JuJu Buys the Entire Adidas Store for Random People!


  1. Jose Perez

    Jose PerezDia atrás

    Your amazing person❗

  2. Gustavo Humberto Murray

    Gustavo Humberto Murray2 dias atrás

    Adonis taught me well. 0:56 "a - × a - = a +" brreporter.com/v/video-Q3a-bXXN9Xc.html brreporter.com/v/video-Q3a-bXXN9Xc.html If you ever want to coach at St Thomas Aquinas. I'll make your playbook. THOSE KIDS DIED AND I'M ALRIGHT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW -AC° 0:56 "a - × a - = a +" repeat x11 It's like. I'm not thinking of wrapping up while running so fast I'm.nervous. Dude with the ball on offense thinks I'm not gone tackle em. Then I outta nowhere ROCK HIS SHIT LIKE I'M IN HIS PLAYBOOK. AT HIS SCHOOL. WITH HIS JERSEY

  3. Firomsa Yusuf

    Firomsa Yusuf2 dias atrás

    For the people!!!

  4. Logen Pyse

    Logen Pyse4 dias atrás

    you should go to small Towns like celebs only go to big cities maybe Kewanee,IL

  5. Cody Small

    Cody Small4 dias atrás

    Look at juju out here doing the most your the man juju

  6. Kenyon Bradley

    Kenyon Bradley6 dias atrás

    JuJu is like a big kid and i love him

  7. The Blaze

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    WHHR EXCLUSIVES6 dias atrás

    That girl that he bought stuff for fineeee asf frrrr😍😍🔥 I’m trynna find her number

  9. snailpop snailpop

    snailpop snailpop8 dias atrás

    Juju's voicecracks are the best

  10. BrownTown

    BrownTown8 dias atrás

    JuJu thicccc😂

  11. HILLBOT_1998

    HILLBOT_19989 dias atrás

    Juju is a true Pittsburgh Steeler, he's giving back to the people just for the heck of it and out of the goodness in his heart. I'm glad the Steelers drafted you, such a class act. You're such a better person than AB and I needed to see this video, I've been so bummed out with all the drama will Bell and AB lately. #steelernation #stayhumble #teamjuju

  12. Drake Simmons

    Drake Simmons10 dias atrás

    Good kid!!!!

  13. Sushi Memestar

    Sushi Memestar12 dias atrás

    Juju’s plan

  14. Brady Bob

    Brady Bob13 dias atrás

    If I saw Juju in public and he let me take a picture I would die of happiness but of course that will never happen because I live in the cheese state.😣😔😥

  15. Andrew L

    Andrew L14 dias atrás

    JU JU such a legend.


    IAMLPWPHOTOS14 dias atrás

    Hey JuJu, I have an idea for Mothers Day, If you are interested please hit my with a DM on IG @IAMLPWPHOTOS. It's a really dope Idea

  17. Valonte Wilson

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  18. Matthew Pope

    Matthew Pope15 dias atrás

    Hey juju I am a big fan of the Steelers I was so up seat when you guys lost to the saints and didn't make it to the superbull

  19. Joseph Lamb Jr 4210

    Joseph Lamb Jr 421016 dias atrás

    U get a pair of shoes u get a pair shoes and u get bankruptcy

  20. Austin Lawrence

    Austin Lawrence16 dias atrás

    I wish I had money like you

  21. The Horror Man

    The Horror Man17 dias atrás

    He looks like black Georgie

  22. Benny Farrug

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  23. carlos

    carlos19 dias atrás

    I need to go to the mall more

  24. Troy Maeva

    Troy Maeva19 dias atrás

    Juju lit scushter

  25. Daniel Cabrera

    Daniel Cabrera20 dias atrás

    Pure class, I have never seen Brown or Bell do anything like this. Juju so glad your a Steeler, it's cool that you rode a bike to work rather than a helicopter. Gratitude for being a positive role model for our youth. Much love for you and let's get s Super Bowl Brother !!!!!!

  26. Juan Carlos López Ortega

    Juan Carlos López Ortega21 dia atrás

    man you are the best! so authentic so Ju Ju

  27. Trent Kreger

    Trent Kreger21 dia atrás

    Juju is the man. Such a nice dude to everyone and all his fans. Much respect for all he does.

  28. K SI

    K SI21 dia atrás

    Didn’t even know you had a channel I’m subbing

  29. uce chapo

    uce chapo21 dia atrás

    Blessings 🙏 USO

  30. Killa121198

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    U see juju tryna get at Moms

  31. Mango Pod

    Mango Pod22 dias atrás

    FaZe JuJu and Danny Duncan

  32. Randy Lona

    Randy Lona22 dias atrás

    Ju Ju is what pro athletes are supposed to be. He is A good person who understands his blessing and uses that to bless others

  33. Chayse Snyder

    Chayse Snyder22 dias atrás

    And then the guy who gets 10 100$ pairs

  34. hagos mesgoun

    hagos mesgoun22 dias atrás

    2028 juj for president !!!

  35. pc and Xbox pax

    pc and Xbox pax22 dias atrás

    Lity like a titty

  36. D-Wattz

    D-Wattz23 dias atrás

    Y'all see dat ASS when he was making the announcement at the beginning?? 😮😍😮😍

  37. MoneyBagz155

    MoneyBagz15523 dias atrás

    Great video bra bra but come to Virginia and do this lmao that's where I'm from

  38. RED RUM.

    RED RUM.23 dias atrás

    I wish my broke ass was there.

  39. Lupe Noah

    Lupe Noah23 dias atrás

    I’m a cowboys fan but you’re definitely my favorite wide receiver

  40. Alex Frank

    Alex Frank23 dias atrás

    After watching this I paid for the 5 cars behind me at Starbucks when I was going to work. It was like 85$ but it felt hella good 😀 thanks ju ju . Everyone watching this pay it forward if you got the money. It’s worth it 💯

  41. MarkyMark

    MarkyMark23 dias atrás

    ❤️ 💯

  42. Gio .aguayo

    Gio .aguayo23 dias atrás

    Yo I got mad respect for juju i hope this guy takes over in the nfl

  43. Devon Sabin

    Devon Sabin23 dias atrás

    Such a nice dude. Keep up the grind juju! Much love🤞

  44. OgManzo Gt

    OgManzo Gt23 dias atrás

    Bro I just met messi one of the best basketball players he crossed mj

  45. David Ponce

    David Ponce23 dias atrás

    Does he got Snapchat? What is it

  46. Widster

    Widster23 dias atrás

    Why do people dislike this

  47. FoShizzle

    FoShizzle24 dias atrás

    Damn girl at :42 I would been like you can get my number😂👌🏽

  48. Mark King

    Mark King24 dias atrás

    I love this guy

  49. Nawras Lakmoush

    Nawras Lakmoush24 dias atrás

    Florida mall

  50. Jose Esteras

    Jose Esteras24 dias atrás

    Stay litttttttttttttttttttty🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  51. Mac Estes

    Mac Estes24 dias atrás

    You are such a good person. Thank you for spreading so much love

  52. Louiee

    Louiee24 dias atrás

    Number one receiver in Pittsburgh 🔥🔥

  53. Stan ezen

    Stan ezen24 dias atrás

    Bro a smile on my face while I watching this. You made peoples day. That mosh pit at the end! What a guy man I bet your parents are so proud. You just bring smiles and comfort to everyone you never leave out any of the kids you take every photo and just radiate comaderie and positive energy. God bless you brother! Subscribed!

  54. Nova Thief

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  55. Nicholas MOORE

    Nicholas MOORE24 dias atrás

    Brown wouldn't do this. Glad u are a real humble caring dude . Brown jealous of u juju. He left but we got u man. All the Steelers need

  56. mantrasutra67

    mantrasutra6724 dias atrás

    Keep inspiring Juju!! 🤙🤙🤙 From far away Singapore!


    BLACK PANTHER 124 dias atrás

    Bruh good shit man👍🏿👍🏿

  58. D R

    D R24 dias atrás

    Bro you are the nicest guy in the world... Seriously, the world dont deserve you homie. 4 real...

  59. Kill Moz

    Kill Moz24 dias atrás

    Donate those shoes for the people the are homeles why to rich people

  60. And1

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  61. JaySlays.

    JaySlays.24 dias atrás

    Dude is making peoples day. If I ever became rich this is howd I try and be lol

  62. Taylor Sharifzadeh

    Taylor Sharifzadeh24 dias atrás

    Being on the platform you’re on it’s cool for you to just visit the community and try and be a normal person. Giving back and helping others will make it a much happier world

  63. Brian Rasesa

    Brian Rasesa24 dias atrás

    Big ups

  64. oscar vides

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  65. shawnsin

    shawnsin24 dias atrás

    JuJu.....stay humble man, we love you in Pittsburgh, don't let your head explode like AB.

  66. Sxcky Fn

    Sxcky Fn24 dias atrás

    1300 something light it’s what we do lololololol

  67. Miguel Garcia

    Miguel Garcia24 dias atrás

    Thats what up JuJu... giving back to the community stay humble much respect.. god bless you ... even though im a Raider. Love to see any player from watever team give back

  68. bigbruh91 uce

    bigbruh91 uce24 dias atrás

    Sharing the wealth . That's that poly raised in him

  69. TheMarshalTitan Channel

    TheMarshalTitan Channel24 dias atrás

    It will litty if juju bought me any iPhone for my birthday

  70. Ken Wilson

    Ken Wilson24 dias atrás

    Blessed, the young girl, so happy!

  71. makeuleak210

    makeuleak21024 dias atrás

    Yooo ju ju, you got an extra hoodie like the one you were wearing? That's hoodie is looking nice bro. Adidas for. None of them have blown out on me like nike.haha. #goodheart. Be easy big dawg.

  72. davidcalci2476

    davidcalci247624 dias atrás

    You are one ☝️ solid dude juju,mad respect ✊.

  73. haydon shurson

    haydon shurson24 dias atrás

    I hope this man make it to the hall of fame

  74. Willy Nino

    Willy Nino24 dias atrás

    Juju your too fucking cool not any famous person I know does this and makes other people 😊

  75. Dynell Jr

    Dynell Jr24 dias atrás

    Who else see the outfit qaundo rondo got on Instagram 3:48

  76. dj dope dope

    dj dope dope24 dias atrás

    When I eat erbody eat luv

  77. Aidan M

    Aidan M24 dias atrás

    Shittt I can’t wait till 1300 is something light for me

  78. six6urgh nation

    six6urgh nation24 dias atrás

    Where u at juju I'm a real fan.

  79. Dazo

    Dazo24 dias atrás

    Yo let me know when you go to the Nike store so I can pull up

  80. Angel

    Angel24 dias atrás

    Ju Ju for President! Nah we wouldn't want to do that to him xD

  81. yeehawrper

    yeehawrper25 dias atrás

    good guy juju

  82. Stella’s Vlog Channel

    Stella’s Vlog Channel25 dias atrás


  83. Stella’s Vlog Channel

    Stella’s Vlog Channel25 dias atrás

    Juju is the sweetest most kind person ever. GO STELLERS!!!

  84. Louis Lopez

    Louis Lopez25 dias atrás

    *Video sponsored by Nike*

  85. Kidknapped

    Kidknapped25 dias atrás

    Im a Ravens fan and I fuck with JuJu. Glad to see someone on the Steelers that isn't trying to cause as much drama as possible *cough cough Big Ben, AB, LeVeon*

  86. Quagmire

    Quagmire25 dias atrás

    I hope yuh got some ass that day

  87. jack ornelas

    jack ornelas25 dias atrás

    Just cuz your friends with Danny you get a like

  88. Max Molina

    Max Molina25 dias atrás

    Juju bro what a nice vid and it all went for a good cause...keep the good work

  89. Syed Ali

    Syed Ali25 dias atrás

    Why was the whole squad white 💀😂

  90. Zach Gonzales

    Zach Gonzales25 dias atrás

    This is why AB is getting traded.

  91. Neville W.

    Neville W.25 dias atrás

    Good jester JuJu, love when you interact with the outside world and fans, but try to bring that good spirit to Irvington, NJ or Harlem, ny. SteelerNation All day.... P.S.: YOU WEARING MY #19 WELL; BORNDAY=9/19 LOL

  92. A1Good Vibes

    A1Good Vibes25 dias atrás

    I love JUJU, he soooo kind to us

  93. deepak beepath

    deepak beepath25 dias atrás

    Bro this is like gods plan but jujus plan and I hope u keep growin you will be the best in your time

  94. Daszel

    Daszel25 dias atrás

    Yo anyone know her insta or snap 😍😍

  95. Tenny O.

    Tenny O.25 dias atrás

    Dang, I wish I had free Adidas shoes. But it is great to See an Amazing Nfl player like JuJu giving back to the community. It is just heartwarming seeing videos like this. And I liked and subbed.

  96. Mike Jones

    Mike Jones25 dias atrás

    The day that you uploaded this would have been my mommas 74th birthday. She passed away last year, should would have been smiling ear to ear about this! Keep doing you bro! Big props coming from a Browns fan. You won a fan for your career with this move.

  97. Miles Steele

    Miles Steele25 dias atrás

    Good deed but maybe a little more humble would work

  98. Lax Lover

    Lax Lover25 dias atrás

    My favorite part of the video 2:57

  99. fredmagic09

    fredmagic0925 dias atrás

    0:44 shawty got a rocker on her!

  100. Kidus Mulugeta

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    Yo manz can’t throw