iPhone 11 Pro Max Hands On!


  1. Jonathan Morrison

    Jonathan Morrison8 dias atrás

    iPhone 11 Pro or this setup? 😍 brreporter.com/v/video-DWi8STIoRfM.html

  2. porsche is #1

    porsche is #12 dias atrás

    iphone 11 pro. pre ordered one

  3. DR128BIT

    DR128BIT2 dias atrás

    I tell people that if you're not using the iPhone 11 Pro Max with 3 cameras, then you are behind the times. The trend moving forward is 3 or more cameras, not less. It is time to upgrade, don't delay.

  4. Hamid SHRK

    Hamid SHRK4 dias atrás

    Jonathan Morrison I thought it was a Philips shaver😂😂😂😂

  5. Devarshi Patel

    Devarshi Patel11 horas atrás

    Apple is just stupid now.

  6. Mae Tuanis

    Mae Tuanis17 horas atrás

    Are worry for Camara I can’t believe junk

  7. Joel Sage

    Joel SageDia atrás

    Am I the only person who doesn’t want USB-C on iPhones? I like being able to charge my phone, keyboard, and air pods with the same cable 😞

  8. Nalinda Dilshan

    Nalinda DilshanDia atrás

    What’s so wrong with calling it a slowfie ?? 🙄🙄🤷🏻‍♂️ it’s kinda fun

  9. Up Dog

    Up DogDia atrás

    Are those the new fender in ear monitors?

  10. Amin.Vlogs

    Amin.VlogsDia atrás

    I love the midnight green but I’m thinking of sticking with the space grey... this is the hardest decision ever

  11. hosstube7

    hosstube7Dia atrás

    can someone buy for me iPhone 11? because is so expensive for me. * This is real request * please

  12. Bradley James Marshall

    Bradley James MarshallDia atrás

    The phone looks horrific

  13. Vasko Tomov

    Vasko TomovDia atrás

    this is not hands on you idiot

  14. mr kim

    mr kimDia atrás

    new iphone games >>apps.apple.com/us/developer/mohammad-ali/id915233503?iPhoneSoftwarePage=6#iPhoneSoftwarePage

  15. Spedro Pltrau

    Spedro PltrauDia atrás

    iPhone users are happy with something like "3 more hours of battery life" eventhough under the spec it may have same battery capacity or even lesser. iPhone haters are happy with "now with extra 1000mAh battery capacity" eventhough in real life the added capacity gets cancelled out by more screen resolution (their eyes need 8000ppi to be able to see) or by updated processor or more screen brightness etc.

  16. Mar Jon

    Mar JonDia atrás

    Boring and ugly phone

  17. Mushrooms

    MushroomsDia atrás

    *Techrax has entered the chat.*

  18. Henry Hynek

    Henry HynekDia atrás

    Selling my kidneys+an eye will be thy only chance to get my hands on this fone

  19. Jane Solares

    Jane SolaresDia atrás

    Watching this video in my iphone xs max

  20. Ben Correll

    Ben CorrellDia atrás

    Cant wait for the review!

  21. Steve Mano

    Steve ManoDia atrás

    I only want the iPhone SE 2. Why is it so difficult?

  22. mattbwilliams5

    mattbwilliams5Dia atrás

    Which are you getting?

  23. Brandon Brends

    Brandon BrendsDia atrás

    Triple camera looks like a PHILIPS SHAVER

  24. tim erhardt

    tim erhardtDia atrás

    Just preordered 2 of the Pro Max iPhone 11’s, I haven’t had a new iPhone since the 6+ so I’m pretty excited about it.

  25. β e t a P V N K Music

    β e t a P V N K MusicDia atrás

    I’m going with silver, ships earlier

  26. Overwatch's Oreos

    Overwatch's OreosDia atrás

    I'm gonna wait until next year to get the iPhone 12 Xs pro Max s R

  27. diamond princeza

    diamond princezaDia atrás

    I literally thought you was hugging a puppy 🤣 my screen is cracked I couldn’t see very well 👀 love your videos god bless

  28. Ameera Thani

    Ameera Thani2 dias atrás

    I don’t like

  29. Angel Luna

    Angel Luna2 dias atrás

    I can do it on my Nokia N95

  30. Iowa Eightyfive

    Iowa Eightyfive2 dias atrás

    I have a 6s upgrade this year or wait till next year?

  31. M Arsh

    M Arsh2 dias atrás

    Other than a few extra holes for cameras no innovation since iphone 6/7

  32. Becca Deweerdt

    Becca Deweerdt2 dias atrás

    Just preordered my midnight green pro max!🤤

  33. Ole Jørgen Kjøhl

    Ole Jørgen Kjøhl2 dias atrás

    Hey man! 🤞🏽💚 Cant wait to get my hands on that iPhone! 💚🙏🏼

  34. Juan Lucas

    Juan Lucas2 dias atrás

    Clean the sensor of your Camara 🤦🏽‍♂️

  35. Frugal Shrimp

    Frugal Shrimp2 dias atrás

    It’s time for a shakeup of the design team...

  36. SkyView Cinematic, LLC

    SkyView Cinematic, LLC2 dias atrás

    It’s a piece of shit. Samsung has all these features already

  37. Raging Roguebull

    Raging Roguebull2 dias atrás

    I am so excited over this because of YOU! You do EXCELLENT work & you should feel very proud. I've always liked your approach and you help me with my purchases. Thank you!

  38. ManolisAFG

    ManolisAFG2 dias atrás

    iPhone 11 = 3 camera iPhone 20 = Maybe no screen only cameras?...😯

  39. Ankur Jha

    Ankur Jha2 dias atrás

    ManolisAFG buy these cameras. We will sell the phone separately.

  40. Akande Olaitan

    Akande Olaitan2 dias atrás

    🤣🤣🤣🤣. Huawei 5000

  41. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Captain Jack Sparrow2 dias atrás

    Iphone 11pm

  42. XMFR

    XMFR2 dias atrás

    This is how apple should’ve described their new phone #revampedAd m.brreporter.com/v/video-lsuyRTqwMtc.html

  43. Max Ma

    Max Ma2 dias atrás

    This aspect ratio tho

  44. shafiq mustafa

    shafiq mustafa2 dias atrás

    No thanks

  45. TEAM-_- OXY

    TEAM-_- OXY2 dias atrás

    i bought iphone 11 its just 2000$

  46. Hello Hi

    Hello Hi2 dias atrás

    If my iPhone XS Max wouldn’t be badly cracked I probably end up not upgrading Should have got apple care😔

  47. Mariokart360

    Mariokart3602 dias atrás

    All they had to do was make the triple camera lay out vertical and it wouldn’t have been so trash...

  48. HIllel Friedler

    HIllel Friedler2 dias atrás


  49. Honda 2000

    Honda 20002 dias atrás

    The whole recording video from both cameras simultaneously seems awesome for action shots. Any apps available now to do so on current iPhones? Androids do this already I’d assume?

  50. Ong Beng Hooi

    Ong Beng Hooi2 dias atrás

    Why is all the reviews done on the iPhone 11 is showing the back of the phone 99% of the time, I am not using the back of the phone, I am not buying something because the butt looks great

  51. Ashaf.

    Ashaf.2 dias atrás

    did you found mickey mouse?

  52. Regine Augustin

    Regine Augustin2 dias atrás

    Hi I am stuck between the 11 pro and the 11 pro max . Can someone help me please! The smaller or one or the bigger one?

  53. Flamin Mangoes

    Flamin Mangoes2 dias atrás

    I pre ordered the midnight green pro max today 👌🏻

  54. QueenTaken Pretty

    QueenTaken Pretty2 dias atrás

    I am thinking about getting this omg I can not wait got to hit up Five and below and spend 100 on phone cases 😂😂❤

  55. Rafael Mihai

    Rafael Mihai2 dias atrás

    Area 51 is almost here boys. Tim Apple can’t hide the iPhone 9 any longer

  56. Orion

    Orion2 dias atrás

    Midnight green right here

  57. rihanna fan

    rihanna fan3 dias atrás

    I’m stuck between buying the iPhone 11 or the iPhone 11 Pro Max, or the iPhone XS Max. I’m upgrading from the iPhone 8

  58. Chad Fraser

    Chad Fraser3 dias atrás

    I only get stainless steel because it’s the only variant that can be polished to remove scratches. Gold, Green & Grey (GGG) all have PDV coatings which will look terrible by the time you’re ready to sell them second hand.

  59. Sebastian Lara

    Sebastian Lara3 dias atrás

    You are very pessimist. The compound interest of the small changes every phone company makes every year may seem minimal but over time you get a very powerful device. A billion dollar company doesn’t change, a billion dollar company improves.

  60. Yuri Ramos

    Yuri Ramos3 dias atrás

    iPhone 11 pro max Space Gray is awesome

  61. Ali

    Ali3 dias atrás

    LOL MKBHD ✌🏻

  62. Tabitha Carter

    Tabitha Carter3 dias atrás

    is the size of the pro the size as an 8+

  63. Seven Up

    Seven Up3 dias atrás

    To all the peeps that say if u buy this u will be ripped off .. (1) ...I am going to buy it , cuz hey I can afford to be ripped off .

  64. Seven Up

    Seven Up3 dias atrás

    Why do poor people say expensive things are ugly ?