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    You the best!!

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    bana bano l. .llll,😍😘😝

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    Hi baby 👶🏽

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    Did anyone notice the guy falling in behind

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    bruhh i am literally so confused how are they no together but they sleep together and kiss like what?

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    Yay sWooZie

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    O m gosh swoozie

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    Soo funny at the wnd

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    🤣😂🤣 Did the dream therapist say “no, not in my butt again?” 🤣😂

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    Thid js amazing

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    Hannah you are very beautiful

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    So are u ready No never just day by day😂

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    4:58 ITS SWOOZIE

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    You have such good videos where do u get the inspiration? Love youu

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    I love you hannah

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    In the beginning if they weren’t boy friend and girl friend why were they in the same bed at night

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    How did u feel when u had ladybugs all over you??

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    RELATABLE! I hate when this happens it makes me feel like everything is a dream.

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    Your welcome

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    Plot twist after plot twist

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    Why do they sleep together....if they're not dating!?

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    One lady bug was on her eyeball

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    George Janko is dope

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    0:23 dude wanted to smash

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    Lmao he said not in my butt again

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    Krazy shit . fuck yuuo.

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    Best Hannah stocking video ever

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    Oh my God!!!!! I loved it!!! It made me laugh a lot!

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    1:42 wthh the dude in the back 😂😂💀

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    Why would you be sleeping together, I mean literally sleeping together without any sexual activity, if you're not in a relationship? And you can't just drink apple juice. That won't work. Believe me, it won't. It has to be apple-grape-ginger-honey tea; a mixture of dissolved Prince of Peace ginger-honey tea crystals microwaved for 1 minute and mixed with a half gallon of Trader Joe's apple-grape juice and a half gallon of water. Trust me. You'll be glad tha'cha did.

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    Who else is gonna go to sleep and drink apple juice to see ff it is real😂

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    I seen sWooZie,

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    I love your videos so much make more plz

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    I love you and lele

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    The end was so.............unexpecting

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    U didn’t get it!!.....can anyone explain to me what happened??😂

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    Was that swoozie

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    Mr. Bottocks

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    This is Hannah 👩🏽 👗 👢👢 How many likes this gets is how old Hannah is

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    Is anyone else wondering if they were not gf and bf why they were in the same bed

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    Summer Burkhart they were ‘seeing each other’ but they were not boyfriend and girlfriend yet lol x

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    And averagely you forget what your dream was about in the first 10 minutes

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    Also lucid dreams are dreams where you know your dreaming

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    She’s going to bed with a full face of makeup

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    some how all your videos have a funny ending

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    This confuses me

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    The dream therapist is doctor buttox

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    LOL at first I thought why were they sleeping together if they weren't even a couple and yeah 😂😂 😂😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂

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    Luv u, Hannah

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    Your house looks like the house in my office I don’t have a house in my office and I am 7🇲🇱

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    loved the acting

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    Its swoozie

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    #I love smoothies videos

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    That guy in the back 😂😂😂😂

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    I think the lady bug part is she is surrounded by luck?

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    I would have killed my self if that many ladybugs were on me 😂😂😂😵😵

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    So their not dating but their sleeping together?

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    What did the letter say at the bottom ???

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    I had a dream and it looked so real 😀

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    1:42 did you just saw that guy fell 👇 👇👇 👇 👇 down 😂

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    Its weird that they sleep together but they are not a couple

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    Make a part too 2

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    I'm so confused

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    What type of friend sleeps in the same bed and he kissed her on the check when they went to bed the 2nd time sooo are they really "just friends "

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    i like ladybugs .One day i saw a yellow ladybug