JLo's MAKEUP ARTIST Spills Beauty Secrets


  1. Bettina Smith

    Bettina Smith15 horas atrás

    I never knew you could contour your lips!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gia Hart

    Gia HartDia atrás

    The palettes are crap and so it tati.

  3. Kieme West-Braye

    Kieme West-Braye3 dias atrás

    It's a dream to have a make over with Scott. Tati you look absolutely STUNNING. AND your palette is beautiful as well as Scotts❤️

  4. Amparo Fernández

    Amparo Fernández4 dias atrás

    Por favor , poner subtitulos en espanol,

  5. Δανάη Χατζή

    Δανάη Χατζή4 dias atrás

    COME ON TATI! I used to respect you a lot but this is so wrong... I got both palettes. The colours are not good! Especially in colourbomb, its totally different when you see it in the pan than when you actually put it on your lid. And in the other one, the white shade.....gets pink when you apply! Total waste of money!

  6. Carrie Doyle

    Carrie Doyle5 dias atrás

    Tati - THANK YOU for you and for having Scott Barnes on. This is next level. I loved you before, but the 2 heads together - 🤯 MIND BLOWN. Now I must go and study color theory, art, so I can snatch some faces.

  7. Kana Michelle

    Kana Michelle6 dias atrás

    Before Tati had any eye makeup on, her eyes looked small, but by the time he was done, they looked HUGE!! Tati needed to go straight into a photo shoot!

  8. Mrz. Harris

    Mrz. Harris6 dias atrás

    Really love these videos with Scott!..please keep him coming back to your channel.

  9. Ann B

    Ann B7 dias atrás

    That's the most beautiful eye look I've ever seen

  10. Mary Anderson

    Mary Anderson7 dias atrás

    It’s because so many people are greedy , they want what you have without working for it .

  11. Mary Anderson

    Mary Anderson7 dias atrás

    Pink & yellow make what color ? Like a peachy coral

  12. Mary Anderson

    Mary Anderson7 dias atrás

    Yes he does Tati

  13. matchmaker016

    matchmaker0169 dias atrás

    We need a full on scott and tati series!!

  14. claudia rio

    claudia rio9 dias atrás

    You both need to meet mariaagloriaa she loves you guys so much and Tati she is obsessed with you! She loves everything you do

  15. Kathryn Baart

    Kathryn Baart10 dias atrás

    Seeing Scott Barnes freaking out and supporting your pallet is so amazing and warming 😍😁

  16. Stephanie Caparrós

    Stephanie Caparrós11 dias atrás

    You two are amazing!!!!!!! My favorites ever ever.

  17. LilyOfLife

    LilyOfLife11 dias atrás

    The eye shadow crease seems a bit too dark...

  18. Macie Jeansonne

    Macie Jeansonne11 dias atrás

    He is so sweet!

  19. Alani Coughlin

    Alani Coughlin12 dias atrás

    Hair on FLEEK!

  20. Mjsmokin

    Mjsmokin12 dias atrás

    he is SO handsome ♥ & you are so beautiful ♥

  21. 714makeup

    714makeup12 dias atrás

    What lashes is she wearing?

  22. Kayla Weiss

    Kayla Weiss13 dias atrás


  23. Christina

    Christina15 dias atrás

    I want those lashes

  24. Steph L Southern

    Steph L Southern15 dias atrás

    I already love him, as I said I’m so new to all this!❤️

  25. Steph L Southern

    Steph L Southern15 dias atrás

    What a great tutorial I was in Awww the whole time!! You are so beautiful anyway and his makeup shills are definitely on spot, great look the two of you made!! Love you palette girl didn’t even know you had a whole brand of makeup 👍🏼❤️

  26. Eliza Barboza

    Eliza Barboza16 dias atrás

    More Scott Barnes!

  27. Linda Wilkinson

    Linda Wilkinson16 dias atrás

    Tati... what foundation are you wearing in this video? I love everything y'all used! : )

  28. Reicuois Siobhan Grainne

    Reicuois Siobhan Grainne16 dias atrás

    He looks like a pornstar

  29. Marisol Gonzales

    Marisol Gonzales18 dias atrás

    I have been applying make up 42 years. I don't need a dam man teacher. Sorry. No man knows better gran me how to apply make up. Been doing it too long. Sorry. I am the best!!!!

  30. Badá Rock

    Badá Rock18 dias atrás

    Scott is amazing, and I just love his featuring your videos. Thank you both for the amazing content. I keep coming back to these videos, over and over.

  31. renaeb450

    renaeb45019 dias atrás

    I love how because Scott is an actual artist, his posture, the way he holds the brushes and the way he uses them on Tati's face looks exactly the same as an artist would look who is painting on a canvas or something with the way is standing and moving etc 😍💜

  32. McKenzie McCabe

    McKenzie McCabe20 dias atrás


  33. Show me Love 💗

    Show me Love 💗20 dias atrás

    Great, now I wanna buy Scott Barnes brushes... my bank account is thanking y’all 💸

  34. Chevelle Leese

    Chevelle Leese20 dias atrás

    Ok so watching a few of this ladies videos does she let anyone finish what they have to say ?? She seems in her own little world of Tati 😐😬

  35. Yara P. N. de Sa

    Yara P. N. de Sa20 dias atrás

    This guy is amazing, I just love him.

  36. isidra noyola

    isidra noyola21 dia atrás

    Where can I get those lashes?

  37. Alyssa Esparza

    Alyssa Esparza21 dia atrás

    The glitters in the Tati palette are so freaking good!!!! I love the quality. I just want to steal my sisters palette so bad. I need my own 😂

  38. pam edwards

    pam edwards21 dia atrás

    Love when you two are together Happy New year

  39. Michele Eslick

    Michele Eslick22 dias atrás

    More Scott! I love him!

  40. Jennifer Pohl-Johnston

    Jennifer Pohl-Johnston22 dias atrás

    I love feeling the good energy between you! Always a blessing to see a master artist at work. Happy New Year Tati! 💖

  41. Ruby Stanyer

    Ruby Stanyer22 dias atrás

    I don’t know what scott was talking about, shrek is sexy and he would be lucky to look like him 💚

  42. debra k

    debra k22 dias atrás

    Scott--insanely beautiful work! xxoo

  43. Sabra Snider

    Sabra Snider22 dias atrás

    This was my NYE look and I loved it!

  44. Dr. Corinne Devin

    Dr. Corinne Devin22 dias atrás

    What are your favorite brushes used here? I only heard #62. Thanks in advance

  45. Michele A Lloyd

    Michele A Lloyd23 dias atrás

    You guys work so well together. Love it. Where can we buy Scott Barnes cosmetics?

  46. Svetlana

    Svetlana23 dias atrás

    Omg he’s so super great, this makeup look is AMAZING 😍 I hope one day he can do my makeup

  47. Suzy Clark

    Suzy Clark23 dias atrás

    Tati, Keep doing what you are doing with your make-up. Not his. He makes you look like a drag queen. He does have some great ideas though.

  48. Norma Hernandez

    Norma Hernandez23 dias atrás

    You look amazing, I love Scott 🥰

  49. Jesica Mendoza

    Jesica Mendoza24 dias atrás

    I love you two together!

  50. רינת גלאם

    רינת גלאם24 dias atrás

    Love your videos. You are so beautiful 😘😘😘Scott is so talented🌹🌹🌹

  51. Anastasia Robinson

    Anastasia Robinson24 dias atrás

    Scott is so attractive ♥️ Frank is so beautiful as well ♥️


    ESTELLA QUY24 dias atrás

    i think scott should do singles! i have my own morphe z palette type thing and U put all of my faves and want some scott barnes highlighters and blushes for it!!!

  53. Robin L

    Robin L24 dias atrás

    Awesome support between Talented friends building their brand. I want both palettes. Happy holidays! ❤️❤️🌟

  54. Yara

    Yara25 dias atrás

    Iove you guys together !

  55. Maral

    Maral25 dias atrás


  56. Esmé

    Esmé26 dias atrás

    I love Scott


    KARI LEVASSEUR26 dias atrás

    I got my palette for Christmas and i absolutely love it!

  58. Talhaa Ilyas

    Talhaa Ilyas26 dias atrás

    i think this is great makeup but i also think that its a lot of makeup, its very present, not for everyone but if you can pull it off, its beautiful.

  59. bananapie

    bananapie27 dias atrás

    Scott Barnes make up should be at Sephora globally. Can’t buy it here in Singapore!

  60. Kevin McCarthy

    Kevin McCarthy27 dias atrás

    Omg....... FIERCE. Those Lashes are Everything, Period, The End!!!!! Lol, seriously, the entire look is absolutely Beautiful. I do adore the lashes. Way to go Scott, and Tati your Shadows are Amazing.