Keanu Reeves: What It's Like To Fight On A Horse


  1. Hagop D

    Hagop DHora atrás

    3:33 Christopher Reeve (Superman) pretty much died from being thrown off a horse...


    STONKS ENTERPRISE20 horas atrás

    Which one would win Keanu Reeves or agent 47

  3. MSQ 54

    MSQ 54Dia atrás

    Neo rises

  4. Ralph Doctolero

    Ralph DoctoleroDia atrás

    That last question and his reply hit me like a punch in the gut. I've watched this more than 20x, but still gives me goosebumps everytime. His reply clearly came from experience. Keep inspiring people! And please make Constantine 2 happen...

  5. shannon swartz

    shannon swartzDia atrás

    “I know that the ones who love us will miss us.” Such a sweet man Keanu Reeves....❤️

  6. praveen nair

    praveen nair2 dias atrás

    why isnt the host letting keanu talk??? whenever keanu comes up with something interesting, he just crack up some kinda old shitty jokes..!!

  7. mostafa yasin

    mostafa yasin3 dias atrás

    How natural is he

  8. Adri Rizo

    Adri Rizo5 dias atrás

    Stephen was truly surprised by such a profound answer when he thought he was throwing a curve ball.

  9. Roger Mouers

    Roger Mouers6 dias atrás

    Keanu "the great" this man, who doesn't. No homo!!😂😂

  10. Ajeet Singh

    Ajeet Singh6 dias atrás

    720 people are not breathtaking.

  11. Luuk Visser

    Luuk Visser6 dias atrás

    Has on his Hitman suit

  12. Sharon De La Garza

    Sharon De La Garza6 dias atrás

    9:50 is the start of one of the best 20 seconds on television ever.

  13. Zayn Malikzada

    Zayn Malikzada7 dias atrás

    Well keanu is so natural on the show that I have feeling we were friends . Respects for you ma man .

  14. Nova M.

    Nova M.7 dias atrás

    Did...did this guy arrive on the talk show set as John Wick?


    SHREY SINGH7 dias atrás

    How can he be fucking 55 years old?He looks like he's in his late 30s..

  16. Joe Snaffer

    Joe Snaffer7 dias atrás

    He doesn’t want to end up in the hospital, because they’ll find out that his bones can’t break, and that his heart can’t stop.

  17. Maha Raj

    Maha Raj7 dias atrás

    The last one was already prepared one

  18. Crescendo

    Crescendo8 dias atrás

    Stephen Colbert was dead serious about the "what do you think what happens when we die" question, the audience shouldn't have laughed. I think Stephen genuinely wanted to know, since Keanu went through serious loss, and so has he (Colbert lost his brother and father at a young age). He got the answer that he needed.

  19. Crescendo

    Crescendo8 dias atrás

    Somebody make him a Western.

  20. Serenity Sunset

    Serenity Sunset8 dias atrás

    9:54 I felt that so deeply he has been through a lot.... and as he is a introvert....its difficult to show feelings because different introverts show sides where it’s not truly themselves (I think everyone does not show too) but with introverts you feel this person has so much depth within themselves that they hide and never show...and when they give a glimpse at any time all that emotions that they bottle up and never show because of the fear of being a burden...when they do ..the feeling is so intense, beautiful and so deep that any one in the room can feel it too.

  21. Adam Estrada

    Adam Estrada8 dias atrás

    When some people look upon the cross, they see Jesus Christ. When I look upon the cross, I see Keanu Reeves.

  22. Seph Lawrence

    Seph Lawrence9 dias atrás

    God the way Keanu's voice changes when he says that breaks my heart

  23. Andy D G

    Andy D G9 dias atrás

    Perfect answer bro! “I absolutely know the ones who love us will miss us!!”

  24. Adrian train

    Adrian train9 dias atrás

    How lucky are we have great kind actors like Keanu doing action movies like JW for us......... just a genuinely great guy..........

  25. Michael Myers

    Michael Myers10 dias atrás

    Top top top top top top top liked

  26. Plisken X51mm

    Plisken X51mm10 dias atrás

    Keanu is a down to earth humble man. He shows nothing but respect to those around him. We should aspire to do the same!

  27. Abhirup Bhattacharyya

    Abhirup Bhattacharyya11 dias atrás

    You can clearly see that Steven so did not expect that reply...He just got BLOWN AWAY By Keanu's reply there ... " I know that the ones who love us will miss us" ... I mean that answer right there is why WE all LOOOVE Keanu... He really is 'THE ONE' !!!

  28. Grant Crockett

    Grant Crockett11 dias atrás

    Colbert looked so amazed at how epically Keanu answered that question lol.

  29. Gennie Deckssar

    Gennie Deckssar12 dias atrás

    OMG I don’t know if you noticed or not but keanu reeves looks exactly like John wick

  30. Gennie Deckssar

    Gennie Deckssar12 dias atrás

    I never seen any negative comment against Keanu reeves till date. Wow

  31. Thérèse Guénette

    Thérèse Guénette12 dias atrás

    Un acteur tres sympathique et tres diversifie.

  32. mohamed almisk

    mohamed almisk13 dias atrás

    "I know that the ones who love us will miss us" what a phrase !!!! He is wise and badass in the real life too


    SIKKIM GAMER THE JUDGE13 dias atrás

    sir ur my idol ... i pray to god one day i hop to meet you sir n just wana hug u ...

  34. skullduggerygillen

    skullduggerygillen13 dias atrás

    Jesus of Hollywood. Sure thing

  35. Mason Corral

    Mason Corral13 dias atrás

    4:22 That's it gents we need a Keanu Reeves western now!

  36. Juntus89

    Juntus8913 dias atrás

    Stephen Colbert is boring.

  37. Shelia Hoosier

    Shelia Hoosier13 dias atrás

    love Keanu

  38. Marisol Ferreira Simões

    Marisol Ferreira Simões14 dias atrás

    Back for the 100th time to watch that last moment. It warms my soul.

  39. Xxx Tentacion

    Xxx Tentacion14 dias atrás

    My life purpose is to watch Keanu videos

  40. view changer

    view changer14 dias atrás

    I think the dislikes are given by other world spieces

  41. 半田朋子

    半田朋子15 dias atrás


  42. Zulaika Popal

    Zulaika Popal15 dias atrás

    I love him, I love him, I love him so much!


    IAMSHERLOCKED15 dias atrás

    You came for this: 9:50! I LOVE KEANU!


    IAMSHERLOCKED15 dias atrás

    "Cat Cat CAAT" -Keanu Reeves

  45. Mohan Lal

    Mohan Lal15 dias atrás

    Marry me Keanu😍

  46. SpiralY

    SpiralY15 dias atrás

    Keanu for president

  47. Nadir Jk

    Nadir Jk15 dias atrás

    We’re all here for that line You know the one

  48. Treize Epyon

    Treize Epyon16 dias atrás

    ok i love KR but why in the fuck is he wearing hiking boots with a suit?

  49. Timber Humphrey

    Timber Humphrey16 dias atrás

    i love how he always credits the people he works with by name. it goes to show how much of an amazing person he really is

  50. Lynnette Rivera

    Lynnette Rivera16 dias atrás

    That last response he gave took my breath away... ❤️ so pure & beautiful

  51. Lee Krska

    Lee Krska17 dias atrás

    My dog would agree with you...

  52. Leo

    Leo17 dias atrás

    Like every single video that has Keanu in it. ☺️😊

  53. Wael

    Wael18 dias atrás

    I'm not sure why he's always so nervous in these kinda shows. Focus on his body language and, expressions I can feel that he's not comfortable.

  54. PieRated GFX

    PieRated GFX16 dias atrás

    He's a very private person and quite evidently an introvert. Hence, all these people in the studio, the lights, cameras and all that attention makes him uncomfortable.

  55. Zahra Rashid

    Zahra Rashid18 dias atrás

    کاش زیر نویس داشت

  56. Eidolon

    Eidolon18 dias atrás

    John Wick plays a great Keanu Reeves.

  57. Tinku Tinku

    Tinku Tinku18 dias atrás


  58. LEL 201

    LEL 20118 dias atrás

    714 people, GO TO HELL!

  59. glanceDup

    glanceDup18 dias atrás

    If you know what he had been through, then you'll understand the heaviness of his last sentence. He misses them. All hail John Wick, Neo, *Keanu Reeves*

  60. Jei Jhona Oficial

    Jei Jhona Oficial19 dias atrás

    entiendo poco el Ingles ,pero como carajos me encanta escucharlo a este hombre ..!!!number ONE...!!!! para los q me entiendan no se si se dieron cuenta q keanu en la entrevista tiene las manos temblorosas. o es mi imaginación? Opinen please.! ANSIEDAD? USTEDES DECIDEN.

  61. littleone0120

    littleone012019 dias atrás

    Wish the interview could have gone on after that last question, but that’s not something that would be fitting for late night. Hope they got to talk it out after.