Inside Hong Kong’s cage homes


  1. Vox

    Vox5 meses atrás

    Cage homes are just one fascinating product of Hong Kong's unique composition and history. For more check out the full Vox Borders Hong Kong playlist here:

  2. emil welter

    emil welter2 dias atrás

    I swear to god they would habe a better live in a german prison

  3. Amidat

    Amidat3 dias atrás

    +Rei R you are absolutely correct. this problem is left over from British colonial times.. But that's why they don't talk about it. Can't make a fellow Anglo look bad

  4. John Smith

    John Smith3 dias atrás

    What about honkers population growth

  5. John Smith

    John Smith3 dias atrás

    What's honkers population.growth

  6. 689 mol entertainment

    689 mol entertainment5 dias atrás

    +Gail Stone NO

  7. OS Klicker

    OS Klicker4 horas atrás

    Tf I live in Hong Kong and my house is 3 floors and 3000 square feet lmao

  8. Emily Hewett

    Emily Hewett5 horas atrás

    this is actually fascinating

  9. C Richter

    C Richter6 horas atrás

    This is so sad! The Government puts greed and money over the quality of life of their citizens. I'm surprised that the people even want to live there anymore instead of somewhere else...another country perhaps, unless they don't have any choice in the matter.

  10. XxDeadBunnyxX

    XxDeadBunnyxX6 horas atrás

    it almost feels like everyone's holding their breath and becoming more and more tense; waiting to release and relax into a space

  11. John Brighton

    John Brighton6 horas atrás

    anyone here looking for king kongs cage home ?

  12. dalurin zinia

    dalurin zinia12 horas atrás

    i think that is just showing the poor side of Hong Kong, like every country/state will have a particular area that is poorer or in destitute, i'm sure an advanced country like Hong Kong has spacious home too

  13. SitOnMeDokkaebi

    SitOnMeDokkaebi12 horas atrás

    My anxiety skyrocketed, LUL.

  14. QZ .C

    QZ .C14 horas atrás

    The explanation in the video isnt entirely correct. There are freehold land in HK as well. Not all land is leasehold.

  15. elvira gassilewski

    elvira gassilewski15 horas atrás

    Wow this is so insensitive

  16. m yama

    m yama16 horas atrás

    Live hongkong ~~~

  17. Oscar Wong

    Oscar Wong18 horas atrás

    Living in Hong Kong is stressful

  18. Roblox xd

    Roblox xd18 horas atrás

    Where is Mao Zedong when we need him?

  19. Michael Lester

    Michael Lester19 horas atrás

    vox logic so government needs used up the last 1% natural land they have left for sake of their people rather than just having a war or weaponize plague break out fix chinas over population issue.

  20. j G

    j G21 hora atrás

    If you've ever been to prison this is exactly what prison looks like maybe a couple more amenities but it's prison but the difference is you're paying for it by circumstance and financially quite the Paradox wouldn't you say

  21. Watermelon Kid

    Watermelon Kid22 horas atrás

    3:59 why do they have to be gweilos???

  22. k lewis

    k lewisDia atrás

    It's a population issue. Freeing up more land is a band-aid with worse repercussions in the long run.

  23. Presley Lloyd

    Presley LloydDia atrás

    Wow those rooms are smaller than my bedroom

  24. Prtpot117

    Prtpot117Dia atrás

    Keep 66% as undeveloped and 33% urban.

  25. chris r

    chris rDia atrás

    they keep on getting pregnant. Chinese are everywhere in the world . They keep multiplying.

  26. Ffffh Ffvgg

    Ffffh FfvggDia atrás


  27. Randomista

    RandomistaDia atrás

    The future of the world

  28. Aeleks

    AeleksDia atrás

    So, just to be clear, the government owns all of the land, bids it out at out at the highest possible prices thus causing the high rent. Then the government refuses to develop on land only they own because doing so would increase the availability of land thus reducing the price they could charge. Then.... telling the people "we're doing our best to fix it"?

  29. John Mitchell

    John MitchellDia atrás

    You'd have a lot more space and freedom if you were homeless living on the street. Not to mention you'd be less likely to pick up infections/diseases. And the added bonus? If the cops arrested you for being homeless you get a 5 star luxury prison cell which would be far better than any of these caged boxes! So win win situation by going on the street!

  30. Dre12008

    Dre12008Dia atrás

    At least the don’t live on the streets.

  31. Legal Gamers

    Legal GamersDia atrás

    Communism 101

  32. Sheila Macpherson

    Sheila MacphersonDia atrás

    I'm the ultimate pessimist, I know. But I don't see how anything other than the absolute destruction of humanity can do this planet any good.

  33. Lynnie Kaye

    Lynnie KayeDia atrás

    Thankful for my little 1,350 square foot house - I lived in a 550 square foot cottage and it got cramped.

  34. Thor and Loki

    Thor and LokiDia atrás

    After watching this. I no longer complain about my life anymore.

  35. This is the Zodiac speaking

    This is the Zodiac speakingDia atrás

    Government's main income should come through taxes, not through land selling. Eventually, even if it takes a thousand years, they will run out of space to sell taxes will blow up.

  36. Drew Williams

    Drew WilliamsDia atrás

    I think it's good that they know conserving the forest is important. Breathing is most essential and half of our lungs are hanging in the trees.

  37. UnQ

    UnQDia atrás

    this is the result of the huge greed of some landlords...

  38. Muhammad Tauseef Nasir

    Muhammad Tauseef NasirDia atrás

    Hi, I got PhD admission in Hong Kong but I am becoming double minded after seeing this video.

  39. 689 mol entertainment

    689 mol entertainmentDia atrás

    Capable Hong Kongers try studying abroad at larger universities like Oxbridge or ivy leagues. Although numbers do drop.

  40. 689 mol entertainment

    689 mol entertainmentDia atrás

    Hong Kong PhD is a bad idea.

  41. TheWoeggil

    TheWoeggilDia atrás

    So basically the residents pay the corporate taxes with the rents.

  42. Dr.Jacky Lam

    Dr.Jacky LamDia atrás

    Even British government doesn't help us and now you asking the China HONG KONG government?

  43. Dr.Jacky Lam

    Dr.Jacky LamDia atrás

    Even British government doesn't help us and now you asking the China HONG KONG government?

  44. annanteam

    annanteamDia atrás

    gecekondu yapsınlar

  45. The true detective

    The true detectiveDia atrás

    267 dollar for a box, my dear lord. Why aren’t these people just selling all their stuff and move someplace else.

  46. Works Hard 4 MK3

    Works Hard 4 MK32 dias atrás

    I was not aware of this cage type homes

  47. Miikeey

    Miikeey2 dias atrás

    I hate flats, go get yourself a house, it’s much more comfortable

  48. Jesse Garcia

    Jesse Garcia2 dias atrás

    Sky scraper got nice view

  49. Awaking Beauty

    Awaking Beauty2 dias atrás

    How do you live like that

  50. Awaking Beauty

    Awaking Beauty2 dias atrás

    No thank you

  51. twelve11

    twelve112 dias atrás

    The problem is overpopulation!!

  52. Thereis Hope

    Thereis Hope2 dias atrás

    Minimalism is a good thing. Less possessions, more wonderful perceptions!

  53. Steve Mikre

    Steve Mikre2 dias atrás

    When a massive fire breaks out with horrific human loss, then there might be proper reforms...

  54. Jeyakumar Bonifas

    Jeyakumar Bonifas2 dias atrás

    Comment = attention !!

  55. Anally Afflicted

    Anally Afflicted2 dias atrás

    The coffin motels from Neuromancer have actually become a real thing

  56. Disliked Utoober

    Disliked Utoober2 dias atrás

    Hotel rooms in a nutshell

  57. Happy Ending

    Happy Ending2 dias atrás

    Oh my God. So scary.

  58. Talitoshi Jamir

    Talitoshi Jamir2 dias atrás

    Place where rich are richer, poor are poorer.. so harsh to live in with

  59. ghost kitty

    ghost kitty2 dias atrás

    I don't like Hong Kong... so claustrophobic. I've been there a few times

  60. Bao Nguyen

    Bao Nguyen2 dias atrás

    if tsunami or earthquake or any big scale disaster happen at this place, this will turn out a total nightmare.... by the looks of it everything here stick, crowed and leaned on each other, if something with big scale happen, domino effect will surely 100% happen here... don't even want to think about it, that's scary

  61. Oleie

    Oleie2 dias atrás

    Hong Kong is not the same after the invasion from China. I wish Hong Kong could continue as a Uk colony.

  62. Oleie

    Oleie2 dias atrás

    Asians are usually very messy, I think they have too close DNA witch make them to be a sort of Down síndrome alike where the brain is disfunctional in some areas but less than a down síndrome people ( no offense ) Like when you watch Japanese’s very close you will notice they’re habits and body movements are very close to monkeys.

  63. Man i Am

    Man i Am2 dias atrás

    Hong Kong is dumb and stupid they got a lot of land but their houses are small 🤦‍♀️

  64. Hgo S

    Hgo SDia atrás

    You're dumb and stupid for not knowing that things aren't that simple. Hong Kong's terrain is quite mountainous and hard to build on. Most places that can be developed is already developed.

  65. Honest Bee

    Honest Bee2 dias atrás

    what about singapore though ?

  66. Derangedxzombie

    Derangedxzombie2 dias atrás

    Looks like a huge fire hazard, tall claustrophobic coffins those high rises (I doubt they have any fire prevention, sprinkler system or fire services capable of dealing with buildings that big). I'd much rather live in a caravan and use solar panels for energy, though Hong Kong's land is probably expensive too. Dredd that latest judge dredd film with the overpopulated mega cities (huge tower blocks housing thousands and rife with crime) is what this kinda reminds me of.

  67. Sime Arsov

    Sime Arsov2 dias atrás

    You know what? If you live in a fucken cage, then maybe Hong Kong isn't for you...Just maybe

  68. petru cioci

    petru cioci3 dias atrás

    the music is too loud and annoying


    NARFALICIOUS3 dias atrás

    People in the U.S. look down on you for living in a trailer. Boy that is luxury compared to living like a rat in your cage.

  70. Frosty Fordツ

    Frosty Fordツ3 dias atrás

    Anybody else ever played sleeping dogs?

  71. TheyRiseBand

    TheyRiseBand3 dias atrás

    Coming soon to the US.

  72. Scare League

    Scare League3 dias atrás

    thumbnail looks like jail

  73. B

    B3 dias atrás

    And yet some people are still ignorant enough to say “the world is not overpopulated” -_-

  74. 138boris

    138boris3 dias atrás

    Higher than Monaco?

  75. Adam Bomb Creations

    Adam Bomb Creations3 dias atrás


  76. Tashh

    Tashh3 dias atrás

    I love Vox videos but the colour grading here is killing me. Are all the cameras different? What's with the teal and orange?

  77. Tony Baines

    Tony Baines3 dias atrás

    why would you want to live there ?

  78. Anson Cheung

    Anson Cheung3 dias atrás

    As a Hongkonger I'm extremely glad that I live in a public housing estate

  79. sunny marie

    sunny marie3 dias atrás

    This what it looks all over america too. Governments must b accountable to its people not business alone. A certain amount of new construction shoyld b dedicated to affordable housing. That is a third of income toward housing. Ee have to fight this shxt. Bring it to their door step and dont let off their necks!

  80. Jason Janes

    Jason Janes3 dias atrás

    Whats with the load annoying music playing over the video...... It's almost unbearable. If it wasn't for the interesting content I would have turned it off already.

  81. ben patrick

    ben patrick3 dias atrás

    Thats why there are lots of “ukay-ukay”/ second hand apparels from HK coz they cant keep it coz they only have small space.

  82. John Smith

    John Smith3 dias atrás

    How about population growth Australia has a big.debate more people more big cities hello honkers

  83. D Musy

    D Musy3 dias atrás

    Song id @4:46 ?

  84. Dankmon

    Dankmon3 dias atrás

    This is an example of capitalism

  85. annamaura89

    annamaura893 dias atrás

    I've been to hong kong once for a week and I dont have a problem with small spaces, but combined with the humid weather it made me claustrofobic..

  86. Dankmon

    Dankmon3 dias atrás

    *"Hey, who let you out of your cage?"*

  87. Elijah Culper

    Elijah Culper3 dias atrás

    Those cage homes didn’t look very feng shui.

  88. Elijah Culper

    Elijah Culper3 dias atrás

    I pay less in rent than the people in the cage homes. Gotta love those low Kansas rents.

  89. mike schatz

    mike schatz3 dias atrás

    Move back to the country and help you parents on the farm.

  90. Gianni Molina

    Gianni Molina4 dias atrás

    6:00 families are living in parking space sized cage homes that they can barely afford and then there's a Rolex shop in the middle of it

  91. Kelly Norvell

    Kelly Norvell4 dias atrás

    This is INHUMANE. How can a couple have privacy to make love, discuss family situations, what if you are sick and have to use the bathroom all day or what if you live with a child molester, killer, etc. What a sad day for humanity all around the world!



    Capitalist & slave at its finest

  93. leku200

    leku2003 dias atrás

    No lives are going to be improved in Hong Kong by wrongfully pointing blame at capitalism. The root cause of this issue isn't capitalism - that's superficial. As one writer put it: "the trappings of a modern consumer society don't change the essence of the Chinese regime". The real problem in Hong Kong is communism, not capitalism.

  94. Ahmad Jan

    Ahmad Jan4 dias atrás

    As long as the government is making money, who cares about the people

  95. Psy cario

    Psy cario4 dias atrás

    Bruh. Just build artificial Islands to build on that also can be used as a lifeboat in case of emergency.

  96. 689 mol entertainment

    689 mol entertainmentDia atrás

    Search 明日大嶼

  97. 689 mol entertainment

    689 mol entertainmentDia atrás

    Don't talk about artificial islands. It's a concrete pouring project

  98. 689 mol entertainment

    689 mol entertainmentDia atrás


  99. Norma Mimosa

    Norma Mimosa4 dias atrás

    So, are you suggesting that filling those pristine green spaces with more cage rooms would be a good idea?!

  100. Malcolm Mak

    Malcolm Mak2 dias atrás

    Why don't you ask the cage dwellers

  101. Tatiana Križanová

    Tatiana Križanová4 dias atrás

    títo ľudia, keď boli mladí, pracovali pre spoločnosť, a skončili v klietkach, horšie ako zvery.

  102. Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man

    Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man4 dias atrás

    I've seen videos of people dying inside these cage homes from a fire. They can't even go for the "painless suicide" by jumping out the window like the wtc jumpers, they are trapped in there. They scream in agony as their skin starts to burn. Their hair melt, their clothes disintegrate. And is very, very slow. It also shows how much damage the human body can take, although I'm pretty sure they wanted to die as soon as possible.

  103. Terri Mcwilliams

    Terri Mcwilliams4 dias atrás

    This is by design. They feel humans are animals. Put in cages...unreal.

  104. BowlofIndoMee

    BowlofIndoMee4 dias atrás

    Greed knows no bounds

  105. can tho

    can tho4 dias atrás

    Please explain WHY the Government of Hong Kong only allow ALL its citizens to live in 7% of the land!!?? 70% of Hong Kong is still Wilderness!!! The rest are businesses and development!! When you stack over 6 MILLION people in 7% land, you have to go VERTICAL!!! Hong Kong has 2 classes: The FILTHY RICH and the Extremely Destitutes!!!

  106. Christopher Rosas

    Christopher Rosas4 dias atrás

    Build these homes somewhere in Alaska for all out illegal immigrants from around the world

  107. Michnikki85

    Michnikki854 dias atrás

    Why r there ghost towns in China?? I don't understand

  108. Michnikki85

    Michnikki854 dias atrás

    Ppl stop having babies there our population is too much! Lol

  109. TK Baha

    TK Baha4 dias atrás

    old goody HK with British reign has been destroyed by communist china, nowadays HK is a evil, corrupt communist province, an outlawed, hopeless city.

  110. Song InYoung

    Song InYoung4 dias atrás

    Hongkong is very Hypocritical country. Shame on you. So greedy people.

  111. ava nowshadi

    ava nowshadi4 dias atrás

    I have family in Hong Kong but I definitely don’t think they live in a cage space ahh

  112. ava nowshadi

    ava nowshadi4 dias atrás

    The background music at the beginning is so cute omg

  113. Anarki

    Anarki4 dias atrás

    it would have been better with such small living spaces IF they took an idea or two out of the tiny house trend in the west