Jeezy - MLK BLVD (Audio) ft. Meek Mill


  1. IsReal 777

    IsReal 7776 dias atrás

    Who here on MLK day....????👍

  2. Dj Lust 818

    Dj Lust 8186 dias atrás


  3. Sham 7

    Sham 79 dias atrás

    Let's go Atlanta MLK day. Where we stay

  4. EVL X ZTR

    EVL X ZTR12 dias atrás

    He said "About to make it G again" and tgen Mentioned Boys in tha Hood. Please make Rap good again Jeezy.

  5. Regular Girl Friday

    Regular Girl Friday16 dias atrás


  6. That Krazy a** ReD

    That Krazy a** ReD18 dias atrás

    Damn this song hits of my favorite songs from Jeezy

  7. Alexis Boo

    Alexis Boo19 dias atrás

    This shit beats hard imo

  8. Jason Baxter

    Jason BaxterMês atrás

    "FUCK EM!"

  9. ChiefKeefSosa

    ChiefKeefSosaMês atrás

    Great production

  10. E Thompson

    E ThompsonMês atrás

    Am I the only one that think Meek sound like Wayne on this

  11. Jay Kitch

    Jay KitchMês atrás

    say it again....NIGGA FUCK TRUMP🖕🖕😂🤣😆💪

  12. Remel22 Fagan

    Remel22 FaganMês atrás

    Rick ross should be on nigga . Ha ha lool wooooof

  13. Lizzbeth Aviles

    Lizzbeth AvilesMês atrás

    Omg this song gets me fired up an🥴🥴

  14. Rodrick Finley

    Rodrick FinleyMês atrás

    Jeezy the bankteller i seen this figures,thats why i run circles round these square ass niggas!😎

  15. The Real Juice DeBlanco

    The Real Juice DeBlancoMês atrás

    I hustle hard I go and get the check!!!

  16. Nelly Walker

    Nelly WalkerMês atrás

    Read this as milk Blvd

  17. Prince dareal

    Prince darealMês atrás

    Why not jadakiss instead of meek ?

  18. NAT HUEY

    NAT HUEYMês atrás

    That nigga talking about that yay or something 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. NAT HUEY

    NAT HUEYMês atrás

    He must be on that YAY or something😂😂😂😂😂

  20. Eric Heart

    Eric HeartMês atrás

    First it was the hood D.Trump now F Trump!!

  21. Chytown74

    Chytown74Mês atrás

    Meek killed it!! He come in hard

  22. Randy Jr.

    Randy Jr.Mês atrás

    Meek is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. Mark Reallz

    Mark ReallzMês atrás

    Jeezy: 😈We knocking Ricky off Meek Mill: ummmm......😥

  24. Sttunno Bankks

    Sttunno Bankks2 meses atrás

    Meek went stupid 🐐

  25. James Booda

    James Booda2 meses atrás

    Yo I love the evaluation of Jeezy, I'm an 80's baby and been a fan since day one becuz I grew up the way he spit. But he is not talking about old shit like dope.. if you grew up selling dope and evolved the last thing you want to here is how we glorify selling.. and FUCK YAY AND TRUMP.. AMAZING HIT!!

  26. Antwoine Thigpen

    Antwoine Thigpen2 meses atrás

    I literally have no comment 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. Lauren Johnson

    Lauren Johnson2 meses atrás


  28. D Rob

    D Rob2 meses atrás

    This beat hits hard af

  29. Eren Kütük

    Eren Kütük2 meses atrás

    MEEK FUKIN MILL harikasın harika

  30. Child Of The Sun

    Child Of The Sun2 meses atrás

    freemasons(Jay Z) reppin freemasons(MLK)...some shit smh....the ppl sleeeeeeeeep

  31. Shaun Huggins

    Shaun Huggins2 meses atrás

    Make me wanna put the buttas on throw some shoez on the benz drivearound and stunt

  32. Derik N

    Derik N2 meses atrás

    Meek Mill is biting Valee too hard for me to enjoy this like I should

  33. Peppy Pep

    Peppy Pep2 meses atrás

    Fuck TRUMP

  34. Big Smoove Da Mindsetta

    Big Smoove Da Mindsetta2 meses atrás

    Jezzy on beastmode. Ayeee 🔥🔥

  35. Louie Hudson

    Louie Hudson2 meses atrás

    "I hustle hard I go and get the check" - Jeezy. !!!REAL SHIT!!!

  36. AIR 23 Rikko G

    AIR 23 Rikko G2 meses atrás

    Jeezy Neva let me down on my soul

  37. BusinessLawPole

    BusinessLawPole2 meses atrás

    I skip meek part

  38. Nana Beauty

    Nana Beauty2 meses atrás

    YES! YES! YES! My baby back! Damn dis track go hard!!

  39. Mark Williams

    Mark Williams2 meses atrás

    the only false prophet I seen was bio father jeezy.

  40. Theo White

    Theo White2 meses atrás

    Sick ass Beat!!! I put this on repeat!!!

  41. Bewar Duski

    Bewar Duski2 meses atrás

    Say it again, N**** fuck Trump hahahaha

  42. solteroanthony

    solteroanthony2 meses atrás

    Could we get a Eminem, Jeezy, and Cube collab.

  43. Marco Arroyo

    Marco Arroyo2 meses atrás

    ? Dont understand why u think that would correlate with one another lol that's like saying beastie boys bone thugs and harmony and old dirty bastard should collab lol

  44. jmoney baggz

    jmoney baggz2 meses atrás

    Fuck trump

  45. Justin Milde

    Justin Milde2 meses atrás

    Meek Snapped on this like always💯🔥😷

  46. luis adorno

    luis adorno2 meses atrás

    I came here cus I seen the bubble. Glad I did because this track is str8 fire!💯

  47. Lakeisha Dykes

    Lakeisha Dykes2 meses atrás

    His best parties is the white parties...they be lit lit!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  48. Dragan Cole

    Dragan Cole3 meses atrás

    This song is pure shit...HuuH Kanye is on Another Level!! #JesusSaves #GodBless Ya All!!

  49. Von D.

    Von D.3 meses atrás

    YOU HEAR EM!!! #teamjeezy

  50. pumpkinholes

    pumpkinholes3 meses atrás

    Trump 2020

  51. Ali Ysever

    Ali Ysever3 meses atrás


  52. Jay W jr

    Jay W jr3 meses atrás

    Who won in the verses I think meek ripped it harder than Jeezy??? Wbu

  53. Jay W jr

    Jay W jr3 meses atrás

    Meek mill I do believe u gangsta north Philly is the gudda for real💯📞🔌🔫

  54. Jay W jr

    Jay W jr3 meses atrás

    They acting like Philly Vietnam 😐😐😐☔☔☔

  55. Jay W jr

    Jay W jr3 meses atrás

    Philly been off the hook 🔫🔫🔫📞📞📞🔌🔌🔌

  56. Devon Sosa

    Devon Sosa3 meses atrás

    I love meek but ppl really reachin when they said he snapped. Prolly his worst verse in years. Said nothing crazy, stumbled over his words, minimal energy. Jus lazy shit tbh.

  57. pumpkinholes

    pumpkinholes3 meses atrás


  58. Born Yesterday

    Born Yesterday3 meses atrás

    Dude is garbage

  59. Fix Kicks Earl

    Fix Kicks Earl3 meses atrás

    Meek went in on the beat and the bass on this track is dope💯 Jeezy always crunk too,,, I needed this!

  60. Yaboy

    Yaboy3 meses atrás

    MLK rollin' in his grave sayin' this what I died for!? Stay off that ingant juice, think for yourselves, and you'll make it out the hood!! MAGA!!

  61. HUMBLE

    HUMBLE3 meses atrás

    He needs help mentally and physically....I have lost anything....And this was over a girl and drugs....I wanted a business to make some money.. I HAVE NEVER SEEN HIM IN PERSON ...WE NEVER TALK BY PHONE....WE COMMUNICATED BY MUSIC. THIS TIME AND THE FIRST FIRST....HE IS HIGH AND SICK...HIS JOB HAS TAKEN A TOLL ON HIM.....HE COULDN’T SLEEP...I FEEL SORRY FOR HIM...EVERYBODY IS MAD WITH. ME I have to now watch out for my life...This same thing 10 years ago...I lost $1500 and maybe my life....He lied on my son....He has never seen my Child.