Jason Momoa Made A HUGE Mistake While Filming Aquaman | The Graham Norton Show


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    I love how protective he is of his family

  2. Torigo

    Torigo27 minutos atrás

    А Джигурда изменился...

  3. james Corduroy

    james Corduroy27 minutos atrás

    Just noticed his lazy eye

  4. rivu prince

    rivu prince28 minutos atrás

    This movie wasn't made long ago... is the mistake.

  5. Giovanni Regis

    Giovanni Regis29 minutos atrás

    I can’t wait to watch Aqua man, this is going to be a *GREAT* movie. I can just tell.

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    This movie is gonna flop

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    Jason Moana

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    Mistake is right

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    Jason mamma mia

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    The man who crashed his stationary bike..

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    Great vid. Sub to me, I'll sub to you

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    Is that Hugh sitting there?

  22. Sasha Wambary

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    I love him hes awesome

  23. Frank Soberon

    Frank SoberonHora atrás

    que sexy esta ese aquaman.;)

  24. Amien Fadhillah

    Amien FadhillahHora atrás

    Already watched the movie. My eyes had a total joy through the whole 143 minutes.

  25. Snapparazzi

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    Number 1 trending hmmm. Good publicity for Aquaman

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    He's huge but he seems harmless and cute😄

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    Soul seller.

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    #1 trending and just 912 comments... Lol

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    I don’t like Hugh Grant. Sorry to my overseas friends, but I don’t like him as an actor and I personally believe his popularity in the States only went so far when it came to rom-com movies. He was typecast a lot to play the the role of a geeky British foreigner who was some how still hot and sexually appealing even with the British accent, and I just never found any role he was in to ever be believable. And when you’re watching a movie, that’s what you want. You want it to be believable in some aspect, or at least be straight up funny, and as a comedic actor he’s sub-par at best.

  38. jnkr4t_Krampus

    jnkr4t_KrampusHora atrás

    Jason Momoa is my celebrity crush, just sayin'.

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    I’m agua man

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    Bien esta

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  48. Saidielivpig -

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    Was the mistake he made being in a DC movie?

  49. Niranjan crestha

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    🐋🐳 love that man

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    Hugh Grant was funny

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  52. Michele Swanson

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    Stay humble and keep the ALOHA spirit Jason. Fantastic actor and great guy! Shaka Bra!

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    Why does it feel like I watch this already?🤔🤨

  55. Peter J. Parker

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    1:00 make this a meme please

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  57. Marina

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    Why does he seem apologetic?

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    كيفىك ممكن تعارف

  59. Chucky chuck

    Chucky chuck2 horas atrás

    I can't be the only one who thinks he looks like Mawi

  60. Anh Star

    Anh Star2 horas atrás

    Anyone else notice that the Aquaman poster behind Jason Momoa (not the one behind Jack) is actually moving? You can see water droplets dripping from the trident and the ocean waving around.

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    Keep track of my channel, this movie I will post at the time of the most possible !!!!!!!!!!!! He is damn perfect. He is damn perfect.

  63. Light

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    Not getting totally naked? Every time i see him i get alittle gayer

  64. jakedaniels 881981

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    why are hugh and jason always at the same show?

  65. miguel lagos

    miguel lagos2 horas atrás

    He would be a perfect Vandal Savage... but his personality is too "bro"

  66. Some Random Person

    Some Random Person2 horas atrás

    Saw the premiere.

  67. TheBelovedSavage

    TheBelovedSavage3 horas atrás

    Well I mean we're all sure its HUGE

  68. elmozsuperG

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    The white Waka Flocka

  69. JackMontana

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    Yea signing to the movie

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  71. Maaz

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    My favourite person of 2018

  72. Riv Vin

    Riv Vin3 horas atrás

    That guy can not sit still to save his life.

  73. Tina Leita

    Tina Leita3 horas atrás

    Who is the fan of The Graham Norton Show Reputation ????

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    #1 on trending, you go Momoa you go.

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    He looks like a guy from moana


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    He’s such a likeable guy

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    Why is this number one on trending!???

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    Anyone else notice how tight the lady in the glasses kept her legs? Probably sounding like Niagara Falls out them thighs

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    I've seen enough of Steven Adam's retarded cousin on trending

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    #1 trending.. how???

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    Jason is definetly on cocaine.

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    Pants to tight or nervous?

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    So handsome an so perfect

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    Females head over heels over this dude because he a whole celebrity! Bet you if they seen him unfamous they would turn him down and say they got a bf! 😂😂😂

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  93. shazmin haziq

    shazmin haziq4 horas atrás

    Jason mamoa played aquaman like Chris Hemsworth played Thor Serious but funny

  94. Forgotten Lemon

    Forgotten Lemon4 horas atrás

    New title: Jason Momoa made a big oopsie

  95. Gabriel Tanadua

    Gabriel Tanadua4 horas atrás

    Jason is such a cool guy.

  96. whysoserious ???

    whysoserious ???4 horas atrás

    perfect guy to have a sex scene with emilia clarke,if you know what i mean( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Wait, I literally remember seeing an interview with *Jason Momoa, the lady & Hugh Grant* on this show a while ago 😱

  100. Freaky O_o

    Freaky O_o4 horas atrás

    Pewnews...jason did an OPSIE

  101. Ainz Ooal Pwn 229

    Ainz Ooal Pwn 2294 horas atrás

    Congrats, man. Hearing good things can't wait to see it.


    STEAMING GAMING4 horas atrás

    Click bait. Nothing happens. Just bubbles.

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    Daddy’s taking over the trending page 👅

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    bruhhh that click bait got me in a millisecond

  105. Ayon Chy

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    A perfect look and body as well for Aquaman. Good choice.

  106. Pelican74

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    Lena Dunham needs to be put back in the cattle ranch to Graze the farm for fresh food. Eat Lena. Eat!!!!

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    He's so cute 😂❤ love him

  109. xenomorpheus

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    When you realize thumbnail is Jason Momoa's O-face

  110. Jaclyn M.

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    What a MAN!!!! 😍 He's SO HOT! His wife is lucky AF! 😎

  111. 111mmgg

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    family crests in hawaii ? loool