Jason Whitlock: I'm done doubting Lamar Jackson | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF


  1. Speak For Yourself

    Speak For Yourself26 dias atrás

    Has Lamar Jackson permanently silenced his doubters?

  2. tina wilson

    tina wilson11 dias atrás

    you know he all of that the NFL has become the Lamar show

  3. Dean Keaton

    Dean Keaton17 dias atrás

    heywood1980 ..great insight from what sounds like a 12 yr old...shamefully it’s not.

  4. heywood1980

    heywood198017 dias atrás

    The smart ones...

  5. Donovan Garrett

    Donovan Garrett18 dias atrás

    @Legends of Wrestling Lamar the best player in the league rn

  6. A_Light N Da_Dark

    A_Light N Da_Dark6 horas atrás

    Speak on it Mick Vick. These people have never played the position, they don't know jack.

  7. christianrapper

    christianrapperDia atrás

    You can tell by the salty comments that a lot of people didn’t watch the full video.

  8. Marc The Robot

    Marc The RobotDia atrás

    What black man doesn’t this guy doubt??

  9. kiyan west

    kiyan westDia atrás

    Didnt Brady get hurt IN THE POCKET? freakin idiots

  10. christianrapper

    christianrapperDia atrás

    Qb’s are allowed more protections in the pocket. It’s not about one hit but the accumulation of hits that he’s taking.

  11. kiyan west

    kiyan westDia atrás

    Idiot 🤣🤣

  12. Karen Blackman

    Karen Blackman2 dias atrás

    Tony.gonzales mike vick is sitting right across from you

  13. L V

    L V2 dias atrás

    and stay away from the pale gold diggers


    MINDY MCCALL2 dias atrás

    By the way...all players are one injury away....so relax on the injury talk.


    MINDY MCCALL2 dias atrás

    Lamar....keep playing the way you're playing. He's taking what the defense is giving him.


    MINDY MCCALL2 dias atrás

    Lol.....Lamar Jackson passes very well....and is throwing touchdowns. U guys are ridiculous. He throws better than most drop back quarterbacks.

  17. Andreas Ryge

    Andreas Ryge2 dias atrás

    The injuries have started already.... Running QBs cant dominate long term, whether its simply bc of the inherent violence of NFL or guys actively targeting the legs. Lamar has to transition to more of a pocket passer eventually if he doesnt wanna become his backup(RG3).

  18. Andreas Ryge

    Andreas RygeDia atrás

    He needs to keep doing that. Unfortunately for the rest of the league I think he can... He's rated the most accurate passer in NFL which is terrifying!

  19. kiyan west

    kiyan westDia atrás

    As he throws for 5 tds last night Injuries tho

  20. Reggie Calhoun

    Reggie Calhoun3 dias atrás

    Vick salty because Lamar is way doper than he ever was

  21. Reggie Calhoun

    Reggie Calhoun3 dias atrás

    Tony Gonzalez is a hater lol this ni$$a wants Lamar to get hurt lol

  22. christianrapper

    christianrapperDia atrás

    That’s just dumb. He said nothing like that. He isn’t a n word either

  23. The 5-Star Review 2020

    The 5-Star Review 20204 dias atrás

    That's why those guys won't be in the Hall of Fame. Vick will though. Lamar is a beast.

  24. BangBang

    BangBang4 dias atrás

    lmao @ tony gonzalez. Hes Tony Montana impersonation was hilarious

  25. b20jdmintegra

    b20jdmintegra5 dias atrás

    These goons said Watson would dominate Jackson

  26. Greg Fuller

    Greg Fuller6 dias atrás

    Jason W just loves to be the opposite of prevailing public opinion. Love it! He's like the Indian on Little Big Man. Rides his horse backwards!🤣

  27. Jahsun Hova

    Jahsun Hova6 dias atrás

    For the first time Jason Whitlock, doesn't sound like an disgusting hater🙃

  28. Willie Osburn

    Willie Osburn6 dias atrás


  29. James Antonio

    James Antonio6 dias atrás

    He's going to be a "Target" by all teams including critics.

  30. herl minor

    herl minor6 dias atrás

    If he has a white quarterback's soul he will be great. Fn idiot

  31. christianrapper

    christianrapperDia atrás

    He meant their work ethic. What a way to take what he said out of context. He also mentioned Michael Jordan. He obviously means the mentality to get better and improve on his weaknesses.

  32. Kevin Porter

    Kevin Porter7 dias atrás

    Lamar is way better than Vick ever was, Vick couldn't throw with touch and Lamar is as fast but better moves....

  33. Kevin Porter

    Kevin PorterDia atrás

    @christianrapper id take Randall Cunningham over Vick any day... but i liked the Buddy Ryan eagles and the bad boy pistons so what does that say about me...

  34. Kevin Porter

    Kevin PorterDia atrás

    @christianrapper not a lick of touch...

  35. christianrapper

    christianrapperDia atrás

    Vick couldn’t throw with touch?

  36. Kevin Arcilla

    Kevin Arcilla7 dias atrás

    Lamar should hire Mike Vick as a mentor. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  37. Gilbert Washington

    Gilbert Washington8 dias atrás

    His mother has his back and his interest in how to be humble and still perform at a high level and not to worry about what people are saying about him, and plus keeping all the hanger ons from being around him and those gold digging skeezers, so kudos to you mama Jackson ✌

  38. Cameron Collins

    Cameron Collins8 dias atrás

    This mf ain't done hating lamar . He a whole bluffing b**ch

  39. DLH

    DLH10 dias atrás

    VERY SELDOM, well, actually NEVER have I agreed with Jason Whitlock but on this, I agree with him 1000 percent.

  40. L Bennet

    L Bennet11 dias atrás

    Some Muthafuckers just can't stop HATING!!!

  41. Linton T

    Linton T11 dias atrás

    Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviestoday Step 3. Enjoy! Jason Whitlock: I'm done doubting Lamar Jackson | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known.” “Humor is an affirmation of dignity, a declaration of man's superiority to all that befalls him.” “Death can be such a killer!” “They thought I suffered from lack of exterior, when I

  42. Michael Angelo

    Michael Angelo11 dias atrás

    Baltimore Ravens FAN WIN OR LOSE💯💯💯

  43. R J

    R J11 dias atrás

    Who is the hater on the panel? Lamar is great. Just enjoy the moment and stop speaking injury scenarios. It's the NFL that happen.

  44. Mark Harkness II

    Mark Harkness II12 dias atrás

    Work Harder... thats it, that’s all

  45. 1SCHARKY

    1SCHARKY12 dias atrás

    You guys are the dumbest,(TV anouncers) You always act like you were the best but you were has beens. Nobody last forever and quit douting him morons.

  46. Andre Flood

    Andre Flood12 dias atrás

    He can get hurt walking into the practice facility. Let the young man play his game and just enjoy what we are witnessing.

  47. Parko Boy

    Parko Boy14 dias atrás

    Dudes like "Ive hit Mike Vick. Ive gotten Touchdowns off of Mike Vick. The balls on this guy.

  48. Pancho Pistolas

    Pancho Pistolas14 dias atrás

    Great running QB until Dec 1 when he gets punched in the mouth by Niner defense

  49. romeo depaso

    romeo depaso15 dias atrás

    love how lavar arrington says "I don't think it's sustainable being a running quarterback" with michael vick sitting right next to him

  50. Jon Matthews

    Jon Matthews16 dias atrás

    If Vicks coaches would have built the offence around his talent like ravens have with Lamar Vick would have done the same thing. They kept trying to make vick a pocket passer.

  51. vince lawrence

    vince lawrence16 dias atrás

    Here is some more B S , any body can get hurt playing football, bum QB 's get hurt also, you are what you are playing any sport, you're very good or you're not , and throwing for a lot of yardage prove you're a depending Q B , throw for 200 yards or less and still win a lot of games , some thing is going right with you're team, Rivers throw for so many yards and go to the big dance a few times, Jackson threw for less that 200 yards and had a ton of touchdowns

  52. Patriots Nation

    Patriots Nation17 dias atrás