Israel Adesanya China vs NZ MMA YT


  1. Lnonymous Everything that L's

    Lnonymous Everything that L'sDia atrás


  2. Felix Lam

    Felix Lam2 dias atrás

    I hope chinese people is aware the culture of kungfu is a shit It occurs stupidity to chinese people

  3. Felix Lam

    Felix Lam2 dias atrás

    All the. Chinese kungfu is a dance A shit


    JACK MAXIM2 dias atrás

    I think china man eat lot of dog meat cause he has too much body calories. not stiff at all lose muscle.

  5. Death Sentence 1888

    Death Sentence 18882 dias atrás

    what the fuck is this stupid asian guy doing first punch in the face well and then back off and lay down to get beated up and KO

  6. Kevin C

    Kevin C2 dias atrás

    He deserved it

  7. K1ngAw3som3

    K1ngAw3som32 dias atrás

    Why’d he lay down? Just to get whipped? My goodness.

  8. Chris Kun

    Chris Kun3 dias atrás

    Free Tibet

  9. Manu Unnithan

    Manu Unnithan3 dias atrás



    HYUNGWOOK KIM4 dias atrás

    걸다어니는 신병 짱라꼴 샌백드 머리저 멍이멍 끼새ㅋㅋㅋ

  11. Jimmy C

    Jimmy C5 dias atrás

    Where that Asian guy came from? Disco Dance is out dated... But wtf he laid on the floor anyway?

  12. Joseph Gichuki

    Joseph Gichuki5 dias atrás

    goodnight every body

  13. Dt Thapa Magar

    Dt Thapa Magar5 dias atrás

    Like adesanya

  14. Adam Green

    Adam Green6 dias atrás

    Only if it went the distance, then the Chinese guy would have defiantly won ....

  15. Dęę Måçk

    Dęę Måçk6 dias atrás

    Dudes NARCOLEPSY kicked in Suddenly 💤💤

  16. Kelvin Buff Mann

    Kelvin Buff Mann7 dias atrás

    Chinese dude is tired

  17. Quang Nguyễn

    Quang Nguyễn7 dias atrás


  18. Ahmad Khan

    Ahmad Khan7 dias atrás

    Very funny

  19. Mustafa Khallouf

    Mustafa Khallouf7 dias atrás


  20. supawit sadtasak

    supawit sadtasak8 dias atrás

    นักมวย บ้า

  21. William Gallego

    William Gallego8 dias atrás

    Getout to sleep at your house men,,bye

  22. William Gallego

    William Gallego8 dias atrás

    Asiactic bad fighter very stupid

  23. Sanjay Dewa

    Sanjay Dewa8 dias atrás

    Cina ke kontol

  24. 王小

    王小8 dias atrás

    So good

  25. Jackass Dick

    Jackass Dick9 dias atrás

    Man Asians are the weakest mma fighters in the world why are they still fighting nigga

  26. Mobile game

    Mobile game9 dias atrás

    No china tau kua

  27. Donglas Marbun

    Donglas Marbun10 dias atrás

    Respect 🙏


    TheNATCHALOS10 dias atrás

    African Nigerian Adesanya, a beast and a gentleman, the Chinese guy has a strong will, but Adesanya is just in a league of his own..The Chinese and other orientals didn't like this one bit.

  29. Jermaine jones

    Jermaine jones10 dias atrás

    I like his fights

  30. FAM SEL

    FAM SEL10 dias atrás

    great job

  31. antoine ATTA

    antoine ATTA10 dias atrás


  32. Mister Taxman

    Mister Taxman11 dias atrás

    So I guess that’s kung fu. Maybe he forgot that the sleeping panda technique works only in the movies.

  33. ช่วย บรรเทาทุกข์

    ช่วย บรรเทาทุกข์11 dias atrás

    หน้งฝรั หนัง.ฝรัง

  34. Y Nghi Le

    Y Nghi Le11 dias atrás

    Lói danh gióng cung le wa

  35. Hoa Nguyen

    Hoa Nguyen12 dias atrás

    Cho chet me no luon di...da ngu con to ra nguy hiểm

  36. g oogle

    g oogle12 dias atrás

    작전에 딱 걸려들었네 바닥에 들어눕는걸 봐줬더니 대놓고 드러눕다 파운딩작열 뜨거운 맛을 보는구나 ㅋㅋ

  37. Du Ma

    Du Ma12 dias atrás

    He tried the crouching tiger, hidden back but failed


    TheNATCHALOS10 dias atrás

    lol you are silly, made me laugh

  39. Anh Thuong

    Anh Thuong13 dias atrás

    Năm xuong cho dit ma không đít lai danh ngươi ta

  40. 徐徐帅

    徐徐帅13 dias atrás

    when round 1 finish.. the Chinese’s couch told him: that guy afraid lie down fight with u. when u feel tird u just lie down wait him

  41. craig ovenden

    craig ovenden12 dias atrás

    He seriously miscalculated with that strategy. I think he might have already been done for at that stage anyway. That Chinese fighter was very impressive and did many things very well but he couldn't make the fight go his way. He was dealing with a truly phenomenal athlete. It was a very good fight to watch.

  42. Ulysses

    Ulysses13 dias atrás

    Adesanya is good but overrated. He was exposed by Gastelum.

  43. NgocBich Hoang

    NgocBich Hoang15 dias atrás

    Fucking shit Chima man Laydown for Milk and Duck bakeing !!! Go to the hell Chinese

  44. Caique Meireles

    Caique Meireles15 dias atrás

    Esse cara é um mostro Israel sou seu fa

  45. An Trịnh

    An Trịnh16 dias atrás

    Tu cao tu dai

  46. An Trịnh

    An Trịnh16 dias atrás

    Dapcchet thang moi do di

  47. Spha Nkosi

    Spha Nkosi16 dias atrás

    you can't be mathematician and a figher at the same time.

  48. no comment

    no comment17 dias atrás

    Dude basically quit by pulling gaurd , what a terrible decision ...or was there a body shot just beforehand ? Stylebender is a beast

  49. Braylies The Bees Knees

    Braylies The Bees Knees16 dias atrás

    no comment knee as he over extended on the punch

  50. Gabriel Cabazos

    Gabriel Cabazos17 dias atrás

    Wtf setup if I ever saw 1 smh

  51. The Afghan

    The Afghan18 dias atrás

    fuck israel

  52. Abu Bakari

    Abu Bakari18 dias atrás

    Fuck you bitch

  53. Riley Johnson

    Riley Johnson19 dias atrás

    All these people need a hard switch kick to the liver to have some empathy for this poor man

  54. Arun Chemparathy

    Arun Chemparathy19 dias atrás

    This would happen to Bruce Lee if were at this time.

  55. Daisy Kwee

    Daisy Kwee19 dias atrás

    I stumbled upon this channel by chance. My reaction is : Why all those ugly racist remarks? Were they necessary, even relevant? Or was it just the mentality of some people?

  56. DC Compscie

    DC Compscie20 dias atrás

    The Chinese is to humble that's why he loss.

  57. 13% yellow

    13% yellow21 dia atrás

    红方非输不可,很多机会不出手,狠揍这个丢人的傻瓜!一看就不行 。回家抱孩子去吧!中国这么多拳击手没见比他再丢份的了

  58. ford larkins

    ford larkins22 dias atrás

    That Chinese guy was paid to full dont know by who but u can see it at the end an even in the fight he wasn't there win

  59. HuchtenMMA Ganbaatar

    HuchtenMMA Ganbaatar23 dias atrás

    Monkey CHINA

  60. Hong Nhung

    Hong Nhung23 dias atrás

    Thằng tào lao nhảy như chó mắc phong bị đấm cho mặt như cái nền chúc mừng mày nhé

  61. Terry N

    Terry N24 dias atrás

    He got sleepy at the end of the fight and decided to lay down for a second

  62. JAy Buto

    JAy Buto25 dias atrás

    Nak ng tokwa... Puro kc lugaw kinakain mo eh.... Kumain ka ng kanen!!

  63. Trigga Tre

    Trigga Tre24 dias atrás

    I put this in google translate and you are talking about "Cooking"... lol is this slang in filipino or something hahaha

  64. Tijani Agboola

    Tijani Agboola25 dias atrás

    Adesanya, you a good fighter, keep it up.

  65. hetoka yeptho

    hetoka yeptho25 dias atrás

    No doubt he is a good fighter n his moves are sleek plus he can predict his opponent's moves. But the best thing about him is, he is a gentleman and humble, he helps his opponents once finishes them in every of his fights. M ur fan. N come to UFC beat that Jon Jones..

  66. phil dave

    phil dave26 dias atrás

    1900 chinese don't like this, but still suck a dick

  67. Dee_Backflowz

    Dee_Backflowz27 dias atrás

    I get mad when Israel gives respect after he wins and they don't reply to it..

  68. Trigga Tre

    Trigga Tre24 dias atrás

    Exactly! I felt that to my core bruh...

  69. Harlock Ace

    Harlock Ace27 dias atrás

    Lol... mr china🤣🤣🤣🤦

  70. Yenle Le

    Yenle Le27 dias atrás

    ilive was American killer China did for the Earle

  71. Ethan Hale

    Ethan Hale27 dias atrás

    Every fight I watch.. I think his greatest advantage in his fights is his ability to evade shots coming in. Good fakes and fast footwork.

  72. Nicolas Chophi

    Nicolas Chophi27 dias atrás

    Chinese guy is not a real fighter, he just stood there and got bashed up except for the ending part but there too he fooled himself lol, he otherwise all the time played only safe game, which is not always helpful in a fight. You gotta attack sometimes to see any openings or weakness and counter it But I know he has no required attacking skills either. Moreover throwing few punches as a counter turned waste of energy without precision.

  73. Saqlain Bhai Official

    Saqlain Bhai Official28 dias atrás


  74. Swadheen Kumar Samal

    Swadheen Kumar Samal29 dias atrás

    5:36 who like it !!

  75. davidca96

    davidca9629 dias atrás

    there arent black people in New Zealand pffffffffffff (any libs who are offended, thats called humor)

  76. mao jjinping

    mao jjinping29 dias atrás

    The Chinese are dirty, smelly, lazy and loud.

  77. Rhyne jade Larano

    Rhyne jade LaranoMês atrás

    the Chinese guy need a dentist :D

  78. Kevun Ford

    Kevun FordMês atrás

    Both fighters did excellent,, two very skilfull fighters...

  79. Okoye Moses

    Okoye MosesMês atrás

    May God give your enemies a liver kick!!

  80. Coner Mech

    Coner MechMês atrás

    China fighter lol hahaha

  81. only god can judge me

    only god can judge meMês atrás

    The black guy block the back nerve he sleep like taking medicine hahaha African is strong if any from Africa watch my comment give me thumb 🖒.

  82. Maanik Bawa

    Maanik BawaMês atrás

    WTF was the asian thinking at the end of the fight

  83. Abu Bakari

    Abu Bakari18 dias atrás

    He is a grappler.he was hoping yo catch Izzy In submission

  84. mb1968nz

    mb1968nzMês atrás



    LEGEND OV BAGOMês atrás

    Chine needs to open some sand mining company,not in UFC again


    TA3_ UNKNΩWNNMês atrás

    Dumb ass move going to the ground💯😂

  87. Hjsaidol azri

    Hjsaidol azriMês atrás


  88. Hjsaidol azri

    Hjsaidol azriMês atrás


  89. 田原

    田原Mês atrás


  90. CHRIST ON WHEELS Ministries

    CHRIST ON WHEELS MinistriesMês atrás

    I just like the way they pronounced his name. Adesanya

  91. Cơm nắm cute

    Cơm nắm cuteMês atrás


  92. #RealistChat UK

    #RealistChat UKMês atrás

    Fucking lovely

  93. jeff gallant

    jeff gallantMês atrás

    If he beats Whittaker I will be shocked

  94. Kay Tolu

    Kay ToluMês atrás

    Lmaooo donkey ass 😂😭

  95. Thetruth

    ThetruthMês atrás

    Israel is arguably the most stylish fighter the world has ever seen



    Chinese Japan Korea Thailand etc.. all powerless people they cannot fight

  97. Abu Bakari

    Abu Bakari18 dias atrás

    Your a idiot.fighting ability has nothing to do with race

  98. HolisticallyPowerful

    HolisticallyPowerfulMês atrás

    So true... God was not on their side.. from defending themselves and their dicks 😂😂😂😂😂

  99. Lam Hoang Vu

    Lam Hoang VuMês atrás

    China is the Dog, very bag.

  100. Sơn Nguyễn

    Sơn NguyễnMês atrás

    Until nằm đạp thật bá đạo 😁😁

  101. Mic Wop

    Mic WopMês atrás

    Lol dude really put his hands under his head ready to take a nap real quick 😂😂😂

  102. Roger Britton

    Roger BrittonMês atrás

    Israel is an awesome fighter the best

  103. Mamud Sesay

    Mamud SesayMês atrás

    Do not mess with black man

  104. Dawood Ashrati

    Dawood AshratiMês atrás

    I don't like this cage. This is for boxing not mma.

  105. Brooklyn Nathan

    Brooklyn NathanMês atrás

    The art of napping

  106. Dennis B

    Dennis BMês atrás

    Introducing a knew fighting style. Beat my ass while on my back.

  107. Issa Israel

    Issa IsraelMês atrás


  108. Charles Israel

    Charles IsraelMês atrás

    So in Mark 13:21 the guy ask israel to finish him. Lmao idiot

  109. Menad Belabbas

    Menad BelabbasMês atrás

    excellent combattant vivacité grande maitrise technique et un style provocateur qui déstabilise l'adversaire

  110. Klaus Meine Acaso

    Klaus Meine AcasoMês atrás

    Embarrassing chinese just made punching bag🤣

  111. 隨緣

    隨緣Mês atrás