Jennifer Lopez Teases Super Bowl Halftime Show, Reacts to Changing Google with THAT Dress


  1. ruben tellez

    ruben tellez3 dias atrás

    She looks unbelievable

  2. Martin Zubero

    Martin Zubero4 dias atrás

    See what campaigning for an Oscar gets ya?! Nada JLo. But I love you my queen. Humble yourself please.

  3. Christine Mott

    Christine Mott6 dias atrás

    Wth is she wearing

  4. Kristen Almonte

    Kristen Almonte7 dias atrás

    The white blouse under the blue would have looked classy & beautiful on its own.

  5. Toina Nwachuku

    Toina Nwachuku9 dias atrás

    Jlo face has been shot up more than Bonnie n Clyde...

  6. Christine Mott

    Christine Mott6 dias atrás

    Ha ha

  7. Toina Nwachuku

    Toina Nwachuku10 dias atrás

    Botox long will Alex put up with that old chick?

  8. ted dymski

    ted dymski9 dias atrás

    You think he doesn't use any? At least she's isn't wrinkled like Robert DeNiro.

  9. tiffany curtis

    tiffany curtis10 dias atrás


  10. Hubert Drzymala

    Hubert Drzymala11 dias atrás

    Americans, you just have so such a bad taste in fashion, her outfit is awesome

  11. xtine 416

    xtine 41616 dias atrás

    I can't wait to see her performance

  12. MyessYallyah Americus

    MyessYallyah Americus17 dias atrás

    Ivc ivy college no. Inpenitrable vault of Cortez. Downey California. The motherlode

  13. Jeniffer Reate

    Jeniffer Reate17 dias atrás

    Her look as maid and as puerterrican wiht those hair in her forehead!!

  14. Pablo Almeida

    Pablo Almeida17 dias atrás

    Jennifer is looking like the most glamourous sushi chef in the world and I'm here for it.

  15. Jacob  Rivas

    Jacob Rivas11 dias atrás

    lmao yes

  16. Mida Akiti

    Mida Akiti18 dias atrás

    Ellen came up with the tight end joke.

  17. glm

    glm24 dias atrás

    Jen will wipe off the floor with Shakira

  18. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith25 dias atrás

    Noo Shakira with that awful voice. Lopez sound a bit pitchy. Cant they think of anyone else to do the half time show at the Super Bowl. I ll be changing the channel during the break

  19. Joanna Herodotou

    Joanna Herodotou25 dias atrás

    Her skin is glowing, it's just beautiful.

  20. Eugénio Costa

    Eugénio Costa27 dias atrás

    I love this woman she is the american dream !

  21. Nora Gii

    Nora Gii27 dias atrás

    🔥🔥🔥such a power house

  22. Emah Goldmann

    Emah Goldmann29 dias atrás

    Her beauty is so natural, unlike the kardashians all so made up & plastic & fake, yet ppl adore them for that. Jesus... 🙃😂

  23. BRANDY D

    BRANDY D29 dias atrás

    She don't look even close to 50. I don't know what age any person of any age should look like but damn.....she don't look 50

  24. BRANDY D

    BRANDY D28 dias atrás

    @Marcus Reindl Yes definitely. It seems she has just gotten younger or stayed stuck at that age just well more defined, Beautiful, taken care....of course money helps but her dedication to being healthy and her career, dancing is what keeps her on point.

  25. Marcus Reindl

    Marcus Reindl29 dias atrás

    She barely aged at all in the past 20 years...she still looks like she did in Maid In Manhattan here and that was like 2002.

  26. Arthur Patombon

    Arthur PatombonMês atrás

    She's an icon...

  27. Wilma Castro

    Wilma CastroMês atrás

    Que es esa protuberancia en la sien izquierda?

  28. Kathrin Weiß

    Kathrin WeißMês atrás

    Had to google her age, couldn't believe it....

  29. Rafael Segovia

    Rafael SegoviaMês atrás

    If JLo doesn’t get a Golden Globe and an Oscars for her role in Hustler... I will lose my respect to all of these awards!

  30. nealanilove life

    nealanilove lifeMês atrás

    The host is such an idiot.

  31. mike johns

    mike johnsMês atrás

    Stunning x

  32. Afiwa Agbobli

    Afiwa AgbobliMês atrás

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  33. SlimJones

    SlimJonesMês atrás

    Jennifer gave an Oscar worthy performance... absolutely

  34. Little Mouse

    Little MouseMês atrás

    B*tch can't sing. She should retire at 50. Even Madonna, who most claim can't sing well, can out-sing Miss Jennifer any ol' day!

  35. Tripleblade 82

    Tripleblade 8228 dias atrás

    @Little Mouse those rachet latinas prob still look better than Madonna's old botoxed ass.

  36. Little Mouse

    Little Mouse28 dias atrás

    @Tripleblade 82 Ummm, have you seen JHo without makeup? She looks like any rachet Latina I grew up in my old South Bronx neighborhood.

  37. Tripleblade 82

    Tripleblade 82Mês atrás

    At least JLo ain't aging like Madonna. JLo can at least still do movies and modeling. Madonna looks more like the crypt keeper every year. Her manager should pay her to just stay indoors.

  38. Riko Lopez

    Riko LopezMês atrás

    She’s such an ICON.

  39. Vladi

    VladiMês atrás

    4:00 me!!

  40. Calvin Calvey

    Calvin CalveyMês atrás

    Jimmy you hair ???? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

  41. Kevin Okonkwo

    Kevin OkonkwoMês atrás

    When he said engaged she touched her ring

  42. North Star

    North StarMês atrás

    Ugly outfit.. idk why she dresses so badly these days

  43. Mês atrás


  44. Svein

    SveinMês atrás

    She's like the most beautiful 50-year-old in the histroy of the world.

  45. Little Mouse

    Little MouseMês atrás

    You have bad taste. She is the phoniest 50 years ever.

  46. Svein

    SveinMês atrás

    @Vladi Jennifer Lopez is more beautiful to me, but yes I agree that Jennifer Aniston is beautiful as well. Also, different people are attracted to different kinds of beauty.

  47. Vladi

    VladiMês atrás

    And jennifer aniston?

  48. tannu pundir

    tannu pundirMês atrás

    50?? U kidding me

  49. MARKO

    MARKOMês atrás

    SHE Is too old. to hung arround with saquira

  50. AntiMe GO

    AntiMe GOMês atrás


  51. Hector Albertorio

    Hector AlbertorioMês atrás

    Woo 50 looks so good u go girl

  52. Jeremy Wyche

    Jeremy WycheMês atrás

    What a hard working woman. She deserves every success. I’m hoping she takes home that Oscar too.



    My Diva😎

  54. Avetor UAC

    Avetor UACMês atrás

    JLO you loks very good no change)) botefool women !!! Now it’s more difficult to surprise people, thanks to Instagram, but I’ll give advice.

  55. Susan B

    Susan BMês atrás

    She looks amazing as usual... but the nose contour needs more blending!! Aghh

  56. MyNameIsStewy

    MyNameIsStewyMês atrás

    J-Lo is probably the best looking 50 year old on earth.

  57. Mad Kill

    Mad KillMês atrás

    Halle berry and a lot more that I can't remember their names because I'm horrible with names lol

  58. Tiffani Linde

    Tiffani LindeMês atrás


  59. Kareem Jay

    Kareem JayMês atrás

    she is so beautiful and smells so good lol

  60. Ignacio López

    Ignacio LópezMês atrás

    Jimmy looks lost...even Jen noticed that and helped him

  61. Sassy Gal

    Sassy GalMês atrás

    The outfit fitting is very poor

  62. Sassy Gal

    Sassy GalMês atrás

    lol the People cover I thought was Judge Terry Millian from Peoples court not J Lo

  63. Hakuna Matata

    Hakuna MatataMês atrás

    What was her stylist thinking?...That's one awful outfit.

  64. elle frye

    elle fryeMês atrás

    That outfit. Hmmm is she a flight attendant now? I saw this outfit on the runway and it was super ugly there and not cute on jlo. I think jlo is going too fast.

  65. elle frye

    elle fryeMês atrás

    The google story is a huge lie just like that dress is not the same dress she wore 20 years ago . not even close

  66. loniann Carusso

    loniann CarussoMês atrás

    She thinks she is the best.

  67. elle frye

    elle fryeMês atrás

    @addictedtosurgar she has to stop saying its the dress from 20 years ago if its not the dress its not the dress. Duh..

  68. addictedtosurgar

    addictedtosurgarMês atrás

    The dress isn't supposed to be the same dress from 20 years ago. She did a whole video on it and redesigning a new updated version of it. And as far as the google story idk but google itself has said the same thing about why they created google images.

  69. Jacqueline Zubieta

    Jacqueline ZubietaMês atrás

    So many haters! If you don’t like her than switch it! AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL, HUMBLE CARISMA! 😘🥰😍

  70. loniann Carusso

    loniann CarussoMês atrás

    You forgot not being honest

  71. Subhan Tariq

    Subhan TariqMês atrás

    Past year was for LADY GAGA Now this year is for her..... Cheers for both legends

  72. Franky Frankson

    Franky FranksonMês atrás

    I dont like what shes wearing though

  73. Broken Strings

    Broken StringsMês atrás

    HOW IS SHE 50 YEARS OLD?!!!!

  74. Av_cali

    Av_cali2 dias atrás

    Its called exercise, good genes, and not drinking alcohol or doing drugs

  75. The LG

    The LGMês atrás

    I still don't know Her

  76. netanel davidi

    netanel davidiMês atrás

    I guess nobody wants to talk about what she's wearing hah?

  77. Elfangel85

    Elfangel85Mês atrás

    she's so beautiful that I didn't even notice any problems with her outfit until I read the comments.

  78. Ann Holl

    Ann HollMês atrás

    I love the outfit! 😍