Jenna Bush Hager, Barbara Bush Recall Final Moments With George H.W. Bush | TODAY


  1. JustAGirl

    JustAGirl4 horas atrás

    He was a well loved man. And that says so much. ❤❤❤

  2. Joke van der Have

    Joke van der Have8 horas atrás

    They can't be that smart if they don't know what their family did, or they are pretending?

  3. Fernando Solis

    Fernando Solis9 horas atrás

    Beautiful family, I wish I can meet them in person one day,

  4. Debbie's World

    Debbie's World10 horas atrás

    That was very touching!

  5. Canadian Collector

    Canadian Collector11 horas atrás

    and i thought Barbra had the bush

  6. GuelphRacing

    GuelphRacing14 horas atrás

    Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have an excellent day :)

  7. mickel houser

    mickel houser15 horas atrás

    He's not the first loving awesome grandpa to die. But what made him such a good president?

  8. Joey's third chin

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  9. Nathalia Camargo

    Nathalia Camargo17 horas atrás

    It’s sad to think that they’re going to go trough all this process again when their father dies. Couldn’t imagine how it must feel grieving in such a public way.

  10. Jessica Burns

    Jessica Burns17 horas atrás

    How beautiful

  11. Robin Dyche

    Robin DycheDia atrás

    Tears Tears tears.

  12. Andy Zhao

    Andy ZhaoDia atrás

    Very emotional!

  13. Judy Pasqualone

    Judy PasqualoneDia atrás

    The love and closeness of that family is so beautiful.

  14. Counter Strike

    Counter StrikeDia atrás

    I like how these two sisters just sit there and happily talk about Bush to a network that raked their father over the coals and basically abused him for years, its quite odd if you ask me.

  15. Arlene Mulqueeney

    Arlene MulqueeneyDia atrás

    A wonderful life, so nice to see and hear all the tributes both from the family and public .Truly a man of service

  16. Valiant Thor

    Valiant ThorDia atrás

    i guess now hes a saint because he died. screw that whole shady family.

  17. Jada Miller

    Jada MillerDia atrás

    Classy beautiful women. So sorry for their loss

  18. The wounded warriors

    The wounded warriorsDia atrás

    God bless them all. At the end of the day this is about family.




  20. Diane Milligan

    Diane MilliganDia atrás

    Those darn allergies!

  21. HAL

    HALDia atrás

    H didn't know where he was when JFK was shot and W still knows 911 was an inside job. That's one twisted family. Wake up America.

  22. Deanna Lynn

    Deanna LynnDia atrás

    How hypocritical the media is regarding Bush 41.... When he was the President, the media and the Dems were relentless against him! Now that he's dead, they speak so highly of him....

  23. Hiroshi

    HiroshiDia atrás

    I’d rather watch this all day, than watch BRreporter Rewind 2018

  24. NW

    NWDia atrás

    What a wonderful tribute. Filled with love and family.

  25. Mowac

    MowacDia atrás

    These two bimbos haven't a clue to the treasonous criminal history conducted by their grandfather, fathers, and uncles.

  26. Crypto Claus

    Crypto ClausDia atrás

    Awesome interview.

  27. Dexter White

    Dexter WhiteDia atrás

    Plastic fantastics

  28. momo glo

    momo gloDia atrás

    That's awesome.

  29. Kyle Marvin

    Kyle MarvinDia atrás

    This interview gives the Bush sisters the opportunity to give voice to the emotions that their faces no longer have the ability to express.

  30. Mitshu Marner

    Mitshu MarnerDia atrás

    Very nice piece on a family well connected and bound by faith and love. Odd coming from a network that, in the past, had very little positive to say about GHWB and GWB.

  31. Ben's Brewing Co.

    Ben's Brewing Co.Dia atrás

    Nice family.

  32. lifes good

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  33. Stephanie Rodriquez

    Stephanie RodriquezDia atrás

    Ugly thin Tran looking whores

  34. Gianna Coileán

    Gianna CoileánDia atrás

    Naw this is so cute

  35. TJ Matthews

    TJ MatthewsDia atrás

    Rip prayers and sympathy and condolences to the family and God bless America forever , seemed like a great loving caring grandfather and our 41st President of the United States

  36. Wonderful Mom

    Wonderful MomDia atrás

    I love these girls!!! They both have a lot of their mother in them and are gorgeous inside and out

  37. TheReal_CharlieCross 868

    TheReal_CharlieCross 868Dia atrás

    🙌🏿💪🏿⛽️🔥🌊☃️💧💥💥🦍💩💯♨️ #weupDEAR

  38. ZeR0-NYC

    ZeR0-NYCDia atrás

    Barbara did not age well lmao

  39. Mia Edwards

    Mia EdwardsDia atrás

    My grand father just died time Timeon tv I guess

  40. Eric Frommer

    Eric FrommerDia atrás

    Another bush has died so happy:):):). George W bush jr deserves to be put to death by electric chair.

  41. maurice williams

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  42. daisyduck57

    daisyduck572 dias atrás

    I just loved that. I wish I had that kind of relationship with either one of my grandfathers. Too bad I was the 5th girl in 2 families that wanted boys. Shame on them!!!! :(

  43. Natalia

    Natalia2 dias atrás

    So fake.

  44. Brian weir

    Brian weir2 dias atrás

    Barbara is a hot little piece of fuckberry pie

  45. LazyMomMeals

    LazyMomMeals2 dias atrás

    George w rush looks like he cried for days . Could barely open his eyes . I think he’s most hurt .

  46. Jeremiah is a goat

    Jeremiah is a goat2 dias atrás

    No offense but the bush family kinda ugly

  47. lauralou1115

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  48. JANDIA S.

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  49. rubber neck

    rubber neck2 dias atrás

    that jenna is quite ugly

  50. mtiller2006

    mtiller20062 dias atrás

    Where are my tissues? That was such a beautiful and amazing tribute from Jenna and Barbara

  51. Hassan 78

    Hassan 782 dias atrás

    I think they will get over it !


    SISTERS' VISION TAROT2 dias atrás

    May he rest easy. 🙏❤️

  53. cubomania3

    cubomania32 dias atrás

    THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY. Satanic Pissants.

  54. Politically Careless

    Politically Careless2 dias atrás

    Im having trouble feeling any emphaty for a war criminal.

  55. AmeriKKan Korruption

    AmeriKKan Korruption2 dias atrás

    She looks like a character from a dr suess book with that nose

  56. Jade Coleman

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  57. god is woman

    god is woman2 dias atrás

    Rip George Bush

  58. julia powell

    julia powell2 dias atrás

    Everyone does it I know BUT subscribe to me and when I get to enough I’m literally going to leave Tennessee and go to Cali with the money in my pocket and see what I can do and RECORD IT ALL😂😂😂

  59. y2kfraud

    y2kfraud2 dias atrás

    Busy Sr the jfk plotter, the drug smuggler, the child trafficer in league with the Clintons, the 9-11 conspirator. And the media continues to prove it is the enemy of humanity by lying and covering up the truth

  60. Julio Alvarez

    Julio Alvarez2 dias atrás

    Las felicito, son hijas, nietas y bisnietas de Grandes; hombres y mujeres; nuestra América se siente triste completa por la partida de uno de sus Grandes. George Herbert Walker Bush

  61. Timothy McNulty

    Timothy McNulty2 dias atrás

    John F Kennedy Jr for President 2024 Get used to the idea...

  62. Parcke075

    Parcke0752 dias atrás

    Did you notice that a multimillionaire, son G Bush with his own private plane, and Secret Svc security, a secured cell phone only talked to his dad GHW Bush by phone instead of seeing him in his last hours in person? Why was that? Couldnt have been bad weather.

  63. Don N

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  64. Nadia N

    Nadia N2 dias atrás

    This made me cry. Especially when they were talking about how he’s gonna be with their grandma in heaven

  65. Debbie Anderson

    Debbie Anderson2 dias atrás

    Such a lovely tribute to their gampy. Knowing he is with his beautiful wife of 73 years decorating the Christmas tree. RIP 41.

  66. Angela C

    Angela C2 dias atrás

    2 child molester cannibals supporting their satanic pedophile cannibal grandpa

  67. Shanna Rossi

    Shanna Rossi2 dias atrás

    Many xmass miracles to you both and your family. 😧

  68. Rosie Mandujano

    Rosie Mandujano2 dias atrás

    It's 3am, seeing this interview and watching all the beautiful ceremonies has been so beautiful, I can't stop crying, how much I wish to have a family so united like them.

  69. Taha Hagar

    Taha Hagar2 dias atrás

    Stop glorifying mass murderers and war criminals

  70. Matthew 24:4

    Matthew 24:410 horas atrás

    Diana Stephany - I’m not a member of the Catholic pagan cult. Please read my comment carefully!


    JOEY SNAKEYES 7302 dias atrás


  72. 冯心远

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  73. Mike W

    Mike W2 dias atrás

    Beautiful young ladies. Beautiful family.

  74. Father Finger

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  75. Kadenga Rossie

    Kadenga Rossie2 dias atrás

    Yes ,George hw bush where will you land when you go to heaven

  76. Anthony James

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  77. Тарас Пидарас 14/88 🇺🇦

    Тарас Пидарас 14/88 🇺🇦2 dias atrás

    Perfect for brazzers

  78. Eric Yu

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  79. sumzzz16

    sumzzz162 dias atrás

    Wasn’t expecting to cry watching this😢 I met him when I was in middle school and I remember him being so nice❤️

  80. immeohmyoh

    immeohmyoh2 dias atrás

    So sad. Jenna & Barbara are alive, while Uday & Qusay were murdered.

  81. Peculiar Jewel

    Peculiar Jewel2 dias atrás

    Old people are so gross...

  82. Catholic Prayer

    Catholic Prayer2 dias atrás

    Peace be with you 🤝

  83. Peculiar Jewel

    Peculiar Jewel2 dias atrás

    Hawaii is no more

  84. knickandchester

    knickandchester2 dias atrás

    Botox, fillers and stepford wives, oh my!

  85. Iam AnAmerican

    Iam AnAmerican2 dias atrás

    Need to dig how this fake news NBC and their fellow communist news networks bashed about HW and W. These scums are now praising HW?

  86. Ice Blue

    Ice Blue2 dias atrás

    Jenna looks like George Bush, Barbara looks like Laura.She has beautiful blue eyes.

  87. Patricia  Gurwitz

    Patricia Gurwitz2 dias atrás

    An amazing family America is blessed to have. We love you all how lucky we are to have shared these days with you. Blessings from our hearts.

  88. Percival Sweetwater

    Percival Sweetwater3 dias atrás

    Yes, George Bush fought in WWII. Later, as CIA director, he supported dictatorships all over the world. As Vice-President, he helped Israel arm neo-Nazi death squads in El Salvador and Guatemala, with the result that 500,000 people were killed and democracy was prevented from breaking out. As President, Bush worked closely with Saddam Hussein to ensure the successful gassing of Kurds -- Hussein's "own people." A few years later, George Bush Jr. decided the gassing sponsored by his father had been the crime of the century, invaded Iraq and killed 1,000,000 civilians. This was based on a precedent set by his father, who had attacked Iraq in 1991 and killed 500,000 people fleeing the US forces. Finally, George Bush helped create NAFTA, which drove tens of thousands of rural Mexicans off their farms and created the immigration crisis facing the US today. Lastly, lets not forget the contempt George Bush and his wife Barbara showed for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. This is the man Americans honor today.

  89. Catholic Prayer

    Catholic Prayer2 dias atrás

    Judge not lest ye be judged

  90. Amjad Farooq

    Amjad Farooq3 dias atrás

    Who says money does not buy happiness. No doubt the Bushes are a close-knit family and a role model for the world not just America. But, given their weath and the privileged pedigree, it is hardly surprising why they are where they are. Still, 43 tarnished the reputation of Bush family. History will never forgive him for selling America to traitors and abusing his power to settle his personal vandetta. The FBI should forget Trump and use all its resources to investigate how 43 and his associates carried out 9/11 (and the immoral and illegal wars that followed). Trump has killed no one. 43 has the blood of millions of innocents (including tens of thousands of US soldiers) on his hands. For all his flaws, Trump looks like an angel compared to 43.

  91. Cito Bop

    Cito Bop3 dias atrás

    These ladies are such classy, beautiful women.

  92. norm49henri

    norm49henri3 dias atrás

    Weren't these two coke fiends and what's a nice term, um, whores?😨 I seem to recall reform school and some quickie abortions in their past.

  93. ingrid

    ingrid3 dias atrás

    What beautiful girls and such an example of what a family should be!

  94. Z3hoo

    Z3hoo3 dias atrás

    There is no shame to shed a tear for your father.


    WALTER D CASTRO3 dias atrás

    JENNA And BARBARA BUSH Just Remember that he it’s true America hero be our commander in chief of The United State of America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 just remember that you have ours support praying 🙏🏻 that your family and friends have be with you strong it be united one Bigger family will love ❤️ President Bush always be in our hearts ♥️ of the history will be keeping in our life to together our Blessings family strong your beautiful family be have our national and the world love the love to your family May God Blessings your beautiful family now and forever keep self Amen 🙏🏻

  96. Mary Colomaio

    Mary Colomaio3 dias atrás

    I lost my grandma when I was in college, and I lost my grandfather in June and GHWB passing really has messed me up. The love and compassion people are giving reminds me so much of my cousins and I’s love for our grandfather that it’s hard to get through some of these interviews

  97. Gary Bauer

    Gary Bauer3 dias atrás

    Such a classy family. Thank you Jenna and Barbara for sharing your Love. Thank you Bush Family for your Service to this Country. Someone said during the funeral, and put it well, with all the Career Politicians we have, GHWB was the most qualified for POTUS. The Bush men who have served this Country or their State have cared for the affairs of the all People they served. Both had some military hiccups with some decisions but overall served us well. The other President's of this Century had (and have) other agendas and IMO did not (or do not) have the entire Country's best interests at heart. --My comments are not to spark debate but to point out that GHWB was a very good, non-controversial President. God Bless you Ladies and God Bless this Great Country of ours.

  98. Semprasectum

    Semprasectum3 dias atrás

    Gutherie hated Bush when he was alive. . .and now she's a fan. .. that makes me sick.. .

  99. Semprasectum

    Semprasectum3 dias atrás

    WHo cares what these 2 brain dead holes have to say? go away.

  100. Ana Garcia

    Ana Garcia3 dias atrás

    RIP 41, brought tears to my eyes! God bless!

  101. Lauren Mayer

    Lauren Mayer3 dias atrás

    Rest In Peace George H.W. Bush , You Get To See Robin And Your Beautiful Wife For Christmas

  102. Lauren Mayer

    Lauren Mayer3 dias atrás

    So Sad To Watch And He Got To See Her Get Married

  103. Olando Fuller

    Olando Fuller3 dias atrás

    They look like witches....

  104. ohnvmitsme

    ohnvmitsmeDia atrás

    Yes, especially the dark-brown/black haired woman... she looks evil

  105. Frank Esposito

    Frank Esposito3 dias atrás

    We ALL are going to miss you GAMPY!!!