Journalism's Corporate Sponsors | May 22, 2019 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS


  1. bait clicker

    bait clickerHora atrás

    Too much propaganda presented as news. This BRreporter channel could well be the best place to get news.

  2. Grug Urgh

    Grug Urgh7 horas atrás

    Here at our Corporate Media outlet we don;t like Corporations or Media Outlets. Communism now State enforced homosexuality.

  3. Khum Dhan

    Khum Dhan8 horas atrás

    watching this vid shows me why people are watching less and less tv. just accept your death.

  4. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool12 horas atrás

    I hate political shows. Who watches this trash

  5. Terminal Sarcasm

    Terminal Sarcasm2 dias atrás

    The demand is high but nobody wants to pay for it. Entitlement at its finest.

  6. SteveTheFazeman

    SteveTheFazeman2 dias atrás

    The problem with many female comedians is their overly exaggerated emphasis and deliveries. They come on like teachers talking to students rather than just hanging out with the gang.

  7. Pheunith: Psychic-Water Type

    Pheunith: Psychic-Water Type2 dias atrás

    Anti capitalist yet they still love reaping the benefits of it.

  8. NPC #9258813

    NPC #92588132 dias atrás

    Imagine thinking women are funny.

  9. Pup Pup Man

    Pup Pup Man3 dias atrás

    everyone hates you

  10. Ted Goebel

    Ted Goebel5 dias atrás

    Totally clueless brainwashed liberal twit!

  11. BerzerkFilms

    BerzerkFilms5 dias atrás

    I mean no demand for news paper means they need to adapt or go out of business and that's fine

  12. Mike Ferguson

    Mike Ferguson9 dias atrás

    She's isn't aging well

  13. kurt Knispel

    kurt Knispel10 dias atrás

    Capitalism is here to stay in sorry to say. But its staying and theres no getting rid of it.

  14. F. O.

    F. O.10 dias atrás

    #SamanthaBee is just awful. Hey #SamanthaBee what do YOU have to do/sacrifice to get YOUR nationally televised show?🔺️⚠️🔻

  15. Universome

    Universome11 dias atrás

    Help! We're losing our domination over the public space

  16. Marcus Bullock

    Marcus Bullock11 dias atrás

    I was expecting a bunch of clucking and trump-bumping but found intelligent life instead.

  17. Dainier Garcia

    Dainier Garcia11 dias atrás

    Yea lets complain about the thing that has allowed for best standards of living since ever. Socialism = collectivism = your brought down to the level of the weakest link in society. Ill keep my capitalism = individualism and the only factor of my success is how much i work for it.

  18. M E

    M E12 dias atrás

    The BEST! I knew America was still here, I just knew it! This lady has almost as many subscribers as all three major news outlets. I have to stop and continue laughing and laughing and laughing

  19. Phill Simmer

    Phill Simmer12 dias atrás

    Capitalism is not a big deal.

  20. Al Wolf

    Al Wolf12 dias atrás


  21. zanechaos

    zanechaos13 dias atrás

    I miss myspace

  22. Not Carlos Maza

    Not Carlos Maza13 dias atrás


  23. Ichijo Festival

    Ichijo Festival13 dias atrás

    In hindsight, not terribly surprising. We've set up an information superhighway where news can be shared freely. News traditionally charged for the dissemination of information and so the cheaper option won. The difference being that one was held to standards and laws, whereas the other spews forth literally anything and everything, and no one can be held accountable. I am shocked that the general public isn't better informed. Shocked!

  24. Brian Jankowski

    Brian Jankowski14 dias atrás

    Samatha Bee is pure trash and not funny. Nothing more annoying than a Canadian with dual citizenships giving their opinion on what America needs to change

  25. JamesHLanier

    JamesHLanier15 dias atrás

    Is she still pretending to be anti-capitalist?

  26. Sandy

    Sandy16 dias atrás


  27. Eat the Rich

    Eat the Rich16 dias atrás

    my lord the dislikes did they actually watch the vid

  28. Russian Bot

    Russian Bot17 dias atrás

    I remember her from the fail compilation 😂

  29. Ltbo 67

    Ltbo 6718 dias atrás

    who watches this hag

  30. Autistic Beverage

    Autistic Beverage18 dias atrás

    Without capitalism you wouldn’t be able to make this video

  31. Frankie Cal

    Frankie Cal19 dias atrás

    Anti capitalism but I still make millions off this show.

  32. Golo

    Golo8 dias atrás

    Have y'all ever heard of sarcasm?

  33. Wjesnn Kbcho

    Wjesnn Kbcho17 dias atrás

    "her" tiny brain can't process much "she" just does as told.

  34. Frankie Cal

    Frankie Cal19 dias atrás

    Gulag for her.

  35. Daren Walker

    Daren Walker19 dias atrás

    Maybe if traditional journalism improved it's journalistic integrity it would get more support. People are going to underdogs and support them directly and I can't blame them

  36. Toranpu Donarudo

    Toranpu Donarudo21 dia atrás

    Congratulations sam on your failing show. One show per week between sam and her writers, they cannot even be funny for 6 seconds

  37. Saṃsāra's Light

    Saṃsāra's Light21 dia atrás

    What are you even salty about? Lol

  38. Neal Capuchino

    Neal Capuchino22 dias atrás

    can tbs come up with a hostess thats more pleasing to the eye than this dried up piece of roastbeef...horrible horrible horrible to watch along with that annoying nails on a chalkboard

  39. Nicholas Sway

    Nicholas Sway22 dias atrás

    This girl is to comedy what Amy Schumer is to comedy...

  40. TheEmmaHouli

    TheEmmaHouli22 dias atrás

    You claim to hate society but you happen to live in a....society! hypocrite!

  41. Njörun Ránsdóttir

    Njörun Ránsdóttir22 dias atrás

    Samantha Bee, would you consider interviewing Marianne Williamson? I know she’s unconventional and perhaps not entirely appropriate as a candidate, *but* she has passed the benchmarks to be included in the debates, and she’s even bringing up some policy ideas to the left of Bernie Sanders: she supports full benefits for part-time workers, mandatory paid vacation for all, she introduced the idea of no less than $100 billion in reparations for descendants of African slaves and Native Americans, and she supports universal basic income, as well as the now necessary Medicare for All and free university education and universal pre-k policies. Plus she has a gigantic social media following, so it seems weird that the media won’t take her seriously in the age of Trump. Her message of love defeating hate could be the counter-Trump ticket.

  42. Robert Richard

    Robert Richard23 dias atrás

    She does a good job getting some of the people out of their trances and to then start thinking if not living too hand to mouth.

  43. polemius01

    polemius0123 dias atrás

    Print media is dying because reading is dying.

  44. Staniel Smith

    Staniel Smith24 dias atrás

    Samantha you're deliciously yummy.....

  45. Forget Me not

    Forget Me not25 dias atrás

    You have left out the most important word in the title of your show, it should read “Full frontal lobotomy, with Samantha Bee!” The least informative or entertaining thing you’ll ever endure!

  46. Daniel Marsala

    Daniel Marsala25 dias atrás

    Fox isn't news.

  47. lily blu

    lily blu25 dias atrás

    This isn't even remotely funny.

  48. Paul H. Kircher III

    Paul H. Kircher III25 dias atrás

    I thought you both gave up.

  49. SysPowerTools

    SysPowerTools26 dias atrás

    Yeah, "journalism". It''s insane that someone says Facebook is responsible for what some of it's billions of users post, saying it's fake news... to defend vice. But hey, you bit on golden shower gate too. Independent media exists, and it's doing great. They ask for direct contributions instead of relying on what your advocating for, government sponsored media. Propaganda incoming!

  50. Walt Schmidt

    Walt Schmidt27 dias atrás

    This pig should be hung.

  51. Heartfilia bestgirl

    Heartfilia bestgirl27 dias atrás

    I'm here for the jokes & her amazing hosting skills

  52. Autistic Beverage

    Autistic Beverage18 dias atrás

    [fake laughing]

  53. v7 Meltz

    v7 Meltz24 dias atrás

    Heartfilia bestgirl well look somewhere else cause it isn't here

  54. Ira Romfh

    Ira Romfh28 dias atrás

    You may not be aware that Andrew Yang would like to take the corporate out of media. Lookup AMERICAN JOURNALISM FELLOWS. Id give you a link but... you know youtube.

  55. Arnold I am Rudy Rimmer

    Arnold I am Rudy Rimmer28 dias atrás

    Wow, if the comment section is anything to go on, nobody gets sarcasm anymore.

  56. Sera - Marie

    Sera - Marie28 dias atrás

    Just my two cents, but I have a brain condition (exactly just how jealous of me are you right now?) Embedded videos and the function that some sites have where they read the article to you are VITAL in my being able to catch up with daily news. I really struggle to read anything (visual issues too), and very often will click on a news story and if there is no video or read back I move on.

  57. Virginia Saussy

    Virginia Saussy28 dias atrás

    You should have done better research on your story on the New Orleans newspaper situation and the buyout of the times picayune. The Newhouse family that owned the Times Picayune destroyed the publication several years ago when they laid off 200 employees, the Pulitzer Prize winning writers who covered Hurricane Katrina, and took the seven day a week newspaper down to three days a week. It was an insult to the entire city as the National company refused to sell to locals who wanted to keep the paper going 7 days a week! A local businessman purchased the Advocate, a paper out of Baton Rouge and began hiring those laid off journalists and publishing a seven day a week paper for the people of New Orleans, at a financial loss. He did this after he tried to buy the time picayune, respecting journalism and its value to our community. After several years he was finally able to purchase the TP and merge the two publications, once again providing one strong daily newspaper to the people of New Orleans. Your story was reported poorly and misinformed. And, by the way, Baked Alaska is always a good thing

  58. Darrell Steffens

    Darrell Steffens28 dias atrás

    She's not funny

  59. Spirit Bear

    Spirit Bear28 dias atrás

    Did Samantha Bee stop being funny on purpose?

  60. cros99

    cros9929 dias atrás

    Samantha Bee spews garbage every time she cracks a so called joke. This clip is no different.

  61. Mr. Satyre

    Mr. Satyre29 dias atrás

    Anti-capitalism is always funny. Because you'd have to be out of your mind to prefer any other form of commerce.

  62. The Greg

    The Greg29 dias atrás

    Get D-List actor / "Comedian" and have her rant every episode on why Trump is evil and America is bad. Full Frontal

  63. Carter Norm

    Carter Norm29 dias atrás

    “Capitalism is God’s way of telling who is smart and who is poor,” - Ron Swanson

  64. Cap'n Crunch

    Cap'n Crunch29 dias atrás

    just because you are benefiting from something wrong doesn't mean you can't acknowledge it is wrong. Being human, seeing all that we do that is wrong doesn't mean I can't stop being human and no I am not killing myself.

  65. Joe Sheridan

    Joe Sheridan29 dias atrás

    Disabled Ad blocker on news site at its request. News site immediately becomes unusable looking like the popup ad viruses from the 90s.

  66. Alex A.

    Alex A.29 dias atrás

    Hate Kapitalism? Go to Venezuela, I am sure they could use the extra food! Have fun, and may the force be with you!

  67. Phoenyx W

    Phoenyx W29 dias atrás

    I super hate capitalism, but also have to point out that the advent of the internet has really muddled the definition of "journalism". I don't know what the solution is, but when you see clickbait and non-proofread blog posts alongside actual journalistic articles hosted on the same so-called "news" site, you tend to lose some faith in the whole thing.

  68. Saint Christopher

    Saint Christopher29 dias atrás

    Hate those films

  69. Shawn Wilt

    Shawn Wilt29 dias atrás

    It's because so called "journalists" like Samantha the "B" are so bias that it makes real people sick.

  70. setphaser

    setphaser29 dias atrás

    i donate to my newspaper of choice. their subscription is too high, but i send them what i think is fair. considering a newspaper killed my dad i think this is more than reasonable of me.

  71. Belarusian American

    Belarusian American29 dias atrás

    Fake news is going down

  72. D.E.B. B

    D.E.B. B29 dias atrás

    Say what you want about Bezos, he created a well functioning business that makes it easy to get the merchandise you want, at a good price, with excellent return policies. He may not be perfect, but Amazon works for the vast majority of the population. Other vendors had to improve their services in response, creating a better retail option for everyone.

  73. Michael Fox

    Michael FoxMês atrás

    again hollywood libs the party of

  74. Jason T

    Jason TMês atrás

    Maybe if papers hired real journalists, they'd still be around.

  75. Temo Palmer

    Temo PalmerMês atrás

    Move to Venezuela and let me know how it works out for you. Amazing how dumb you are samantha

  76. Matthew Gillespie

    Matthew GillespieMês atrás

    Get woke, go broke. Keep an eye on the want ads Samantha

  77. Susanne Yuk-ping Pong

    Susanne Yuk-ping PongMês atrás

    Why are people so pro-corporations? They want to control your lives more than the government ever will.

  78. Richard Dukard

    Richard DukardMês atrás

    5 days...330,000 views...and still on trending...

  79. james May

    james MayMês atrás

    This wasted 30 seconds of my life.

  80. CapitalistStereotype

    CapitalistStereotypeMês atrás

    It’s always those shouting to end capitalism that have benefitted from it more. I’m sure capitalism doesn’t work. I mean, compare how long America has been capitalist vs how long Venezuela has been socialist. CLEARLY Venezuela is the victor here...

  81. Officer Az

    Officer AzMês atrás

    I wish a bus would just run her over

  82. Lee Donald

    Lee DonaldMês atrás

    Learn to code

  83. Logan Wolverine

    Logan WolverineMês atrás

    Go away commiunist who takes advantage of capitalism

  84. Daniel Brown

    Daniel Brown24 dias atrás

    Yes all communist should starve themselves i mean you dont have a right to criticize my religion (capitalism) with out totally escaping it. Your so funny man

  85. Kskull

    KskullMês atrás


  86. Timothy Duffy

    Timothy DuffyMês atrás

    All political systems that we ever made has failed including socialism, communism and capitalism. We need a new system that nobody has thought of yet if we are to survive as a species. We need a genious to invent such a system. Anybody got any ideas?

  87. Daniel Brown

    Daniel Brown24 dias atrás

    The structural problems of 20th century socailism being One party gov Cults of personality Centralised planning... Can be changed in favor of direct democracy and workers unions on a local level. But dude >insert itll be different this time meme Yes if the entire structure is changed it will have different results

  88. william hill

    william hillMês atrás

    This was a weak attempt, who gave this a like ?

  89. Wally Payton

    Wally PaytonMês atrás

    Why is this on my feed..I dont even watch this Libtard Anti America Garbage.."Orange Man Bad..Impeach Orange Man..Hillary has Multiple people murdered who were set to testify against the Clinton Foundation, Give her the Democratic Nomination For President and Systematically Use Our Media Biases to get her in the White House for our Leftist Agenda." Still Doesnt Work..Priceless..

  90. Salim Al Kharsa

    Salim Al KharsaMês atrás

    She’s not funny and makes no legible points. What’s her job again?

  91. Tommy Slattery

    Tommy SlatteryMês atrás

    I laughed 0 times

  92. C. S.

    C. S.Mês atrás

    ...and yet you are more than happy to take corporation advertisement money. #Beequiet

  93. Kurt2012007

    Kurt2012007Mês atrás

    That’s Crony Capitalism. Not true or regulated Capitalism

  94. Daniel Brown

    Daniel Brown24 dias atrás

    We had regulated capitalism in the 1930s guess where were back to so hey enjoy your half measures😆

  95. Gr8fulmom Ofmany

    Gr8fulmom OfmanyMês atrás

    Who cares? This was a big waste of one minute of my time.

  96. Jeff Cavanaugh

    Jeff CavanaughMês atrás

    Why is the algorithm suggesting garbage this afternoon????

  97. Tyson Biornstad

    Tyson BiornstadMês atrás

    Maybe one reason all those media outlets are failing is because too many people see them for the socialist propaganda vehicles that they really are, just like this "trending" show.

  98. faster than you Black

    faster than you BlackMês atrás

    Learn 2 code lol

  99. Mcchu 3888

    Mcchu 3888Mês atrás

    How is this on trending

  100. The Prestigious

    The PrestigiousMês atrás

    If people are against capitalism so much why don’t they move to Venezuela. They make sure no capitalism is allowed there.

  101. Jonathan Mulondo

    Jonathan MulondoMês atrás

    Irony A host on on a Turner owned network wants to rant about capitalism

  102. OneLeggedHooker

    OneLeggedHookerMês atrás

    Nice, now I know this is a trash show and never to watch it ever.

  103. chilled blocks

    chilled blocksMês atrás

    So you're only anti-capitalist when others stand to profit... right? You're very pro-capitalism when you stand to profit... right? That's why you have ads on your video... RIGHT???

  104. James Bowen

    James BowenMês atrás

    Is this canned laughter? I didn’t hear anything funny but to be honest, I’ve never heard of her and hopefully never will see her trending again!

  105. Fieldyr Hart

    Fieldyr HartMês atrás

    Just like how she is using a capitalist platform megacorp to tell everyone why capitalism is hopeless.. THE ONES THAT BENEFITTED MOST ARE TRYING TO KEEP EVERYONE DOWN WITH SOCIALISM

  106. haledragon1

    haledragon1Mês atrás

    I support and I'm subscribed to Milwaukee journal sentinel. 😁

  107. Noreen Siddiqui

    Noreen Siddiqui21 dia atrás

    Woot! Love MJS.

  108. B Robertson

    B RobertsonMês atrás

    This lady is so not funny ..just pathetic...

  109. Paul Schrieber

    Paul SchrieberMês atrás

    Get off my trending page