THE FLASH8 horas atrás


  2. Alexis Panlilio

    Alexis PanlilioDia atrás

    1978 look like the Banana's in Pjamas.

  3. Achmad Bintang

    Achmad Bintang3 dias atrás

    Dat 1978 iron man looks like a scp creature

  4. Spidey 07

    Spidey 073 dias atrás

    1978 was kinda cool but what was that design?

  5. S E N P A I 8 1 3

    S E N P A I 8 1 33 dias atrás

    You will be missed over 3000 times, Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark.

  6. Tom The pussy cat

    Tom The pussy cat3 dias atrás


  7. nosferatu

    nosferatu4 dias atrás

    RDJ is Iron Man

  8. Chris Santiago

    Chris Santiago5 dias atrás

    1987 oh man what habe they done to u

  9. mario

    mario6 dias atrás

    I never knew iron man had an anime

  10. Benben ReSaag

    Benben ReSaag11 dias atrás

    1966 first video clip and rdj is still one year old

  11. Rahma Wati

    Rahma Wati12 dias atrás

    I remembered now, why I got 3 stickers from dairy product in Indonesia *forgot what the brand was. 3 stickers were The things, Iron Man, and Spider Man .. in 1994 cartoon Iron Man explained 🙄🙄🙄

  12. Raquel Diotay

    Raquel Diotay13 dias atrás


  13. Raquel Diotay

    Raquel Diotay13 dias atrás

    wow more fun videos

  14. MC

    MC15 dias atrás


  15. gopala krishna suda

    gopala krishna suda17 dias atrás

    You missed civil war And age of Ultron

  16. Gavin 31

    Gavin 3118 dias atrás


  17. Jim Tey

    Jim Tey21 dia atrás

    2019 anyone?

  18. Ron B

    Ron B22 dias atrás

    Iron man 2 the videogame: In the movie tony built Mark 6 with the triangle chest reactor for his new arc reactor with triangle form. But in this game he has his triangle chest and still wears his mark 4 armor. This doesn't make sense to me.

  19. Menderes Özkan

    Menderes Özkan23 dias atrás

    Man!! Where is Age of Ultron

  20. Menderes Özkan

    Menderes Özkan23 dias atrás

    Captain America Civil War

  21. PugMaster48

    PugMaster4824 dias atrás

    Why did they skip Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War? He was a main character in those.

  22. 1 Subscriber! Goals Lol

    1 Subscriber! Goals Lol25 dias atrás

    No, he died in 2023. Remember, in Endgame, it occured after Thanos snapped his fingers. They did a 5 year skip, 2018+5= 2023. But for the vanished, it was just one day. When they all came back throught Wong and Stephen's portals, they were in the final battle. That occured in 2023.

  23. Mr Orange

    Mr Orange27 dias atrás

    1978 *Walking Laundromat*

  24. O Bee

    O Bee28 dias atrás

    1978's iron man version make me laugh

  25. Wilson Souza

    Wilson Souza28 dias atrás

    The armor from the movie made at 1978 isn't from Iron Man"s movie, but from the movie "EXOman".

  26. Flesh n Bone

    Flesh n BoneMês atrás

  27. Master Kevin

    Master KevinMês atrás

    What is the song of intro ?

  28. Dargan Williams

    Dargan WilliamsMês atrás

    Can Japan not ruin Iron Man with anime like I don't care if they make it but its just too cringey

  29. 228

    228Mês atrás

    What? Age of Ultron

  30. 사람입니다

    사람입니다Mês atrás


  31. Карина Авилова

    Карина АвиловаMês atrás

    0:45 this is not iron man

  32. Денис Котенёв

    Денис КотенёвMês atrás

    Where is Civil war?

  33. Psycho Chaathan

    Psycho ChaathanMês atrás


  34. Psycho Chaathan

    Psycho ChaathanMês atrás


  35. Vero_ Berti_3000

    Vero_ Berti_3000Mês atrás


  36. Christine Macapagal

    Christine MacapagalMês atrás

    The second iron man is a fucker

  37. matthew mayhugh

    matthew mayhughMês atrás

    u forgot age of Ultron and civil war

  38. SpiderWick

    SpiderWickMês atrás

    9:02 *woah i didnt know where was a new show called "IULTIMANE SPIDERMAN" that was released in 2012 amazing*

  39. Dwckie

    DwckieMês atrás

    Hey you forgot the gravestone ironman smh

  40. Big Rub

    Big RubMês atrás

    seems like you kind of gave up in the end

  41. Hello Gamer tr

    Hello Gamer trMês atrás

    Is DEAD sory

  42. Thea Gamer.s

    Thea Gamer.sMês atrás

    Rip Tony stark

  43. zack bot 16

    zack bot 16Mês atrás

    You forgot captain America civil war

  44. The Armenyan Flash

    The Armenyan FlashMês atrás

    This a not full

  45. Yahaira Casas

    Yahaira CasasMês atrás

    He forgot iron man 3

  46. Real Nature-Sound-Videos

    Real Nature-Sound-VideosMês atrás

    And music evolution 😎

  47. Finter,The Gaming

    Finter,The GamingMês atrás

    1966 is very very cringe

  48. Rồng Nước

    Rồng NướcMês atrás

    *Where is Civil War?*

  49. Cheenu Bhatt

    Cheenu BhattMês atrás

    दूसरा वाला तो toppa lag raha hai😂

  50. Carlos Gabriel Gomes

    Carlos Gabriel GomesMês atrás


  51. da pycho

    da pychoMês atrás

    Iron man anime?


    AWESOMENESS_555Mês atrás

    When this video was made everyone was oblivious of what was gonna happen in endgame