IT CHAPTER TWO - Final Trailer [HD]


  1. Idk000000

    Idk00000027 minutos atrás

    "And do ya know what happens when ya don't float back down?!" -Mr. Krabs probably

  2. STUPID Sister

    STUPID SisterHora atrás


  3. rick vaughan

    rick vaughan2 horas atrás

    Watches both it movies and is below the required age: Rebel

  4. Candra Harvanda

    Candra Harvanda3 horas atrás

    Aku orang indo sendiriii woiiiii

  5. Stella Davis

    Stella Davis9 horas atrás

    2:11 they showed that part in the trailer.. when eddie..

  6. Carlich

    Carlich19 horas atrás

    Oh sh*t, here we go again

  7. SG 7104C

    SG 7104C23 horas atrás


  8. Tysofly.203

    Tysofly.203Dia atrás

    Those stunt dub 0:38 - 2:28

  9. bodey saeed

    bodey saeedDia atrás

    follow me in IG and get direct link to download this movie

  10. Anime Is Beautiful

    Anime Is BeautifulDia atrás

    Do you just wish that pennywise is in your neighborhood?

  11. NRG MMA

    NRG MMADia atrás

    These McDonald’s commercials are getting out of hand

  12. ケンブリッジあすか

    ケンブリッジあすか2 dias atrás


  13. Rob Adie Comedy

    Rob Adie Comedy2 dias atrás

    Part of Me: "They should have filmed scenes with Stan for the trailer to avoid spoilers." Other Part of Me: "The book is 30 years old and the original TV movie is 20 years old. Everyone knows Stan is dead."

  14. Funtime Red 35

    Funtime Red 352 dias atrás


  15. Mohammad Hussain

    Mohammad Hussain2 dias atrás

    Georgie: You lied and I died. Me: I'm eating pie and you sigh

  16. Coolman436

    Coolman4362 dias atrás

    They should make a Pennywise VS Mary like if you agree

  17. Kayo Alves silva

    Kayo Alves silva2 dias atrás

    *for twenty seven years I waited for this trailer*

  18. •Cold•ice•

    •Cold•ice•3 dias atrás

    Who cried when Stanley wrote the letter when he killed himself 😭

  19. Cake Is awesome

    Cake Is awesomeDia atrás

    •Cold•ice• nobody

  20. •Cold•ice•

    •Cold•ice•3 dias atrás

    Because he wanted to save his friends 😭

  21. Devin Sasser

    Devin Sasser3 dias atrás

    Eww that smile 😨😰😰😥😥

  22. Truth Ridgnal

    Truth Ridgnal3 dias atrás

    Pennywise helped me realize that “dream’t” is a real word

  23. 平澤浩

    平澤浩3 dias atrás

    JUNJUNBTMD junhaerin@JGjadjtmKTATJ it

  24. DarkOfNights

    DarkOfNights3 dias atrás

    I think I have a crush on pennywise now bc of this

  25. keshawn safiyar

    keshawn safiyar4 dias atrás

    I think penny wise took all those year's to inflate those baloons

  26. FuturePheonix 237

    FuturePheonix 2374 dias atrás

    🎈🤡 🥼 🥽

  27. Robert Delafuente

    Robert Delafuente4 dias atrás

    #IT2 In this trailer it shows mike & pennywise at a broken down building why they cut it out??

  28. BananaBoi _

    BananaBoi _3 dias atrás

    The movie was gonna originally gonna be 7 hours long so they had to cut off more than half. Btw da movie was a MASTERPIECE

  29. Robert Delafuente

    Robert Delafuente4 dias atrás

    In #IT2 They cut out the solo encounters of mike & pennywise It shows IT and mike in a broken down building

  30. Brendan Milburn

    Brendan Milburn4 dias atrás

    The movie was already 2hr and 50min. Somethings had to be cut for time.

  31. Milk Roblox

    Milk Roblox5 dias atrás

    Chapter 3: The children of them! :)

  32. Amin Guides

    Amin Guides5 dias atrás

    Best & Perfect thriller horror movie 😍

  33. steelbarber

    steelbarber5 dias atrás

    No matter what the movie was like, this trailer still gives me chills.

  34. keepyafaithxo

    keepyafaithxo5 dias atrás

    James Mcavoy needs an oscar if he doesn't have one. he is the same actor from split, narnia

  35. keepyafaithxo

    keepyafaithxo5 dias atrás

    0:47 he is a hottie oh damn.

  36. Gacha Lunarxx

    Gacha Lunarxx5 dias atrás

    Why am I watching this 😳

  37. dewtuber

    dewtuber5 dias atrás

    Bill Skarsgård who plays pennywise is my mom’s third cousin

  38. Yassry Mustapha

    Yassry Mustapha5 dias atrás

    Watch the actor of pennywises dad play the old pennywise in it3

  39. kick-Ass Productions

    kick-Ass Productions5 dias atrás

    I just came here to read the reviews of the movie. After reading the comments seriously what the fu*k is going on ? They are talking all about MAC D balloons shitttt 😣

  40. Paolo Celentano

    Paolo Celentano6 dias atrás

    The Most EPIC Trailer Ever

  41. Jaylon Sharp

    Jaylon Sharp6 dias atrás

    I’m probably the only one that thought Bill was sayin Gabe 🤦‍♂️

  42. Jaylon Sharp

    Jaylon Sharp4 dias atrás

    Maleek King I think he was sayin kid though right

  43. Maleek King

    Maleek King4 dias atrás

    Me too

  44. Kacem

    Kacem6 dias atrás

    Amazing movie better than the first one

  45. alaa. gacha

    alaa. gacha6 dias atrás

    Finn Wolfhard❤️😍

  46. 1000 subs please?

    1000 subs please?6 dias atrás

    The only part of the movie I like most is..... When pennywise talk