It's Time To Move On...


  1. Tootsie Roll

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  2. Viole Giachino

    Viole GiachinoHora atrás

    omgg im fcking crying

  3. xxTigetGalaxy xx

    xxTigetGalaxy xx19 horas atrás

    44:11 👈 you dont wanna miss this part.

  4. Clara Joan

    Clara Joan20 horas atrás

    I turned to BRreporter tonight to watch something to take mind off cutting, because I’m trying to stop, because I haven’t done it in two weeks and it feels so long ago and I want to do it again but I’ve already disappointed my boyfriend over and over when I tell him I did “the thing” again because I couldn’t even say the words and he’d tell me again and again how everything’s okay and he wants be to stop and he wants be to be better and when I would tell him oh I’m a week clean again he’d tell me how proud he is at how much better I’m getting at stopping and how he knows I can to it and to keep on going but it’s still so hard to not cut myself again.

  5. Mhala Moha

    Mhala Moha23 horas atrás

    If u guys just do a daily vlogs without to much afford that would be great and fun and healthy for u too

  6. Richa Sharma

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  7. marili vasquez

    marili vasquezDia atrás

    They need time for themselves..

  8. isabela guerrero

    isabela guerreroDia atrás

    Three men being vulnerable... that’s what the internet NEEDS

  9. Celina Binkley

    Celina BinkleyDia atrás

    This is absolutely my favorite video you guys have ever filmed. I absolutely loved you before, but now I feel so much closer to you and so grateful for all that you have given just to put a smile on my face and millions of others. I have only been watching you guys for a little over a year- I was never really much into youtube until about 2 years ago. But, I found you & started following you from watching James Charles (the best thing that ever came from watching him! I enjoyed his videos for almost a year, but then there was a lot of drama and I just felt I couldn't trust him and he just seemed more fake or not genuine, but really I trusted you guys and when you and Emma stopped hanging out with him... I knew something was actually wrong and I just couldnt continue watching! And if even an ounce of what was said about manipulating someone and their feelings/sexuality was true, I couldn't stand for that!). But really and truly thank you for all that you do and I am SO genuinely happy that you were able to talk to Shane and really talk things through. This was absolutely an emotional rollercoaster for me and I'm so glad you shared it with us

  10. Keanna Janae

    Keanna JanaeDia atrás

    I’m not crying, you are.☹️

  11. Le Monke

    Le MonkeDia atrás

    Can I talk to shane about my family problems pls i’ve had a hard time with my dad and what he’s done in the past has scarred me

  12. Regan Garza

    Regan GarzaDia atrás

    Did anyone else say “PEACE ✌🏽” at the end of the video

  13. Denman Otali

    Denman OtaliDia atrás

    Dr. Phil is quaking.

  14. Ava Wetzel

    Ava WetzelDia atrás

    Me at the beginning me: Confusion???????

  15. Lex Lex

    Lex LexDia atrás

    me- *thinks about my life for 5 seconds* also me- *cries*

  16. VitalCandy

    VitalCandy2 dias atrás

    Am I Dr Phil You ?

  17. Abigail Clark

    Abigail Clark2 dias atrás

    They seem so happy now, I'm so proud of them ❤

  18. PixelPanda

    PixelPanda2 dias atrás

    yeah you have to grow with your videos please don't do childish videos for the rest of your life it's meaningless and you'll not be yourself and you'll feel like crap shane grew and jennaMarbles also and that's why I keep watching them

  19. maja andreasson

    maja andreasson2 dias atrás

    i just wanna dm them and tell them that we care about them and how much they're doing for us and for ME. that they should think of themselfs more(!!) and just give them all the love!! but then.. they won't even see it. but i love you guys. i love you so much and nor i'm crying fml, nvm i love you. and Gray (and Eth) - YOUR HAPPINESS MATTERS THE MOST. we are happy if YOU are happy!! i love you 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤😭😭😭

  20. Grey Matter

    Grey Matter2 dias atrás

    When Ethan said their dad 'lives' instead of 'lived' in New Jersey broke my heart cause it truly means that they haven't really accepted that hes gone and they've been going through all this shit whilst still trying to make us happy and their family happy they never focused on themselves and that just really shows what kind hearted people they are.

  21. Ally Alex

    Ally Alex2 dias atrás

    This is just a random comment trying to see if their is still this odd glitch so im gonna keep typing random word so who poop like hey why is you weird ah uh it quiet poop

  22. itsmayaabruh

    itsmayaabruh2 dias atrás

    In watching this and I'm thinking about my dad and I'm just crying my eyes out and I'm trying not to cry cause I'm at work I lost him August 10th 2018.... 😭

  23. Mark F

    Mark F2 dias atrás

    “Film ourselves enjoying life...I’m down” - dope!!

  24. Mark F

    Mark F2 dias atrás

    So glad you guys feel good and excited for the future!!

  25. Mark F

    Mark F2 dias atrás

    Shane thanks so much for helping

  26. Mark F

    Mark F2 dias atrás

    Dolan Twins, y’all just got a new subscriber. I’m excited to go on this new journey with y’all. I’m excited to grow with y’all. That’s the exact stage of life that I’m in now, too. Growing into being an adult. Let’s get it! Y’all seem really cool

  27. StuckInADayDream0918

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  28. Peyton Hren

    Peyton Hren2 dias atrás

    Shane is so write I am one of those people who comment and say how you guys help me out but it will be better if you guys don’t post every weekend and I want you both to grow and don’t hold back bc of us!!!😊😊

  29. Aditya Dwivedi

    Aditya Dwivedi2 dias atrás

    I really don't know what just happened

  30. candycandy3110

    candycandy31102 dias atrás

    You guys are one in a million.... or two 👬 ♥️

  31. Hadassah Benson

    Hadassah Benson2 dias atrás

    How did they get so many subscribers! Last time I was here they had 4 million❤️🎉

  32. Laura Isaza

    Laura Isaza2 dias atrás

    Know that no matter what you decide, your fans will love and support you no matter what; do what makes both of you stay healthy and happy, I hope you find peace and healing through this, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with ❤️❤️

  33. nur syafeerah

    nur syafeerah3 dias atrás

    I think its great that they talked to Shane since he has been through the same thing as the twins. And they are so lucky that ricky is on their team cause he literally the exact same person as Shane. They are funny,and real at the same time so if they need help,they can just go to ricky🦋i hope they realize that youtube is not their life and that family is life bc i see that the twins but they are just scared.


    VONMEEK3 dias atrás

    You boys are inspirational..... you deserve all and any happiness you can find. You are both amazing and very much loved by fans and more importantly, your family

  35. fat tabby cat

    fat tabby cat3 dias atrás

    can i have a free therapy session with Shane?

  36. Sierra Broder

    Sierra Broder3 dias atrás

    I'm so sad they felt so hurt to post this. We care about them, of course this must be hard for them! They're worried about MILLIONS of fans when we really just want them to be happy. Don't fake your emotions, we're a fandom. We support no matter what!!

  37. Tanny Pashinina

    Tanny Pashinina3 dias atrás

    Whatever you are guys becoming older or still kids, we all go with. You need to be happy and successful 🔥 we will support you boys❤️ Speaking about me, I want to see your cute happy faces. If it has to take some time, I will wait. Whenever you post the video. Coz I like you so fucking much💋💋 both of you. Omg you should continue to give as support, some advice, smile , happiness and sooo on. Don’t loose yourself guys, just move on, go ahead. We believe in you👏🏻 Try new stuff. People are people. They need to change. So do it proudly😻💥 cmon👊🏻 LOVE YOU ETHAN, LOVE YOU GRAYSON. Move on ,boys🏆 I’m Tanya) Peace ✌️

  38. Noah Dimodica

    Noah Dimodica3 dias atrás

    Ethan and Grayson should split channels--Ethan Dolan, Grayson Dolan

  39. Negeen Ahmadi

    Negeen Ahmadi4 dias atrás

    are we not gonna talk abt that pillow on the couch at 59:26 😂

  40. Bela Snow

    Bela Snow4 dias atrás

    I love that there are no rules, I am going to learn once again from you so I don't make that mistake I am gonna do the same not have any rules other than looking good , feeling good and singing and writing good ! Ty again xoxo