Just Trying To Blend In With My Green Screen


  1. xitsshayla

    xitsshayla12 horas atrás

    It’s a green *bean*

  2. Bernardo Carrieri

    Bernardo Carrieri19 horas atrás

    Ela ficou parecendo os cara da Tim só que verde

  3. Kate Kyro

    Kate KyroDia atrás

    👁 👁 👅

  4. lonely ass nibba

    lonely ass nibba3 dias atrás

    why does she seem so high?

  5. Madi Drø

    Madi Drø3 dias atrás

    I wanna do this omg

  6. Cayden Bouchard

    Cayden Bouchard3 dias atrás

    2:13 Jenna’s eyes lmao you good girl?

  7. Gabrielle Tuttle

    Gabrielle Tuttle3 dias atrás

    How many times do I have to watch this to stop laughing?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I shouldn’t complain tho cuz this is pure GOLD!!!

  8. VideoKilledTheHeros

    VideoKilledTheHeros4 dias atrás

    sounds like you WANNA help Had me rolling.

  9. Rafia Zehreen

    Rafia Zehreen4 dias atrás

    I just got a green tea advertisement before this video Me : *"Coincidence? I THINK NOT"*

  10. bigdoinky 4

    bigdoinky 44 dias atrás

    3:33 I don’t really see a difference

  11. Imogen Foster

    Imogen Foster4 dias atrás

    It’s GREEN SCREEN MAN He can do whatever a GREENSCREEN CAN unless the editor is feeling kinda lazy on this particular video...... IT’S GREEN SCREEN MAN

  12. AudOldEnds

    AudOldEnds4 dias atrás

    “How am I looking?” *Green* Idk why I found that so FUNNY!

  13. This Gay cactus

    This Gay cactus4 dias atrás

    Green screen woman

  14. Hot Milk

    Hot Milk5 dias atrás


  15. •_Sneaky•_ _•Chicken_•

    •_Sneaky•_ _•Chicken_•5 dias atrás

    Why are here eyes purple..in the thing


    JOÃO RICARDO MOREIRA5 dias atrás

    Vima pela que diabos?

  17. Kawaii Chan

    Kawaii Chan6 dias atrás

    10:20 - 10:30 Best 10 seconds of my life 🤣

  18. Nate Reynolds

    Nate Reynolds6 dias atrás

    The mask

  19. Monarae Bisasor

    Monarae Bisasor6 dias atrás


  20. Aliexsander Rush

    Aliexsander Rush7 dias atrás

    You kinda look like Shane lol

  21. Leaf

    Leaf7 dias atrás

    Okay, so, how do I become Japan?

  22. Tiara Cockatiel

    Tiara Cockatiel8 dias atrás

    Why is no one talking about the fact that she looks like meh from the emoji movie

  23. Gamez Squad

    Gamez Squad8 dias atrás

    Here are some cool green screen transitions that you can use for your own videos :) brreporter.com/v/video-cDJg_XFhYcM.html

  24. darkstar2874

    darkstar28748 dias atrás


  25. CøzÿMøchï

    CøzÿMøchï8 dias atrás

    Jenna: iS tHaT a PiNkItY dRiNkItY?!?! Me: I don’t know what is real or what isn’t anymore-

  26. Rainbow 2.0

    Rainbow 2.08 dias atrás

    -Jackfilms- Johnfilms is better

  27. J LB

    J LB8 dias atrás

    i love how eminem is only known for spaghetti

  28. Knowere2go?

    Knowere2go?8 dias atrás

    You look like Mr.Beast.Mmmmmmm Ms.BEAST?!?!?!

  29. kamille smith

    kamille smith8 dias atrás


  30. SuperHam

    SuperHam8 dias atrás

    8:13 *MOISTURIZE ME*

  31. Tahlia Gioiosa

    Tahlia Gioiosa9 dias atrás

    Who else thinks she looked like an alien XD

  32. JAY_ Cambo

    JAY_ Cambo9 dias atrás

    She looks like the mask Edit: oh, sorry i typed that at 4:25

  33. GLS !!!

    GLS !!!9 dias atrás

    Quem veio pelo canal da Lilian QUE DIABOS

  34. Lwiay

    Lwiay9 dias atrás

    The mask

  35. Donna Dimitrova

    Donna Dimitrova10 dias atrás

    Why do i love this 😂😂😂

  36. Duaa Fatima

    Duaa Fatima10 dias atrás

    The mask

  37. Pidge Gunderson

    Pidge Gunderson10 dias atrás

    you, ma’am, jenna marbles, need a therapist.

  38. Big jenny BIG

    Big jenny BIG10 dias atrás

    👁 👁 green screen 👅

  39. NatieTomatie

    NatieTomatie11 dias atrás

    The Mask is back

  40. Mikaela Solis

    Mikaela Solis11 dias atrás

    This video omg lol I am literally dieing on the inside and outside

  41. The Shiny Horsea

    The Shiny Horsea11 dias atrás

    Looks like an alien escaped from area 51 and hid

  42. Jayson David

    Jayson David12 dias atrás

    Your face made my eyes hurt cause the green was so bright

  43. Ksawey Bujnicki

    Ksawey Bujnicki12 dias atrás


  44. Marcy O'Dell

    Marcy O'Dell12 dias atrás

    Why? Just why would you say a cuss word? I mean kids could get on and hear that then they might say it. Like just why?!? ....

  45. Dallas Ratt

    Dallas Ratt12 dias atrás

    I love her oh my god

  46. ILLUSIO 9

    ILLUSIO 912 dias atrás


  47. Cameron Smith

    Cameron Smith12 dias atrás

    Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

  48. Little Lilly

    Little Lilly12 dias atrás

    You Look So Dead Inside lol

  49. Nelson

    Nelson12 dias atrás

    I laughed way to much

  50. thor odinson

    thor odinson12 dias atrás

    how is this content free

  51. Abbie Riley

    Abbie Riley13 dias atrás

    You look like the mask😂

  52. Jessica Talcott

    Jessica Talcott13 dias atrás

    100 percent, this is my me time

  53. Spaghet God

    Spaghet God13 dias atrás

    She looks so much like Eminem

  54. Anders Persson

    Anders Persson13 dias atrás

    she looks like the mask


    HEHEHE I AM DERP MATTER13 dias atrás

    Taking the bald cap off looked like shedding skin. Lizard person confirm?

  56. valentina animation

    valentina animation13 dias atrás


  57. Shoelace Kink

    Shoelace Kink14 dias atrás

    Her eyes and mouth on Julien's face hurt to look at but it was also pretty funny

  58. Limmy Fish

    Limmy Fish14 dias atrás

    Rare footage of a introvert person (real) (gone wrong) (gone sexual) (MUST WATCH) (don't laugh) (don't cry)

  59. Abigayle Hamblin

    Abigayle Hamblin14 dias atrás

    Is there a video of that stream? If so, what is it😂🤣

  60. Maisie Barnard

    Maisie Barnard14 dias atrás

    She should have worn yellow