Insane LIQUID NITROGEN Experiments Which Will BLOW YOUR MIND!


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    And also reduce the voise

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    U know how it looks like glass, it sounds like glass too


    MAGNUSBLOB 2210 dias atrás

    4:52 imagine vegetarians watching this. 😐🤔

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    Asmr moment even tho not food 1:21

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    it looks like powder because the molucules are so spread out in liquid

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    not minus

  13. Gabriel Williams

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    negitive... negitive 150 degrees

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    Liquid nitrogen more like coolant they use it if reactor core heated

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    Kwebblekop: Is that chocolate? Me: no it's polymer clay Kwebblekop: oh wait nope, it's clay Me: have you really never heard of polymer clay before😕😐😑😣

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    Soviet air superiority!

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    It looks like water but it is actualy heavier than water

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    Is this how ppl make candy?🤣

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    Destroying the chicken is kinda disrespectful because a chicken died...and he put it in liquid nitrogen and destroyed it


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    The green onion is so satisfying

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    How could this blow my mind? Its just frozen food

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    Jordi:sees berries not even frozen Nobody: Jordi omg that's so cool

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    Take a drink every time he says “glass”.

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    4:36 i guess you can call the chicken cold blooded

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    Jacob Penaranda lol

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    He did a karate chop 5:47

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    Lol with the chicken he accedently cut of his butt

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    those still melt though so it will suck if it gets all soggy lmfao

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    Everyone i have learned my lesson This is how ice age was made

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    Dark Gamer116 that was stupid

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    I would try to do this on my mother in law. Unfortunately I think she would somehow survive

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    Chicken was my favorite time

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    When he Said PAPARIIIIIKA. I felt that.

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    Imagine our hands put in it, our hands would crack

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    3:10 more like ur brain exploding

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    What happens if you pour 900 litres of liquid nitrogen in your house would it turn to 100% glass house?

  49. AL3X2580

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    Reny Samwenster no, it doesn’t literally change the atoms, it just changes their structure to make them more brittle....

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    at 0:06 when ur to warm

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    That is clay

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    You are lost but you will be found I just know it ✝️

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    No alive chicken were harmed in this video 🐓

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    2:20 i hate to inform you but, they are capsicum

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    unsolved mystery of the murder of the chicken

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