Isla de los Micos, Amazonas, Colombia


  1. Orlando Salinas

    Orlando Salinas3 dias atrás


  2. samiprosan zx

    samiprosan zx3 meses atrás

    Pobrecito 0:42

  3. Pablo

    Pablo5 meses atrás

    Me encanta !!

  4. RojoKike

    RojoKikeAnos atrás

    Yo tratando de tocar su corazón 0:43

  5. Fernanda Rojas

    Fernanda RojasAnos atrás

    Quiero uno de esos

  6. Yaretzi Citlali Aldana Alvarado

    Yaretzi Citlali Aldana AlvaradoAnos atrás

    En donde está?????

  7. Gonzalo Guerra Siquihva

    Gonzalo Guerra SiquihvaAnos atrás

    En el Amazonas Llama al 3112091587 para viajes al pulmón de la humanidad!

  8. victor gabriel turpo

    victor gabriel turpoAnos atrás

    En la isla de los micos :v

  9. Yanira Tambo Felix

    Yanira Tambo FelixAnos atrás

    En el minuto 2:07

  10. Johanna Diaz

    Johanna Diaz11 meses atrás

    Uy si, q mal ese tonto

  11. luz urbina

    luz urbinaAnos atrás

    Lindos anmalitos

  12. Pepe montes

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  13. francisco barbosa

    francisco barbosa2 anos atrás

    Muy hermoso

  14. Chloe Miller

    Chloe Miller2 anos atrás

    Hi there! I am a video producer with INSIDER and I'd love to do a story about la Isla de Los Micos. Would it be okay with you if we featured some clips from this video, with onscreen credit to you, in the story? It would be published on INSIDER Travel's Facebook page: Please let me know if this is okay, reply here or email, thanks! - Chloe

  15. SalivateMetal

    SalivateMetal3 anos atrás

    ahaah Very cute!! Do the monkeys have claws? Hope they don't scratch. Looks like a lot of fun. Is the lady in the blue shirt Paula's hermana? Muy bonita! I wonder if the monkees like to be petted/ They certainly like to climb on you guys.

  16. Paula Saldaña

    Paula Saldaña3 anos atrás

    oooooh!!!! que bonitos!

  17. Gonzalo Guerra Siquihva

    Gonzalo Guerra SiquihvaAnos atrás

    Llama al 3112091587 para viajar al pulmón de la humanidad