1. Lyena A

    Lyena A4 minutos atrás

    1.25x speed wow amazing the sound still hit the smash😂

  2. Sekar Utami

    Sekar Utami4 minutos atrás

    ROAD TO 59M!!!

  3. 윤성

    윤성5 minutos atrás

    왼쪽 이름 뭐임? 엄청 예쁘네 ㄷ

  4. Patricia Alicante

    Patricia Alicante7 minutos atrás

    The song that you will hate first but eventually you will like it as you keep on listening to it and it will make you say DALLA DALLA 😍

  5. Haiqal Rasit

    Haiqal Rasit10 minutos atrás

    I hope this Song will reach 300 milion view so fast

  6. Itz ITZY Channel

    Itz ITZY Channel11 minutos atrás

    HI ITZY FANS HELP ME GROW MY CHANNEL BY SUBSCRIBING AND WATCHING MY RECENT VIDEOS My recent post is FMV of yeji and lia try to watch it guys 🖤🖤🖤

  7. BOY GR

    BOY GR12 minutos atrás

    0:48 플렉스에 나온거랑 똑같지 않냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㄲㅋㄱㅋ 신기하다

  8. Coleen Dela Crz

    Coleen Dela Crz12 minutos atrás

    Here to watch again!!😍✨💖

  9. - SlAlex -

    - SlAlex -13 minutos atrás

    *Sponsored by KIA*

  10. - SlAlex -

    - SlAlex -13 minutos atrás

    Best debut of history.

  11. Anjali Mandal

    Anjali Mandal14 minutos atrás


  12. Jus tin

    Jus tin14 minutos atrás

    Y E J I 😘


    Watch MONSTA X 'ALLIGATOR' MV!15 minutos atrás

    Hi ITZY STANS. Please help us to stream ALLIGATOR 🐊 Currently has 12M views. Our goal is 15M views. Monbebe will help to stream DALLA DALLA too.

  14. 김현민

    김현민15 minutos atrás

    진짜 예지 뭔데....ㄷㄷ 느낌은10년차인데..분명...

  15. 오밍주

    오밍주18 minutos atrás


  16. 도율

    도율18 minutos atrás


  17. Lonzo Ball

    Lonzo Ball19 minutos atrás

    The fandom name of ITZY is finally revealed!!! I'm an ITZU!!!!

  18. Jan Raphael Francisco

    Jan Raphael Francisco19 minutos atrás

    Once here supporting ITZY!!

  19. Im So Fancy

    Im So Fancy21 minuto atrás


  20. Balan Balaji

    Balan Balaji22 minutos atrás

  21. Wiwi Erif

    Wiwi Erif23 minutos atrás

    Play with 0,75x slower 👌🎶

  22. princes roque

    princes roque24 minutos atrás

    Guys also stream twice mv’s after streaming it so you’re time won’t be wasted since you need to watch atleast 3mv’s before watching this again for it to be counted

  23. mike N.

    mike N.25 minutos atrás

    Song is very good but video is bad.

  24. ᵉʳᶦᶻᵉⁿ

    ᵉʳᶦᶻᵉⁿ2 minutos atrás

    I like both


    ITZY JELLY26 minutos atrás

    59M 🔒💓 60M 🔒💜 61M 🔒💚 62M 🔒🖤 63M 🔒💕 64M 🔒❤

  26. jinnie x

    jinnie x26 minutos atrás

    i think I started stanning


    PERFECTLY IMPERFECT27 minutos atrás

    *_Just pretty, but not attractive_*

  28. Wimalin Semsayan

    Wimalin Semsayan27 minutos atrás


  29. BaoNgan Huynh

    BaoNgan Huynh32 minutos atrás

    This song is very good and catchy, suitable for listening in the summer^^


    STRAYTWITZY UWU33 minutos atrás

    We are close to 60M! Let's hit those views before the second week finishes ❤️

  31. mang eson

    mang eson34 minutos atrás

    road to 60m? omg rookie monster! Keep your chin up, We got your back Keep your head up, Just keep on STREAMINNNNNNNNNNNNNN go gurlllssssssss

  32. Empat Lapan

    Empat Lapan34 minutos atrás

    wow so much dislike lol

  33. princes roque

    princes roque26 minutos atrás

    Empat Lapan people were triggered in a rookie because they’re talented haha

  34. LJS

    LJS34 minutos atrás

    The new generation of girl pop ITZY

  35. just me

    just me34 minutos atrás

    Im addicted help!!!

  36. princes roque

    princes roque25 minutos atrás

    just me same

  37. Dr Harrison Wells

    Dr Harrison Wells35 minutos atrás

    ITZY in you area XD

  38. kpop Phan

    kpop Phan36 minutos atrás

    59M let'go

  39. silvias 19

    silvias 1936 minutos atrás

    You go girlsssss 😍 I’m in love

  40. Raul Guillermo Villalobos Gonzalez

    Raul Guillermo Villalobos Gonzalez36 minutos atrás

    minute 2:11 to 2:27 my favorite part

  41. Angeles Rosewood

    Angeles Rosewood36 minutos atrás

    Aww ty for debuting 💚💝

  42. EliXir

    EliXir36 minutos atrás


  43. Raquel VS

    Raquel VS37 minutos atrás

    Go for 60M

  44. Ou muamua

    Ou muamua38 minutos atrás

    노래 좋냐?


    ITZY JELLY40 minutos atrás

    58M 💗🔓🎉❤

  46. I.L.E

    I.L.E41 minuto atrás

    I have just post ITZY one video. Hope you like it.

  47. I.L.E

    I.L.E42 minutos atrás

    I have just post ITZY one video.

  48. Rainbow Unicorn

    Rainbow Unicorn42 minutos atrás

    Guys stream for 100m

  49. Carren Tube

    Carren Tube44 minutos atrás

    Ryujiiiiinnn 😘

  50. jenchu lichaeng

    jenchu lichaeng45 minutos atrás

    #6 on trending in Malaysia!

  51. Bella Keke

    Bella Keke45 minutos atrás


  52. princes roque

    princes roque23 minutos atrás

    Bella Keke stop being immature

  53. Trang Ho Thi

    Trang Ho Thi47 minutos atrás

    lia,yuna moment

  54. Vitany And F YT

    Vitany And F YT47 minutos atrás

    hello Itzy Fans , please can you help us to gave to LOONA they first win? , cause the fans of monsta x are saying that , LOONA don't deserve to win cause they are a girlgroup, and Monsta x should win cause they are boys and things like that, and the girls groups always have more haters and things like that , for example twice or Blackpink ,or Even Itzy, please can you help us, Str3aming Butterfly and voting for LOONA on the Starpass app pleaseeeeeeeee #FemalePower

  55. Fifi Portsmouth

    Fifi Portsmouth47 minutos atrás


  56. juandi nainggolan

    juandi nainggolan47 minutos atrás

    Still #2 trending in Singapore❤

  57. ゆうき유우키

    ゆうき유우키49 minutos atrás

    Chaeryeong ~♡

  58. 미나모토자키사나츠

    미나모토자키사나츠49 minutos atrás

    유나한테 밟히고 싶다

  59. Dimas Galih

    Dimas Galih50 minutos atrás


  60. Zahra Wijaya

    Zahra Wijaya50 minutos atrás

    someone on ig called this song "childish with y/n lyrics" and i- no hate to itzy but- *whEEze*

  61. Dimas Galih

    Dimas Galih51 minuto atrás


  62. Mamma Mya

    Mamma Mya51 minuto atrás

    Itzy or blackpink

  63. акета

    акета35 minutos atrás

    Itzy тут даже думать не надо

  64. Mark gerald Montaril

    Mark gerald Montaril35 minutos atrás



    ITZY JELLY39 minutos atrás


  66. Suhanna Hashim

    Suhanna Hashim56 minutos atrás

    I like this group

  67. Suhanna Hashim

    Suhanna Hashim56 minutos atrás


  68. tunqfix

    tunqfix58 minutos atrás


  69. lilli kara

    lilli kara59 minutos atrás

    i can't believe i'm older than all of them omg my babies

  70. 랑 뭐임마

    랑 뭐임마59 minutos atrás


  71. jimin my love

    jimin my love59 minutos atrás

    Так себе

  72. Theresia Lidwina

    Theresia LidwinaHora atrás

    Swaaaagggggggg ✨

  73. lam hung

    lam hungHora atrás


  74. ROSÉ TV

    ROSÉ TVHora atrás

    Ryujin 0:38 , 3:33. Lia 1:17 , 2:38. Yeji 0:46 , 1:50. Yuna 1:02 , 1:43. Chaeryeong 0:55 , 1:47 OMG😗😙😚😘😍❤️🧚🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️

  75. huvne

    huvneHora atrás


  76. Bạch Uyến Nhi

    Bạch Uyến NhiHora atrás

    Làm Fan từ ngày 22 tháng 2 2019 Bây giờ là......

  77. only for stray kids

    only for stray kidsHora atrás

    keep your head up, just keep on STREAMINGGG

  78. rashi singh

    rashi singhHora atrás

    The colour changing dog!! 😍😂

  79. Army Forever

    Army ForeverHora atrás

    60M a llegar❤

  80. Najla Hasna Tari

    Najla Hasna TariHora atrás



    BLIИK TURKEYHora atrás

    Bts özenmislwe I love maself diyo

  82. Jahwa Azzahra

    Jahwa AzzahraHora atrás

    Dasar pengecut dh tau ad blackpink mlh mau di saingin ITZY kampret g danta apa coba DallaDalla malah memberny sipit sipit lagi hahahhah

  83. Dimas Galih

    Dimas Galih48 minutos atrás

    Jahwa Azzahra your mouth so dirty

  84. Pham Christopher Minh

    Pham Christopher MinhHora atrás

    1 week=57m

  85. 강혜원오늘의

    강혜원오늘의Hora atrás

    있지는 매력이 달라달라💌

  86. Imroatun Karimah

    Imroatun KarimahHora atrás

    Suaranya cempreng2 Shrill

  87. 김한나

    김한나Hora atrás

    57m 😱

  88. 세온유튜브

    세온유튜브Hora atrás

    예지님 싸비 진성 대단해요오♥

  89. Septia 44411

    Septia 44411Hora atrás

    So good! Itzy the best like Yuna

  90. Geralt of Rivia

    Geralt of RiviaHora atrás

    keep your chin up! just keep on streamin!

  91. tina so

    tina soHora atrás


  92. 박리진PARKRIJIN

    박리진PARKRIJINHora atrás

    이채연 동생..

  93. Hillary D.

    Hillary D.Hora atrás

    *omg she looks like a female version of I.M from Monsta X* 😍❤️

  94. judy

    judyHora atrás

    with so many groups debuting in 2018-2019 I feel we're entering the 4th generation or is it too early

  95. 최하늘

    최하늘Hora atrás

    오ㅏ 진짜 사랑해

  96. 모에もえ

    모에もえHora atrás


  97. STAY SKZ

    STAY SKZHora atrás


  98. 퍼플가이vincent

    퍼플가이vincentHora atrás

    0.25배로 보니까 개무섭다

  99. Bia kenth

    Bia kenthHora atrás

    I am trying to like the beat...intro whole song but i dont enjoying to plain. The MV is offense hate maybe their other song more intersting. I clikck the MV bcoz its the first that pop up when i youtubing.

  100. 앙기모띠

    앙기모띠Hora atrás

    와...이채령이랑 언니 완전 닮았

  101. Willy Dang

    Willy DangHora atrás

    To be honest, I don’t know why people are hyping this up so much. It’s just another song in the community that fits the scheme of the modern k-pop genre.

  102. ShootMe :)

    ShootMe :)Hora atrás

    Maybe people just really liked it and that's it

  103. • L e s h u g a •

    • L e s h u g a •Hora atrás

    _for new ITZY fans¡!_ 00:38 / 03:33 = RYUJIN 00:46 / 01:50 = YEJI 00:54 / 01:48 = CHAERYEONG 01:02 / 01:43 = YUNA 01:16 / 01:34 = LIA yeji = 18 years old ryujin = 17 years old chaeryeong = 17 years old yuna = 15 years old

  104. Kim Eunha

    Kim EunhaHora atrás

    in love with itzy! the intro of the mv reminds of 2ne1 and the tunnel part reminds me of fantastic baby. i'm sorry 😅

  105. Joseph Ong

    Joseph OngHora atrás

    Still trending in ph

  106. Jijirit jirit

    Jijirit jiritHora atrás

    It actually boosts my confidence as a person and i love it.

  107. Арп Арпру

    Арп АрпруHora atrás

    1:56 О! Я не ошибаюсь? Русскими буквами "СТИЛЬ"?!! хех. Русские везде)))

  108. акета

    акета34 minutos atrás

    Гоша рубчинский??)))))

  109. Henock Lee

    Henock LeeHora atrás

    New Realise Dalla Dalla Itzy Trending 1 BRreporter In Indonesia,, Congratulation To Itzy!!😍😍😍😍

  110. Cute style tv

    Cute style tvHora atrás

    I love you itzy