Jacques Cousteau vs Steve Irwin. Epic Rap Battles of History


  1. lovestospooge

    lovestospooge6 minutos atrás

    John wick vs agent 47

  2. Gary Arnold Seevers

    Gary Arnold Seevers26 minutos atrás

    Seriously... this is SO. FUCKING. GOOD! You guys just keeping getting better. Every time I think you’ve hit the pinnacle... #ceilingsmashed

  3. GreenChick420

    GreenChick42037 minutos atrás

    Been subscribed for years, but after the millionth time of my boyfriend streaming every...single...battle over and over...yeah I'm done. Sorry guys. Bf killed Yas for me

  4. The Senate

    The Senate54 minutos atrás

    I have always wanted to see Nick Fury vs Jules Winnfield interrupted by all of Samuel L Jackson's other rolls.

  5. Bobby Hines

    Bobby HinesHora atrás

    David strassman vs Jeff Dunham

  6. Sam Boone

    Sam Boone2 horas atrás

    David spaid vs adom sandler

  7. Ribeiro

    Ribeiro2 horas atrás

    Hans-Hermann Hoppe vs Murray Rothbard you guys could make like Rasputin vs Stalin

  8. Nany Sulistyani

    Nany Sulistyani3 horas atrás

    Next erb of worlds leaders soekarno vs fidel castro

  9. Jaina Smashey

    Jaina Smashey3 horas atrás

    Pennywise vs. The joker

  10. spinnafex

    spinnafex3 horas atrás

    steve erwin for the win RIP

  11. Gabriel Pereira

    Gabriel Pereira4 horas atrás

    Hey, how about... Stranger Things VS The Goonies

  12. Cam Bucketz

    Cam Bucketz4 horas atrás

    Lebron vs Micheal Jordan

  13. Kellen

    Kellen4 horas atrás

    King Henry VIII vs. Larry King Poseidon/Aquaman vs. Noah Cain & Abel vs. Venus & Serena Mother Nature vs. Father Time

  14. Jadira Ladja

    Jadira Ladja4 horas atrás

    Tom cruise vs Jackie chan

  15. ChessBernd

    ChessBernd4 horas atrás

    green arrow vs captain america!

  16. ExGinger

    ExGinger4 horas atrás

    A few concept battles i'd like to see. Vladmir lenin vs. George Washington. Tsar Peter the Great vs. Stalin--the most powerful russians against eachother. Mussolini Vs. Sparticus. Theodore Roosevelt vs. Tito-- the manliest men in history.

  17. hold my bottle'o grog

    hold my bottle'o grog4 horas atrás

    Ned Kelly vs Arthur Morgan

  18. Tim Poelstra

    Tim Poelstra5 horas atrás

    morgan freeman vs sr david attenborough battle of the narrators

  19. PowerSkunk92

    PowerSkunk925 horas atrás

    Elvira, Mistress of the Dark vs the Crypt Keeper (Tales from the Crypt), and Rod Serling (The Twilight Zone) shows up to shut them both down.

  20. Chato

    Chato6 horas atrás

    Anne frank vs Britney Spears

  21. Kellen

    Kellen6 horas atrás

    Agatha Christie vs Homer

  22. NOEGAMING 1234

    NOEGAMING 12347 horas atrás

    red hood vs bucky

  23. Madara Uchiha

    Madara Uchiha7 horas atrás

    Said this on an ERB2 video, but here it might actually get seen... Hear me out, those of you who love Hamilton, I enjoyed Lin's version too... But I wanna see an ERB version of Hamilton vs Burr...

  24. CameronLeePlays

    CameronLeePlays7 horas atrás

    Pennywise vs Joker!

  25. vik nik

    vik nik7 horas atrás

    "Now embrace your French nature and take cover."

  26. Seraphim Senna

    Seraphim Senna7 horas atrás

    *oh my the accents are great*

  27. Otter Side

    Otter Side7 horas atrás

    contain yourself! Like my underwater breathing apparatus

  28. EpicFailGuuy

    EpicFailGuuy8 horas atrás

    Im Australian and i fucking love this

  29. Hasan Karam

    Hasan Karam8 horas atrás

    Bruce lee vs van dam

  30. Cole Randall

    Cole Randall10 horas atrás

    Lebron James vs John Cena -both dominated over the last 15 years -both have fans of their sport/company that hate them -both are near the end of their careers -both are doing movies and shows in hollywood now

  31. Devon Roberts

    Devon Roberts10 horas atrás

    Rick Sanchez VS Rick Moranis (mad scientists)

  32. Sergen Şen

    Sergen Şen10 horas atrás

    Suleiman vs. Saladin

  33. Bubster 12

    Bubster 1210 horas atrás

    PUBG vs Fortnite interrupted by Minecraft

  34. Melty Draws Art

    Melty Draws Art10 horas atrás

    Usain Bolt vs The Flash

  35. Random Dude

    Random Dude11 horas atrás

    *Tom Sawyer vs Holden Caulfield please!* They are both the main characters and rebellious teenagers in two classic American novels. Heck, they both have rock songs written about them too (“Tom Sawyer” by Rush and “Who Wrote Holden Caulfield” by Green Day)

  36. James Richie

    James Richie11 horas atrás

    Allan Moore vs Neil Gaiman

  37. Thiago Covolan

    Thiago Covolan11 horas atrás

    oh boy how would i love some battle with Peter Freuchen

  38. ICEMAN

    ICEMAN11 horas atrás

    Rick Harrison vs Mia Khalifa

  39. Oliver O

    Oliver O11 horas atrás

    Wayne and Garth vs Carly and Sam

  40. Amanda Pans

    Amanda Pans11 horas atrás

    Dennis the menace vs Kevin McCallister

  41. Del Primo

    Del Primo12 horas atrás

    Still waiting for voting polls

  42. Jacob Windham

    Jacob Windham12 horas atrás

    Ok so here's an idea- bender Rodriguez versus Rick Sanchez (with Frey vs morty). Maybe not historical characters, per se but hey you've done fictional characters before

  43. John Giron

    John Giron12 horas atrás

    Or pennywise 1990 vs penywise 2017

  44. John Giron

    John Giron12 horas atrás

    The joker vs pennywise

  45. Egan Rabiee

    Egan Rabiee13 horas atrás

    3 vs 3 GTA battle! Tommy Vercetti, CJ, and Niko Bellic vs Michael, Franklin, and Trevor (I would have said the GTA 3 character, but he doesn't talk)

  46. muffin man

    muffin man13 horas atrás

    morgan Freeman vs. david Attenborough

  47. Samuel Adams

    Samuel Adams13 horas atrás

    We all know NicePeter is good, but yet again this proves EpicLloyds talent, Terminator, Trump, Steve Irwin, and Teddy Roosevelt, to name a few of his epic voice talents.

  48. Sackboy

    Sackboy13 horas atrás


  49. Jablinski Games Fan44445

    Jablinski Games Fan4444513 horas atrás

    1:16 NAZI NAZI NAZI!

  50. Phantomwolf11111

    Phantomwolf1111113 horas atrás

    The Desert Fox, Erwin Rommel vs Lawrence of Arabia

  51. Tryznot

    Tryznot14 horas atrás

    Neil Armstrong vs. Christopher Columbus

  52. The 9 Show

    The 9 Show14 horas atrás

    Penny wise vs the joker

  53. fr0g

    fr0g15 horas atrás

    Idk how this would work but it popped into my head Penn & Teller vs Jay & Silent Bob I dont think it will work but thought might as well throw it out there

  54. Ella Peters

    Ella Peters15 horas atrás

    Ramsay v Cowell

  55. Austun Liggett

    Austun Liggett15 horas atrás

    Gordon Ramsay VS Simon Cowell

  56. Carlos R. Marquez

    Carlos R. Marquez15 horas atrás

    Tom Hanks vs. Bill Murray (A rap battle of the nicest guys)

  57. cam sloan

    cam sloan15 horas atrás

    You should do venom vrs spider man

  58. Creeper

    Creeper15 horas atrás

    step Brothers vs the two main characters from Talladega nights

  59. II BQ II

    II BQ II15 horas atrás

    1) ( Mickey mouse ) clubhouse vs Bob the builder. 2) Ghost Adolf Hitler vs Darth Vader.

  60. Crixus Gracida

    Crixus Gracida15 horas atrás

    Im pretty sure Steve Irwin's family dont find very funny the way you mock his death, of but of course you aren jerks right? when it comes to represent SJW shit like the jenner video you are full cucks.