Jeffy's Pet Shark!


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    you have adds on this channel again

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    Are y'all gay

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    Can’t believe Jeffie cut shark puppet!!!!!! Omg 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻

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    I been watching you for 3 years

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    Wait is that shark puppet

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    I Ben watching you for 1 year,

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    Jeffy is trying so hard

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    0:18 shark puppet

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    It's Shark Puppet

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    I know theres shark puppet

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    That Shark i s from the channels the Sharkpuppet

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    Upload more

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    Ayyy, shark puppet. Ima get some cheese

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    Meanwhile the guy in the back thought he cought a fish the most strange conversation happens

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    shark puppet

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    This video was just so lame and trash

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    But your trasher

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    Wheres the uploads

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    Ew (yeah)

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    That’s shark puppet

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    The one that created this page is bitch you showing wrong shit for kids I'm Christian I cant judge but I will judge the ones that commit wrong for kids

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    Thank u Logan I love ur videos

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    Wtf dude

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    Is thats puppet shark?

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    Omg it’s @shark_Puppet

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    Hey the sharkpuppet

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    The shark puppet

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    Just for big sunset

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    Hey Jeffery

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    Girl: hi cute Boy: wanna f Girl: sure Also girl: 0:08

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    Shark puppet

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    Good job Logan and shark puppet

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    This feels like a sml short

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    Do Jeffy have sex with mario

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    logan call superluigilogam SLL

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    shark puppet

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    Why is Jeffy so dumb

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    Last word of SLL “We’ll see you guys on SuperBowserLogan!”

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    Who likes superluigilogan he’s the best youtuber👇

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    The shark was shark puppet

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    I’m a big fan

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    That shark is from shark puppet!

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    I like turtles

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    Ok ill admit your stuff is funny but my nephew is acting like Jeffy more and more every day (hitting his sister and Mom and my dog breaking stuff for fun exc) so we band him from watching last night this morning we found him trying to hang himself with yarn yelling he wants to kill himself so naturally I start yelling (like bowzer I suppose but I've been like that before your videos) I Cut the string and he starts punching me dosnt hurt because I'm 15 he's 7 and he has autism so I grab him by the back of his neck and pin him to immobilize him and get the string away from him and any sharp objects near by till my dad got up