Is Donald Trump Trying to Deport Melania? | The Daily Show


  1. Blogger Blogg

    Blogger Blogg23 horas atrás

    My friend who lives in USA he likes Trump, he is an immigrant. Trump his absolute favorite of him, even he bought that famous baseball hat: "I make America Great Again"...


    THE BIG BAD WOLFDia atrás

    Fuck T***p in the ass, Family style!

  3. Jonathan Still

    Jonathan Still2 dias atrás

    Not Really. Trump would never deport Melania, it's just a mating ritual they go through. Donald has to heatedly extort, bribe, whine , threaten, intimidate and lie prior to his being able to get sex from Melania. But only once the honeymoon was over.

  4. Gale Miller

    Gale Miller4 dias atrás

    Trevor Noah is one of the funniest guys and I love the way he slams our idiot president!? Still can't wrap my mind around that one?🤔$$$$$

  5. katelyn madsen

    katelyn madsen4 dias atrás

    #dontdeportmelania 😂😂

  6. Brent Manning

    Brent Manning5 dias atrás

    Has anyone ever considered that Trump is actually trying to get Melania deported so he doesnt have to get divorced and pay her prenatal agreement because we all know by his past he hates paying ppl if shes deported she cant come back to the US to get a divorce or sue him. So he would be saving himself millions.

  7. Asiwome Baku

    Asiwome Baku6 dias atrás


  8. Mo Ma

    Mo Ma6 dias atrás

    Trevor Noah is a powerful leader

  9. Tone 210

    Tone 2107 dias atrás

    As a black man I have to admit that Melania is the most beautiful first lady America has been blessed to behold.

  10. L.t. M

    L.t. M7 dias atrás

    That joke about his family coming to the US was really on point, the audience thought so too haha

  11. Mo Ma

    Mo Ma6 dias atrás

    Yes .One can tell he means it for real.

  12. Freshairkaboom

    Freshairkaboom8 dias atrás

    A hashtag with the wrong don't...seems legit for 2019. Broken English.

  13. katia mariano

    katia mariano9 dias atrás

    What ? Was Trevor Noah on dance with the stars ???????

  14. Obehi Ewanfoh

    Obehi Ewanfoh10 dias atrás

    #Don't Deport Melania. Don't!!!

  15. Maggie Garbalena

    Maggie Garbalena11 dias atrás

    Gotta love Noah Trevor!! Always speaks the truth through humor.

  16. Delly Letho Dlamini

    Delly Letho Dlamini11 dias atrás


  17. Da’Ladybug E

    Da’Ladybug E11 dias atrás

    I have 0 Sympathy for that woman

  18. Cath Lyn

    Cath Lyn12 dias atrás

    Trevor is an eye opener.. #dontdeportmelania🤣

  19. Mrs. Cracker

    Mrs. Cracker14 dias atrás

    Melania looks different in every picture

  20. saffron wetter

    saffron wetter15 dias atrás

    The DemonRATS are always going after someone. Making themselves look stupid.

  21. Hulda

    Hulda16 dias atrás

    Trump’s grandparents were illegal German immigrants , and the real Americans did not deport them. After benefiting hugely from it, he is more American than the Americans., and turns himself into a thorn in the flesh of others. The president should give peace a chance. GOD will help him.

  22. America Cachetona

    America Cachetona16 dias atrás

    I don’t fun him funny. Where are the jokes about the other First Ladies?

  23. Ronny Sterling

    Ronny Sterling18 dias atrás

    Deport noah!!!

  24. Asmo Gaming

    Asmo Gaming19 dias atrás

    "Bavarian authorities accused him of emigrating when he was too young to avoid fulfilling his military service" Frederick trump bio LMAO like grandfather like grandson

  25. ahmed

    ahmed19 dias atrás

    (Canada vs Africa) in claiming Melania.

  26. Sunny Lunasoul

    Sunny Lunasoul21 dia atrás

    Trump wants to deport people whos ancestors were in americas since day one..

  27. simone griffiths

    simone griffiths24 dias atrás


  28. Wizard of Frobozz

    Wizard of Frobozz25 dias atrás

    Does Melania qualify for this VISA ? read it yourself.

  29. Anna Zampi

    Anna Zampi26 dias atrás

    Because shes banging every one else.💞

  30. Amjad Yousafzai

    Amjad Yousafzai29 dias atrás

    All americans are immagrants from UK, Spain, Portuguese, france etc except Red Indian local inhabitants of that area.

  31. Khulekani Hbt

    Khulekani HbtMês atrás

    Trevoh we are coming to visist prepare pap and stew😂

  32. tom jonas

    tom jonasMês atrás

    So funny!

  33. Kwisatz

    KwisatzMês atrás

    Well, Don usually gets itchy for a new & better looking wife about every 10 years. So Melania, is boot close. Might need to change her Student Visa to a new Ralph's Card for da ICE-man!

  34. Rita Walker

    Rita WalkerMês atrás

    I like Melania she's is a loving proud Mom. She has my vote.

  35. Annie S.

    Annie S.Mês atrás

    Let's have chain "emigration" of the trump administration and all of his voters out of this country to, oh say....Oh Somalia! They have small government there, I think they will enjoy it!

  36. Annie S.

    Annie S.Mês atrás

    I think to make the 2020 election exciting, the 3rd lady should divorce trump.

  37. Mr. Gfresh

    Mr. GfreshMês atrás

    Prejudice and hypocrisy in the USA stink in high heaven!

  38. Jean Redman-Roberts

    Jean Redman-RobertsMês atrás

    She got her visa stamped every few months? Well, that's one way to put it.

  39. Philippe Gilson

    Philippe GilsonMês atrás

    Hello Trevor ! This is what Europeans think about the USA. Trump is a disaster, not even a joke !!! African-American, Chinese-American, Spanish-American,... I never heard of European-American nor White-American. This is the real racial American problem. Americans are the most racist people in the world. The German wall collapsed and Dumb-Trump makes a new one with Mexico. What is the problem ? Natives-Americans are not white. From history they are ancient Egyptians discovering central America. Trump :"America is the greatest country in the world !" And sometimes "Let's America be great again". America is not great with Trump as president. He is as a kindergarten boy at the university playground. Phil from Belgium. Somewhere in Europe most of you don't even know where it is...

  40. Narciso de Almeida

    Narciso de AlmeidaMês atrás

    Trevor you became an Idiot,not much funny,if i were Trump you would be back in Kayalisha where you fit best.

  41. Aleta Thomas

    Aleta ThomasMês atrás

    Chain him up !

  42. Aleta Thomas

    Aleta ThomasMês atrás

    Einstein .. Melainia .. ? Nope !

  43. Urzsula Z

    Urzsula ZMês atrás


  44. Urzsula Z

    Urzsula ZMês atrás

    How can i get a Einstein Visa program?!?

  45. Urzsula Z

    Urzsula ZMês atrás


  46. Urzsula Z

    Urzsula ZMês atrás


  47. Paul Priore

    Paul PrioreMês atrás

    They should deport report this asshole from the daily show.

  48. Casper Christensen

    Casper ChristensenMês atrás

    I havnt seen much video of her, but she seems like an alright grill.

  49. Regina S

    Regina SMês atrás

    His father did just that....

  50. Sandra Walker

    Sandra WalkerMês atrás

    BREAKING NEWS: First lady, Melania Trump is in a serious problem, likely to be deported.

  51. Bea Vizcarra

    Bea VizcarraMês atrás

    This woman broke law. I can’t stand this family

  52. Trudy Augustin

    Trudy AugustinMês atrás

    I watched this video more than once😃. Who can relate?

  53. Trudy Augustin

    Trudy AugustinMês atrás

    Urzsula Z 😊

  54. Urzsula Z

    Urzsula ZMês atrás

    Trudy Augustin Even me, from Brazil ✋

  55. Trudy Augustin

    Trudy AugustinMês atrás

    Urzsula Z that’s a smart conversation and it’s funny.

  56. Urzsula Z

    Urzsula ZMês atrás


  57. Urzsula Z

    Urzsula ZMês atrás

    Trudy Augustin me 2

  58. jackgoldman1

    jackgoldman1Mês atrás

    Why do Hollywood do nothing losers and International Jewish bigots hate Trump, our elected President? End the hate. Support our President. We had to put up with Obama for eight years. Now it's Dems turn to put up with Trump.

  59. Nora Vaisman

    Nora VaismanMês atrás

    Lack of respect. Thing changed in 30 years. This is mean.

  60. Ilisoni Uluitoga

    Ilisoni UluitogaMês atrás

    I cant believe this mental disbelief dissillusional state of mind by liberals 😂😂😂..You leftists Never learn🤦‍♂️😂 Nobody: MEdia and Leftist:Impeach trump,Trump Bad,USA is suffering USA(Actual Americans who dont really watch these B.S media,and are easily brainwashed) : Voted Trump 2016!!!! USA 2020:Truth prevails,Trump was Never what Media said back then,And will continue to make America Great Again.🙌🙌🇺🇲 #But I Still ironically enjoy and Laugh at Trevor,He's Funny then and will be funny still ☕

  61. Sthembiso MKHIZE

    Sthembiso MKHIZEMês atrás

    Lol niyangizwa 😂😂😂

  62. Brenda McHenry

    Brenda McHenryMês atrás

    I was reading some comments Who is or has become perfect. Who's with out SIN cast the first Stone. I don't think anyone is so perfect.

  63. Brenda McHenry

    Brenda McHenryMês atrás

    I Don't know who the funny man is on this program but if I were him he'd better watch his MOUTH. Your talking about Our Vice-Presidend with a bad mouth. He's GOD's man you're messing with GOD. You're showing who you really are. People of a America they're lying about Our President Trump. Find out for you're self. Our is doing What no other President has done for our Country in s long time. My VOTE is for a second TERM!!! 2020😊💝😊

  64. Julio Mendez

    Julio MendezMês atrás

    Wow I got deported lost my children good to know

  65. Nannette Couch

    Nannette CouchMês atrás

    Someone should and send her parents back with her...

  66. Richard Stephan

    Richard StephanMês atrás

    Trump, please care for humanity. Be the hero for the world. Do only good things permanently forever.

  67. LivB

    LivBMês atrás

    but melania`s parent where able to get citizenship within a short period. dat corruption donny pampers

  68. Tealc

    TealcMês atrás

    What a shit show...