Is Meat Bad for You? Is Meat Unhealthy?


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    Here are our sources: It is very fascinating to see that the both extremes, vegans and people on meat heavy diets hate this video. Usually we are attacked more from one direction - in this cases both ends of the spectrums are really upset. Anything relating to nutrition is very controversial unfortunately. Someone on twitter posted this: There is research showing strong links between dietary choices and social identity: So if you want to, you can find sources telling you that every kind of diet is bad for you. We tried very hard not to do that and get a real understanding what the health effects of meat are. We also did not have a particular bias, we have vegetarians, flexitarians and meat eaters in the team. And in general, since our first meat video many of us have reduced their meat consumption or at least try to. Others in the team have not changed at all and don't plan to. We don't have an overarching agenda here, one way or the other. There is a video about milk in the making right now and we also just started a video about veganism. Look forward to more diet related videos next year.

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    @Heather Dyett In regards to "In moderation, meat is not unhealthy” being an opinion, the opposite is also true. If they had stated instead "even in moderation, meat is unhealthy" the same problem would exist. Really all they could change there is throw is a guarding word such as 'may' or simply state that it's contentious and it is difficult to know for sure. Moreover the statement is only misleading if it is false, which is up for debate. Nutrition science is known for being difficult to conduct clinical trials in and most seem to focus on bio-markers, rather then the effect the food has on harder endpoints like death. While not useless, effects on bio-markers are usually not absolute proof that a food is good or bad. Epidemiological studies on the other hand, are usually based on limited food frequency questionnaires and have an impossible amount of confounding factors to account for. In nutrition all anyone can really do is make an educated guess and keep an eye out for new information. Also, the results differ depending on the food being looked at. Do you think that fish, chicken are bad as well, or is it only red meat you disagree with? Also, Caldwell Esselstyn's reversal study was both heavily confounded and only had a single arm. In addition to the removal of meat, exercise was recommended, statins were added later i believe, junk food was taken off the menu and i wouldn't be surprised if weight loss played a role either. Due to there not being a control group, it cannot be said that similar results would not be seen in people following a similar protocol with the inclusion of meat.

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    You are hereby banned from saying "Vitamin".

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    I would recommend you to watch " What the Health?" on Netflix... Some of your informations aren't true... Like if u agree

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    Am I the only one who got uncumfortable by the way they kept pronouncing “vitamin”

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    My one friend is vegetarian, but because he finds meat disgusting. He doesn't like the taste of it.

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    5:16 but... 1 glass of wine a day is healthy... right?

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    now do, "Is Vegetables Bad For You? Is Vegetables Unhealthy?"

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    I watch all of your videos and I try to explain them to my classmates and teachers

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    most biased video of Kurzgesagt ever very disappointed!

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    What about biomagnification of microplastic and chemicals cause by fish ??

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    This video taught me more Biology than I ever studied in my 3 years of Bio class ....

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    So red meat and processed meats are bad; white meat and fish are better. Thanks kurzgesagt I have had a lot of questions on this subject!

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    Like Thor: The Dark World is the worst of the Marvel movies, yet it's still a decent movie

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    Yes white meat and fish are better, much like it is "better" to be stabbed than to be shot. "Better" does not mean it is actually good for, just not as bad as something else. The chicken and fishing industries have been pulling that switch for decades. And amazingly it keeps working. So I think we should focus on food that are good for us, as in by consuming them we are actively improving our health. You know like fruits and vegetables, nuts, seed, beans and lentils.

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    People who eat meat are killing them selves and the environment everyday idk why it’s so hard for people to understand that meat is just disgusting if you really think about it

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    Comment section: "Go watch a vegan's video, surely more reputable and trustworthy than Kurzgesagt! No bias, promise" "What about mercury in fish?" "SCIENCE HAS PROVEN EATING A GRAM OF MEAT INCREASES YOUR CANCER RISK" Jesus Christ people. Eat whatever the hell you want, in the end you'll all go back to the ground

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    If meat is unhealthy, I don't want to be healthy.

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    I'm actually fine with that, especially if you don't reproduce before your heart attack or stroke.

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    5:53 cc says processed wheat instead of processed meat....

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    If you want to be more healthy it's simple: Look for labels like Organic (which doesn't have the same weight as it used to sadly) and cruelty free. Avoid all processed meats. Eat chicken where possible, wild fish is better (Salmon is the best). Our intestines are too long to digest meat, we weren't built for it, and with city life styles we don't need it. The very best thing to do is to simply stop eating it. Also, the very fact that slaughter industries pay off health companies to say meat is fine is proof enough that it isn't lol.

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    This video attempts to tell everyone what they want to hear and seems to be surprisingly successful. If you add the advertising in the description, it is more of a clickbait than an actual informative service. Also, ever heard of control variables in empirical studies [min 5:00]? Because they exist.

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    now do, "Is Vegetables Bad For You? Is Vegetables Unhealthy?"

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    at this point, I have given up everything gives you cancer

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    What? there is like no fat in chicken.. wtf

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    In India vegetarian delicacies are more delicious than nonvegeterian.

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    Hello Kurzgesagt, I love what you do, Can you make a video on Graphene ? its uses and how humanity can use it to become type 3 civilization.

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    In Goa, India, people selling fish were caught adding formalin - a substance used to preserve dead bodies known to be highly carcinogenic to fish so as to preserve them.

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    Sure, more sushi, well at least until we manage to kill nearly every fish in the ocean, estimated to be about 15 years from now at the current rate, sooner if doctors and health agencies don't stop telling people to eat more and more fish. So sure, help us in our gluttony kill everything left to kill.

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    Each time I watch a video it scares me so much to the point where I don't know what to do and Ive been watching these videos a lot

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    It’s too bad you didn’t talk about Weston Price and his pioneering work in the nutrition field.

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    That is hysterical. Thanks I really needed a good laugh. BTW, you do know that Price wrote in his book that everybody should follow a vegetarian diet don't you? You wouldn't know that from the people who stole his good name so they could peddle their dangerous delusions about nutrition.

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    I eat like 200 to 500 g of meat each day, I am from Argentina, country with the best meat IN THE WORLD... I am super healthy, I also eat vegetables and other food, and I have 0 problems... this is genetics...

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    Matias Hernan Lauriti I mean like some people can’t eat certain foods

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    @ThatGuyCanmanNC yeah, but I mean, we still need meat...

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    Matias Hernan Lauriti your right kinda but it’s not a family line but a race thing, some countries in the mediterran can get this sickness that other people can’t get

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    let's eat insects

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    Fish isn’t bad for you, mercury is

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    All animal protein including fish increases the amount of IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor) circulating in our blood and decreases the amount of IGF binding protein, which takes excess IGF-1 out of circulation. IGF-1 place a central role in every stage of cancer initiation, growth and propagation. This isn't controversial. This has been measured multiple time in clinical trials. The response is universal and changes in a dose dependent manner.

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    I wish they had given examples of what and how to tell what processed meat is. To me it just sounds like a huge buzz word and if I actually wanted to cut back I wouldn't even know where to start.

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    now do, "Is Vegetables Bad For You? Is Vegetables Unhealthy?"

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    I pretty much only eat meat. Trying to cut out everything else. So far no adverse health effects. I’m 31. Been meaning all my life. Fuck this channel brah.

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    The key is to vary the meats you eat, that's why I choose McDonald's as my fast food of choice! At McDonald's you get to choose from all sorts of premium burgers such as: Filet o' Fish(mhmm!), Cheese Burger(yum!) or the mighty Jr. Chicken(yowza! yes yes delicioso!)

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    My aunt was a vegetarian, never drank or smoked and worked out every day. She died of cancer recently. Just live your life and do what makes you happy. Death does not care if you are a good person or not. He sees you the same way he sees an ant. When it’s your time. It’s your time. Don’t worry be happy and accept it. 🤷‍♂️

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    lombardo141 I think you should live your life happy but she is a amazing person and she is honored through your family probably because of that

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    First of all, I hate animal fat, because its hard to chew, plus its in most meat products. Poultry and seafood would be healthier if people *STOP POLLUTING!!!!*. Also I love your videos, I would like to see a video if people stop pollution and end global warming. Please heart this comment, thanks!

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    People just love hearing good things about their bad habits. A lot of distorted or incorrect information here.

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    I just had a déjà vu, that I had a déjà vu while watching this video.

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    Well it seems like we agree that most people should reduce their meat consumption if they care about their health.

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    The Inuit do not have a purely meat based diet.

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    I eat mostly fish and chicken and only once or twice a week of each. I eat red meat very rarely maybe once every 2 months im not kidding

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    Red meat is better for you than chicken.

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    If you're eating fish and it isn't farmed it has plastic in it.

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    i never get indigestion from eating meet, and a lot from eating vegetables. 3 vegetarians i know had teeth fall out by 40 years old and two died from a virus infection

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    Thank you for making such thought provoking content. You are a truly amazing channel, and I will be forever grateful to you.

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    MedicinalMinds please go and read about Prof John Ioannidis work. You’ll understand that almost 100% of studies about nutrition are biased. He shows clearly how easy it is to bring out claims and their opposite. With his team they took a cook book and randomly chose 50 ingredients and performed a Meta analysis on all of them. The result was eloquent. Everything is cancerogen AND life saving. I mean EVERYTHING. Just look it up please. Ioannidis is know and very appreciated by statisticians but hated by nutritionists and all those who live on people’s fears and ignorance like the guy who made this video. Cheers from Switzerland (the world leader of food artificial flavor)

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    Kurzgesagt, BRIGHT SIDE stole your idea of strange matter! They even made it say: the most dangerous substance in the universe! They also detailed the video the exact way you did!

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    I really wish for a video of vegetarianism.

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    Plato quoted by Philo Judaeus, made an interesting statement: “That which goes into the mouth of the individual is a material sustenance. But the best that comes out of the mouth in form of speech can change the course of history.” Therefore, nutrition is a private business. Expression, vocally, is a public concern.

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    5:42 Every time someone tries to make this argument with me, I try to bring up Thiamin Mononitrate (essential B Vitamin) and Nitroglycerin/Glycerol Trinitrate (extremely important medicine that has saved millions of lives by curing certain terminal heart ailments, ignoring the fact that it has also destroyed many others with its explosive properties).

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    first part of the video is fucking bullshit, you dont need meat

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    Meat? For what? There isn't anything in meat that isn't readily available in plants, including all of the essential amino acids. Did you know that no animal is able to make any amino acids from scratch? The best animals can do is change one type of amino acid into another. And no animal can change any non-essential amino acid into an essential amino acid. So plants are the *only* source of essential amino acids. Every essential amino acid you consume in meat, eggs or dairy came from a plant. It just had a stop or two along the way to your plate.

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    Wow, a video about meat that’s actually nuanced and not incredibly biased. That’s something we could use more of.

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    Nuanced does not necessary mean accurate. Sometimes the science is pretty clear, and in the case of meat it is. On net the harms of meat outweigh the benefits of meat, thus meat does not promote health in humans. Meat is not an acute toxin that can make you sick or die (unless it is contaminated with pathogenic bacteria like most retail meat is). But even assuming you don't get some undercooked meat and die within days of e. coli O:157, the harms still negatively affect long term health. For most people the health effects of whole plant food is far more positive than negative (because sure there are some negative effects of plants). So on balance whole plant food promotes overall long term health. Even more important the positive aspects of meat can be found in similar abundance in whole plant foods with few if any of the negative aspects of meat.

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    I eat spinach, meat and potatoes once a week. It's delicious the way it's prepared. especially thyme on meat.

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    What about the mercury in fish? Is that something so small you don't need to worry about it? I've heard that you aren't supposed to give too much fish to young kids for that reason.

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    @Kegeshook oki thx m8 ^^

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    The amount of mercury in most fish is too insignificant to worry about. Just don't eat swordfish everyday and you'll be fine.

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    Bird: Hey! Here's some plants I collected from the jungle, there tons of vitamins in these plants! Want some? Person: Nah, I rather eat meat, especially *BIRD MEAT* Bird: ( °͈▵°͈)

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    canan karatay says Red meat proteins start to lose weight

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    4:07 Are there seriously enough ppl who eat horse so regularly that it should be included as a red meat? If so why not include squirrel and deer

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    All processes food are dangerous. That includes bread from refined flour.

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