IRONMAN Stop Motion Action Video Part 7


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    Hello! What program do you use? Greetings from Mexico!!! I love you vídeos!!!

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    Avengers endgame leaked footage

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    Rip stan lee

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    Part 8

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    Você tem vários bonecos legais😎😎😎

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    Make a transformers series plz!!!

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    Wow! So smooth! Just outstanding.

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    infinity war endgame is out now and this is it


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    I wonder if there's gonna be any more arguments Between Stefan and his dad

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    What new enemies or allies are going to arrive in the house 🏡 next?

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    Where can you order the toys

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    3:37 when your moms put a color bomb in your toy then you git blind for a second

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    Old voide why age

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    it"s made iron man shild

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    iron man shild wow

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    What would marvels do now without stan lee?

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    i love the boxing scene

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    Doktor strange cant make portal because the time stone is on thanos

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    Fake thanos cant teleport

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    0:43 Rape Face Activated

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    oi sou brasileiro mais amo essa serie de action figures...assisto desde pequeno e admiro muito o seu trabalho...acredito que voce trabalhou bem duro pra fazer essa serie de action figure por isso eu deixo like em todos os seus video de action figures e me inscrevi no seu canal...grande abraço!!!

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    Pretty awesome dude you should try using green would be easy since they're only toys...hope you'll try

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    Where did you get the iron man toy

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    Thanks snapper his fingers and now Stan Lee is gone 😭😭😭

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    How much do you buy all your iron man figures for?? I’m guessing they’re really expensive? Lozaus pls answer this comment tho cuz I wanna see if I could buy these.

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    I like this video because of the action figures

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    The directors of the movie Avengers 4 should copy this and this could be the key to saving half the universe

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    What application use you?

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    mr. osman i don't feel good

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    Man, thos video is cool , I try to make the channel i have now and I SUCK

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    Can you put cuddle team leader from fortnite an put it in some of your videos

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    i love action figuers this is what i watch evryday

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    You are legend mate but could you add some overwatch characters I'd like to see how it would tie in ya know have tracer team up with Spidey to stop thanos

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    I remember the day you did Spider-Man vs the green version ah the memories

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    Me encantaría tener un canal pero de stop motion y me gusta como los haces

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    Son los mejores videos que he visto

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    can i have the spiderman homecoming action figure please my lil bro wants it i live in philippines ok

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    lozaus1 can you send me the link for iron man mark 50?

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    ok, to confirm, a toy has the ability to do so many things, like make a hole in the space time continuum, dissolve states of matter, make revolutionary technology, fucking create portals, kill people with a literal snap?

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    qual programa vc usa?

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    so if there is an avengers endgame toys that is iron man he would upgrade it

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    The two things that I like most about this video. Is Inorman using his new armor to stand his ground against Thanos. Homecoming spiderman remembering all the good things in his life and probably realizing he had taken it for granted.

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    Is the best

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    Are those ironman's shield really accessories of it? Or you handmade it???

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    Thanos disentegrates iron man's shield Why don't u just disentegrate iron man ???

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