Inside Hong Kong’s cage homes


  1. Vox

    Vox2 meses atrás

    Cage homes are just one fascinating product of Hong Kong's unique composition and history. For more check out the full Vox Borders Hong Kong playlist here:

  2. kemp

    kemp18 horas atrás

    free birth control, and vasectomies would be a good start.

  3. Francisco Fernandez

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  4. Divye Gandhi

    Divye Gandhi8 dias atrás

    Want more playlists like this on different cities.

  5. FuckYouGoogle

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    @Vox ... one of the most lying media ... oftenly making up stories (not this here)...

  6. Kamilla & Emerson Oliveira

    Kamilla & Emerson OliveiraMês atrás

    Nice documentary about HK and I would go suggest to make one in Macau and Taiwan.

  7. Marcos Mercedes Nuñez

    Marcos Mercedes Nuñez2 horas atrás

    I wouldn't be able to breath on one of those cages. I need a damn window on my room. This made me feel uncomfortable

  8. Jim Halpert

    Jim Halpert2 horas atrás

    Everyone should kill one person and quickly

  9. Marcos Mercedes Nuñez

    Marcos Mercedes Nuñez2 horas atrás

    No naked walking to the kitchen at night I guess

  10. Nothing But Forza

    Nothing But Forza2 horas atrás

    Surely living in a van would be preferable?!

  11. CSXRockford

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    Hows that socialism working out for ya...

  12. Jason B

    Jason B4 horas atrás

    I live in Toronto and I hate it, my condo cost as much at a big house you can buy in most places in the states. It sucks! So I can’t imagine how bad it is in Hong Kong.

  13. R G

    R G7 horas atrás

    My 280 sq ft 1 room kitchen flat is far better for 3 persons.

  14. Arthur Facker

    Arthur Facker7 horas atrás

    I really want one of those futuristic capsules. Just for sleeping and watching tv in it obsviously.

  15. The good. The bad. AND THE LEFTOVER CRACK!

    The good. The bad. AND THE LEFTOVER CRACK!9 horas atrás


  16. Too Vexx

    Too Vexx20 horas atrás

    When the government decides to screw things up again...

  17. Max B-mus

    Max B-mus21 hora atrás

    Goes to show how injustice is rampant in a country governed by Ching-chong- bang-bing-bongs like their Prime Minister Xi Ping-pong. That obese man should step down and change their "Prople's Republic" government.

  18. J F

    J F21 hora atrás

    Government in Hong Kong wants the real estate prices to be high

  19. Neil LeFrancis

    Neil LeFrancis22 horas atrás

    When you’re called the people’s republic of China but your people are suffering because of you.

  20. Ricky Bobby

    Ricky Bobby6 horas atrás

    HK has had decades of muh freedum policies that specially try to escape from chinas evil community party

  21. TheKikibear25

    TheKikibear2523 horas atrás

    My uncles apartment in Hong Kong is about the size of 3 parking spaces but it is incredibly expensive.. The kitchen is smaller than the bathroom

  22. Isaac J

    Isaac JDia atrás

    I went to a British university where I shared a flat with 11 other people...we did have a large kitchen though.

  23. ikwhite

    ikwhiteDia atrás

    That study is bunk. San Francisco is the most expensive according to a lot of reports and it wasn’t even in the top 5 according to the study you used. Also, that stinks for the people of Hong Kong. Hope they get a better resolution for their society.

  24. Elite Toaster

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    Did anyone see the naked girl in the beginning?

  25. Pippetto Er Paraculo

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    4:44 Put pause. Bladerunner 2049

  26. Mich Tsomething

    Mich TsomethingDia atrás

    Wow paying to live in a jail cell, but even jail cells have their own bathrooms. Why must people be so unfair and greedy

  27. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph StalinDia atrás

    There we go. Democracy is just as inept as communism.

  28. angela

    angelaDia atrás

    hong kong looks so dystopian

  29. A D

    A DDia atrás

    Beyond being inhumane... these places are death traps. Imagine what would happen if there were to be a fire.

  30. Macky Cabangon

    Macky CabangonDia atrás

    I thought you guys cared about climate change.. NEVERMIND

  31. V rz

    V rzDia atrás

    Did you see the apartment guys? Its from galaxy a9 tv ad commercial lol 😂

  32. muzic4lyfe2005

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    They have this in korea's called a haniwan...they were actually pretty nice

  33. IWasBrokeNowImNot

    IWasBrokeNowImNotDia atrás

    Makes me wonder what the jails look like.

  34. Grant Keen

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  35. Klé D

    Klé DDia atrás

    Beautiful cinematography. Sickening that people have to live that way.

  36. Luis Palacios Moreno

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    The freest market LOL!

  37. 1 290375

    1 290375Dia atrás

    almost the same as being homeless

  38. That Guy

    That Guy2 dias atrás

    I bet a lot of these "Chinese firm"is owned by the Chinese government to help speed up them taking over China. watch alot of these companies and landowners will say "Chinese citizens only" and big bang boom

  39. ferrarigirl666

    ferrarigirl6662 dias atrás

    They pay a loooot to be in prison! Smells like money makingg!


    JOE CAPOZZIELLO2 dias atrás

    I'm glad I really opened up my mind tonight and started observing things I have been through in life like being homeless small living quarters like prison many of mine survival of the fittest acquire he's in my life has made me very well aware of what is going on in my local area but Jeepers Creepers I'm so glad that I saw your channel brother you put a big shining a light in my eyes tonight

  41. Skrivbordslampan

    Skrivbordslampan2 dias atrás

    Wouldn't cheaper housing just incentivize more people to come from the mainland, thus only marginally lowering the rents and leaving them with less green spaces and overcongested infrastructure?

  42. Masha Mitchell

    Masha Mitchell2 dias atrás

    So many fire hazards. A tragedy waiting to happen.

  43. Finn D Human

    Finn D Human2 dias atrás

    In the Philippines, you can have a very comfy flat for more or less only $50

  44. Ricky Bobby

    Ricky Bobby6 horas atrás

    But you have to live in Philippines...

  45. Nædrin

    Nædrin2 dias atrás

    I'm bookin ma flight now! 😎😁

  46. Jackyblue67 Same

    Jackyblue67 Same2 dias atrás

    I wouldn't live there for a million dollars a day .

  47. Caroline Autry

    Caroline Autry2 dias atrás

    I had no idea it was this bad. That is terrible, I truly feel for all the people that have to live like that. This is because of so many greedy people, money really is the root of all evil.

  48. Damnit Bobby

    Damnit Bobby2 dias atrás

    Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage.

  49. Nædrin

    Nædrin18 horas atrás

    yep... that's what you just referenced. lol.

  50. Damnit Bobby

    Damnit Bobby2 dias atrás

    +Nædrin Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings

  51. Nædrin

    Nædrin2 dias atrás

    _whaaaat_ a reference.

  52. Darth Nihilus

    Darth Nihilus2 dias atrás

    Just like Coruscant, the rich live at the top high rises the peasants live at the bottom

  53. Tory Knotts

    Tory Knotts2 dias atrás

    A fire or a earthquake would be devastating

  54. James Ross

    James Ross3 dias atrás

    i wonder if it stays and gets smaller if after a long time people in hong kong will evolve to be shorter and smaller and become a dwarf race in the distant future

  55. Nædrin

    Nædrin2 dias atrás

    *thinks of this one video i watched about predictions of future human evolution (that spoke of a route very similar to that)*

  56. Ava Masquerade

    Ava Masquerade3 dias atrás

    Those capsules pluck a chord of sheer dread deep in my guts...I don't want to get murdered by my robot-coffin- house the second it gains sentience and realizes the value of those very guts on the black market...I'm not paranoid! YOU'RE paranoid!

  57. Nædrin

    Nædrin2 dias atrás

    9:07 but an a.i that cares about money/monetary value? xD

  58. dell wright

    dell wright3 dias atrás

    my bathroom is bigger and I live in a one bedroom apt.they live like rats in a cage poor people.


    NICHOLAS LANDOLINA3 dias atrás

    Those buildings are way too tall

  60. Robbie Craughwell

    Robbie Craughwell3 dias atrás

    The Nightmare of our collective working class reality coming to your neighbourhood soon!

  61. Nallani Bhaskar

    Nallani Bhaskar3 dias atrás

    With $267 - ~20000 INR in India a full family can live very comfortably including food and amenities. HK Govt. really need to think about the future of citizens of HK not only Money. What kind of people they become if they live and grow in those kinds of cage houses. Money with out strong future generation is no value for the country. Always proud to born in India and living in India.

  62. Natalia Van Helsing

    Natalia Van Helsing3 dias atrás

    Anyone gonna tell us the name of the company?


    ANNABELLEPOP3 dias atrás

    "Wait New York is actually the cheapest on that list?" says the man that thinks New York is just Manhattan 🤷🏻‍♀️Come visit for clearly the first time, I'll introduce you to the affordability of Upstate New York, Suffolk County on Long Island, Staten Island and certain areas of Queens.

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  65. Lelouch D. Kazuma

    Lelouch D. Kazuma4 dias atrás

    Only half of all land is government owened

  66. 8scatterbrain8

    8scatterbrain84 dias atrás

    "feet"?? use the metric system!!-___-

  67. Monica Jimenez

    Monica Jimenez4 dias atrás

    We are government slaves!

  68. Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish

    Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish4 dias atrás


  69. Mamata Dasa

    Mamata Dasa4 dias atrás

    After looking this video, My House look like a Large Apartment

  70. Séjoux Lëo-Star

    Séjoux Lëo-Star4 dias atrás

    Hi, I love your editing techniques. Do you mind sharing what software do you use to accomplish such effective edit?

  71. Jude Lewis

    Jude Lewis4 dias atrás

    Shut up Pence, you FAKE Christian!!

  72. frasineanu iulia

    frasineanu iulia4 dias atrás

    I’ve just watched inside my half full biscuit box and i thought it’s a hong kong apartment

  73. brayo144

    brayo1444 dias atrás

    What if a fire breaks out? These poor people will be roasted in their cages!

  74. Gary Dose

    Gary Dose4 dias atrás

    This is crazy, how would this be fixed? Also why don't people leave? I know it's not simple, but is there a single main reason why people stay there? Is it the economic opportunity in Hong Kong, their families are there, fear of the unknown, not knowing that there are other opportunities out there in near by countries, or maybe they don't have enough money to leave. This is a real shame, but looking at solving this density issue now will be crucial as more cities across the globe start reaching very high densities like HK.

  75. warefairsoda

    warefairsoda5 dias atrás

    Rapid economic growth, especially during the last several decades, has resulted in China's predominantly rural population leaving their villages and moving to major urban centers. Many Chinese have now benefited from the improved quality of life associated with the move to modernity (e.g. education and employment opportunities, career choices, improved health care, social growth, blah blah blah...). This is a fundamentally important point, however nary a snifter of a mention is made here. And, slick move Vox asking two non-Chinese 'experts' on their opinions whether or not there is a housing and land shortage in China! Then again this is Vox, so nuff said...

  76. Archxn Archxn

    Archxn Archxn5 dias atrás

    I’d rather be homeless

  77. Dirk Pitt

    Dirk Pitt5 dias atrás

    If California gets its way, we will be living like this as well. Not because of land scarcity, but to reduce mans footprint on the earth. Agenda 21

  78. Saggalous Mmwamow

    Saggalous Mmwamow5 dias atrás

    You forgot to mention the 150 Chinese immigrants who will be on priority list for government housing.

  79. 先森港

    先森港5 dias atrás


  80. Ken Gordon

    Ken Gordon5 dias atrás

    The government doesn’t own all the land, I live in Hong Kong and we live on an resort island that is owned privately

  81. Mr. Wolf

    Mr. Wolf5 dias atrás

    Living in a cage is fascinating? Sounds really screwed up!

  82. Tiffany Martinez

    Tiffany Martinez5 dias atrás

    its a shame that such a beautiful place like Hong Kong pushes people to live in coffins.

  83. Lin Yi

    Lin Yi5 dias atrás

    More tax payable, smaller living space, which you want?

  84. fat fat

    fat fat5 dias atrás

    How about the government privatises land, letting the invisible hand of the free market do its good just as it has done in many other sectors of the Honk Kong economy.

  85. Aqua Juwel

    Aqua Juwel5 dias atrás

    Im so glad i live in Norway with lots of space....

  86. Gelique Mck

    Gelique Mck5 dias atrás

    I thought Singapore was the most expensive place to live

  87. Jennifer Sunshine

    Jennifer Sunshine6 dias atrás


  88. John V

    John V6 dias atrás

    Globohomo capitalism gone haywire. WORK WILL SET YOU FREE.

  89. redrodriguez1

    redrodriguez16 dias atrás

    Thous rich men will pay one day if not in this life in the next life do not for get them same way they did u same way u do back is eye for and eye rich u will pay one day

  90. Chynna Bartee

    Chynna Bartee6 dias atrás

    In Hong Kong Claustrophobia doesn't exist.

  91. Crazystuff89

    Crazystuff896 dias atrás

    Try Singapore's prices

  92. Fizz Pop

    Fizz Pop6 dias atrás

    It is distressing to see people forced to live in dirty boxes like that. I really hope something changes positively for them.

  93. Louis Lee

    Louis Lee6 dias atrás

    It’s a sin to be poor and bearing children in Hong Kong 😌

  94. Tyler Russell

    Tyler Russell6 dias atrás

    I thought I had it bad

  95. Angie O'Plasty

    Angie O'Plasty6 dias atrás

    Holy crap...that is not even a human way to live! Heck, I wouldn't like to see even a dog living in such a small space. Awful.

  96. mike l

    mike l6 dias atrás

    China's government is so much more corrupt than the US

  97. mike l

    mike l6 dias atrás

    Almost 85% of China's land isn't even used smh. Instead of making more room in China for people let's just go ahead and make these massive multitrillion-dollar Island where no one's going to live dumb af

  98. silver70

    silver707 dias atrás

    My claustrophobia kicked in just thinking of folks squeezed into tiny areas. Oh heck no.

  99. leo

    leo7 dias atrás

    Government is always the root of all evil

  100. no hassle

    no hassle7 dias atrás

    My God, that city looks like Mega City One from Judge Dredd.

  101. Sinisterman35

    Sinisterman357 dias atrás

    I love it. Low taxes, yet, the people living under those marvelous low taxes-survive like feral cats! Great job... capitalism!

  102. fat fat

    fat fat5 dias atrás

    You didnt understand the video. It was the government owning the all land and leasing it for such ridiculous prices that drove up prices. In other words there isnt enough capitalism.

  103. Micheal Yu

    Micheal Yu7 dias atrás

    No, this is a very democratic cage

  104. AnimationFanatic

    AnimationFanatic7 dias atrás

    makes me feel grateful for the housing i have, it might not be much but at leasti dont sleep in a cage. only public housing can solve these probelsm

  105. notblondeswede

    notblondeswede7 dias atrás

    I hate his accent but the documentary is good

  106. Art Vein

    Art Vein7 dias atrás

    This is journalism done the right way. Observed a lot of ethical decisions in this segment as well as the right questions.

  107. Lalit Jugtawat

    Lalit Jugtawat7 dias atrás

    what a bad place to live

  108. FuntimeTuber093

    FuntimeTuber0937 dias atrás

    One of my friend in Hong Kong used to live something similar to the one in the video and boy, it was very small.

  109. Tama Singh

    Tama Singh7 dias atrás

    This is just sad man

  110. wong richard

    wong richard7 dias atrás



    OPEN MINDED7 dias atrás

    Soo...cities like Chicago and Toronto will never run out of land

  112. 1corn

    1corn7 dias atrás

    That's why a lot of locals sleep at 24hrs McDonald's .. Can't even afford a place and they end up being homeless

  113. bananahammock

    bananahammock7 dias atrás

    why dont the poor just leave? its not like they have to live there.. also quit blaming the government

  114. it's ur boi

    it's ur boi7 dias atrás

    Who’s Asian and watching this

  115. Pavelescu Sabin-Stefan

    Pavelescu Sabin-Stefan7 dias atrás

    That guy paying 270$ monthly just to lay down is painful to watch. In Bucharest I pay 250/month for a 60sqm 2 bedroom appartment in the city center. Hong kong prices are crazy