Kardashians Piece Together Tristan & Jordyn Cheating Scandal: "KUWTK" Katch-Up (S16, Ep11)


  1. Eric Webb Jr

    Eric Webb Jr2 dias atrás

    HERE'S A PODCAST OF ME WATCHING THIS SHOW HiGH...PLS LISTEN BRUHH brreporter.com/v/video-b8ZBlogFg4E.html

  2. bruna  kida

    bruna kida2 dias atrás

    They have nothing to film in their show so they only have to keep dragging the Tristan ft jordyn scandal so it could get ratings

  3. AJ Weatherman

    AJ Weatherman3 dias atrás

    I’m sorry but please can we lose the fingernails? For some reason they weird me out...no hate here just strangely off putting...🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. Linda Burton

    Linda Burton4 dias atrás

    That is so stupid. Khloe u need to let it go. Everyone knew from the get go it would not last. You are to controlling an clingy. No man nor woman can handle a hanger on’er. Stop trying to blame Jordan, this was doomed from the start. You didn’t think about Tristens pregnant girlfriend when you laid down an screwed him. It’s not Jordan’s fault. Grow up an go away! He don’t want you. You are hanging on and trying to save face by accusing Jordan. It’s you that is the problem. Having his baby doesn’t mean he loves you! You can’t handle a man!

  5. Aaron Martinez

    Aaron Martinez4 dias atrás

    Lol, Kartrashians pretending to be detectives lol.!! Dumb old hags!

  6. m Johnson

    m Johnson4 dias atrás

    Yeah...don't feel sorry for any of them after listening to malibu dollface break it down brreporter.com/v/video-yDViIsVKtTc.html

  7. Snow White Owl 006

    Snow White Owl 0068 dias atrás

    Khloe over exaggerates too much. To begin with Tristan ain’t even classy. She’s not good at choosing guys he’s not even husband material or father material. I mean come on based off his history something was going to happen anyways. It shouldn’t be a shock to her or the family.

  8. A J

    A J8 dias atrás

    She’s nauseous because she orchestrated this entire scandal.


    MINDY KICK8 dias atrás

    You don't throw up blood from migraines

  10. Mune Mm

    Mune Mm9 dias atrás

    Jordan was not in a commitment with u Tristan was so he's the one u should be waiting for apologise for

  11. Lilredthr3

    Lilredthr310 dias atrás

    Sorry about that my fault and wow can I say this to you and you know what I think and I think Kim is sexy and Kendall Jenner is sexy and Kylie Jenner is sexy and the sexiest Kourtney Kardashian

  12. Rick Flores

    Rick Flores10 dias atrás

    KHLOE is OJ SIMPSON daughter!

  13. Rick Flores

    Rick Flores10 dias atrás

    The pathetic Life of the Kardashians and all the stupid "woman" that follow them.

  14. Taunte YaYa

    Taunte YaYa10 dias atrás

    Kholie didn’t think about Jordan, Tristan’s pregnant wife. Kholie didn’t think about Trina. Can we add on here...

  15. Veronica Angula

    Veronica Angula11 dias atrás

    Jordan bby u don't need to talk we th public will talk 4u. We love you joddy

  16. yass nnej

    yass nnej12 dias atrás

    The nausea is more than likely caused by all the plaster.

  17. Dionne Lewis

    Dionne Lewis12 dias atrás

    That north kid smh it really takes away from Kim💔 she's usually rude n way too demanding .....it's not common that I run across a kid I don't like but I really don't like the parts shown of her. Hopefully she's diff IRL

  18. Lucy Smith

    Lucy Smith12 dias atrás

    Usually i would b more mad at the guy but in this case it’s like a family member did this to her... that’s different. What a mean girl

  19. Alysa Patel

    Alysa Patel14 dias atrás

    Tristan doesn’t think whatever 😂

  20. Mynx1986

    Mynx198614 dias atrás

    Kylie needs to stand by her sister!

  21. NissXnero

    NissXnero16 dias atrás

    Jordyn was in the wrong for having physical contact with Tristen point blank. She should not had sat on the arm of the chair and had her legs on his. That’s disrespectful. No girl would want to hear that another female had her legs on their man’s legs. Just no. At the same time, the sisters definitely lunged at her any never really gave her chance to begin with. Literally, all they probably wanted to hear from Jordyn was, “I’m sorry for being inappropriate with your man. It was out of my place”. Social media’s involvement also didn’t help one bit. Jordyn AND Tristen are both to blame. But responsibility isn’t being held at where it needs to be.


    WISDOM KNOWLEDGE17 dias atrás

    I cant wait when Christ come thru those clouds and punish this weeked ppl

  23. Latanya Robinson

    Latanya Robinson17 dias atrás

    It's Karma Boo just think about all the relationships you broke up khloe

  24. Miranda

    Miranda17 dias atrás

    Does Kanye think he’s a priest now or something lmaoo

  25. Jeremy Samuel

    Jeremy Samuel17 dias atrás

    Jordyn is a trash that’s it.

  26. Lauren Ivie

    Lauren Ivie17 dias atrás

    Gosh I really don't like Kanye lol

  27. Tina Bina Southwest

    Tina Bina Southwest17 dias atrás

    Migraines are caused by all the foreign material in your blood stream from the surgical procedures. Hope you get better soon.

  28. Heather Jones

    Heather Jones17 dias atrás

    That Sunday service is a joke...lol

  29. Julie Ann Hall

    Julie Ann Hall18 dias atrás

    When I was cheated on, before I even knew I was but had a feeling something was up, I was nauseated for weeks and could barely stand to eat.

  30. Justin Davis

    Justin Davis18 dias atrás

    "Why am I nauseaous all the time ?" Um ..because your shifting your internal organs with corsets and shapewear ?

  31. Norma Espinoza

    Norma Espinoza18 dias atrás

    😂😂 she needs to get over Tristan & move on. Which well be HARD to do when her baby looks jus like him. 😬 put your BIG girl panties on & move forward. Unless she shows him she is still there when he's ready for her. 👎 Get check out for these diseases going around!! Showing weakness girl got knock out from a basketball player in which he is not even all that on da court. He is a nasty player! Get real girl..

  32. Brandy Hobson

    Brandy Hobson18 dias atrás

    Khole probably vomiting 🤮 blood from all those Surgeries she has had done to her body! Or it could be the fake butt implants because K. Michelle and a few others who got botched had those same symptoms! However, it was funny watching this because she almost said she wished she was pregnant 🤰 until her mom gave her that look 👀 like reminding her we’re on tv. Lol anyway all her Karma is catching up with her fast!

  33. Brandy Hobson

    Brandy Hobson18 dias atrás

    Why don’t Khole look 👀 at herself! Every time she judges Jordyn she’s actually bringing more and more Karma to herself! The way their acting is if they had sex it’s not that serious Khole you were just a Thot and Tristan wasn’t your husband nor did he have a ring on your finger so stop trying to make Jordyn out to be the bad person when you’re the bad person for not paying attention to the red flags early on in your reckless relationship behavior so now deal with the consequences you’re just another baby mama like most women are you have no title! So, stop sayin Jordyn broke up your family you and Tristan weren’t ever a family you nor him respect the institution of marriage if you did you wouldn’t have had a baby before marriage you out here sounding ignorant by trying to play the victim with your Jezebel spirit that can’t defeat Gods righteousness Angel 😇 Jordyn you and your wicked family is only being exposed for who you all really are! In my opinion no black person should support the Kardashian’s after viewing their Judgement against this young lady Jordan it’s wrong and it’s all jealousy!

  34. Just a random Girl

    Just a random Girl18 dias atrás

    Sunday service??? I think she meant Sunday sect

  35. ShayPeee

    ShayPeee18 dias atrás

    They’re putting Kanye in! They’re definitely running out of content!

  36. Roni

    Roni18 dias atrás

    For the life of me i Will never understand what jordyn was thinking, if she was thinking and was this worth it to her. If se didn’t want to be around the Kardashian’s anymore she was better of Ghosting them

  37. Patti White

    Patti White18 dias atrás

    I don't get how all you sister have such problems with men. What is wrong with the whole picture? How can you all be such role models to so many young girls? It is what is wrong with this world and value system.

  38. Ready Now

    Ready Now18 dias atrás

    This is what happens b/c Khloe didn’t check him when he cheated on her while she was giving birth! What does she expect! And, stop only blaming Jordan! You knew who he was! You took him back so there you have it!

  39. intersting chatter

    intersting chatter18 dias atrás

    Khloe 's situation was a matter of time, in the beginning Tristan has been trying to get out of the relationship . Jordan is scared and she messed up, but she can't ever be trusted. Tristan found his way out forever, unfortunately Jordan was used for his purpose...

  40. xo V

    xo V19 dias atrás

    kylie needs to shut up, did she say sorry to chyna

  41. xo V

    xo V19 dias atrás

    Chloes fake butt is awful

  42. Joel Ayoub

    Joel Ayoub19 dias atrás

    Is there an app that blocks everything from these people?

  43. Tiara Blackwood

    Tiara Blackwood19 dias atrás

    LMFAO, Kanye n his Sunday service has me rolling

  44. Jessie Roby

    Jessie Roby19 dias atrás

    That is something Hole and Kylie needs to deal with that

  45. Tamara Edwards

    Tamara Edwards19 dias atrás

    Kanye bro really!!! Please stop your blasphemy.

  46. Daniel Gabriel

    Daniel Gabriel19 dias atrás

    Kayne west French Montana trey Songz tyga and many more stfu

  47. Carol Berwind

    Carol Berwind19 dias atrás

    I get the impression Jordan enjoyed sticking it to them. Hidden resentment?

  48. Lynn .D

    Lynn .D19 dias atrás

    It’s stress!!!!

  49. keke 89

    keke 8919 dias atrás

    Khloe has changed so much I use to really like her

  50. Alex 252525

    Alex 25252519 dias atrás

    You dont take someone else's man and think nothing bad will come out of it. You got what you deserve.. I didn't get a sorry.? Dude that's so lame