Jessie J - WILD (Official) ft. Big Sean, Dizzee Rascal



    SHAQ ALI4 horas atrás

    She should’ve finished the song herself She has talent and I wanted Jessie to have a longer part

  2. Abena Frimpong

    Abena Frimpong16 horas atrás

    2020 anyone?

  3. Miltiadis Apostolou

    Miltiadis Apostolou2 dias atrás

    3:33 I would like all these stamps to be my kisses!!! 💋💋💋

  4. Happy Ghoste

    Happy Ghoste2 dias atrás

    Waw good

  5. Zandile Manzini

    Zandile Manzini7 dias atrás


  6. Angelo Lake

    Angelo Lake7 dias atrás

    I WANT TO KNOW WHO’s LISTENING IN 2020!!!! I’m hear for it still😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  7. Noelia Quispe Gómez Gomez

    Noelia Quispe Gómez Gomez8 dias atrás

    Jessie J - WILD ( Official ) ft. Big Sean Dizzee Rascal musical Cansion noelia 📼 Radio 👄 Live Reggaeton Official Video

  8. Michael Balanlay

    Michael Balanlay9 dias atrás


  9. Juliano J

    Juliano J9 dias atrás

    Diva 💟💟💟

  10. Katarina Vujica

    Katarina Vujica10 dias atrás

    best song ever 2020

  11. Dilano Dilano

    Dilano Dilano14 dias atrás

    Welcome 2020 ❤️😂❤️Bisschen zu spät 😂😂

  12. tamika hibbert

    tamika hibbert16 dias atrás


  13. Kirk Gao

    Kirk Gao17 dias atrás

    My favorite Just Dance 2014 track:)

  14. Shiloh King

    Shiloh King17 dias atrás

    Big & Dizzee killed this track so hard man!

  15. JDS 344

    JDS 34418 dias atrás


  16. nayu nadia

    nayu nadia19 dias atrás


  17. Jubiane Franca

    Jubiane Franca21 dia atrás

    Linda minha vida 🌻♥️

  18. Emmah Chihava

    Emmah Chihava22 dias atrás

    26 January 2020 ❤️

  19. Roaa

    Roaa22 dias atrás

    2020?? 💗💗💗☺️

  20. Fatoudiaw Diaw

    Fatoudiaw Diaw27 dias atrás


  21. D

    D26 dias atrás

    Fatoudiaw Diaw mee

  22. Cessna 1700

    Cessna 170028 dias atrás

    @miley @nicki Well I like this type of skin

  23. Ailurophile

    Ailurophile29 dias atrás

    2020 ??

  24. Fotini Karanikola

    Fotini Karanikola29 dias atrás

    i love that song

  25. i i

    i iMês atrás

    Short hair suits her soo much

  26. Rapha West

    Rapha WestMês atrás


  27. via soul

    via soulMês atrás

    With your voice you can put your cloth on,

  28. yourgirljess

    yourgirljessMês atrás


  29. Jenny's Feenzauber

    Jenny's FeenzauberMês atrás


  30. J Alam

    J AlamMês atrás


  31. vittao fit

    vittao fitMês atrás


  32. Gil Domínguez

    Gil DomínguezMês atrás


  33. Mahmoud Hassan

    Mahmoud HassanMês atrás

    2020 ??

  34. Ashley Niko

    Ashley NikoMês atrás

    This the first song i heard of her when i was soo young i love her soo much💕

  35. C

    CMês atrás

    2020 ?

  36. Saurabh Hasija

    Saurabh HasijaMês atrás

    0:48 song starts here..

  37. adi wiratama

    adi wiratamaMês atrás


  38. Abeer 97

    Abeer 97Mês atrás

    I'm still your biggest fan Queen

  39. Jesper Kristensen

    Jesper KristensenMês atrás

    DAMN you are WILD.... Jessie. ;o)

  40. Samuel Lee

    Samuel LeeMês atrás

    After 6 years, they should have just kept it just Jessie without them trash raps!

  41. M G

    M GMês atrás


  42. Albert Mateus

    Albert MateusMês atrás

    2020 ♡

  43. Radatsch Original

    Radatsch OriginalMês atrás

    jessie j is the perfect example that one does not have to have big boobs to be totally sexy

  44. Shashi Dhar

    Shashi DharMês atrás

    Wow Dizzee wow

  45. Sir Augusthuz

    Sir AugusthuzMês atrás


  46. blacctilly

    blacctillyMês atrás

    The transitions between the different parts are smooth af

  47. Fabienne Larelle

    Fabienne LarelleMês atrás

    Who in 2019 december

  48. merhawi elyas

    merhawi elyasMês atrás

    I am from Eritrea 🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷

  49. Amanda Rue

    Amanda RueMês atrás

    This used to be my jam 🔊🔊

  50. smol bean

    smol beanMês atrás

    Amazing :((

  51. Lara Sis

    Lara SisMês atrás

    Befor the 2020 listening thx for the best song ever jessi

  52. JackeyIsLit

    JackeyIsLit2 meses atrás

    who else found this from just dance???

  53. Rod alex Marc.

    Rod alex Marc.2 meses atrás


  54. Zvlem Rich

    Zvlem Rich2 meses atrás


  55. ThatOneGirl

    ThatOneGirl2 meses atrás

    She looks so good😍

  56. clems0r

    clems0r2 meses atrás

    was searching so long for this song until UMC covered it, now I finally found the original

  57. Karol Ciezobka

    Karol Ciezobka2 meses atrás

    2019 best ever jessi voice I love

  58. Aslı Yenigün

    Aslı Yenigün2 meses atrás

    Me too!

  59. Elliot Rodgers

    Elliot Rodgers2 meses atrás

    100 push ups 100 sit ups 100 squats 10 km run later.....

  60. Otsuka Reina Official

    Otsuka Reina Official2 meses atrás


  61. LorneyTV

    LorneyTV2 meses atrás

    This song deserved better views

  62. Mariam -

    Mariam -2 meses atrás

    2019?? anymore