discount may be on your record for 30 years and can keep you from getting a job...like it did for me.

  23. Andres Crisanto

    Andres Crisanto10 dias atrás

    “Yes mam”

  24. SkinnTAEH potatos

    SkinnTAEH potatos11 dias atrás

    *I tHiNk I'm BoUt To StEaL*

  25. Danny Moreno Alfaro

    Danny Moreno Alfaro12 dias atrás

    R u a girl

  26. Sundos Mohammed

    Sundos Mohammed12 dias atrás

    Any Arabs hear her say teezy?😂 “Easy pezzy” “ Squeezy” “Mixed tezzy” 10:23😂

  27. Sarah Alkhaldi

    Sarah Alkhaldi10 dias atrás

    Sundos Mohammed YES I was dying 🤣

  28. Lily Rivera

    Lily Rivera12 dias atrás

    Antonio you Encourage me Thanks Antonio Garza❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. Maddy Folser

    Maddy Folser13 dias atrás

    She made money off of this... meaning..... she made money off of stealing

  30. Tuty Hasbi

    Tuty Hasbi13 dias atrás

    Probably the last good video she had

  31. Tristian Sherman

    Tristian Sherman14 dias atrás

    I love you so much you are my inspiration you are my favorite makeup artist

  32. Narwhal

    Narwhal14 dias atrás

    She said *Vegetails t-shirt, thats probably why they arrested me*

  33. b_illiea

    b_illiea14 dias atrás

    I am half um......LAtInA

  34. jimin i took your jams sorry

    jimin i took your jams sorry14 dias atrás

    In the Netherlands we have a store called kruidvat and there is a shit ton of candy that you can choose and but in a bag and then pay for it later and everybody did this as a child we would take the candy and eat ut realy fast or say to our parent that we wanted to just look at the candy but while we where looking we would grabe a shit ton of candy and stuff our mouths

  35. KatIsMe

    KatIsMe15 dias atrás

    please do more story times they’re so entertaining for some reason.

  36. Moriah Grannum

    Moriah Grannum15 dias atrás

    13:21-13:26 Where you stand there, and it moves you up. (This is mostly just a timestamp for me. Feel free to use it.)

  37. nadia

    nadia15 dias atrás

    OH MY GOD im not saying you are a dumbass but if you had told them "I put it back" they would have begrudgingly let u go cuz they were just trynna catch u slipping !!! lmaooo im so sorry

  38. jenna h

    jenna h16 dias atrás


  39. Zoe Cannoli

    Zoe Cannoli17 dias atrás

    Macy Worker👩🏾:Your going to jail Police Officer 👮🏾‍♀️: Your going to jail Antonio Garza🤠:yee yee

  40. Paula Lynn

    Paula Lynn17 dias atrás

    If her friends told her to steal periodt they aren’t her real friends

  41. Peema Macaranas

    Peema Macaranas17 dias atrás

    12:51 is by far one of the most ICONIC scenes that will forever stay in my heart

  42. April Tut

    April Tut17 dias atrás


  43. drew cotter

    drew cotter18 dias atrás


  44. wack

    wack18 dias atrás

    U need some acne cream

  45. Dominick Teles

    Dominick Teles18 dias atrás

    Plz shave the eyebrows

  46. Ashely Ferna

    Ashely Ferna19 dias atrás

    2:33. TAKE ME TO JAIL had me dying of laughter❤❤

  47. min yoongi's Bitch

    min yoongi's Bitch19 dias atrás

    Antonio's forehead be like: ✨

  48. Miyah Taylor

    Miyah Taylor19 dias atrás

    I LOOOOVE HER❤️♥️😍

  49. Molly Robson

    Molly Robson19 dias atrás

    I actually love you Antonio but are you trans ?

  50. Boiled Eyelash

    Boiled Eyelash19 dias atrás

    eyebrows on fleek looks like she hasn't washed her face in a week this is a joke no hate

  51. Yasmine Izabella x

    Yasmine Izabella x20 dias atrás

    So u used to be a kleptomaniac. It's litterly a mental disorder

  52. cait brooks

    cait brooks21 dia atrás

    bruh they pulled a scared straight

  53. Caiden Robertson

    Caiden Robertson21 dia atrás

    *I learned how to make letters bold*

  54. lavender

    lavender21 dia atrás

    2:58 *but are you verified in the eyes of god?*

  55. Aubrey Shelton

    Aubrey Shelton21 dia atrás

    She’s secretly a man

  56. Makeuplover

    Makeuplover21 dia atrás

    Aubrey Shelton brreporter.com/v/video-guBf0aINyzI.html

  57. *UwU*

    *UwU*22 dias atrás

    Little me from like 6-9 years old in the Mexican corner store they used to like open big packages of candy so you can grab singular candies but me, I used to eat the bubblegum that was open and stuff the wrappers under the aisle thingy

  58. Lpslover 636

    Lpslover 63622 dias atrás

    June 1st is my birthday.. 😂

  59. Tyler

    Tyler22 dias atrás

    Why did she censor TJmaxx???


    DRAMA QUEENS22 dias atrás

    tea HEE StOrY TiMe 🥴

  61. Jona

    Jona23 dias atrás

    Fun fact. A store has no legal right to detain you. If you want to walk out you can. Also once you’re out of the store, they can’t do anything. They can only file a police report

  62. yee yee

    yee yee23 dias atrás

    antonio’s eyebrow evolution. thank you ladies and gentlemen for coming. today we will be showing antonio’s eyebrow evolution, and how they’ve changed. antonio started with 🐛 eyebrows then went to 🥖 eyebrows then🥕 now🥢 as you can see, the eyebrows have gotten better, and we stan.