just a regular NBA 2K19 Draft


  1. xp Carlos

    xp Carlos2 horas atrás

    huh that thumb nail reminds me of something...

  2. Camyreon187em

    Camyreon187em12 horas atrás

    were exactly he went to please tell me names links anything

  3. Joe Ricard

    Joe Ricard14 horas atrás

    What’s this app or website called

  4. Arsya Radiyya Abyasa

    Arsya Radiyya Abyasa20 horas atrás

    12:39 he said no but he still looking haha , thats mean troydan is not gay

  5. ReshaLoveyou

    ReshaLoveyouDia atrás

    Funny how when they show tits he keeps looking

  6. Stoodge54 Nation

    Stoodge54 NationDia atrás

    This video alone is why I subscribed.

  7. Lotus0909

    Lotus0909Dia atrás

    Troydan: "you have no idea how many hours i spent here" ooof

  8. Aiden Medinilla

    Aiden MedinillaDia atrás

    What is the website he is using

  9. Tyler Demuro

    Tyler DemuroDia atrás

    Jesus Christ, cougars need to calm done

  10. Team A51

    Team A51Dia atrás

    Does anyone else know what he’s asking on

  11. Richard Daquis

    Richard Daquis2 dias atrás

    I love this video

  12. Schienerder Pierre Louis

    Schienerder Pierre Louis2 dias atrás

    what app Is that

  13. Krampusel

    Krampusel4 dias atrás

    Wait a second.....

  14. Charles Tolbert

    Charles Tolbert4 dias atrás

    20:42 most Kobe thing I see all day

  15. William Self

    William Self5 dias atrás

    Does anybody know what website this is

  16. FishermanJay

    FishermanJay5 dias atrás

    William Self I think it’s just Grinder but idk

  17. yuh boi david

    yuh boi david5 dias atrás

    "You wanna see my tits too😏"

  18. yuh boi david

    yuh boi david5 dias atrás

    Very excited

  19. UThorns4ever

    UThorns4ever5 dias atrás

    12:35 lmao holy shit

  20. SOUNDERORC gaming and vlogs

    SOUNDERORC gaming and vlogs6 dias atrás


  21. Rice Gum

    Rice Gum6 dias atrás

    That's porn

  22. fat king

    fat king6 dias atrás

    She’s really excited

  23. Godzilla

    Godzilla7 dias atrás

    Yes troy went to CornHub

  24. Ken Johns

    Ken Johns7 dias atrás

    “Bitch u want sum gold”🤣

  25. Oliver Mitchell

    Oliver Mitchell7 dias atrás

    What’s the app ?

  26. Stev 54

    Stev 547 dias atrás

    Troy boner count during the video 👇🏽

  27. Michael Percy

    Michael Percy8 dias atrás

    Man really said i just scammed her

  28. Michael Percy

    Michael Percy8 dias atrás

    Lmao girl with pit hair was

  29. GR PhanTa

    GR PhanTa8 dias atrás

    Why didn’t he cut this part out of the video 3:29

  30. Lit Dabfam

    Lit Dabfam8 dias atrás


  31. Kyrie 33

    Kyrie 339 dias atrás

    Oooooo she’s very happy

  32. The_RealGamer2002 Deal With It

    The_RealGamer2002 Deal With It9 dias atrás

    New low

  33. Ofelia Castillo

    Ofelia Castillo9 dias atrás

    She said Kevin Durant I’m pretty sure then started doing the dirty.....that was awkward as hell.


    ALEX PLAZ9 dias atrás

    what website is this

  35. TwoFaced OG

    TwoFaced OG9 dias atrás

    anyone know what this site is? just asking cause i wanna do my own draft..

  36. TwoFaced OG

    TwoFaced OG7 dias atrás

    @6ixx Dripp i was thinking the same thing tbh lol

  37. 6ixx Dripp

    6ixx Dripp7 dias atrás

    TwoFaced OG best website ever tbh.

  38. TwoFaced OG

    TwoFaced OG7 dias atrás

    @6ixx Dripp thats what im talking about

  39. 6ixx Dripp

    6ixx Dripp8 dias atrás

    TwoFaced OG Cool Math Games

  40. TwoFaced OG

    TwoFaced OG9 dias atrás

    your a goat , for making this video lmfao

  41. vSPACIAL

    vSPACIAL10 dias atrás


  42. Harvey Castillo

    Harvey Castillo10 dias atrás

    Troydan is a legend

  43. John Jones Murphy

    John Jones Murphy11 dias atrás

    You have lots of players stop using the same thing for videos

  44. moudesia Webster

    moudesia Webster11 dias atrás

    And troydan can you make a stream without cussing

  45. moudesia Webster

    moudesia Webster11 dias atrás


  46. moudesia Webster

    moudesia Webster11 dias atrás

    My son has the toy of james harden