Katt Williams Clears Up Gun Incident & Tiffany Haddish Feud Post-Emmys


  1. Dizzy DK

    Dizzy DK2 dias atrás

    The look on his face when buddy said "I feel like you wouldn't let that kind of thing to happen."

  2. Gunshinzero

    Gunshinzero4 dias atrás

    Why are these people trying to pose as journalist with this bootleg questions?

  3. Eduardo Cruz

    Eduardo Cruz6 dias atrás

    Isn't that all seing eye. On the shirt

  4. facesass nickle

    facesass nickle9 dias atrás

    Damn dude finally got an Emmy but he sold his soul to get it

  5. 1AppleofEden

    1AppleofEden12 dias atrás

    The fat man DID flash his gun under his shirt on film, that's illegal, then he chased Katt with his gun, then he's on TMZ with the gun actually in his hand, and ALL of this is an aggravated assault. - The cops are wrong here. He didn't HAVE to actually point the gun at Katt's face, so maybe Katt exaggerated that part... but he DID commit an aggravated assault. - Why no arrest? Even if Katt doesn't press charges, it's all on film and an aggravated assault endangering the general public. ***So NOW KATT clams-up and won't mention it? Don't be a PUNK Katt.

  6. Hlengiwe Zungu

    Hlengiwe Zungu13 dias atrás

    I was surprised that Kat didn't say much

  7. Keni Shears

    Keni Shears15 dias atrás

    Short Hoe-ur on camera! Tryna b all manipulative & 💩...Katt sat tf down! 2 old 4 all this nonsense....I mean a lil kid whooped tso of u! SMMFH

  8. i Heim

    i Heim17 dias atrás

    wearing his illuminati outfit like a good little boy, wonder where his 'shhh' tatoo is



    Katt Williams is the number one comedian in the world today.

  10. Roaring Lion

    Roaring Lion20 dias atrás

    Tiffany Haddish is a squirter. Fr fr.

  11. iDJExplicit

    iDJExplicit20 dias atrás

    I’m happy for her and I want her to make it alway to the top because I know people enjoy her. Any black women or man who makes it we all should be celebrate and be proud of them even if we don’t enjoy there work. I don’t enjoy it at all but I’m no hater. She has talent, she’s providing for her family. That’s something to be proud of. It seems like in this era of u say u don’t fuck with something people wanna make u apologize and all that bullshit. I come from a time and place where we should and we did keep the same energy thru and thru. Fuck that. Like b.i.g. Said “if I said it I meant it, bite my tongue for no one I’m unbelievable” Dam rip big. So many quotes. Ask Jay Z he he made like 11 albums full of big quotes lol....

  12. Money Matterz Empire

    Money Matterz Empire20 dias atrás

    This the same dude that loss a fight to a 8th grader😂😂😂 stop yo

  13. JayF8st- WithDreads

    JayF8st- WithDreads21 dia atrás

    Is that yellow gold 🤣🤣🤣

  14. HermitCard

    HermitCard21 dia atrás

    tmz is stupid...

  15. Alphonse Capone

    Alphonse Capone22 dias atrás

    He needs to get together with Tone Loc for some 'Funky Cold Medina'. He got the voice for it.

  16. Jakyra Coleman

    Jakyra Coleman22 dias atrás


  17. Sunshine Green

    Sunshine Green24 dias atrás

    Get off Katt's ***k

  18. Sunshine Green

    Sunshine Green24 dias atrás

    TMZ is Lame

  19. Caleb Locke

    Caleb Locke24 dias atrás

    Notice Tiffany says there was never a problem. But then gets on Breakfast Club and has a whole new perspective. Two faced

  20. R J

    R J24 dias atrás

    Not to be negative, and I don’t like putting people down...BUT Tiffany is not funny to me. Yes Girls trip was funny, but that’s where it ends. Katt Williams had me laughing so hard when I saw his interview with Wanda! I honestly hadn’t laughed like that in a long time!!!

  21. Scott Tillman

    Scott Tillman24 dias atrás

    Katt is looking good. One of the best.

  22. Swann Creid

    Swann Creid25 dias atrás


  23. A.Tanyale

    A.Tanyale25 dias atrás

    Katt's a smart dude walking to try to get the press away from him.

  24. HungergamesSniper

    HungergamesSniper25 dias atrás

    Tiffany Haddish is a great actress, Katy was just stating that calling her a comedian or saying she represents the female comedian community is an insult to other comedians that are either man or woman because Tiffany Haddish is not a comedian, she’s an actress. She doesn’t make the jokes she just visualizes them. Making jokes and being a comedian is very difficult so saying that Tiffany Haddish is a comedian makes no sense because like cat said, she doesn’t have any original jokes. Everything she does is scripted. Katt was talking about the industry and how it tries to make one person of color fit in everything instead having a large community of colored artists and actors all at the same level. He’s saying that there’s not enough variety with the colored Hollywood community and saying it will be be over saturated with people that nobody in real life would like because they’re stereotypes and they’re gonna become predictable in there style so to lack of variety.

  25. Retro Vader

    Retro Vader25 dias atrás

    Did anybody else hear him say Satan is good at times.Or was it me.🤔

  26. Al Marin

    Al Marin25 dias atrás

    Is that D-Lo Brown?

  27. happy loop🍇

    happy loop🍇26 dias atrás

    He was trolling calling Wanda a female when she is male identified 😂😂😂

  28. happy loop🍇

    happy loop🍇26 dias atrás

    Kat is sounds like South Park right now 😂

  29. c andry

    c andry26 dias atrás

    The handicapped boyfriend was funny.

  30. Cookie Cruncher

    Cookie Cruncher26 dias atrás

    He exposed Tiffany with truth.

  31. Hannah Rovente

    Hannah Rovente26 dias atrás

    You could tell he was nervously looking around.

  32. TLON theparkplaceprince

    TLON theparkplaceprince26 dias atrás

    Looks like Katt is wearing Indian bridal jewelry lol JK

  33. BaySideTV

    BaySideTV26 dias atrás

    The camera man reaching real hard...like how fake can you be?

  34. Dave M

    Dave M26 dias atrás

    Hold on hold on were getting in this car

  35. karl def

    karl def26 dias atrás

    Fxxkn media always trying to start shit.....they both said the wasn't any problems to begin with.

  36. annie Golden

    annie Golden27 dias atrás

    Katt please don't apologize for anything you said because everything you said was true-You are way way funnier than Kevin he's not even funny-Tiffany is not funny at all!!!

  37. TheRogueMage

    TheRogueMage27 dias atrás

    This wasn't shit!

  38. Deandra Davis

    Deandra Davis27 dias atrás

    Where is the car. Where are they going. Long walk

  39. Les Grossman

    Les Grossman27 dias atrás

    "I thought I was carrying a cup of yak for 28 blocks, I was extremely disappointed that it was an Emmy"

  40. Dee Sin

    Dee Sin27 dias atrás

    You go Katt.

  41. jame

    jame27 dias atrás

    Katt speaks hella sus... like Orlando brown style

  42. Benjamin Ireland

    Benjamin Ireland27 dias atrás

    KATT>every damn Comedian. Wake up ya'll

  43. Harold Johnson

    Harold Johnson27 dias atrás

    That was a long ass walk.

  44. yl956

    yl95627 dias atrás

    all seeing eye symbol on his shirt

  45. Tyron Wells

    Tyron Wells22 dias atrás

    He said Satan good at times

  46. Jrussell

    Jrussell27 dias atrás

    Weird how people just like you and me are perceived as being a higher being.

  47. Magus Armada

    Magus Armada27 dias atrás

    Cracky Kat.

  48. True Rush

    True Rush27 dias atrás

    Lmao do u scare easy yes

  49. Steve Mash Music

    Steve Mash Music28 dias atrás

    Katt is a dickhead

  50. Shawn Sheehan

    Shawn Sheehan28 dias atrás

    Congrats on the emmy

  51. Willhelm Chapo

    Willhelm Chapo28 dias atrás

    Satan’s good at timing! Real shit Kat lol

  52. DungeonFamilyThirdGeneration TwoWonSix

    DungeonFamilyThirdGeneration TwoWonSix28 dias atrás

    Media is annoying

  53. alleyezonme79

    alleyezonme7928 dias atrás

    where the hell we walking to? i'd have hi-jacked a golf cart or Uber'd to the parking space 'cause auntie Shannon doesn't walk that far. woulda been all out of breath, like "wayment... *bends over, rests hands on knees* chile... ain't no gun, ain't no beef. and, apparently, ain't no golf cart or Uber neither!"

  54. Monee Gme

    Monee Gme28 dias atrás

    So katt is walking for like 3 miles and tiff got str8 in the whip. I think we kno whos mad lol

  55. aiiceejew

    aiiceejew28 dias atrás

    So why all the rah rah Tiff, seems like lilKev riding ya to the bank on that with his IG comic self.

  56. Zack Slater

    Zack Slater28 dias atrás

    His body gaurd is the Polo bear

  57. A S

    A S28 dias atrás

    Why did he get an Emmy?

  58. Ely Dot

    Ely Dot28 dias atrás

    "Satan is good at timing " TMZ gets the first ring 📞

  59. V P

    V P28 dias atrás

    Katt is the best fogger in the world. Also he sounds like Prince to me.

  60. texophile

    texophile28 dias atrás

    You have never seen before comedians talking shit about others comedians exept katt and mike epps... doesn't that tell you something? Not everyone like your comedy katt, stop shitting on others. Dave chapelle had it worse, but he had never talked bad kev or any other in the game. he need to grow up and and kepp his pimpim mouth to himself.

  61. Chris Galarza

    Chris Galarza28 dias atrás

    I hate TMZ

  62. Mr Alwayslate

    Mr Alwayslate28 dias atrás

    Katt waking down the street like a G and she had to have all this hype BS rushed out im important type ishhhhhhh lmao like really

  63. Ampo Delgado

    Ampo Delgado28 dias atrás

    Pay attention!!

  64. NISHIMWE Jerome

    NISHIMWE Jerome28 dias atrás

    Katt is right she ain’t funny but Katt truth hurts you should support her, now you shine her name in Africa none knows her, she should thank you now we are googling her bcoz of you. You’re worldwide and talent.

  65. Karen Sherman

    Karen Sherman28 dias atrás

    Katt Williams man I love his honesty, calmness and reactions to other people's ignorance and stupid questions. This reporter need to seek a new line of work because Kitt buried 'em!!! ⚰

  66. Kevin Seecharan

    Kevin Seecharan28 dias atrás

    Dude next to him look like a fat Dj Envy

  67. Savage AF

    Savage AF28 dias atrás

    Black males sound feminine af and black females manly af🤔

  68. McFaulkner 15

    McFaulkner 1528 dias atrás

    Katt is a real 1 and that's all I gotta say about that....

  69. Damon A

    Damon A28 dias atrás

    yo got scared when that bike pulled up lol....then tried to lppk cool

  70. Oscar Leos

    Oscar Leos29 dias atrás

    At 1:45 I hope Katt did NOT at last sell his soul. TMZ: What do you think of that, the timing surrounding your Emmy? Katt: Satan's good at timing.

  71. P on the beat

    P on the beat29 dias atrás

    why the eye shirt tho ?

  72. Anthony Brown

    Anthony Brown29 dias atrás

    I remember her having some good jokes in the Kevin heart show she was on.

  73. G5 EAZY

    G5 EAZY29 dias atrás


  74. Cyntoria Wilson

    Cyntoria Wilson29 dias atrás

    hey y'all on a lighter more positive note, do u guys remember when tiffany Haddish played in The Janky Promoters with Mike Epps and ice cube? she was working at the hotel gezzy was staying n😂😂😂😂😂😂

  75. Joey Aaron

    Joey Aaron29 dias atrás

    I only heard about katt cos he shaded Tifanny . He is the kind of person who talks bad about people that are making it In other to stay relevant

  76. Kilo Allen

    Kilo Allen29 dias atrás

    Tiffany full of shit it was never a problem why u n the smurf was on breakfast club then? FOH 🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮

  77. Marthag Gebreselassie

    Marthag Gebreselassie29 dias atrás

    Just because you dont laugh at that person's joke doent mean that person is not comedian. i dont laugh with most of the comedians too dosen't mean they aren't funny. Tiffany has a unique way of being funny because she jokes on the real life of the Americans blacks or whites which sometimea hard to swallow. She is realy funny. Even the people suppose to perform with her cant resist.

  78. A slice of heaven

    A slice of heaven29 dias atrás

    He referred to Wanda( not Sykes but morning show wanda) as a non female comedian LoL

  79. RichBones Bone

    RichBones Bone29 dias atrás

    Why people get mad when someone tells the truth smh

  80. Harold Young

    Harold Young29 dias atrás

    that's G shit. walk with your Emmy

  81. Young Black King

    Young Black King29 dias atrás

    Katt Williams my guy always keeping it playa.

  82. Jonathan Montez

    Jonathan Montez29 dias atrás

    Katts an OG there was a gun, but he's no snitch.

  83. WorldFamous Matix

    WorldFamous Matix29 dias atrás

    Tiff Haddish outta the awards show, to the suv, gone... Kat Williams, outta the awards show, pounding the pavement, never reaches suv or car!!!! ( with the emmy tho) Imma call him a Uber next time some bullshit like that happens!!!!!! TF!? 😂😂😂😂😂

  84. AlreadyWon

    AlreadyWon29 dias atrás

    Lets pray 4 Katt!

  85. Sherrod Muzill

    Sherrod Muzill29 dias atrás

    TMZ str8 suck.

  86. goldmoutdog19

    goldmoutdog1929 dias atrás

    i wih every scum bag that works for TMZ would just die

  87. DM Hunter

    DM Hunter29 dias atrás

    My boy is making so many statements without even saying much....he's wearing Nike apparel WHILE holding his award walking down the street.

  88. walter preston

    walter preston29 dias atrás

    Why is he mad, did she fuc his boyfriend? .....LOL

  89. Anthony Henderson

    Anthony Henderson29 dias atrás

    Katt was talking about a bias system. Not specifcally the individuals in the equation. They were accidentally thrown under the bus in conversation while making a point.

  90. steven hala

    steven hala29 dias atrás

    Splinters on his night walk haha.

  91. moses272727272727272

    moses27272727272727229 dias atrás

    I don’t understand worship of people it’s weird

  92. humpty dumpty

    humpty dumpty29 dias atrás

    TMZ trying as usual to REACH but coming up pasty....😭😭😭😭

  93. Brother Zion

    Brother Zion29 dias atrás

    Their was never a problem, no gun, fighting or jail. (See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil) Now that's how u handle the media "black folks"..

  94. Davey Numz

    Davey Numz29 dias atrás

    Kat has Illuminati written all over him. Just look at his shirt and his chains. Hopefully he didn't sell out

  95. Fidel chavez

    Fidel chavez29 dias atrás

    Trumps Manic Zone is Tmz racist f****** fox show

  96. Haitian Prodigy

    Haitian Prodigy29 dias atrás

    Norvus Ordo Seclorum(Order Out of Chaos).

  97. Bold Love

    Bold Love29 dias atrás

    Yah bless Katt.

  98. Sanjaris Johnson

    Sanjaris Johnson29 dias atrás

    Y’all net worth is 0 & y’all have the audacity to discuss Tiff... you peasants.

  99. Orenthal Simpson

    Orenthal Simpson29 dias atrás

    Tired of Katt Williams acting like a gangster. Didn't he get beat up by a 15 year old

  100. David Duarte

    David Duarte29 dias atrás

    Damn this paparazzi was a bulldog! He almost shut Katt down with that last question. TMZ, give him a raise!

  101. MVB 3773

    MVB 377329 dias atrás

    Did he say satan is good at timing?