Instagram Teaches Virgins About "Love"


  1. Ryan Trahan

    Ryan Trahan11 meses atrás

    smash like?? :D subscribe & turn on post notifications if u are selflovebbq fan 😍

  2. Dumb Crap With JD and Lucas

    Dumb Crap With JD and Lucas21 dia atrás


  3. Rosie Parry

    Rosie Parry3 meses atrás

    Ryan Trahan you need to make a video about how crazy flat earthers are 😂

  4. Sundara Weber

    Sundara Weber4 meses atrás

    Ryan Trahan yes

  5. windymorris

    windymorris4 meses atrás

    Ryan Trahan smash like?? ;D

  6. Carmen Jaramillo

    Carmen Jaramillo5 meses atrás

    I have never ever enjoyed a video so much, I’m super serious. this. Is. The. Literal. Best.

  7. 1maloosak

    1maloosak17 horas atrás

    when they go "I hAvE dIeD eVeRyDaY wAiTiNg FoR yOu" I started laughing sooo hard

  8. Nevaeh Xoxo

    Nevaeh Xoxo19 horas atrás

    5:23 can someone tell me what sound effect this is😂🤣

  9. Ah Pue

    Ah Pue22 horas atrás

    Haley’s voice is so soothing

  10. Itz_Taryn

    Itz_TarynDia atrás

    the way he looks at her 🥺

  11. PercyJacksonMagnusChase

    PercyJacksonMagnusChaseDia atrás

    Its almost valentines day 2020 lol

  12. Landen Rempel

    Landen RempelDia atrás

    At 2:23 it looks like he a weeny on the side of his head


    FRANCISCO ULIN2 dias atrás

    She’s pretty cute but she uses tiktok so she looses 5 points

  14. FFG_clawzyy

    FFG_clawzyy4 dias atrás

    A Boeing 787 you say ?

  15. crowley brailsford certifies

    crowley brailsford certifies4 dias atrás


  16. F B I

    F B I5 dias atrás

    whats up ogers needs to stay

  17. Nicholas Byrnes

    Nicholas Byrnes6 dias atrás

    Just fucking, you are a virgin bro.

  18. Bryson Jackson

    Bryson Jackson7 dias atrás

    Ryan: I have a little *PP* Haley: same

  19. Charlie the Champion

    Charlie the Champion7 dias atrás

    4:07 lol

  20. chloe mortensen

    chloe mortensen12 dias atrás

    did he just quote tfios I -

  21. Laurence Martingale

    Laurence Martingale13 dias atrás

    10:51 is hilarious

  22. thepenguinftw

    thepenguinftw14 dias atrás

    dory is a blue tang

  23. Dudiddh Duducdhsb

    Dudiddh Duducdhsb15 dias atrás

    Is she Japanese or asian

  24. Nikki L

    Nikki L17 dias atrás

    i cant wait for their children

  25. Maria Alonso

    Maria Alonso18 dias atrás

    I cant watch this vid rn bc im close to my mom and when she sees me looking at couples shes like: Bish tf you watching pr0n get off that

  26. moon flower

    moon flower19 dias atrás

    Haley isn't relatable anymore..... :/

  27. Unfunny Rabbit

    Unfunny Rabbit14 dias atrás


  28. Yeet man 100 o

    Yeet man 100 o21 dia atrás

    Like at 4:30 ,why did Haley lick her lips in such a horny way

  29. sub to willne

    sub to willne23 dias atrás

    4:22 i have died evury dae waeteng fur yew

  30. Bilal Kontakt

    Bilal Kontakt24 dias atrás

    Ok. Where do I pay $4.99???

  31. Naomi Maulden

    Naomi Maulden25 dias atrás


  32. Shaly Vlogs

    Shaly Vlogs25 dias atrás

    i love how he used a the fault in our stars quotes

  33. Naydac

    Naydac28 dias atrás

    Right my friend? OH SHIT GIRLFRIEND

  34. Reducto Stuff

    Reducto StuffMês atrás

    Wait didnt he break up with her or did she grow her hair

  35. Brittany Ewashkow

    Brittany EwashkowMês atrás

    They're not cute together. They're annoying.

  36. _immy_ x

    _immy_ xMês atrás

    She reminds me of carly from icarly

  37. Mystiic _

    Mystiic _Mês atrás

    7:29 Thank me later doods

  38. Nicholas Oliveira

    Nicholas OliveiraMês atrás

    You are luck to be her boyfriend

  39. Wood Rhyme

    Wood RhymeMês atrás

    Ryan Dory is a Blue Tang not a sturgeon

  40. Oliwia Wozniak

    Oliwia WozniakMês atrás

    Polish people cringing that this girl belongs in our community

  41. Unfunny Rabbit

    Unfunny Rabbit14 dias atrás

    😂 😂 Lmao

  42. Layton Gerhart

    Layton GerhartMês atrás

    Have y'all made babies

  43. Galactic

    GalacticMês atrás

    “Don’t kink shame me! I’m a *frick*ing zombie!” -Ryan Tray Hand

  44. H4ZRD _OD11

    H4ZRD _OD11Mês atrás

    Ryan sounds like Kendrick Lamar

  45. Overwhelming Surplus Of Diggity

    Overwhelming Surplus Of DiggityMês atrás

    Or... just... walk around...

  46. Jake B

    Jake BMês atrás

    You should call your subscribers trahfam

  47. Aadya gupta

    Aadya guptaMês atrás

    8:52 proves they r made for each other

  48. Abiely Flores

    Abiely FloresMês atrás

    just found out you two were dating i’m sorry i’m gonna have to unsub

  49. Sollus Markis

    Sollus MarkisMês atrás

    I thought Dory was a blue tang

  50. Céline Jansen

    Céline JansenMês atrás

    I already hoped they started singing imaaaagine a world like that

  51. Trudie and Paul

    Trudie and PaulMês atrás

    No one: Haley and Ryan’s brains connecting at 11:38 : ImAgIne A WoRLd LiKe ThAT

  52. Trudie and Paul

    Trudie and PaulMês atrás

    9:10 tHe NiGHt iS StiLl YoUnG

  53. Карина Калшабек

    Карина КалшабекMês atrás


  54. Nathan Salamacha

    Nathan SalamachaMês atrás

    10:41 i love rex orange county county

  55. shivi uniyal

    shivi uniyalMês atrás

    just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming swimming swimming

  56. shivi uniyal

    shivi uniyalMês atrás

    The way he recites the post LMFAO

  57. shivi uniyal

    shivi uniyalMês atrás

    she's polish LMAO

  58. shivi uniyal

    shivi uniyalMês atrás

    This guy is actually hilarious.

  59. Jesus Shrek

    Jesus ShrekMês atrás

    4:29 look at haley

  60. Nicole White

    Nicole WhiteMês atrás

    This is like Cody and Kelsey’s couple’s cringe but rated PG

  61. Dilestt Pickle

    Dilestt PickleMês atrás

    I asked for the bottle for Christmas

  62. Matis Kay

    Matis KayMês atrás

    Youre such a cute couple

  63. Cuck Lord

    Cuck LordMês atrás

    yall are cute in a way thats not cringe ukwim

  64. Warren Hughes

    Warren Hughes2 meses atrás

    Helicopters can only go so high because the air gets too thin. Helicopters usually cant make it up mountains

  65. Violet Shell

    Violet Shell2 meses atrás

    The (attempted) fault in our stars quote was wondeful

  66. Sydney Landes

    Sydney Landes2 meses atrás

    r/ i'm14andthisisdeep

  67. Christy G

    Christy G2 meses atrás

    *10:07* *JESUS* was *crying*