John Travolt-Off with John Travolta


  1. Blame

    Blame12 horas atrás

    Wtf, is he wearing a diaper?

  2. 888 777

    888 777Dia atrás

    Travolta is a queer cult member and a sexual deviant/predator. Lock up ALL pedophiles

  3. Daniel Alcantar

    Daniel AlcantarDia atrás

    Man unloved welcome back kotter

  4. Nando 77 B

    Nando 77 B2 dias atrás

    One of the GREATEST...

  5. Vadim Pahaljukow

    Vadim Pahaljukow2 dias atrás

    Russia 2019 show.

  6. Sherry Calloway

    Sherry Calloway2 dias atrás

    JT still looks young, and buff even!

  7. sergio pereira

    sergio pereira3 dias atrás


  8. Мудрый Кот

    Мудрый Кот3 dias atrás

    Один хуй ни кто не поймёт

  9. Marden Pinedo

    Marden Pinedo3 dias atrás

    John travolt es thanos?

  10. Sibulle Vicious

    Sibulle Vicious3 dias atrás

    I wanted to see him do a Vincent Vega😭😭

  11. Ин Крид

    Ин Крид3 dias atrás

    Джон ещё круче стал выглядеть чем в молодости

  12. Anime Play sub

    Anime Play sub4 dias atrás

    Se ve mejor que antes jhon

  13. The Badboy Live

    The Badboy Live4 dias atrás

    Jimmy, you are the best comedian of all time. You can truly do anything. Thank you.

  14. María Cristina Del Gaudio

    María Cristina Del Gaudio4 dias atrás

    I liked John Travolta...he is amazing, the best!!

  15. ana kotar

    ana kotar4 dias atrás

    The older ...the better….like wine….

  16. Seve Gandy-Gauna

    Seve Gandy-Gauna4 dias atrás

    Travolta lookin like Jason Statham

  17. Debra Waterhouse

    Debra Waterhouse4 dias atrás

    Haha!! I loved it!😂

  18. Claudia Urra

    Claudia Urra4 dias atrás

    So handsome 🤩🤩🤩

  19. empty 9999

    empty 99994 dias atrás

    Нормально так Нагиев поднялся, уже к Джимми Фэлону приглашают

  20. Torsten Wolf

    Torsten Wolf4 dias atrás

    I guess he's got a hair wreath. But he looks good with his bald. 👌😁

  21. Diane M. Patterson

    Diane M. Patterson5 dias atrás

    I don’t care if John Travolta is a MARTIAN. He is wonderful!!!!!!!!

  22. Matt

    Matt5 dias atrás

    This is so fake. Like John travolta doesn't take every opportunity to mentiton he's been in a film ?!?? What a sack of spuds

  23. Molly McBride

    Molly McBride5 dias atrás


  24. JKCJFM

    JKCJFM6 dias atrás

    I sure love me some John Travolta!

  25. Insane One

    Insane One6 dias atrás

    This scripted nonsense was so cringe. I guess Travolta was promoting The Fanatic. The movie is worse than The Room.

  26. Penumbra1979

    Penumbra19796 dias atrás

    Cool cat... love Travolta.

  27. John Simmons

    John Simmons6 dias atrás

    Travolta...not all the best movies in his filmography...but long film life

  28. Tatty Muldoon

    Tatty Muldoon6 dias atrás

    Looks hard as nail there John.

  29. Rolling Stonedxxx

    Rolling Stonedxxx7 dias atrás

    Jimmy you could’ve milked the fuck out of this but you made it into a 7 minute episode bruh

  30. Insane One

    Insane One6 dias atrás

    Jimmy has to follow his writers script. Jimmy doesn't write his own jokes and apparently he won't even allow his writers to write their own either. He has destroyed Late Night.

  31. Rolling Stonedxxx

    Rolling Stonedxxx7 dias atrás

    4 minutes ...

  32. Dutch M

    Dutch M7 dias atrás

    Holy shit, never was that much into how Travolta looked and now he looks fucking hot!

  33. Dutch M

    Dutch M4 dias atrás

    @Insane One Your name says it all

  34. Insane One

    Insane One6 dias atrás

    His bald head is atrocious.

  35. Lucy de Fatima Fonseca de Araujo de Castro

    Lucy de Fatima Fonseca de Araujo de Castro7 dias atrás

    My first crush.😅

  36. Brenda Sasidharan

    Brenda Sasidharan7 dias atrás

    This Dude get a Bad Rap but He is Pretty bad ass man

  37. aiza yeraliyeva

    aiza yeraliyeva7 dias atrás

    Love u 😍😍😍😍😍

  38. Breezy Mink

    Breezy Mink7 dias atrás

    Yeah. He’s still got it.

  39. Paul Mc Go

    Paul Mc Go7 dias atrás

    How weird does he look bald

  40. Capricosm

    Capricosm7 dias atrás

    Jimmy is very clever.

  41. Kman A

    Kman A7 dias atrás

    John's shaved head actually makes him look younger! Love this man 💗

  42. Margot Wanders

    Margot Wanders7 dias atrás

    I wish they did more could watch it for Hours 😂

  43. Leigh Barton

    Leigh Barton8 dias atrás

    Loved it! JT is still fine!

  44. Vickiana De La Cruz

    Vickiana De La Cruz8 dias atrás

    He still got it!

  45. Billie Whyers

    Billie Whyers8 dias atrás

    I’ve said it many times, Jimmy is just adorable!

  46. D-Rock Pain

    D-Rock Pain8 dias atrás

    John is coming back I hope. Life sets us on many paths, but I am ready to see some blockbusters with him in it in the near future.

  47. wanda moroney

    wanda moroney8 dias atrás

    Love me some Travolta, and I’m digging the bald.

  48. Sever_UP

    Sever_UP8 dias atrás

    Я ничего не понимаю,но я подписался,мне интересно

  49. James

    James8 dias atrás

    I love Travolta. He’s one my fav actors of all time

  50. Annabeth Cgase

    Annabeth Cgase8 dias atrás

    It’s really weird for him to do Danny Zucko when he’s bald

  51. penetratorr

    penetratorr8 dias atrás

    Dont get him about those wigs and fake hair systems. He look amazing good in bald head no need for him to wear wig anymore. All he need to do is to shave it everyday in the morning.

  52. Ani Kaspar

    Ani Kaspar9 dias atrás

    When did he go bald?

  53. Martina_qweenie

    Martina_qweenie9 dias atrás


  54. jana angus

    jana angus9 dias atrás

    Damn he’s 🔥

  55. Mary Bermudez

    Mary Bermudez10 dias atrás

    Realmente se ve sexy sin cabello!

  56. Tia Singz

    Tia Singz10 dias atrás

    Bald has never looked so good

  57. Piard Phony Junior

    Piard Phony Junior10 dias atrás

    John Travolta = Lex Luthor

  58. Teeyah2

    Teeyah210 dias atrás

    I will always love John Travolta... Boy in the Plastic Bubble, Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Welcome Back Kotter.

  59. Scarlett Duma

    Scarlett Duma10 dias atrás

    John Travolta is PURE entertainment!

  60. Elaine Ferry

    Elaine Ferry10 dias atrás

    Now, Jimmy can dance, BUT, John has that incredible grace!

  61. Kaumo Wammu

    Kaumo Wammu10 dias atrás

    American television: something is done, everybody screams.

  62. Ms Kendyll

    Ms Kendyll11 dias atrás

    It would have been hilarious if Travolta couldn't remember how to be Travolta. Lol

  63. Lanadelreylove

    Lanadelreylove11 dias atrás

    Sexxxyyyyyyyyyy Travoltaaaa

  64. T C

    T C11 dias atrás

    Thank God he finally accepted being bald!! And damn!! He sexy! 😍🥰