International Pizza Hut Taste Test


  1. X x X

    X x X11 minutos atrás

    Why wont u go? I dont get it Iv done everything........ Why are u still here?

  2. Hacker Jpt

    Hacker JptHora atrás


  3. Joshua Solis

    Joshua Solis12 horas atrás

    When is chase going to get a new shirt

  4. Archie Wise

    Archie WiseDia atrás

    Why can’t these pizzas be universal ;-;

  5. Willem DaFuckedUp

    Willem DaFuckedUpDia atrás

    Damn gmm is bad now

  6. 0000000000000000000 00000000000000000000

    0000000000000000000 00000000000000000000Dia atrás

    Pizza good

  7. Mat John

    Mat JohnDia atrás

    💪💪💪💪flexnon em rhett

  8. Péter Licskay

    Péter Licskay2 dias atrás

    I didn't know Pizza Hut was also in Hungary 🇭🇺 but I wouldn't order that specialty anyway, there are much better pizzas here.

  9. Stefan Hsueh

    Stefan Hsueh2 dias atrás

    Link is so malicious with his answers

  10. polariginal

    polariginal2 dias atrás

    3:30 great going captions, you censored Cheese

  11. spill the tae sis

    spill the tae sis2 dias atrás

    look at the lettuce on the left side of the pizza at 4:10

  12. nico nic

    nico nic2 dias atrás

    chido video

  13. ITzFusionYT

    ITzFusionYT2 dias atrás

    13:11 double sensation 2: electric boogaloo

  14. Fariha Shaheen

    Fariha Shaheen2 dias atrás

    The doritos pizza was also in Pakistan!

  15. Alistair Rigby

    Alistair Rigby3 dias atrás

    As an Australian, I have never seen a Dorito crusted pizza.

  16. totsga smokes

    totsga smokes3 dias atrás

    I love how everything I eat tastes like Hong kong

  17. totsga smokes

    totsga smokes3 dias atrás

    *sushi pizza* Them: MuSt BE cANadA

  18. Skyler Wright

    Skyler Wright4 dias atrás

    will you guys get Chace a shirt that fits him hahah

  19. Sharklops

    Sharklops4 dias atrás

    Link's jacket is dooope

  20. Biscuit Boyz

    Biscuit Boyz4 dias atrás

    First of all I live in Australia and I lived there for 34 yrs and I have never seen that pizza

  21. Roy F-W

    Roy F-W4 dias atrás

    Damn it, now I'm going to have to make some pizza

  22. vPurpp Don't Miss

    vPurpp Don't Miss5 dias atrás

    How did they not know that was a BLT pizza

  23. shnizzle drizzle

    shnizzle drizzle5 dias atrás

    How tf does Nigeria have a Pizza Hut

  24. Destiny livingstone

    Destiny livingstone3 dias atrás


  25. Era Of Dissolution

    Era Of Dissolution4 dias atrás

    why tf wouldn't they have pizza hut?

  26. Salwa akhtar

    Salwa akhtar5 dias atrás

    Ooh ive had the burger pizza👌👌👌

  27. [CM|T] BUTTERCUP635 [CM|T]

    [CM|T] BUTTERCUP635 [CM|T]6 dias atrás

    I see you link wearing that Kappa 👀

  28. Abduh Ariks

    Abduh Ariks6 dias atrás

    Which branchs provide these international food? Im curious if normal people can order as well, or does it fly ?

  29. Bethany Evangelista

    Bethany Evangelista6 dias atrás

    The song today reminds me of The Mighty Boosh hahaha

  30. Pizza Night

    Pizza Night7 dias atrás

    We do love a good pizza hut... 🍕


    COLOUR CLOUD8 dias atrás

    I love British people's very much love from Lahore Pakistan 😘😘😍😘😍😘😍 friends mere vdo BHI Dekho share bhi kro friend Ke Saath

  32. ; ;í

    ; ;í8 dias atrás

    Apricot chicken mmmmmmmmmmm. cranberry chicken is alright but Apricot chicken mmmmmmm

  33. Joshua Park

    Joshua Park8 dias atrás

    Link with the KAPPA!!!🔥🔥🔥

  34. Déja Vu

    Déja Vu9 dias atrás

    Hungary isn't known for most but this is alright...never mind

  35. Nikki

    Nikki9 dias atrás

    I wish they could do one involving Poland. I didn't see any yet. Unless im just blind😂

  36. Andrey David

    Andrey David9 dias atrás

    It is a coincident that Rhett and Link ate the pizza from Australia *Crust First* instead of the tip? o.0

  37. Breast Emperor

    Breast Emperor9 dias atrás

    Can I have a cheeseburger? EHEHEHEHEHE!

  38. K Landgraf

    K Landgraf9 dias atrás

    Love these. Darts should be played like this all the time lol

  39. Oxyrone •

    Oxyrone •9 dias atrás

    *boneless pizza*

  40. Legendazf Betancohurt

    Legendazf Betancohurt9 dias atrás

    I like Hut pizza, tastes better than Domino's pizza.

  41. 6God 0Scared

    6God 0Scared9 dias atrás

    Pizza Hut used to have a pizza called taco pizza which was the best pizza from Pizza Hut but it’s discontinued

  42. southern dip reviews

    southern dip reviews11 dias atrás

    Pineapple ham pizza is amzing

  43. Gustavo Erazo

    Gustavo Erazo11 dias atrás

    I've never seen anyone the crust only 7:02

  44. Caramel Waffle

    Caramel Waffle11 dias atrás

    I have the exact same clock in the intro 😲

  45. RoseisoutofherTOGA

    RoseisoutofherTOGA11 dias atrás

    I love all the Papa Johns commercials during this episode lol

  46. King Of The Ocean

    King Of The Ocean11 dias atrás

    When will link realize that pizza has tomato sauce on it

  47. puttputt524

    puttputt52412 dias atrás

    The best Pizza Hut I ever had was squid, corn, ham, on a double thin crust with a layer of cream cheese.

  48. Punky Plays

    Punky Plays12 dias atrás

    It would be funny if he said arya shart

  49. Kylee Phenis

    Kylee Phenis12 dias atrás

    Okkkkk link! I see you in that quarter zip👀👀👀👀

  50. Antony Schoas

    Antony Schoas12 dias atrás

    Link y u so bad?

  51. PrincessXDevonny

    PrincessXDevonny12 dias atrás

    Chase and his cute cartographer outfit!! 😍😍

  52. Daily_Vibes

    Daily_Vibes13 dias atrás

    Don’t let him have darts we all know how he can’t have sharp things