Inside Mark Ronson's Spanish-Style LA House | Open Door | Architectural Digest


  1. Ki Wi

    Ki Wi2 dias atrás

    Marry me

  2. Sue Armstrong

    Sue Armstrong3 dias atrás

    Gorgeous piano. Nice young man. Beautiful home and garden. Thanks for sharing your home to all of us... snoops. 😊

  3. deloreanized

    deloreanized3 dias atrás

    No office? No home studio? WTF, Ronson.

  4. Josephine Antone

    Josephine Antone3 dias atrás

    You bring out the best in other people.

  5. Lovebirds Videos

    Lovebirds Videos5 dias atrás

    ronson i hate you for being the coolest dude on the planet! not even mentioning your talents

  6. mildly vanquished

    mildly vanquished5 dias atrás

    0:56 "so i'm not sure the name of this artist here no i'm just kidding it's Keith Haring." almost had me for 14th of half a second there Mark

  7. creamycherrypie

    creamycherrypie10 dias atrás

    Amy will forever be his muse. I smiled when I saw the artwork on his wall in tribute to her. 💘

  8. Rachel Grace #FlightAttendantLife

    Rachel Grace #FlightAttendantLife10 dias atrás

    “I feel like I’m killing a piano player” 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Matt

    Matt10 dias atrás

    This house is on zillow right now. Vermont parkway near griffith park. $5m

  10. Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea

    Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea11 dias atrás

    I think this is the first time I’ve heard him talk. He sounds so bored but he’s low key funny. His house is bright and I’m kinda a boring bish but it works for him. Everything has a reason for being there and it works together. Gives it personality.

  11. floriane

    floriane15 dias atrás

    "it's also nice when they leave"

  12. Cinthya Ayalah

    Cinthya Ayalah16 dias atrás

    The more I watch these episodes I realize Celebrities never have people over

  13. Teresa Anya

    Teresa Anya16 dias atrás

    I don't actually know who this is but oh my God he's somehow so funny without even trying. It made the video 10× better.

  14. Susan Echols

    Susan Echols17 dias atrás

    I cherish how dynamic colors are within the picture.

  15. JoyAnn

    JoyAnn17 dias atrás

    I adore his dry humor. Also love that he sounds bored of everything because his voice is monotone, but when you listen to what he is saying you realize he actually loves the house, that he finds it so beautiful and knows all about what he has placed in there. Love it!

  16. Brown Beauty_79

    Brown Beauty_7919 dias atrás

    I'd date this guy... maybe even marry him.

  17. tkonegaming

    tkonegaming20 dias atrás

    The house looks like his music

  18. Dillon Kreider

    Dillon Kreider21 dia atrás

    He sounds like he’d be a good person to work at urban outfitters, but oh boy he’s hot

  19. Danielle Revives

    Danielle Revives22 dias atrás

    Love him, his home and his British-ness. Also, his hair! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Vera Sileikis

    Vera Sileikis22 dias atrás

    Mark Ronson, unlike most men, looks more handsome when he smiles.

  21. Tina Bica- Demers

    Tina Bica- Demers24 dias atrás

    he's a brilliant Musician! True artist...omg Loved him for a long time!!!!

  22. ilikesawpads

    ilikesawpads26 dias atrás

    Those Keith Haring and Warhol pieces are a bit cringy but nice house overall !

  23. Shen Wu

    Shen Wu27 dias atrás

    god his voice is smoking hot

  24. David Cattin

    David Cattin29 dias atrás

    Great use of color. Stylish without being overdone like so many are.

  25. Diego Ribeiro

    Diego RibeiroMês atrás

    Ooooh o gás! Hahaha It's pretty awesome see some element of a normal brazilian guy life, like a cool piece of forniture

  26. Bee Tv

    Bee TvMês atrás

    I feel sleepy after this 😔

  27. Revery

    ReveryMês atrás

    He sounds like nurse Lucafont from A Series Of Unfortunate Events

  28. Morgan Miles

    Morgan MilesMês atrás

    I remember listening to the album Record Collection when I was a kid, still love it to this day

  29. sweetie .

    sweetie .Mês atrás

    i was just starting to crush on him and found that he's 44 SIS-

  30. Jen Huffine

    Jen HuffineMês atrás

    His love for Wes Anderson and Woody Allen fits his demeanor so well, what a droll man.

  31. Yahseq Gookler

    Yahseq GooklerMês atrás


  32. IanRM

    IanRMMês atrás

    2:14 I love him🖤

  33. 8gagee

    8gageeMês atrás

    Not a fan of his decor...shame, the house itself is nice!

  34. p ve

    p veMês atrás

    He's so handsome😀

  35. Ranjan Biswas

    Ranjan BiswasMês atrás

    Why does he look so rich yet so relatable to us?

  36. Rene Elizarraras

    Rene ElizarrarasMês atrás

    He’s so funny!! I was hoping he had a studio! Maybe they didn’t show it, he is a music producer..

  37. Grond Underworld hammer

    Grond Underworld hammerMês atrás

    Spanish houses aren’t like this. Andalusian houses are white outdoors for the sun, but indoors aren’t like this.

  38. Ash Mukherjee Dance Company

    Ash Mukherjee Dance CompanyMês atrás

    I like him. He is such a bored curled up cat daddy,

  39. Amanda Bentes

    Amanda BentesMês atrás

    ok, this has to be my favorite so far. i love how his artistic tastes and choices melt with the decor! beautiful! also, his sense of humor is the best haha

  40. czarny kot

    czarny kotMês atrás

    Oh my god, i think i just fell in love. I just want to eat breakfast with him everyday. He would be telling his jokes an I would just listen to him while at the same time looking at his face with awe XD I had no idea he was this funny.

  41. V. Urban

    V. UrbanMês atrás

    Who is this guy. Dude you need an interior designer. Ok maybe a wrecking ball.

  42. Susy Beltran

    Susy BeltranMês atrás

    Love his home and style.

  43. Barbara Filipe

    Barbara FilipeMês atrás

    His place is great! I love all the colour!

  44. Jill714

    Jill714Mês atrás

    Surely not my taste even fast forwarded a few times BORING

  45. Kings Princess

    Kings PrincessMês atrás

    I just find him very handsome 😊

  46. ExclusiveLM

    ExclusiveLMMês atrás

    Did ISIS make Mark do this house tour against his will ?

  47. Wavey Gravy

    Wavey GravyMês atrás

    The boredom is intense

  48. Daniel Riera

    Daniel RieraMês atrás

    I wanna see his studio

  49. Juan Rivas

    Juan RivasMês atrás

    Nice house

  50. kersa96

    kersa96Mês atrás

    he seems cool but i absolutely hate this house lol

  51. wavey bone

    wavey boneMês atrás

    get on some acid

  52. wavey bone

    wavey boneMês atrás

    kersa96 this is the best house i’ve seen

  53. Racer X

    Racer XMês atrás

    "Yo You Tube Cribs". But seriously, this place is cool as hell. I'd be hanging out in that patio for sure. The house definitely has a sixties vibe. Good job Mark!✌️👍

  54. Vanlalrongheti Kawlni

    Vanlalrongheti KawlniMês atrás


  55. Devon Zastre

    Devon ZastreMês atrás

    This the type of dude a woman dates if she really wants to relax. I'm relaxed watching this.

  56. Eva Ivy

    Eva IvyMês atrás

    That Supremes poster is to DIE for. The graphic is super cool. I've never seen one like it. I love that he kept the Beatrix Potter wallpaper.

  57. Angela Arbab

    Angela ArbabMês atrás

    i absolutely love his house! everything is so so gorgeous

  58. Oldskooolboy

    OldskooolboyMês atrás

    As a spanish guy I must say that that’s definitely not a spanish house lmao

  59. Dispatern

    DispaternMês atrás

    The hallway and the garden definitely have Spanish elements

  60. Azean Oblad

    Azean ObladMês atrás

    we are in "Not aking about your house"

  61. strawberry

    strawberryMês atrás

    I just realized he sounds like Maggie Rogers when he speaks lmao

  62. Kyee Rahman

    Kyee RahmanMês atrás

    His not that cute or whatever but I'm gonna suck him dry sooner or later. It is what it is.

  63. turbokarma1

    turbokarma1Mês atrás

    Funny, cool, clever man. I`m a little envious (not jealous) I will admit. Seems like a charmed life !