Jeffy's Pet Shark!


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    Go watch the full video and subscribe!

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    RED PANDA6 dias atrás

    I honestly thiught yiu made this just to see how many clicks you'd get because of Jeffy😂😂😂

  4. Donnato Lopez

    Donnato Lopez22 dias atrás

    SuperLuigiLogan Pero le quiero eres lo que te dice el baboso de

  5. samanta Neifelde

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  6. Creveter

    Creveter23 dias atrás

    You need to stop.

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  8. WWG World Wrestling Generations

    WWG World Wrestling Generations3 dias atrás

    best part 0:18

  9. Ballistic Dragon

    Ballistic Dragon4 dias atrás

    Another channel


    SANTIAGO MOROCHO4 dias atrás

    Shark puppet

  11. Crayzy Luka

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    I saw this on TikTok 😂😂

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  13. Exotic Life

    Exotic Life6 dias atrás

    “I hope it’s a big one”

  14. die alam

    die alam8 dias atrás

    The shark puppet :)

  15. Quinn Reil

    Quinn Reil9 dias atrás

    Logan My name is Quinn 7 you Should make A Video with Jeffy Killing Good man

  16. Irving and Byron

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  17. Captain Salsa

    Captain Salsa10 dias atrás

    0:17 so dang funny 😆😆😆

  18. JbBelibers fOrLoFe

    JbBelibers fOrLoFe11 dias atrás

    Logan why is it only 40 seconds

  19. Oofy playz :3

    Oofy playz :311 dias atrás

    This made me laugh😂😂😂

  20. Grav Bullet

    Grav Bullet11 dias atrás

    This is where the tik tok memes start

  21. Guadalupe Valenzuela

    Guadalupe Valenzuela12 dias atrás

    Wait the shark is shark puppet

  22. Will Holtom

    Will Holtom12 dias atrás

    BRreporter:Oh No sll made a 40 second video with no swearing or mean things... D E M O N E T I Z ED

  23. Penny Douglass

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  24. XTML

    XTML13 dias atrás

    I’m here because of tiktok

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  26. Fyzzy. Baks 99

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    Do a cody gets a boyfriend dat gay boi

  27. Ruby Tuesday

    Ruby Tuesday13 dias atrás

    80 percent of your viewer's are under 15

  28. Ruby Tuesday

    Ruby Tuesday13 dias atrás

    @KingCed He's shamelessly making money off 8-10 year olds.

  29. KingCed

    KingCed13 dias atrás

    Tbh who cares

  30. Mr. Brandon cool

    Mr. Brandon cool14 dias atrás

    Logan! hey someone is copy you video it funny 😁 it like hm it sml YTP

  31. Mario #1

    Mario #114 dias atrás


  32. legendary sayain Broly

    legendary sayain Broly15 dias atrás

    God dam it in private ur videos

  33. Game Channel 123

    Game Channel 12315 dias atrás

    This is How many money jeffy has 👇🏼

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    2 dollars?

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    The number of subscribers Logan has is the number of times that Mario has stuttered

  36. Kristina Ražov

    Kristina Ražov16 dias atrás

    Where's rosolina

  37. Ryan Lusby

    Ryan Lusby16 dias atrás

    SuperMarioLogan! Look at your house! You've destroying everything in it when you were making SML movies! You need to pay for all this! or else...

  38. Montzerrat Perez

    Montzerrat Perez17 dias atrás

    You need to fucken take that pencil out of his fucken nose ! My son did the same fucken shit this ugly ass puppet did !!

  39. Logan McDaniel

    Logan McDaniel18 dias atrás


  40. Tyler Geer

    Tyler Geer18 dias atrás

    that vid sucks i need fulld vids but it was funny got to give you that

  41. Co3 x sn1pezz

    Co3 x sn1pezz18 dias atrás

    I saw this on tiktok from shark puppet

  42. Treysen Wilson

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  43. Super Doge

    Super Doge19 dias atrás

    This video was posted on my birthday

  44. RazerTTV Gaming

    RazerTTV Gaming19 dias atrás

    React to Jeffys pet shark

  45. Blazerton

    Blazerton19 dias atrás

    I dont have to

  46. 3 famous girls

    3 famous girls19 dias atrás

    i saw this on tiktok 😂😂😂 ALSO I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL

  47. Loirelys Gonzalez

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    CHERNO BAH20 dias atrás

    Why wasn't this video long

  49. purpleprisms7610

    purpleprisms761020 dias atrás

    Hey they put puppet shark In the video. That sounds just like puppet shark

  50. Lubna Benilam

    Lubna Benilam21 dia atrás

    Uhh Logan I got a ad 😐😏

  51. Gacha Alyssa

    Gacha Alyssa21 dia atrás

    This vid is so funny XDDD😹🤪

  52. Charizard Master

    Charizard Master21 dia atrás

    Sharks don't scream

  53. Redstone skeleton - roblox - minecraft

    Redstone skeleton - roblox - minecraft21 dia atrás


  54. Wayne the wolf extotic

    Wayne the wolf extotic21 dia atrás

    Was that the shark puppet

  55. Ludwig Gustav Mølgaard H5X Østskolen, afd. Hylleholt

    Ludwig Gustav Mølgaard H5X Østskolen, afd. Hylleholt21 dia atrás

    Video ide Joseph breaks hos Shell

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    Belgrove Mobile21 dia atrás

    Chef pee pee povers

  57. TheReal KT7

    TheReal KT721 dia atrás

    Can you shout me out plz

  58. Jordan Hang

    Jordan Hang21 dia atrás

    Logan make a super Bowser Logan video called Joseph's clone where Joseph's clone is red

  59. PlsDontharmmemynameisselmanforgodsake

    PlsDontharmmemynameisselmanforgodsake21 dia atrás

    me got notifacation from yt. *supermariologan has uploaded a video* Me: Hes Not Demontized anymore! 30 SECS later. Me: Oh.

  60. Alejandro Ramírez

    Alejandro Ramírez21 dia atrás

    Can u gift me the season x battle pass ive been watching u before jeffys flu shot

  61. Alejandra Dominguez

    Alejandra Dominguez22 dias atrás

    It’s a shark puppet jeffy got funny scream

  62. klazzy killer21

    klazzy killer2122 dias atrás

    There is a person with the Same name as you logan

  63. Darvin_ovo

    Darvin_ovo22 dias atrás

    shit that scream

  64. Cason Blosser

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    Can you please just keep a channel

  65. Bookiko The Copyer Fan 666's Alt

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    can you bo the Goob jeffy

  66. D'mari Gunai

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    this shit is crazy why yall keep changing channels wtf

  67. Gabriel Hogue

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    Wait so this account got demonetized too?

  68. francis 343

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    What the fuck did i just watch What was the punchline was it the fucking scream what WHAT

  69. Nichole stevens

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    Fast and furious

  70. Cookie Monster’s Adventures

    Cookie Monster’s Adventures23 dias atrás

    Shark puppet EEEEEEIIIIIIEEEEEEEHHHHHHH Jeffy AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH how does shark puppet not rupture his voice

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    Oh look, cancer.

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    Why do you want to take out jeffy?

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    RIP Superluigilogan

  76. ringer

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    Can I have the scooter puppet please you don't use him any more and I was hoping I could have him please could you get to me so we could talk

  77. Ian Gilreath

    Ian Gilreath24 dias atrás

    Why are you moving to bowserlogan

  78. Ian Gilreath

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    Goddamn it are they demonetizing you again

  79. Emmanuel Liza

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    Make another Cody one he’s in Minecraft

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  81. Spaghetti -O

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    I would probably have a dead duck

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  83. LaToya Garrett

    LaToya Garrett24 dias atrás

    Sorry if you didn't wach toy story 4 but Ken is in the movie i just wanted to tell you

  84. Michael Conage

    Michael Conage24 dias atrás

    Do a super sayian one plz a super sayian it will so cool

  85. Toaster bath

    Toaster bath24 dias atrás

    And hes white

  86. Rainfall

    Rainfall24 dias atrás

    So my grandparents ordered me a jeffy puppet in the beginning of March as a pre order, and it said it will be shipped to me on May 24 it never came but then the video you guys made saying something about it coming at the end of July made me go ok, and now it's July 30 the end of July but if I am supposed to wait until August completely that's fine but so far I've been waiting almost 5 months and I'm kinda getting impatient

  87. Kendell Bell

    Kendell Bell24 dias atrás

    My brother wouldn’t behave so I drew him a pic of Jeffy and posted it on ig btw I tagged u so u can see it

  88. francis 343

    francis 34322 dias atrás

    Can someone translate this to English

  89. Tiffany Marco

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    You have ads back

  90. Baby Ruiz

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    Can you continue the Pokemon series

  91. Scratch-and- WIN

    Scratch-and- WIN25 dias atrás

    Hello Logan IDK 😐. If u will read this, but I’m such a big fan of ur Chan, I would love 2 meet ur team ☝️ day. I would love 2 have my own Chan ☝️ day, I’m disabled & have lots of bills, + my Ex takes half my check. I know u get emails like this all the time, so who am I right. Anyways love ❤️ the channel. Happy 4 U

  92. Scratch-and- WIN

    Scratch-and- WIN25 dias atrás

    U r actually right you won’t know who’s telling the truth or lying that’s why I told from my heart the truth. Jeffrey videos make me laugh and my spirit feels good after everything I’ve been through. If it was up to me I would make videos just like this to make people laugh probably less cussing but more comedy.

  93. Josue Reyes

    Josue Reyes25 dias atrás

    You are either lying or actually telling the truth.