iKON (아이콘) - I'M OK (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)


  1. Hoa Nguyen

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    Congrat for comback 2019 Well done Ikon B.I .

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    Love scenario > I’m ok

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    This is such a good song

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    ''Jay'' What a name😂

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    His real name is jinhwan.

  7. yoon jeonghan

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    tomorrow is gonna be the last day of examinations _i’m more than ok_

  8. GSinB QwertZ

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    I really like this lyric. It very looks like me

  9. Aulia Hanifah

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    Terpoteq hati dedeq:(

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    Accidentally put on 2x playback 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚

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    DON'T FORGET #STREAMING 🔥 KILLING ME 🔥 TO #100M brreporter.com/v/video-yqszm7AnX-4.html

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    Damn 328 ppl liked it 2 times by turning their phones around to like again

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    I love ikon very much 😍😍

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    lyrics be deeper than the ocean

  15. Celine Jane Sunga

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    iKON makes me so heartbroken even though i don't have a boyfriend

  16. merly ryan

    merly ryan20 horas atrás

    im not fan of IKON but this song hit me. I love it. I have to start watching them too...

  17. EXO-L & EXO

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    *With iKON I'M OK*

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    this is what I'm feeling right now

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    Can you give our Chanwoo more than one line just one time please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 poor ma baby

  20. Kasih Adlin

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    Idk why but everytime im upset i would hear this song

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    0:01 It costs 1 like!

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    I'm 0K!!!!!

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    Its just sooo nice to hear it again and again 💕💕

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    Do osoby, która robiła polskie napisy - nie zmieniaj konstrukcji zdania w taki dziwaczny sposób błagam XDD

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    Yunhyeong not yunghyung

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    *fall in love with this song*

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    can't stop listening to yunhyeong's part.. his voice 💕

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  29. Mitzi Song-Cheon

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    this song really hits me hard . been suffering with depression and this song really tells everybody what i'm feeling. i'm okay.

  30. Chim Chim Jams

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    What a bop

  31. ohohota

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    ISTG it's rather Hanbin had love experience from a young age, or he just watches that many romance movies 😂

  32. ohohota

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    *RELATES 110%*

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    I love this song ❤ ❤

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    #46 trending at Malaysia

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    Right now it #50❤️

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    #46 on trending in Malaysia

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    Know what ? 46 trending in malaysia 🔥💜

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    That was awesome.. Good job IKONIC Malaysia right now #50❤️

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    Wow 46trending in malaysia

  40. Thao Anh Le

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    im amazed with how hanbin said he did not experienced much but most of his ideas were from movies, his lyrics really relate to many and it's just so deep, R E S P E C T

  41. ARMY lai TDT

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    ikon có nhìu bài hay quá

  42. tooin savagre

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    Mi-a atins inima și sufletul acest cântec Mulțumesc IKON 😍😊

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  44. Kassandra Credo

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    My friend that will go into a place that is far from me sent “haengbokharago” I said u mean “haengbokhae” cos i searched it and it turned out like Ikons I’m ok I waited for the haengbokharago, and It said “Please be happy” I....got teary eyed... thanks jaeguchi for the lyrics!

  45. honeybea

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    i honestly believe that iKon is 100% incapable of producing unboppable content

  46. knightbear alone

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    I'M OKAY even my crush don't know me

  47. 유예니

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    Junhoes lines suit him so much

  48. adnin rashid

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    Meaningful lyrics. Hope this song can hit number 1 trending in malaysia. Agreed me if you are Ikonic too!🙌

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    I love this song and ikon

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    Hw u did this without copyright infringement?

  51. Hanifah Nur Fitriana

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    Apa hanya aku yang ngerasa, kala hanbi ini nulis lagu tentang patah hati semua isinya. lagu yang dijadiin lagu utama temanya patah hati semua. semua lagunya nyambung jadi satu

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    *story of my life*

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    Wow that was daebakkkk..😍😘 this lyrics was trending in Malaysia #41 proud to be IKONIC Malaysia❤️🇲🇾

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    Wow...trending in Malaysia

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    *plays g note* oops wrong song

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    Why i'm feeling really concerned by this lyrics ?

  57. chanhwan couple

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    me too. i felt like this is hanbin's story trying to tell us. or is just me?😂

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    I love This Song

  59. belle’s being belle

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    Seriously who disliked this? Seriously??? Are you even a human????!

  60. SpicySmile

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    I can relate to this song And it hurts to read the lyrics but I keep on coming back here cause the song is so beautiful, really I'm going to make a cover of it

  61. Fieilix

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    you know i have like "playlist of my life" kind of thing where i add songs pretty slowly and i only add songs that make me think stuff or songs that i can really relate too, in conclusion this song is now on top of that playlist my dudes 😖

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    AN ART

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    Hello! I would love to buy your merchandise, but I'm broke 🤣😂

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    This song hit me Hard

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    #39 trending in Malaysia

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    Right now it trending #41 i'm not OK..


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    What do you edit with?I need to know 😂😂

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    Ikon’s songs are so beautiful omg ;-; and I think June is going to be my bias hdjdjd

  69. Adew Hanbin

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    The lyric.... i'm crying 😢 Oohh iKON 💘💘💘💘

  70. Gabriella Nia Guning

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    Your ok but I am not after listening this iKON😂😍

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    Stream the official mv , it has end sub ✨👌🏻 and the mv is just simply damn awesome

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    Btw gue mo liat lirik romanjinya malah kehalangan subtitle-.-

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    Im oke oppa june ✊

  75. Lyn _army

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    Okay but i really like the lyric “just like when the wind blows, the autumn leaves tremble” “And just like when the waves occur, the ocean trembles” 😭😭👏🏻

  76. hyie rose

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    i love all ikon song.. seriously that so meaningful and nice..

  77. 여늘

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    가사 미쳤따리..ㅠ❤

  78. Dewi Sarwati

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    So sweet

  79. Anonymous Potato

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    That moment when your AP Lit teacher gives u the book Frankenstein to read and now all you can think about is Frankenstein’s monster when you read the lyrics (Is it just me?)

  80. once you hanb-IN, you can't hanb-OUT HAHA

    once you hanb-IN, you can't hanb-OUT HAHA3 dias atrás

    This song hits everyone that has different problems, and it makes me proud that iKON made iKONICs to open up about their problems ❤️

  81. once you hanb-IN, you can't hanb-OUT HAHA

    once you hanb-IN, you can't hanb-OUT HAHA3 dias atrás

    They look at me like I'm going to melt, then there is donghyuk, already melting 😂

  82. Nur Sakina Baharom

    Nur Sakina Baharom3 dias atrás

    hanbin deep lyrics , june deep voice . im not ok

  83. 죽음낮

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    한빈이형 찬우형 파트좀 목소리 듣고싶어요 ㅠㅠ

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    The song is just right for me...

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    brreporter.com/v/video-u9LK1FBAjho.html Korean style im ok

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    June fits this song so well!

  87. Entin Super

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    I don't know why? But i am crying :(

  88. KCC

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    This song is a masterpiece... It confuses the listener into thinking that the key is major but then it feels like it's minor and I still can't understand.

  89. Mellish Twaddle

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    This song is damn good i really like it

  90. 노래하는Chan

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    ikon is forever

  91. Rina Khoerina

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    Love you jay

  92. yetty andiarti

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    easy lyrics for rapp part bobby and BI bobby : duk gis shi ro mo dun hi mi dwe nun mal dul hyon shi ri mu go wo dul jim mot te jam er che ul gol chat da ga che wo ji nun jan dul mem ma run ne gam jonge sol jik ke ji ji gak kum mu dom dom ma ji ot ton sang hwangi wa do hon ja ing gep pyo nal te do we rok om mun na rul jap go ha gop pung gem man na dom muk gi ryo gem mu no jo jal ji nen nyam mu rum men ne dap pyo nun bal gun mis so bi : duk gi shi ro mo dun hi mi dwe nun mal dul nan gwen chan nun de we yu nan to nun ji da dul i byo ri nal ka ro wo jo gum gul kyos sul pung gum bang na a ji get ji ha ru wit tul jin nam myon chim mu gi er mi nun kok heng bok ka ra go nun mu ri er mi nun jin shil los sa rang-et ta go gun nyo to na gan da go nan juk ji gan nun ni sengi kun nan sa ram cho rom nal bo jim ma ra jwo

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    helpa me

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    Im not okay... this song is KILLING ME! ( u get the joke😂 its a song reference)

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    666K views... *illuminati confirmed*

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    #12 trending now i know they are deserve in this position. That song very beauty..

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    Don’t trust people when they say they’re ok, they aren’t.

  99. w99j99

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    Wait since when did ikon have stage names, I am definitely not used to this lol

  100. 기먼미

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    진짜 아이콘 노래는 내 취향이야..

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    I love the song.Kinda depressing hahahha

  102. li seo ji

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    Dongdong's voice 💓💘😍😱 he's killing me

  103. 김미선

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    그저 감탄감탄

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    I’m addicted to 2:37 - 2:43

  105. Binti Rosuli

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