Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers' Grillz | Fine Points | GQ


  1. Lil Zeni

    Lil ZeniHora atrás

    And yet you have some fat gap between your teeth

  2. Cash Rules

    Cash Rules2 horas atrás

    How many houses they could've bought? Beyond stupid

  3. Str8’ Ballin

    Str8’ Ballin5 horas atrás

    “Little Wayne”

  4. Another Day Another Dollar DC Maryland & VIRGINIA

    Another Day Another Dollar DC Maryland & VIRGINIA5 horas atrás

  5. CelixBright Fan

    CelixBright Fan6 horas atrás

    I got orange I got yellow And I got blue watch u want

  6. White Guy Da Vinci

    White Guy Da Vinci6 horas atrás

    my favorite was Travis Scott's tho

  7. White Guy Da Vinci

    White Guy Da Vinci6 horas atrás

    i wish he would have did Lil Peeps Grillz

  8. Ian Estrada

    Ian Estrada7 horas atrás

    Lil yatchy, beautiful set of grillz? Those two don’t go together

  9. Swoosh Playz

    Swoosh Playz11 horas atrás

    He seems to know so much bout grills Why does he not have them?

  10. Jeremy Trent

    Jeremy Trent14 horas atrás

    This guy is named 'trax' Tracks'? Real street cred.


    B.A. PENDAGRASS18 horas atrás

    And i still use paper out my newport box to rock my "permanent" grill...TOP AND #Jaws #BigGipp


    B.A. PENDAGRASS18 horas atrás

    YEEZY clean your nose next time bruh!! #DirtyNose

  13. Doughboy 1

    Doughboy 119 horas atrás

    Sounds like he’s hating on Johnny Dang....THE GRILLZ KING!!!!

  14. Wora Cora

    Wora Cora19 horas atrás

    Biggest clown of 2019 award goes to this guy... check ben baller "beef"

  15. Non Ya

    Non Ya22 horas atrás

    Young ma look permanent.

  16. daniel D

    daniel DDia atrás

    Looks likes he's got a mouth full of fruit pastalles

  17. Foster Smith

    Foster SmithDia atrás

    Imagine trippie redd slips and falls and bites his tounge

  18. bristian.830

    bristian.830Dia atrás

    Ain’t he the one 6ix9ine ran off on with that $25k bracelet

  19. edit11

    edit11Dia atrás

    dayum, this brown dude rosting on this real niggas

  20. sLEwtube

    sLEwtubeDia atrás

    You would think that this guy would know or mention that lil Wayne has permanent diamond teeth implants, not exactly a grill piece.

  21. Not So Friendly Squidd

    Not So Friendly SquiddDia atrás

    Sorry if im ignorant but can you sing in a grill comfortably because I only see grills as something u only take pictures in

  22. Kid Wolf

    Kid WolfDia atrás

    Slow it down and play it at 7:00 it sounds like he said nicgels

  23. JAWA 250 RIDER

    JAWA 250 RIDER2 dias atrás

    Somebody: Whoever reading this is going to be rich this year Me: If I would get 1 cent every time when I read this under BRreporter comments I would be rich

  24. Haven Keele

    Haven Keele2 dias atrás

    4:18 my main goal is to blow up, then act like I don’t know nobody. NAHHANAHANAHANAHANA

  25. Uncle Basil

    Uncle Basil2 dias atrás

    Yo Trix come help me swag this kid out

  26. SK RiLLa

    SK RiLLa2 dias atrás

    Kanye gotta booger in his nose

  27. Xtinct-

    Xtinct-2 dias atrás

    This is SixNines jeweler

  28. Raymond Urizar

    Raymond Urizar2 dias atrás

    I really do t need that on my teeth

  29. Raymond Urizar

    Raymond Urizar2 dias atrás

    Good that's whatsup

  30. OhMyGodImPanicking

    OhMyGodImPanicking2 dias atrás

    My grillz are better, they’re yellow, my dentist says I should fix it because it’s stains but I don’t believe him

  31. jeff fan

    jeff fan3 dias atrás

    I thought this was grill cheese

  32. Joey Garcia

    Joey Garcia3 dias atrás

    Who? Cares!

  33. jay c

    jay c3 dias atrás

    I got princess cut, invisible set

  34. Joshua Schatzman

    Joshua Schatzman3 dias atrás

    imagine biting ur tongue with the shark teeth

  35. Brandon Cookie

    Brandon Cookie3 dias atrás

    Wayne’s isn’t a grill. He replaced his teeth with those.

  36. Lord Colin

    Lord Colin3 dias atrás

    Grills are only cool if they are replacements for teeth, not covers of teeth.

  37. Z. Lapu

    Z. Lapu4 dias atrás

    wheres 6ix9ine

  38. Donovan Myers

    Donovan Myers3 dias atrás

    Exactly 🤦🏽‍♂️

  39. Friar Tuck

    Friar Tuck4 dias atrás

    wheres your song at ?

  40. Chevy Meese

    Chevy Meese4 dias atrás

    What happens if you get punched in the mouth

  41. Chevy Meese

    Chevy Meese3 dias atrás

    @Donovan Myers thx

  42. Donovan Myers

    Donovan Myers3 dias atrás

    They will break, and your tech will crack, also the diamonds will fall out...

  43. Kurt Wagner

    Kurt Wagner4 dias atrás

    Imy opinion they all look stupid

  44. ѕтyʟɪᴢ

    ѕтyʟɪᴢ4 dias atrás

    jokes on you guys i be flexing my braces and retainers

  45. Donovan Myers

    Donovan Myers3 dias atrás


  46. Barry Greer

    Barry Greer4 dias atrás

    He does know that WuTang basically started grills, not Lil Wayne

  47. kevin Brown

    kevin Brown4 dias atrás

    I have 1 quetion why wasn't YWM Melly in this?

  48. Donovan Myers

    Donovan Myers3 dias atrás

    We all don’t know

  49. Ariana Campos

    Ariana Campos4 dias atrás


  50. Mario

    Mario4 dias atrás

    How do they brush there teeth

  51. Donovan Myers

    Donovan Myers3 dias atrás

    Plot twist: they don’t...

  52. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith4 dias atrás

    There no such thing as dental gold dentist use a certain kt but its not called dental gold

  53. Zix Sen

    Zix Sen2 dias atrás

    Jason Smith u are wrong there is google

  54. Area 51 Escapee

    Area 51 Escapee4 dias atrás

    I feel like they just put in Young M.A so he could flex on us even more

  55. thomas berkey

    thomas berkey4 dias atrás

    y’all did travis scott dirty with that photo

  56. baby jr

    baby jr4 dias atrás

  57. Coy Goss

    Coy Goss5 dias atrás

    Why Travis Scott look like pepe the frog?

  58. Donovan Myers

    Donovan Myers3 dias atrás


  59. Rodney McCoy II

    Rodney McCoy II5 dias atrás

    Letters on top trippie

  60. Johnny Walker

    Johnny Walker5 dias atrás


  61. dylan

    dylan5 dias atrás

    no lil peep pink grill ?

  62. Mithey Rings

    Mithey Rings5 dias atrás

    I really don’t care I just want him to say they’re fake

  63. QuaticL

    QuaticL5 dias atrás

    Must really suck to bite your tongue with trippie redds grill

  64. Kitchen Beast

    Kitchen Beast5 dias atrás

    7:17 .... "these people".... ha

  65. 1017

    10176 dias atrás

    Gucci Mane

  66. JustGarbo

    JustGarbo6 dias atrás

    Where’s tekashi!!

  67. Sonic Flowzz

    Sonic Flowzz6 dias atrás

    he said he has letters.....The letter 14

  68. michael jensen

    michael jensen6 dias atrás

    Is this Fergusons brother almost same dialect

  69. xsu

    xsu6 dias atrás

    I bet he bit a diamond with the gap in his teeth

  70. Jaden Roberson

    Jaden Roberson6 dias atrás

    So y’all not gonna do da baby ?

  71. Piit PL

    Piit PL6 dias atrás

    I was expecting kevin gates in this video

  72. єdgє

    єdgє6 dias atrás


  73. STZxParallel •

    STZxParallel •6 dias atrás

    He called young m.a her

  74. Kevin S

    Kevin S5 dias atrás

    How dare it

  75. County2County Solutions

    County2County Solutions6 dias atrás

    Tekashi 69 made this punk famous

  76. Critical Reaper

    Critical Reaper6 dias atrás

    What happened to 69

  77. Sven Sven

    Sven Sven6 dias atrás

    choclate diamonds ◕‿◕

  78. AlmostMyself

    AlmostMyself6 dias atrás

    Flavor flaaaav

  79. davidian666

    davidian6666 dias atrás

    But they pay out all that money too look like a dickhead!

  80. DreDay4201 4201

    DreDay4201 42016 dias atrás

    Well most people dont eat with there grillz in so none that matter bro

  81. Ahmad X

    Ahmad X6 dias atrás

    Trippie redd ugly asab

  82. Daniel Hernandez

    Daniel Hernandez7 dias atrás

    he sayd young m.a is a girl

  83. MrStealYourChair

    MrStealYourChair7 dias atrás

    I dont know why but i just dont trust this guy.

  84. Booty Consumer

    Booty Consumer7 dias atrás

    “i got orange i got blue watcha want”

  85. Humberto Mendoza

    Humberto Mendoza7 dias atrás


  86. lilmacc 19

    lilmacc 197 dias atrás

    If you swallowed your baguette.. would you wallow through your doodoo to fish it out??

  87. Lea Brugaman

    Lea Brugaman7 dias atrás

    Ma main goal is 2 blow up and then act like i do no nobody HahhahHHHahahHhahH

  88. Hideyoshi

    Hideyoshi7 dias atrás

    Bet he bit a diamond that made his front tooth that way

  89. Wyze Mystik

    Wyze Mystik7 dias atrás

    Lil Wayne didn’t start nothing