Israel Adesanya China vs NZ MMA YT


  1. José De Jesús

    José De Jesús11 horas atrás

    Todavía lo dejo parar ese si es chingon

  2. alex walker

    alex walker13 horas atrás

    that poor Asian monkey dont know who to fight apart from sleeping on the ground. actually they are just unfit to qualify at this type of fight.

  3. Ajisefinni Olufemi

    Ajisefinni OlufemiDia atrás

    Please be focused don't let the achievement consume you. Live responsible as an African descent so that you can enjoy your labour at the end. Learn from those who were there but failed

  4. muhamad firas

    muhamad firasDia atrás

    Stupid chinese

  5. Lungken tayeng K tayeng

    Lungken tayeng K tayengDia atrás

    I support Chinese because he is handsme

  6. Apple Head jh

    Apple Head jh2 dias atrás

    So he was born Nigeria but he was bored up in New Zealand

  7. Somali Afro

    Somali Afro2 dias atrás

    Every kick the Chinese guy was vomiting a cockroach or a little fangas or i dont know what hhh

  8. demarchio wrice

    demarchio wrice2 dias atrás

    He should've studied Bruce Lee lol

  9. Febyan alka adhi Nugroho Alka

    Febyan alka adhi Nugroho Alka2 dias atrás

    Israel adesanya very good.adesanya strong yee

  10. james levergood

    james levergood3 dias atrás

    What a coward this Chinese fighter is. He was scared to throw anything all fight long, and then his next best idea was to fall on his back and get pounded out in like record fashion. I mean I get it it you get into the ring with someone and you quickly realized you’re out matched, but in that case I would have more respect for someone who took a chance at something rather than clam up and fall down.

  11. Manuel Carboni

    Manuel Carboni3 dias atrás

    Its not s fight !! Der Chinese ist absolut scheisse und hätter der andere ernst gemacht wäre er schon längst Knock

  12. Pete HOTSAUCE

    Pete HOTSAUCE3 dias atrás


  13. Tiến9 Trịnh

    Tiến9 Trịnh3 dias atrás

    Võ tàu chúng mày chưởng ra rồng với rắn đi ae xem nào..Bọn tàu khựa chỉ mồm là giỏi

  14. adi coi

    adi coi4 dias atrás

    This is a ediot fighter from China,

  15. Danial skizo

    Danial skizo4 dias atrás

    Israel adesanya...i...lobbbb youuuuu

  16. mas blangkon

    mas blangkon4 dias atrás

    waw. .nice video my friend 😃

  17. marek marko

    marek marko5 dias atrás

    Wasn’t bad idea take him to the ground..tall long arms fighter who great keep distance. Best to do it in first round when he is not much slippery even if he will escape definitely you make him tired.

  18. Hamba Allah

    Hamba Allah5 dias atrás

    But in this fight.. I enjoy u woop The chinese ass

  19. Hamba Allah

    Hamba Allah5 dias atrás

    Israel is a Cocky fighters... I predicted, soon or later u will faced an misery end..

  20. Fighting Words Boxing Network

    Fighting Words Boxing Network5 dias atrás

    Hamba Allah your obvious short fat and white!!! All reasons not to be cocky!

  21. Joseph Gichuki

    Joseph Gichuki5 dias atrás

    China are only good in movie shooting in real life they are chicken for slaughtering

  22. Kean Amuba

    Kean Amuba5 dias atrás

    Israel vs jon jones

  23. Kean Amuba

    Kean Amuba5 dias atrás

    Boring fight, the Chinese punch is weak.

  24. 0nline Chick3n

    0nline Chick3n6 dias atrás

    Đánh k lại,năm ăn vạ


    SENSEI PETTEN8 dias atrás

    The Asian fella appeared to just lay down and quit. Israel is indeed a marvel to watch. It's like Lyoto Machida, Muhammed Ali, and Chuck Liddell are coming out of him. Wow. Osu

  26. Wamo Majinot

    Wamo Majinot8 dias atrás


  27. Justice erim Junior

    Justice erim Junior9 dias atrás


  28. Guangxin Sui

    Guangxin Sui9 dias atrás


  29. Camara Safadão

    Camara Safadão10 dias atrás

    Muito fraco

  30. Camara Safadão

    Camara Safadão10 dias atrás

    EU desafio ele

  31. Mark Kevin Docto

    Mark Kevin Docto10 dias atrás

    Haha damn stupid

  32. Hendrick Cho

    Hendrick Cho11 dias atrás

    Give him a chance..

  33. lewis willson

    lewis willson11 dias atrás

    The Chinese feels like a winner after just 1 good punch and play with the match

  34. willy no brainz

    willy no brainz12 dias atrás

    Yeah he doesn't act like his nigga cousin in USA but I bet he got a white girl

  35. Jorgemar Amaral

    Jorgemar Amaral13 dias atrás

    esse China, eu acho que é bicha

  36. Sakuragi Hanamichi

    Sakuragi Hanamichi13 dias atrás

    bruhthese comments are so racist

  37. dan phong

    dan phong14 dias atrás

    Dm china

  38. Shiva Gubbadi

    Shiva Gubbadi14 dias atrás

    i support israill

  39. لابد من حل

    لابد من حل15 dias atrás

    Israel ???? 🤭🤭🤭😂😂😂😂😂 what kind of fucking pigs 🐖 fighter are this 🐀 cowards terrorists zionist murderers

  40. Ryan Anderson

    Ryan Anderson15 dias atrás

    Now their both in the ufc 💪💪💪💪

  41. ارسلان عباس

    ارسلان عباس15 dias atrás

    Fukc iasrel

  42. Ryan Anderson

    Ryan Anderson15 dias atrás

    Fuck you bitch

  43. aboubacar Kaba

    aboubacar Kaba16 dias atrás

    I from guinea Conakry i love you so much

  44. Carlos Gomes

    Carlos Gomes19 dias atrás

    Esse chinês é viado,entregou a luta.

  45. Harrison Chien

    Harrison Chien19 dias atrás

    If you don’t have solid skill of punching, you gotta have better skill of kicking.

  46. Nagyon Okos Minde Tudó Béla Úr

    Nagyon Okos Minde Tudó Béla Úr19 dias atrás

    Made in China was a very bad quality.

  47. taiyoctopus

    taiyoctopus19 dias atrás

    Perfect finish to that fight lmao.

  48. Agesvina aprilliya

    Agesvina aprilliya19 dias atrás

    hebat..wlopun menang gk sombong..ada org indonesia gk disini

  49. ipan Farcry

    ipan Farcry4 dias atrás

    ada dong sayang 😄

  50. Nnaemeka Okolieuwa

    Nnaemeka Okolieuwa19 dias atrás

    Please allow the Chinese guy get enough sleep...😁😁


    TURAN KA SAK20 dias atrás

    Китайский тварь уроды , мрази сдохните

  52. Abdullah Shameem

    Abdullah Shameem20 dias atrás

    God I was glad to see him put an end to it like that lol.

  53. Mohammed __

    Mohammed __20 dias atrás

    Wonderful strategy just lay down and let Israel beat ur ass with his elbows

  54. Silas Jansen

    Silas Jansen21 dia atrás

    chinês deu mole, pq esse cara não tentou derrubar o cara antes se jogar no chão.

  55. Panther Force

    Panther Force21 dia atrás

    To all u motherfuckers, Israel knocked out spider Silva, so I guess none of u have the right to scoff at this Chinese fighter. Israel is very skillful, fast, calm, and always at great pace, with great TD defense. Now, mma is one thing, this Chinese fighter are a nobody in Chinese San Shou community, San Shou is Chinese form of kicking boxing has similarities with Muay Thai, ever wonder San Shou is just look up prime Cung le in Strick Force, broke Franck Shamrock forearm with one kick, and he is not even close to the top San Shou legend like Liu Hailong, Yuan Yubao and Bao Ligao, Bai Ligao nearly killed a Muay Thai champion in Bangkok during a Roral Cup match on Thai Emperor’s birth day. It’s really unfortunate all the best San Shou fighters in China are all fought under and controlled by the Party if u know what I mean, otherwise, if they signed with UFC, wow boy..... there will be a whole new definition for true kickboxing, not the American or Japsnese ones, BJJ, Wrestling boys would be in deep shit.

  56. Preye Yinkore

    Preye Yinkore7 dias atrás

    Then change your govt so you can have better fighters out there🤗

  57. Ras Walipan

    Ras Walipan22 dias atrás

    I dont think the Chinese athlete is stupid,I actually think he had some well rehearsed judo or jujitsu moves that he thought he could implement if Israel came for him on the floor. He almost got him at some point towards the end of the 1st round. Unfortunately it didn't work out for him and just he got himself smashed to pulp. Got knocked knocked the fuck out. Only real man can step into that ring. Big up to both fighters 🤗👍

  58. Joseph Liang

    Joseph Liang22 dias atrás

    The black guy is amazing. Wow,

  59. thc01 khachhang

    thc01 khachhang22 dias atrás

    Oh ChiNa

  60. binh haquang

    binh haquang23 dias atrás

    Chinese is dogs

  61. Amarjit Moirangthem

    Amarjit Moirangthem23 dias atrás


  62. Thắng Lương

    Thắng Lương23 dias atrás

    Ông này đánh kinh lắm, trận này bán độ à?

  63. Risky Kiki Official

    Risky Kiki Official23 dias atrás

    Respect full

  64. Florestal Dieutel

    Florestal Dieutel24 dias atrás

    Good job brother👏

  65. nam ho Kim

    nam ho Kim24 dias atrás

    He just wanted to lay down and get some sleep.and an opponent player made him sleep.

  66. Gabriel Perez Lomeli

    Gabriel Perez Lomeli24 dias atrás

    Es un paquiao el día q lo golpien vale chorizo

  67. Anom Ari

    Anom Ari24 dias atrás

    who scream tayo tayo ? fucking tayo

  68. Direct XYZ

    Direct XYZ24 dias atrás


  69. Travel Music

    Travel Music24 dias atrás


  70. Junior Santos

    Junior Santos25 dias atrás

    Chamou Para o chão ENTÃO TÁ TOMA!!!!haha

  71. Jorge Lopez

    Jorge Lopez25 dias atrás

    Que le de grasias a su Dios que no se enfrentó a Caín Velásquez


    MINI GAME25 dias atrás

    Fuck china


    MINI GAME25 dias atrás

    Tàu cẩu đi tới đâu củg chơi bẩn


    MENDIGO DE LIKE25 dias atrás

    O china lutou ate bem mas relaxou no final por isso perdeu a luta esse cara tem um cotovelo de aço parecia ate o Jon Jones porra!

  75. Shivaprasad K S

    Shivaprasad K S25 dias atrás

    Good sportsmanship

  76. mr. etew

    mr. etew25 dias atrás


  77. quyết vũ

    quyết vũ25 dias atrás

    Kakaka...fuck'in chinese

  78. Wimon Saeyang

    Wimon Saeyang25 dias atrás


  79. Juan Cruz

    Juan Cruz26 dias atrás

    Chinese corner...I think this guy beats Anderson Silva 3 yrs from now

  80. Alfresno Alfresno

    Alfresno Alfresno27 dias atrás

    China idiot fight

  81. Bruce Banner

    Bruce Banner27 dias atrás

    For Christ's sake Chinese man please fight...

  82. Keh Htoo

    Keh Htoo27 dias atrás

    Chinese man fight no good

  83. pat phanhsackdy

    pat phanhsackdy28 dias atrás

    They didnt look too happy to give Israel that trophy 🤔

  84. Erivaldo de Rezende

    Erivaldo de Rezende28 dias atrás

    Vocês acham engraçado quebrar a cara dos outros, que prazer há nisso. Esse japonês poderia ter morrido na porrada

  85. Duduk Ngayap

    Duduk Ngayap28 dias atrás

    chinesse the litle eye

  86. Yongfeng Cui

    Yongfeng Cui28 dias atrás


  87. Jay Moor

    Jay Moor29 dias atrás

    if i were this chinese guy ..i rather go sell my pirated videos

  88. Франк нукими

    Франк нукими29 dias atrás

    He's just amazing Israel

  89. Франк нукими

    Франк нукими29 dias atrás

    He don't know how to seat?😂😂😂😂

  90. K-Alpha

    K-Alpha29 dias atrás

    Jiilocano song

  91. Ucop Biadap

    Ucop BiadapMês atrás

    He fight like girl😂😂 Goodjob adesanya,you are the best..tq coz beat the china ass..hahahaha

  92. Paul hugo

    Paul hugoMês atrás

    hillary is a cunt

  93. Owen Brennan

    Owen BrennanMês atrás

    Roundhouse on rope rd 2 wouldve took his head off.

  94. BOUSSOUGOU Owarel

    BOUSSOUGOU OwarelMês atrás

    The Chinese must come get fighters in Africa as the french do

  95. Ackim Michelo

    Ackim MicheloMês atrás

    The difference between a Chinese product and an African bleed 😂😂😂

  96. Nchaiv Iam

    Nchaiv IamMês atrás

    Cago en chino tio

  97. Wil ###

    Wil ###Mês atrás

    O china luta bem

  98. wadever

    wadeverMês atrás

    lol chinese dude taking a quick nap or what?

  99. Kaireh Ismail

    Kaireh IsmailMês atrás

    The Chinese guy was a warrior big respect

  100. Sam Rahmati

    Sam RahmatiMês atrás

    Looks like the pay the Chiness guy to loser he just sat down so that he come on top to finish , very obvious

  101. Maxell Segura

    Maxell SeguraMês atrás

    That lady shouting in the background is purely annoying

  102. edivaldo galvaomerlo

    edivaldo galvaomerloMês atrás

    Moeu o japa no pau kkkk


    THECOMMTY™Mês atrás

    Ilove nigeria❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  104. rmarius marius

    rmarius mariusMês atrás

    Hhhhaaaaha haaaa ha.

  105. Kris L

    Kris LMês atrás

    10:55... Chinese dude straight up threw the fight after landing a clean hit, what a joke and corrupt ass game, rigged garbage.