Joe Biden Can't Stop Clowning Himself


  1. The Young Turks

    The Young Turks4 dias atrás

    Is Joe Biden delusional?

  2. TD2943

    TD29432 dias atrás

    Is the rabbi Jewish . Do the bears shit in the woods?

  3. randomnobody playthrough

    randomnobody playthrough2 dias atrás

    Biden is a racist piece of shit.

  4. Bobby Jackson

    Bobby Jackson2 dias atrás

    @Richie Tattersall You seem oblivious to the origins of the huge number of American blacks imprisoned in the united states...the Democrats are the main conspirators behind mass incarceration in the US Bill Clinton Joe Biden Bernie Sanders Kamala Harris and other Democrats are responsible In fact Biden authored the wickedly racist 94 crime bill and gave the most racist speech I've ever heard Its available on BRreporter search for that a different group of citizens are being affected by drugs there's no rush by the Democrats to mass incarcerate or demonize said group in the mainstream media 24/ there's only talk about treatment and medical conditions Some states are even offering legal drug shooting sites for (today's) illegal drug users So what's the difference between the two groups

  5. Richie Tattersall

    Richie Tattersall2 dias atrás

    @Bobby Jackson CLASSIC @@@##@ ATTITUDE, don't deal with an addiction as the medical condition is actually is, lock them up. The United States of America, a "FREE NATION" has the world record for the highest percentage of it population in jail or prison IN THE WORLD! SCREW YOU!!!

  6. Bobby Jackson

    Bobby Jackson2 dias atrás

    I need to see serious legislation that mass incarcerates (today's) drug users before any of them receives my vote mainly Joe

  7. Mike Perkins

    Mike Perkins14 horas atrás

    Say it isn't so Joe! You're the status quo.

  8. jenifer cronin

    jenifer cronin14 horas atrás


  9. Liv Claire

    Liv ClaireDia atrás

    Joe Biden is a closet republican.....

  10. Vick S

    Vick SDia atrás

    Balancing the budget by getting rid of the deficit led to unemployment and and affected the economy in the early 2000. It was a stupid decision.

  11. zerotolerance4u

    zerotolerance4uDia atrás

    Vote for the No Brainer. Vote for Biden!

  12. Vick S

    Vick SDia atrás

    lol no brain for sure

  13. RuleofFive

    RuleofFiveDia atrás

    Was there bipartisanship when Obama was President? There was never happy cooperation in the US government. George Washington didn't want political parties but Adams and Jefferson did. Do you think the Republicans were helpful to FDR during the depression? No they fought FDR at every turn. The same with Johnson's Great Society. Its ALWAYS a fight! Get over it!

  14. Lu Guy

    Lu Guy2 dias atrás

    Your guys are super loud, well actually yelling at your audience. You guys don’t want trump but you don’t want anyone else, either. Why is that? Just shows how mentally unbalanced AMERICANS are. Recently and definitely Cenk was so odd on CNN, louder then was necessary to have a normal conversation with another person. Uncivilized and backward. Volume........talking/yelling to the camera isn’t the best teaching method to addressing DIALOGUE during live T.V.

  15. Hello World!

    Hello World!9 horas atrás

    @Lu Guy this criticism is so superficial, narrow, based on appearance, almost as bad as saying Hilary was the best candidate because of her gender. Come on, that's stupid.

  16. Lu Guy

    Lu GuyDia atrás

    Steven Actually they will find fault regardless the name of any front runner ( just watch and see )and quieter, just means if you have confidence and the mike, you don’t have to scream/ yell at ppl. It makes them look insecure.

  17. Steven

    StevenDia atrás

    And the suggestions to the above critiques would be to just like Joe Biden because he is by definition not Donald Trump (someone they don't like)? And that's the mental balance you're seeking? As well as just being a bit more quiet?

  18. PM 3736

    PM 37362 dias atrás

    XD Biden is more a clown than trump. Wow that is just sad I now realize reality is a morbid comedy XD

  19. PM 3736

    PM 3736Dia atrás

    @Steven No republicans a liars and frauds. I'd take no help from what is clearly a devil. Biden is what aids the Republicans I'll not accept aid from a greater Enemy to defeat a lesser one. And by the sound of it you're clearly a cuckservative so if you would do the world a favor please die slowly in the most painful measure possible

  20. Steven

    StevenDia atrás

    @PM 3736 Also don't look gift horses in the mouth :) If Republicans are helping with Biden, accept it and like it :)

  21. PM 3736

    PM 3736Dia atrás

    @Steven that sounds like a republican talking point. As much as I don't like biden its pretty easy to assume that its nothing but a lie

  22. Steven

    StevenDia atrás

    A clown who claims he can cure cancer but only if elected president :)

  23. technicallythecenteroftheuniverse

    technicallythecenteroftheuniverse2 dias atrás

    1:12 It wasn't like that even in the nineties! Newt Gingrich existed! I mean, nineties Democrats were essentially republicans even moreso than corporate Democrats are today.

  24. Anthony Roybal

    Anthony Roybal2 dias atrás


  25. Darrell Mennie

    Darrell Mennie2 dias atrás

    Agreed, Biden the Pedo running off against Trump the Pedo. Looks like the US has a veneration of Pedo problem

  26. Jaguar Rose

    Jaguar Rose2 dias atrás

    I think this is dog whistle politics by Joe Biden. I think what he's trying to signal is that he's White. He knows a lot of the opposition to Barack Obama was based solely on racism and bigotry (birtherism), things that a White president could have gotten Republicans on board with they reflexively fought against Obama because of their racist base. He saying elect me (a white guy and a member of the club) and I'll get things done that a Black guy, Jewish guy or woman can't.

  27. religiousabuse

    religiousabuse2 dias atrás


  28. musicksol

    musicksol2 dias atrás

    Anyone else looking forward to TYT implosion when Biden's the nominee?

  29. Steven

    StevenDia atrás

    @Small Pseudonym Yes conservatively numerically speaking. My vocabulary failed me and I couldn't find another word for it :)

  30. Small Pseudonym

    Small PseudonymDia atrás

    @Steven The conservative (I presume you meant numerically, not politically) take on the polling numbers was the only way someone couldn't really argue with the statement, haha. Like you, I expect it will continue to drop over time.

  31. Steven

    StevenDia atrás

    @Small Pseudonym Lost '10 points' would be the conservative takeaway from Joe Biden's consistent downward trajectory in polling and also highly kind of you :)

  32. Steven

    StevenDia atrás

    I added this to watch later because i'm looking more forward laughing at you when he doesn't :) Don't go deleting the comment now ;)

  33. Small Pseudonym

    Small PseudonymDia atrás

    There are any number of candidates that TYT strongly dislike that might make it to the finish line. You're going to be supremely disappointed if you're pinning your hopes on Biden to be the one. Look at his history of Presidential runs. The guy was born to fade. The run is already on. He's lost 10 points since his entry into the race and it's only just started.

  34. heartgirl40

    heartgirl402 dias atrás

    Joe Biden gaffes NON-STOP!

  35. Steven

    StevenDia atrás

    Are you saying he can't cure cancer?

  36. Mister Kim

    Mister Kim2 dias atrás

    Why isn't the traditional media questioning Biden's age like they did with Bernie? The sad things is, double standards are no longer a surprise. It's the status quo.

  37. Huib Wetzel

    Huib Wetzel2 dias atrás

    J.B. IS DONE !!

  38. Kooroush Dehghan

    Kooroush Dehghan2 dias atrás

    Joe Biden is not just a corporate sellout, he’s a pathologic liar just like Trump. Vice-President is the president of Senate. Does he not know about 8 years of Republican fascist lockout of every and any bill directed at helping people? Bernie needs to call this racist sexist homophobe fraud out for what he is instead of calling him a friend with differing opinions.

  39. Frank Migliozzi

    Frank Migliozzi2 dias atrás

    We would rather see Bernie get beaten by Trump .then this clown

  40. toddhawaii1

    toddhawaii12 dias atrás

    Why is Biden the front runner? He is part of the oligarchs and establishment. Bernie and Tulsi is far better and is definitely FOR the people, country, and the world!

  41. IPCC SaysLessThan12Years

    IPCC SaysLessThan12Years2 dias atrás

    He's spending more time talking to donors than he is to the people. Which tells you everything you need to know about a Biden White House.

  42. Steven

    StevenDia atrás

    Well when he talks to the people he either back flips on a policy he's held for 30 years, names drops Donald Trump 74 times or claims he can cure cancer but only if elected president. Its probably best he stay with his donors.......

  43. Ken Tinman

    Ken Tinman2 dias atrás

    The reason Biden didn't show up to the California democratic convention. It's simple he wants to be able to show up the day after the Convention is over. "As he has done." Then give an unchallenged speach to a small room where there are more cameras than people. It's the same crap the loosing Demo-corperate party tried with $hillary. I quote Cenk. "The resistance has become the assistance."

  44. TheManWithNoName

    TheManWithNoName2 dias atrás

    He looks like The Joker.

  45. Snarky Slanders

    Snarky Slanders2 dias atrás

    This highlights how truly out of touch Biden is.from the base. When Dems reach across the isle to wingnut Republicans it never ends well for regular Americans. As despicable as the Republicans are they go for the jugular and expose how truly pathetic and weak their opponents are. When is the last time you heard a Republican talk about reaching across the isle other than for help screwing working Americans? Biden achieved nothing noteworthy during his 44 years in politics that truly helped working Americans having spent almost his entire adult life after law School in the plush, pampered bubble of the Washington elite and has never had to carry a lunch bucket in his life. The tab for most of his lunches have been picked up by the taxpayers. He is a failed out of touch has been and is way beyond his sell by date.

  46. reason18

    reason182 dias atrás

    When i first saw that clip of trump trying to say "origins", l legit had a problem with everything going on around him. I was so, 1000% sure that he was having a stroke on live television, and that no one was doing anything to help him. No doctors, no ambulances, no assistance at all. Then after days had passed and i heard nothing about his health, i finally came to the conclusion that maybe i was wrong and he didn't have a stroke. Maybe his health issue is just rampant stupidity. Can't speak, can't spell. doesn't read... maybe he just has a severely under developed brain. *shrugs*

  47. Bobby Jackson

    Bobby Jackson2 dias atrás

    I need to see serious legislation from the Democrats that mass incarcerates (today's) drug users before any of them receives my vote mainly Joe

  48. Ana Lara

    Ana Lara2 dias atrás

    Joe Biden is a joke

  49. pforce9

    pforce92 dias atrás

    Nobody kissed more republican asses than Barack Obama but Obama waited until after the election to kiss republican ass. Joe Biden is kissing republican asses during the campaign.

  50. Daine Bohner

    Daine Bohner3 dias atrás

    3:56 "Sam Seder and I once debate that (Bill Clinton's deliberate roll in helping republicans gut welfare)" I'm 100% sure Sam won that debate.

  51. Marcel Moreau

    Marcel Moreau3 dias atrás

    Trump clip: did trump say oranges' the first time he tried saying origins.

  52. Emma Jo

    Emma Jo2 dias atrás

    He said oranges about five times in all.

  53. Grace Hetfield

    Grace Hetfield3 dias atrás

    Am I having a fever dream or was Trump just saying "look at the oranges" over and over?


    ASK A CLASSY BLACK MAN3 dias atrás

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, SHE IS EDITING THE CONTEXT .......if you dont understand his point versus yours than ask one of his reps

  55. Henry Wimberly

    Henry Wimberly3 dias atrás

    Joe Biden is the candidate the Republicans are running against Trump.

  56. strem1320

    strem13203 dias atrás

    Is he saying this or reading off of something 🤔 why is his English so terrible?

  57. R J

    R J3 dias atrás

    don't be naive, that is what republicans do-they demand the balanced budget from a democratic president then go ahead and spend like there is no tomorrow; this time they got billy to achieve their demand by cannibalism

  58. Tim S

    Tim S3 dias atrás

    Just like Medicare had bipartisan support M4A will only become law with bipartisan support. The second civil war only benefits corporations, the rich, talking heads and the status quo. M4A is supported by a majority of Republican voters. We need a candidate like Bernie who can tap into that support

  59. Richie Tattersall

    Richie Tattersall3 dias atrás

    Google "Fox News Canada, For Entertainment Purposes Only". Watch what comes up. It's a disclaimer so they can't get sued for lying.

  60. Ricky Spanish

    Ricky Spanish3 dias atrás

    "Oranges"!?!? Hahahahahahah~~

  61. hyong 1991

    hyong 19913 dias atrás

    He's just a fking pedophile

  62. Slick Rock

    Slick Rock3 dias atrás

    BRreporter, "Joe Biden Johnny Carson."

  63. Oscar Jones

    Oscar Jones3 dias atrás

    Tyt will make sure Biden loses..then Bernie and Warren will fail cuz no one wants a socialist...Trump 2020 I guess

  64. Fuck Jesus in the ass!

    Fuck Jesus in the ass!3 dias atrás

    Trump is a piece of shit, just like Biden!

  65. Cold Duck

    Cold Duck3 dias atrás

    Biden obviously does not remember the Clinton Admin when the republicans tortured the Clinton's over Whitewater and dragged Clinton into a moral sewer over a stain on a dress and question's that should not have been asked............And now we have the biggest pervert to ever hold office as the president fat Donny. I don't want a guy who wants to make nice with republicans.

  66. Max Shea

    Max Shea3 dias atrás

    Biden is 1991 Republican. Fifth column M-F-er.

  67. apope06

    apope063 dias atrás

    Joe Biden does look tired and weak. Hillary Clinton did too. Bernie looks energetic and Warren does too.

  68. Jennifer Slack-Smith

    Jennifer Slack-Smith3 dias atrás

    There is something wrong with Fox people.

  69. TheBlarggle

    TheBlarggle3 dias atrás

    @Trump's Brick Layer A trump supporter who can't spell and just makes shit up. Go fuckin' figure.

  70. Trump's Brick Layer

    Trump's Brick Layer3 dias atrás

    Your right they use facts and truth like a weapon , They are crazy. If they were only more like the left and just lie about everything the country would be happier

  71. The Progressive Cynic

    The Progressive Cynic3 dias atrás

    Biden actually appears to be in decent health; Hillary clearly wasn't given her propensity for passing out; Trump is clearly incompetent, but this isn't due to age-related illness, as we have clear evidence of him being a bag of syphilitic dicks going back 40 years.

  72. TheBlarggle

    TheBlarggle3 dias atrás

    I dunno, if you watch interviews with him from 20 years ago, he was still a bag of shit with no morality... But his brain worked. He was able to give coherent responses and the shit he said, while void of empathy and intellect, it did make sense. I'm not saying he was a "stable genius". Far, far, far from it. But he wasn't some mush-brained dementia patient with early on-set alzheimers.

  73. Marcos Juarez

    Marcos Juarez3 dias atrás

    Cenk Uygur can't stop clowning himself is more like it. Cenk Uygur is an Armenian Genocide denier.

  74. dianezee

    dianezee3 dias atrás

    Joe Biden is stuck in the 70s.

  75. R Mc

    R Mc3 dias atrás

    Why ain't you gone, Joe DiGropio Our nation turns its tired eyes away from you Wu wu wu What's that you say, Mrs. Rodham Clinton Gropin' Joe has left and gone away Whey hey, hey, hey,

  76. d.u.g. Drilly

    d.u.g. Drilly3 dias atrás

    How easy would it be to use reverse psychology on Trump?

  77. TheBlarggle

    TheBlarggle3 dias atrás

    Probably pretty hard because he has the memory retention of a goldfish. You could only trick him for a minute and then he'd wander off and do whatever the last person who spoke to him told him to do. (And that's why Stephen Miller and Mitch McConnell are never far behind him)

  78. Mitch Wilson

    Mitch Wilson3 dias atrás

    Biden is already colluding with McConnell by pushing this fantasy of working with him.

  79. Laverne Blaszczyk

    Laverne Blaszczyk3 dias atrás

    Joe Biden, here to rescue Republicans lol

  80. Swnsasy _

    Swnsasy _3 dias atrás

    Biden will twist and turn and change and say whatever to get himself elected.. If you look at his ACTUAL policies, he's a Republican period.. If he's the nominee Trump will get elected again.. Biden is hiding because HE SAID," I don't need too do many townhalls because I have name recognition." Thanks for that arrogance Biden....

  81. Patrick Q

    Patrick Q3 dias atrás

    Just cuz a moderate Democrat like joe isn’t an all out socialist and Marxist like APC, Bernie and Warren doesn’t mean he’s a republican

  82. soton king

    soton king3 dias atrás

    Everyone run! It’s the kiddy sniffer!

  83. Danny Lee

    Danny Lee3 dias atrás

    Biden couldn't win a one man race !!! 😨

  84. alien cat

    alien cat3 dias atrás

    Until we stop voting for Democrats and Republicans nothing will change. Definition of insanity. Let's elect a republican. Well that didn't work. Let's elect a democrat. Well that didn't work. Let's elect a republican. Well that didn't work. They all work for the same corporations

  85. alien cat

    alien cat3 dias atrás

    This game of voting for the lesser of two evils is BS. A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil. Both parties have Americans trapped on this hamster wheel and y'all have all fallen for it.

  86. alien cat

    alien cat3 dias atrás

    @Laverne Blaszczyk vote 3rd party. Until their power is actually threatened they will never change their ways. They have Americans in this fear that if you vote 3rd party that's a vote for a republican or if you vote 3rd party that's a vote for a democrat. BS! You want fix this country? Change your voting habits. Take the power away from them.

  87. Laverne Blaszczyk

    Laverne Blaszczyk3 dias atrás

    So what's the solution? Shoot them all?

  88. William Hicks

    William Hicks3 dias atrás

    You Bernie idiots are gonna hand it to trump again.

  89. William Hicks

    William Hicks2 dias atrás

    @BlazingInferno Of course it's still the primary. Otherwise Bernie would be gone. Cuck.

  90. William Hicks

    William Hicks2 dias atrás

    @arda doan meens? tadaa u see? Very easy!

  91. arda doan

    arda doan3 dias atrás

    The word idiot fits more next to the Trump. Unless u dont know what idiot actually meens, wich makes u an idiot.. Tadaaa.. u see? Very easy!

  92. BlazingInferno

    BlazingInferno3 dias atrás

    William Hicks it’s still the primary dipshit. Biden is going to hand us Trump again

  93. Matt Alibozek

    Matt Alibozek3 dias atrás

    Until the Republicans start believing in science, facts and reality they cannot be negotiated with.. They need to be beaten...

  94. Dominic DeCoco

    Dominic DeCoco3 dias atrás

    @soton king It gets better though, a man can be a woman and a woman can be a man, but men at the same time don't deserve any say in abortion rights.

  95. soton king

    soton king3 dias atrás

    Dominic DeCoco claims that the right don’t believe in science.... whilst believing a man can be a woman if he wants 😂

  96. Dominic DeCoco

    Dominic DeCoco3 dias atrás

    Until the Democrats start believing in science, facts and reality they cannot be negotiated with... They need to be beaten...

  97. Ellison Lowrimore

    Ellison Lowrimore3 dias atrás

    Get ready TYT! Just like Hillary was your horse at the end in 2016. He will be your horse in 2020.

  98. Ian McGarrett

    Ian McGarrett3 dias atrás

    Whereas Sanders and Warren and Buttigieg began their campaigns by going out and doing townhalls and listening tours and speaking to people, Biden first went lobbyists for corporations and to big money donors.

  99. Matt Alibozek

    Matt Alibozek3 dias atrás

    Well Biden is a CLOWN... So what do you expect...? He’s a fossil leftover from an old forgotten era... He’s not even a Democrat by today’s standards.. He’s a Republican... Octogenarian Joe must have been sleeping for both of Obama’s terms... Biden is a piece of shit in my opinion.. If he wins the Primaries I refuse to vote for him...

  100. Daniel Montiel

    Daniel Montiel3 dias atrás

    Hidden Biden at it again..

  101. Peter Nowakowski

    Peter Nowakowski3 dias atrás

    Origin Mad Ban

  102. Peter Nowakowski

    Peter Nowakowski3 dias atrás

    @MY NUTZ R DRAGON it is just a little silly Trump speak goof


    MY NUTZ R DRAGON3 dias atrás

    Lol wut? "Origin mad ban" wtf does that mean

  104. Chis English

    Chis English3 dias atrás

    10:43 STFU Cenk! Joe already said he'd like to kick Donald's arse, I wonder who would win in a Biden v Trump death match? The Donald would have the size but if Joe could get him in a bear hug and start sniffing Trump's 'hair' then all bets are off and it's anyone's game. Trump could start freaking out at the thought of Joe hair sniffin him or Biden could collapse with the possible toxic hair stank from Trump's shit show hair doo, gotta be honest I wouldn't feel confident putting money on either and I'd say it's a 50/50 situation.

  105. Robert Burton

    Robert Burton3 dias atrás

    Chis English jog on troll idiot

  106. Rehan Jawaid

    Rehan Jawaid3 dias atrás

    It takes a clown to beat a clown

  107. fosterchild4523

    fosterchild45233 dias atrás

    "Look at the oranges!"

  108. Peggy Wiley

    Peggy Wiley3 dias atrás

    He doesn't have a vote from the ADOS in this country. He has helped to keep my people enslaved with his crime bill.

  109. Swift Justice

    Swift Justice3 dias atrás

    whatz that old weird creepy even doing in the race....

  110. Mark Poidvin

    Mark Poidvin3 dias atrás

    I have never seen the person , in a crowded field , that is leading at this point win the nomination. We shall see.

  111. Victor

    Victor3 dias atrás

    Lol TYT is going to lose it when Biden wins the DNC.😆😅🤣😂

  112. Patrick Q

    Patrick Q3 dias atrás

    Wait till u see them when trump beats whoever wins the Democrat party

  113. Matt Alibozek

    Matt Alibozek3 dias atrás

    Victor And America is going to lose it when Trump gets re-elected... Biden is going to guarantee Trumps second term... I refuse to vote for Octogenarian Joe... I’ll stay home..

  114. Victor

    Victor3 dias atrás

    @Edwin Paez Honesty I can appreciate.👍

  115. Syl Dadyl

    Syl Dadyl3 dias atrás

    Sounds like a perfect trump adversary Just sayn¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  116. DrOrtmeyer

    DrOrtmeyer3 dias atrás


  117. Philippe Nachtergal

    Philippe Nachtergal3 dias atrás

    Better clowning than cloning...

  118. Beautiful Rosemary

    Beautiful Rosemary3 dias atrás

    Turkey neck McConnell... Gobble gobble!!

  119. Beautiful Rosemary

    Beautiful Rosemary3 dias atrás

    He needs to go sit his ass down somewhere... He's a has been and will not win the Democratic nomination.

  120. Sunny

    Sunny3 dias atrás

    John Solberg ?

  121. John Solberg

    John Solberg3 dias atrás

    Beautiful Rosemary i agree we must vote joe biden.

  122. Josh Hammer

    Josh Hammer3 dias atrás

    I can't stand Joe Biden and to be honest I really hate Donald Trump but if it ends up being them two I'll go with Trump or just not vote

  123. Danny Lee

    Danny Lee3 dias atrás

    Gotta agree !! ✌

  124. bigraviolees

    bigraviolees3 dias atrás

    Biden and Obamas choice in lip wear was chapstick, they puckered up and kissed GOP ass eight years. They both enjoy GOP victories

  125. Noir62

    Noir623 dias atrás

    Joe, it's time to stop. I was all for you before and just after you announced. But, now you and your record are not going to stand up against an actual awakening of progressive ideas and policies. The people need more than a hope of bi-partisan cooperation. We need real reform for the masses not the top 0.01%

  126. VivaToddVegas

    VivaToddVegas3 dias atrás

    The far-Left candidates that you like are never going to be elected over Trump. Quit bashing Joe Biden, because he is our best chance to beat Trump.

  127. Patrick Q

    Patrick Q3 dias atrás

    Kenneth McNeil but hundreds of thousands r going to trump conventions and ppl were saying Bernie could beat trump in 2016 top😢

  128. Matt Alibozek

    Matt Alibozek3 dias atrás

    VivaToddVegas Well I refuse to vote for Biden and most the Democrats I see have said the same thing... I’ll vote the rest of the ticket and write in for President...

  129. Charles Ritter

    Charles Ritter3 dias atrás

    Biden is the same as Spanky policy wise. He is just a nicer guy. NOTHING will change if Biden is elected.

  130. J Potter

    J Potter3 dias atrás

    Creepy dude shoulda been a televangelist. Hmm ... other than workplace and a few points of subject matter ... that SOB *is* a televangelist

  131. Nicholas Sway

    Nicholas Sway3 dias atrás

    Who watches TYT and actually believes this garbage? Children.

  132. XanthelinHS

    XanthelinHS3 dias atrás

    @Patrick Q Fox new is literally known for reporting fake news pretty consistently, and they've been on a bit of a white supremacist binge recently too. Nothing wrong with bashing Fox News.

  133. Patrick Q

    Patrick Q3 dias atrás

    XanthelinHS 8:20-9:00 is just a straight “unbiased” bashing of Fox News

  134. XanthelinHS

    XanthelinHS3 dias atrás

    What exactly was wrong in this video? They quoted Biden directly and did some political analysis and talked about why they didn't agree with him. There wasn't really anything to "believe". It was opinion commentary.

  135. Chad Noneo

    Chad Noneo3 dias atrás

    Trump troll ahoy.

  136. Truth Giant

    Truth Giant3 dias atrás

    That "surplus" in the 90s was built off of cutting social programs and education from coast to coast for poor people. F$%k Clinton and the GOP.

  137. James Davey

    James Davey3 dias atrás

    If I was a republican donor, I’d be pouring millions into Biden’s campaign

  138. Andrew Hawes

    Andrew Hawes3 dias atrás

    Right now, bipartisanship is to politics is as trickle-down theory is to economics.

  139. salmabada

    salmabada3 dias atrás

    I feel like Biden is trying to use reverse psychology as if we’re all stupid and interpreting everything wrong when it called be “so simple” I hate this mentality he’s trying to push in addition to him acting like he’s already got the presidency in the bag. We liked you as Obama’s side piece. That’s it.

  140. John Solberg

    John Solberg3 dias atrás

    salmabada he's pushing the exact same policies idiot.

  141. Rene Dominguez

    Rene Dominguez3 dias atrás

    Joe Biden, hello anybody home?

  142. Greg Potter

    Greg Potter3 dias atrás

    You really should rename this channel Bernie Sanders for President...not biased at all

  143. John Solberg

    John Solberg3 dias atrás

    Greg Potter most of us democrats support joe biden, he is 30 points ahead.

  144. wayne french

    wayne french3 dias atrás

    greg potter they have talked to more people running than any one else so far so could be 1st time you've been right in your life

  145. XanthelinHS

    XanthelinHS3 dias atrás

    Do you have a problem with CNN and MSNBC having an extreme pro-Biden bias? Two huge networks.

  146. Andrew Hawes

    Andrew Hawes3 dias atrás

    Sanders aligns most with what TYT wants for the country. They bill themselves as progressives, so obviously they're progressively biased.

  147. elijah mikle

    elijah mikle3 dias atrás

    Doesn't make them wrong about Biden. You get that people that don't support Biden, can't and won't vote for him.

  148. Javid Aslam

    Javid Aslam3 dias atrás

    He is a rasist just look up BIDEN'S BILL

  149. Jonathan Holmes

    Jonathan Holmes3 dias atrás

    Biden is sick? Uh... Yeah, sick, just like Hillary was sick.

  150. elijah mikle

    elijah mikle3 dias atrás

    Dude your watching TYT. They hate Hillary just as much. If not more.

  151. Rick Quicker

    Rick Quicker3 dias atrás

    “GOP never had a surplus” Another amount of bull shit by these left wingers. Between 1900-1930 there were 19 surplus...all but three of them under GOP presidents!!! That’s just from 1900-1930. Fool. “In Modern times”, yeah you better correct yourself. Both have sucked in modern times however

  152. elijah mikle

    elijah mikle3 dias atrás

    Not that any of that BS matters because only Andrew Jackson managed to get the our nation debt free. Look it up. Your surpluses you're all talking about are deficits. What a joke. Claiming you have extra spending money at the end of the year even though you still owe a shit ton. All because you don't have to pay now. It's all a giant credit card. You pay the minimum balance ,but you keep a debt. Before you know it that hole so goddamn deep there's no way to get out of.

  153. Marc Touss

    Marc Touss3 dias atrás

    biden WILL lose to trump...this is not a question... he will definitely lose to donald trump if he's the candidate... but the establishment still wont learn their lesson after that... they'll keep running milquetoast candidates..

  154. elijah mikle

    elijah mikle3 dias atrás

    The thing is for the current establishment, the goal is to keep the progressives out. Biden or trump is still a win your long term goal.

  155. EPIzen24

    EPIzen243 dias atrás

    He's basically Hillary without the ability to play the woman card

  156. Karl-Heinz Konopek

    Karl-Heinz Konopek3 dias atrás

    Biden looks like Paul for president from the dead terrorist, ore baba J !!!!

  157. Gamer Witch 1999

    Gamer Witch 19993 dias atrás

    Trump will win in 2020 because liberals cant take a joke or can't stand when white men get any roles in movies. Guess what. White men arent all evil. Its ok to be MALE, liberals. It's ok. White men are welcome in the Republican party. The Democrats want nothing to do with you. In fact they will demonize you for being born Male.

  158. Danny Chong

    Danny Chong3 dias atrás

    Sad to say you might be right. This time the fighting will be harder and that’s in our very own party. Trump will win again if this proceed to be democrats at war and as delusional as the repukes are. they are still united under the big orange goof.

  159. Luis Monsanto

    Luis Monsanto3 dias atrás

    Another delusional dumbass trumpturd ass sucker!!!?

  160. Chad Noneo

    Chad Noneo3 dias atrás

    @Gamer Witch 1999 You are using a shitty CW thing as your proof of something? You know they made felicity and friends too right? Oh wait, that was supposed to be The Arrow. They generally get a lot of dogshit writing.

  161. Gamer Witch 1999

    Gamer Witch 19993 dias atrás

    @Veronica Leigh Johnson unless you're a vegan who's never eaten a piece of meat in your life, can you really talk? And doesn't peta murder people's pets? Pretty sure you support peta..

  162. Veronica Leigh Johnson

    Veronica Leigh Johnson3 dias atrás

    @Gamer Witch 1999 none of us want to "kick our dogs". Unlike creeps like you we don't abuse animals.

  163. skewCZ

    skewCZ3 dias atrás

    Well that'd be the difference between the Biden and the Trump campaign: when their respective candidate's mental health starts deteriorating, one campaign tries to hide it and the other one goes on business as usual.

  164. Jo Pao

    Jo Pao3 dias atrás

    Lol, Faux "News"... attacking Biden on his health... how about attacking him on his corruption instead? Oh right, you can't, as corruption is the reason there's a republican party and a Faux "News" in the first place.

  165. 500stoney

    500stoney3 dias atrás

    Not deluded, just lying to people to try and get their hopes up/appear more electable

  166. David lee Rendon

    David lee Rendon3 dias atrás

    biden is an eyesore..if he becomes the one to go against voting for noone and ill just sit back and see your worlds crash down all around this fiasco..dont vote for old blood for new blood..Andrew Yang for Prez..

  167. Ty Max

    Ty Max3 dias atrás

    Joe "Barack-Obama-is-my-friend" Biden's only talking point is "Trump is a bad president".

  168. Michael Freeman

    Michael Freeman3 dias atrás

    Joe'sTryin these need to quit with the ratings shit

  169. Larry Willis

    Larry Willis3 dias atrás

    Oranges or Orijen?

  170. Boy Blue

    Boy Blue3 dias atrás

    I’m so pessimistic about 2020, Biden IS Hillary 2.0

  171. Ty Max

    Ty Max3 dias atrás

    Maybe Biden is Hillary -2.0? He's a step back for Democrats.