Jorja Smith - Be Honest (feat. Burna Boy)


  1. Adam Lempicki

    Adam Lempicki5 horas atrás

    Gawd she's gorgeous.......

  2. jubair Ahmed

    jubair Ahmed6 horas atrás

    Fucking hell jorja🤤😏

  3. Wolfie AseeL

    Wolfie AseeL8 horas atrás

    My Favorite Song🔥.

  4. Jessica Marmoria

    Jessica Marmoria9 horas atrás

    i'm being honest here - the song is great, the mv not so much.

  5. Jason Marin

    Jason Marin11 horas atrás

    The background music or beat sounds like insane by kid moon or maybe its just me

  6. kelly kamillion

    kelly kamillion12 horas atrás

    I wonder if she made this song for Stormzy?!?!?🤔🤔

  7. Collacia Hyatt

    Collacia Hyatt13 horas atrás

    My boo Jorja❤️🔥❤️🔥

  8. Gloria Ogaga

    Gloria Ogaga13 horas atrás

    This Jorja girl is beautiful! Good Lord!

  9. Darina K

    Darina K15 horas atrás

    I love this song and video so much. Pure beauty

  10. Maria Roig

    Maria Roig15 horas atrás

    the best part 0:40

  11. Luc Hemeury

    Luc Hemeury15 horas atrás


  12. Ali Bvb

    Ali Bvb15 horas atrás


  13. Laurita_qp

    Laurita_qp16 horas atrás

    gracias alba reche

  14. ǝןןɐʞ

    ǝןןɐʞ16 horas atrás

    The most perfect creature in existence.

  15. Aurelius one

    Aurelius one17 horas atrás

    Am i the only one who couldnt resist to fap looking at this lmao

  16. Edgyzy

    Edgyzy18 horas atrás

    Sexiest woman alive


    COZY CALVIN19 horas atrás

    2:46 a bug 🤔


    NAGADANN19 horas atrás

    Too beautiful, and a wonderful voice. S2

  19. Ana DANG

    Ana DANG20 horas atrás

    i'm bisexual and they both make me horny af

  20. Bally u wont know its me

    Bally u wont know its me13 horas atrás

    God loves you establish a relationship with God nd repent for your sins

  21. Mos. U

    Mos. U21 hora atrás

    Wtf she has a fly on her lip!! 2:43

  22. Julia H

    Julia H23 horas atrás

    Found her cause of ruel and now I’m obsessed what an angel

  23. Samara Sajid

    Samara Sajid23 horas atrás

    how she be exuding sex like that

  24. zola Lasmisi

    zola Lasmisi23 horas atrás

    The Rihanna effect.

  25. Rich Films Company

    Rich Films CompanyDia atrás

    Burna Boy made us proud again!

  26. Sammy Ally

    Sammy AllyDia atrás

    Catching feelings is permitted.

  27. Olawale Abdullahi

    Olawale AbdullahiDia atrás

    My brain kept saying delicious...

  28. Hayamhaj yololol

    Hayamhaj yolololDia atrás

    Jorja seriously makes me question my sexuality

  29. Patricia Fenty

    Patricia FentyDia atrás

    She sings so similar to rihanna

  30. Ayanda Masuku

    Ayanda MasukuDia atrás

    i love her and the song YAYAINC

  31. Phil Barnes

    Phil BarnesDia atrás

    I might be a clown but I'll beat my meat to her music before i beat my meat to her face

  32. Kgotso Dnepe

    Kgotso DnepeDia atrás

    So awesome right

  33. Uptown Skiller

    Uptown SkillerDia atrás

    Fuck this jam is bad ass

  34. Jei Sánchez

    Jei SánchezDia atrás


  35. Cyrielle Le goff

    Cyrielle Le goffDia atrás

    trop bien la music

  36. Winni3 Nyakutu

    Winni3 NyakutuDia atrás

    Check out 1:01 there's a fly on her head

  37. enneagangsta

    enneagangstaDia atrás

    Someone did a psychic reading on Stormzy and Jorja Smith which confirms their affair.

  38. Chinx12736 aene

    Chinx12736 aeneDia atrás

    She sounds like rihanna??

  39. Sally Touré

    Sally Touré2 dias atrás

    Jorja smith I love this music too much

  40. nopenopenope

    nopenopenope2 dias atrás

    So nobody gonna comment about that fly crawling on her head at 1:01?

  41. tokoto okyo

    tokoto okyoDia atrás

    Hood observxn

  42. Mustafa Ail Ail

    Mustafa Ail Ail2 dias atrás


  43. Eric Martin

    Eric Martin2 dias atrás

    Skrt 👊

  44. Latifah Raleb

    Latifah Raleb2 dias atrás

    This song could have been sing by Rihanna, it would have been the same ! ♥️

  45. Lawes Productions

    Lawes Productions2 dias atrás

    🔥 🔥

  46. jorge zepeda

    jorge zepeda2 dias atrás

    Me encanta

  47. Blue Clouds

    Blue Clouds2 dias atrás


  48. Emmia B

    Emmia B2 dias atrás

    Wow...that's how we are leaning out windows now???

  49. carole Amavitecle

    carole Amavitecle2 dias atrás


  50. Lazard Diankson

    Lazard Diankson2 dias atrás

    Is there a hotter artist out there?As if I don't love her music enough?

  51. Ratorrice Moore

    Ratorrice Moore2 dias atrás

    Jorja is thicker than a snickers!!!

  52. Alex wbs

    Alex wbs2 dias atrás


  53. elanga w

    elanga w2 dias atrás

    Ahaha wooow

  54. MIK E DEM

    MIK E DEM2 dias atrás

    this banger is still on repeat

  55. Saamiyah S

    Saamiyah S2 dias atrás

    how do these people come up with the concepts for the vids!! mad. creative minds.

  56. Verna Nunney

    Verna Nunney2 dias atrás

    Sounds like Rihanna

  57. Jennifer Oluchi

    Jennifer Oluchi2 dias atrás

    when I saw the skips.... i knew she was a real one ! 😏😂😘

  58. King Thame

    King Thame2 dias atrás

    To be honest I do want that

  59. Maya Symonds

    Maya Symonds3 dias atrás

    Fuck Jorja Smith is stunninggg

  60. Endurance Eddy

    Endurance Eddy3 dias atrás

    9ja to the world

  61. Endurance Eddy

    Endurance Eddy3 dias atrás

    Bad One

  62. Sarah El-Husseini

    Sarah El-Husseini3 dias atrás

    The song would be good if Jorja wasn’t in it and if her melody wasn’t so shit lol