Kansas - Kansas State and other historic suspensions | Titus & Tate | Episode 2 | FOX SPORTS

  • 24 Jan 2020
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  1. Zac Bacon

    Zac Bacon28 dias atrás

    The disosa thing is something I didn't know about him dropping it. 12 was strong then. The stomping didn't magically happen though against the back wall?

  2. Michael Maxey

    Michael Maxey29 dias atrás

    Can you not delete each pod

  3. dtdtdtdtification

    dtdtdtdtification29 dias atrás

    jokes aside, i appreciate the discussion of the ku-ksu fight. the hot takes were crazy. let things cool down for a couple days and add some reason. this was the perfect bow on everything

  4. dtdtdtdtification

    dtdtdtdtification29 dias atrás

    this all started b/c of monmouth! LMAO #FACTS

  5. dtdtdtdtification

    dtdtdtdtification29 dias atrás

    every pod should be 69 minutes long........

  6. Torin Walters

    Torin Walters29 dias atrás

    Can we please just get the podcast to drop on time, christ almighty

  7. james yang

    james yang29 dias atrás

    I thought they left The Ringer for bigger and better things? Same exact pod. Lol But glad they’re back.

  8. TrueRGM

    TrueRGM29 dias atrás

    Titus is going to do other stuff with FOX and Tate is working on a new project in addition to this

  9. bumdog

    bumdog29 dias atrás

    Freedom and money...and joy for us all

  10. Mr. Arya Stark

    Mr. Arya Stark29 dias atrás

    So they left the ringer...to do the same thing for fox???

  11. Smallexplamp

    Smallexplamp29 dias atrás


  12. edward chaplin

    edward chaplin29 dias atrás

    Probably for higher pay