IT'S OVER: President Trump DECLARES Impeachment Is Over & Republicans Won


  1. Cheri Merchant

    Cheri Merchant2 dias atrás

    Trump may win the battle but loose the war,

  2. Roland

    Roland2 dias atrás

    Trump 2020

  3. Gary Dimaggio

    Gary Dimaggio3 dias atrás

    Trump is the only embarrasement to the country. Sorry Trump you guilty and everyone knows it

  4. Tulio Porrata

    Tulio Porrata3 dias atrás

    I wish you the same justice they have given my President Donald Trump. And I know you are an Airhead Anti American Demonrat. However, you have the right to continue to be an Airhead or get a brain and learn how to use it.

  5. Alan Hunt

    Alan Hunt4 dias atrás

    Why does the USA continue to support an idiot?

  6. bgcvetan

    bgcvetan4 dias atrás

    i hoped for Trump 2024.

  7. Arman M

    Arman M5 dias atrás

    Funny how you have to read that

  8. Jumpy Bunny Rabbit

    Jumpy Bunny Rabbit7 dias atrás

    I want nothing too. Just love.

  9. Sicko Twist

    Sicko Twist7 dias atrás


  10. chris gardner

    chris gardner7 dias atrás

    He said "i want nothing, i want no quid pro quo" after he got caught and the politico report came out. He already attempted to bribe Ukraine. It does not matter that Ukraine said they felt no pressure. If you think it does, it's the same thing as getting pulled over and offering a bribe to an officer to get out of a ticket. It does not matter if the officer refuses and the money never changes hands, even if the officer tries to cover for you and says it didn't happen. Bribery and attempted bribery are the same thing. Before you all start calling me a demiturd or something of the like, I'm not. I'm a registered republican, and was at first not sure if this was an impeachable offense. I did my research, and it is. I ask my fellow republicans to not take our presidents word as the end all be all, and research yourself. And don't just look for the evidence you want to hear. I expect polarizing name calling to this comment, that's fine. Its just what both our parties have become. Far right and far left reduced to name calling and elementary school insults.

  11. Arslan Manzoor

    Arslan Manzoor7 dias atrás

    I can not talk abut ppls u can talk abut relgon

  12. Angel Bruno

    Angel Bruno8 dias atrás

    Government should fine the fake media. Democrats should be ashamed of themselves.

  13. DeccaRecords

    DeccaRecords8 dias atrás

    like for Trump in prison 2020.

  14. Sound Surgen

    Sound Surgen8 dias atrás

    Trump for prison 2020 or death!!!

  15. Rand Name

    Rand Name8 dias atrás

    "The press, they oughta-" (Storm? Stop? Something with an S). I'm sure the video got "corrupted".

  16. Highland Silverback

    Highland Silverback9 dias atrás

    Look at that demonrats wasting more taxpayer's money good job.

  17. Raving Pain

    Raving Pain9 dias atrás

    Aaaaand they just gave Trump a hell of a lot more votes for 2020. When will the demonrats learn?

  18. James Fureyster

    James Fureyster9 dias atrás

    Thanks God for Trump, i love USA!!


    ABDUL KHAN9 dias atrás

    This is the man that Americans thought will make " America Great Again"! Well, Not!

  20. Kiba Kitten

    Kiba Kitten9 dias atrás

    That man is a damn dictator. I can't wait for future generations to see how blind Americans are.

  21. Kiba Kitten

    Kiba Kitten4 dias atrás

    @Tulio Porrata Well.. thank you for proving me wrong with hard facts and zero name-calling.

  22. Tulio Porrata

    Tulio Porrata5 dias atrás

    Kitten Airhead go get a brain and learn how to use it or continue to be an Airhead.

  23. John Bugulrow

    John Bugulrow9 dias atrás

    dump trump

  24. owleyes Malignaggi

    owleyes Malignaggi9 dias atrás

    Love how he told her st the end "what do you know" hahaha so true

  25. ANDY B

    ANDY B9 dias atrás

    Well, can anyone stand up now and say i am a proud democrat ? Trump2020 !!!!

  26. Dharma Chatterji

    Dharma Chatterji9 dias atrás

    Great, Hon'ble U.S., President, Donald Trump, & said impeachment is over.

  27. 문재인동무

    문재인동무9 dias atrás

    Dear President Trump. You can be the greatest president if you only declare war on Drugs. Our country is becoming poisoned by it, and China is behind it.

  28. 문재인동무

    문재인동무9 dias atrás

    Demonrats are an embarrassment to all living rats

  29. shundiin

    shundiin4 dias atrás

    True statement 👍

  30. 문재인동무

    문재인동무9 dias atrás

    Nancy Pelosi is an embarrassment to all human kind.

  31. Mordicus 420

    Mordicus 4209 dias atrás

    That trust fund draft dogger wannabe king who con America is truly pathetic. I cannot believe some American are to stupid and blinded to see the corruption of this jackass. Edit this is hilarious 🤣

  32. Joyce Randall

    Joyce Randall9 dias atrás

    Send all demoRATS headed up by Nancy peelosi sent to Africa

  33. MannyJer23

    MannyJer239 dias atrás

    The witch hunt is over, thankfully. No thanks to shifty Shiff.

  34. Stand Firm

    Stand Firm9 dias atrás

    They are so against Trump they are chasing gossip to come against him. When Hillary Clinton really did a crime and told her staff to get a hammer and smash the evidence about her emails and have her computer wiped. Yet she still walks and if your Republican or have a mind to think for yourself they will makeup rumors and have false witnesses to come against you. Trump 2020

  35. Santiago Daniel wood

    Santiago Daniel wood9 dias atrás

    Bravo mr president tell all the pasites of the pres in are country is fake news not foxs news the do there job well i Will vote you again because of situación here in Catalunya is terrible the hurt peaple fore waring the spanish flag alot américan companys in Catalunya are fed up with the independence crap

  36. Santiago Daniel wood

    Santiago Daniel wood9 dias atrás

    Los periodistas dais asco por dar reportages falso i noticias malas i es la única razón por sigo a donald Trump si alguien no le gusta que se joda

  37. Shane Wilson

    Shane Wilson10 dias atrás

    As a Canadian , I wish I could trade you leaders . I would give you Justin Trudeau and I we would take Donald Trump . Canada's economy would be thriving under Donald Trump , especially Alberta and Saskatchewan the two oil & gas provinces in Canada .

  38. Xavy Lopez

    Xavy Lopez10 dias atrás

    Univision and Telemundo Spanish Tv broadcast in USA same category of fake news !!!

  39. Yeoj

    Yeoj10 dias atrás

    Yes it over because you are going to jail. Hehehee

  40. Tulio Porrata

    Tulio Porrata3 dias atrás

    I'm never going to Jail, I've got a brain.

  41. Yeoj

    Yeoj3 dias atrás

    Yes you are thats true.hehehehe stupid.

  42. Tulio Porrata

    Tulio Porrata3 dias atrás

    You are Officially an Honorary Member of the Airheads Club, however you have the right to continue to to be an Airhead or get a brain and learn how to use it.

  43. lori h

    lori h10 dias atrás

    What a moron.

  44. Max Mustermann

    Max Mustermann10 dias atrás

    how is this guy still president what the hell

  45. Max Mustermann

    Max Mustermann8 dias atrás

    @COACH V As a European I have to say that my personal opinion is that you, your president and everybody who elected him is stupid. How can you not see that he is an egotistical douche who doesn't address real problems (gun violence, mass incarceration, student debt, etc.) but instead brags about an economy he didn't build with numbers that don't represent reality while at the same time insulting international Allies and America's values?

  46. COACH V

    COACH V8 dias atrás

    1-Because it is 4 years term 2-democratically elected 3-US is a Democracy 4-He’s doing a terrific job 5-Americans that love America are happy cuz the Country is doing great 6-Get use to, he will be re elect it

  47. Denise Tabb

    Denise Tabb10 dias atrás

    Well if the press is fake and corrupt, why is he talking to the press?!🤔

  48. raul r

    raul r10 dias atrás

    Are you not one of these bad people? Trump and the people following him should jump off his impenetrable wall into a bed of hot coals.

  49. raxmouse

    raxmouse10 dias atrás

    Absolutely no one bought this bs, I thought better about dems but well...i guess there is no end to liars

  50. o0 RECON 0o

    o0 RECON 0o10 dias atrás

    Like how many times do the democrats have to be proven liars?! I recommend the democrat party read the story “The boy who cried wolf”. Their corruption is in plain sight.